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A Girl And A Gargoyle

In August 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion, soon after by an ET who is known as the Dinosaur, and then came Hamish the Red Draconian. By April 2012 I had been chatting daily with all kinds of aliens. (See the parent website www.orionmindproject.com) On April 10 2012, the North Port Devil joined in and he has made a couple of visits since then.

The aliens say that I am exceptionally rare as a human being in that I am highly telepathically receptive. They also say that I have twelve DNA strands. (I thought we had two?) Well, my ET team featuring the Orions, Dinosaurs, Hamish, and others, are here because they use me as an egg donor for their genetics projects. Gargoyle however is not part of my ET gang, it seems that Gargoyle visits me simply because he likes me.

What's in Florida?

So I made a website about my alien gang, and a guy who is an ex police officer wrote to me to tell me about when he went to Florida to investigate on the multiple sightings made of the North Port Devil in that area. I had not heard of this legendary creature before and when I started reading about it and watching some videos, it established a link from me to the creatures in that area. So someone who I think is a Draconian-type of alien from that area in Florida he spoke to me and we had the following exchange:

Reptiles - you guys are so cool! - I said out loud and laughed. I thought I was alone as I was not actively using telepathy, but I heard a reply!
I'm glad you think so. - I heard unknown saying to my surprise
... We are doing it to harass the citizens. - Unknown
Why do you want to do that? For what reason? Do you have a reason? - me
Because we are moving in. - Unknown
Are you building a base there? - me
NO?!!? You stupid woman. - Unknown, this was not one of my Draconians
Well? Then what is it? I am trying to understand. - me
We are giving them a hard time! - Unknown
But is there a reason for that? What do you accomplish? What do you gain? - me
No, it is strictly personal. - Unknown
Ok. So you don't want to tell me. - me
They are, "living here". - Unknown, as he said "living here" he said it with disgust
Are you, wanting to live there too? Do you want to take that as your home? Why do you like that place? Do you live there? Do you have homes there? If you do, we can send the humans away. - me
Thank you for speaking to us in the light of the day. - Unknown, I now felt a relief in his heart, as if he was not expecting someone to be so kind to him, I could really feel it, he had calmed down and felt comforted
Are you from outer space, or did you originate from here? - me

I think that was not the Gargoyle but a Draconian from that area. I have had many ETs speak to me telepathically. What's "worse" is that whenever I think of one of them, or of anything even remotely related to them, it is the telepathic equivalent of dialing their phone number. So by reading about the sightings in North Port Florida I was without knowing it reaching out into that area and the mysterious fellers sensed me and came over to talk.

No more than a few days after that exchange, Gargoyle made a very unexpected appearance! On April 10 2012 I was listening to an argument between my two Draconians Hamish and Snake. Snake had just recently come over to me from another team and Hamish was asserting dominance over Snake, so the two boys were putting each other down. Out of nowhere Gargoyle butted into the conversation! And he has been with me ever since. The first thing that Gargoyle ever said to us, was, "We have also been honored!" (translated from another European language). He said that when I was telling Hamish that I honor Hamish. Seems that Gargoyle had been listening in to my conversation with Snake and Hamish!

When Gargoyle appeared I could also see him mentally from his remote location. I was writing down everything that the ETs were saying, and at first I named Gargoyle "WHITE GOBLIN!!", in lack of better words. From my notes of my very first encounter with the Gargoyle:

From April 10 2012
" I saw this white Draconian from Florida! He just showed up all of a sudden! He is a white ash grey color. His skin is covered in tiny dots so that it has a texture and a surface like an amphibian, but he has no scales. His skin is soft and nice. He DOES have the elf ears! Bat like ears, soft. He has wings. He looks just like the ornaments people sometimes put on top of their roofs. He was at a graveyard which is surrounded by trees that are right around close. It is an old graveyard. He was sitting on top of a graveyard stone. His feet have toes and claws and his feet kind of wrapped around the stone. He has a tail, fairly short and ends in a sharp point. I LOVE this creature, mostly because he feels so SOFT. "

So the first thing I ever said to Gargoyle, was:
Will you speak with me, my Darling! - me, I am so happy to speak with this Goblin
You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I am so honored that you speak with me. Please speak with me! - me

And Gargoyle said:
You are not, going to find us, are you? - Gargoyle said

And I replied:
No Sir! I will cause you no harm! But here's what I would like to do. I would love to spend time with you in the forest. Just you and me. I would sit with you, and speak with you. I would never harm you. - me
They will come with pitchforks. - Gargoyle said

