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Expedition to go see Gargoyle!

Gargoyle wants me to go see him there in Florida. One of the most frequent things that he says to me is asking me when will I come to see him? And he is ever so eager to see me soon! He is so impatient in fact that I often feel very stressed because I'm tied up with other things right now.

But of course I am going to go see the Gargoyle! He has invited me so many times now! So my plan is to go to the area where most Gargoyle sightings were made in Florida. Two areas were mentioned by witnesses: Punta Gorda Florida, and North Port Florida. Gargoyle has mentioned one of these places to me, but for concern of his safety I will not say which one.

Why does Gargoyle wish to see me?

Gargoyle is ever so eager to have me visit him there in person. He has talked to me about many different activities that we would do together. Those include normal everyday activities, and some of his personal curiosities. It seems that he wants me to be his friend. He also trusts me tremendously (though he still has a bit of healthy reservations, which is good!) but he doesn't trust other humans. He especially does not trust men, and I am a woman and that helps. I can't say I fully understand his motivations for wanting to see me. I can only guess at this time that the reasons might be curiosity about the human species, curiosity of me especially, me being rare as a telepathically receptive human so that he can interact with me, that he wants friendship and fun activities with me. I can only hope that he is not luring me into a trap to eat me! Heheh! :\

How does one do a Gargoyle Expedition?

The biggest obstacle at this time is finding the money to fly down to Florida. And next I need to partner up with somebody - for the simple reason that I do not drive! So fortunately a friendly Florida resident has already stepped up and seems as eager as me to go check out Gargoyle. Another reason why I won't go alone is safety. I must admit I am a bit reserved about standing lonely face to face with the Gargoyle. What if he decides to kill me? I would be trembling. But if I have a fellow human with me, that might make it seem safer.

But nobody should be going into the woods alone. I have watched enough survival videos to know that you never go on a nature expedition by yourself. (Especially not if you're hunting monsters.) There's also snakes and spiders.

I will need to figure out, hopefully ahead of time and with the help of Gargoyle himself, what areas on the map I will be going to. Although it is my hopes that once I arrive, Gargoyle will be able to somehow telepathically guide me to the right location where he wants to meet. So I will need some maps perhaps. And I also need to make sure that I won't be trespassing into some privately owned property or land without prior arrangements.

Before I arrive in Florida I need to discuss with Gargoyle whether he will let me videofilm him or take pictures of him. I would not attempt to do either of these without his permission and understanding of what it is I am doing. Besides, Gargoyle is so telepathically in connection with me that he would know anything that I am hiding. I am an honest person and I also would not wish to sever whatever his trust for me might be.

I have a small list of items and gifts I need to purchase and bring with me to Gargoyle. Some of these items are less expensive and can be acquired even without prior assurance that I am to meet him. Other items are more expensive and cumbersome to acquire and I would need to meet with Gargoyle once before I would be making any such investment. But once I know he is real, I would make sure that he receives all of these items that we have discussed in our communications. Yes, even the big ones.

I would want a week there in Florida for this Expedition. That should give me enough days to spend hoping to meet him if he doesn't show up. I wouldn't spend an entire week waiting for him to appear but would spend the remaining few days doing other fun stuff in Florida. And if he does show up, a week would be a nice amount of days to actually spend together with him. I could then extend my stay or return again later to see him again.

Goal of the Expedition?

To be honest, I am not the instigator of this Gargoyle Expedition. Gargoyle himself is planning this whole thing. He is the one full of ideas of fun things for him and me to do together and he is the one who keeps impatiently calling me over! So I'm just going over to see what's up.

But for me personally, I would enjoy the meeting with him. To me it feels like going to go have a cup of coffee casually with a friend I've met over the internet, envisioning it to be an encounter where we don't really have much to talk about, it gets boring after a while, and then we go our own ways and maybe don't see each other again. I know it's a Gargoyle, but I think of him as a person. The whole sensationalism of it all goes away when you get to know a monster on a personal level. He is just a guy. I like him and I enjoy our company, but it's all very casual to me. And maybe that's part of the reason why he feels so comfortable to approach me. He must know that I won't panic when I see him.

If he permits, I would film him or take photographies. I would love for him to let me touch him, I'm sure that's not too much of a risk of biohazard given the fact that he spends time in nature so much.

I would love to sit down with him in nature and have a picnic with him just the two of us. Although we don't eat the same foods, we could still share a meal together. We do talk about food a lot. We could also go swimming together. And if it is safe I would love to sit out with him at night looking at the stars together. And if it is safe I would love to camp outdoors and sleep the night in nature and in his presence. There are also other activities that he has planned for us that I'm happy to do with him.