To which I replied:
No, my Darling. I would shoot them if they tried! Let me tell you something. I don't know you, but I would defend your life with my own! From any pesky humans! I really mean it too! - me

And I still mean it too. I would defend the Gargoyle with my own life. Somehow me and the Gargoyle hit it off real well. We became good close friends, or so it seems. We seem both very eager to get together, but why, I do not quite fully know. There is a friendship, and we need to see each other. Somehow, Gargoyle was able to look at me and know me throughout. He knows that I am friendly and that he can trust me. He can look at a human and know its intentions instantly, he can judge a character just like that. He knows I could never harm him, and he sees something in me that makes him really like me a lot.

We continued to talk from that point on. Gargoyle shared with me his thoughts. Oh how I wish I could publish our conversations, because I wrote everything down verbatum. But to ensure his safety, at this time I will not divulge any details that might lead dangerous humans to him. I have to defend the Gargoyle.

The Green Lizard Man protects Gargoyle

There is a Draconian Reptilian in that Florida area who keeps an eye on Gargoyle for us. This Draconian is covered in scales and is a dark green, he has an elongated snout like an alligator. The Green Lizard Man showed up one night, intimidating and scary, and his message for me was that I was not to go to Florida or in search of our Gargoyle. I have been contacted by scary Draconians in the past, and what I do is I listen to them and talk to them respectfully and once you hear them out and you assure them that you mean no harm and that you do not mean to trespass, they calm down - and even end up inviting me for a visit after all!

He started out angry and scary at me, but when we talked he saw that I was a friend and not a threat to their safety or well-being. That is how I manage to make good friends with all of these ETs who are normally a bit vicious and scary toward humans. I am friendly and understanding toward them but most importantly I respect their opinions and I let them know that I won't trespass or intend them any harm.

I even got to meet the Green Lizard Man that night. I woke up and found myself standing right next to him. I touched him on his tail, I let my hand run from his lower back and all across the length of his tail, and then I put my hand up on his back to do it all over again. I stroked his tail many times, and he let me. His scales felt dry and hard just like toenail clippings. It was a beautiful and close encounter with the Draconian kind.

Green Lizard Man has reappeared a few times since his first visit, and he always does to deliver the same message: that I am not to go to that area in Florida nor am I to meet with Gargoyle. So before I really plan an excursion trip to go see my Gargoyle I will have to ask for permission from Green Lizard Man. And I am not going without his explicit approval. Not because I'm scared of Green Lizard Man, but because I'm a nice person and I don't want to trespass or cause trouble. (See why all these ETs like me?)

I really don't know what to talk with Gargoyle about

I could contact the Gargoyle at any time to have a talk, but I have still not approached him. I don't know what to talk to him about, but the main reason I stay away is because I must admit I am a bit nervous. You see, there is a high likelihood that I am about to meet with this creature in person. That makes me a bit shy. So every time we talk it is because he contacts me first.

I think Gargoyle watches me every single day, or so it seems. I am not aware of him when he watches me, but every time he talks he reveals things about what I have been up to in the past few days that lets me know that indeed Gargoyle has been watching me every day and very closely too! He notices everything I have been doing. He really likes me for some reason and he watches me all the time!

Hamish doesn't like Gargoyle

I have a red Draconian Reptile named Hamish. Hamish describes his job as being a "prison guard". Hamish watches over me. (Heh. What does that make me?) When other aliens visit me, Hamish is always around to check them out and to let them know that Hamish is in charge here. Doesn't matter if it's Pleiadians, the Air People, a Blue Hindu God, or even other Draconians. Hamish confronts everybody and tells them to award honor where honor is due, and also asks to recruit them to work for Hamish with the genetics projects.

Hamish doesn't like Gargoyle and Hamish always begins to verbally fight Gargoyle when Gargoyle comes for a visit. Hamish doesn't want Gargoyle to visit. It is from watching the interactions between Hamish and Gargoyle that I have learned the most about who Gargoyle - the North Port Devil - really is. Because I know Hamish real well. Gargoyle has never put up a fight against Hamish. Gargoyle has never stood up to himself, or snapped or gotten angry at Hamish. Gargoyle goes quiet and doesn't even become irritated with Hamish. It lends credence to my impression with Gargoyle of him being an utter Sweetheart.