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Am I safe with Gargoyle?

They call him the "North Port Devil". People fear him. But that's other people. What about me? Am I safe with Gargoyle if he meets with me in person when I go to Florida to see him? Is the person I am bringing with me on the Gargoyle Expedition, will he be safe with the Gargoyle?

I must admit I do not know yet if I can fully trust Gargoyle. I would not feel perfectly safe and comfortable alone with Gargoyle in a room. But perhaps he feels a bit of the same way with me? Gargoyle has a sharp beak and he is not a vegetarian. I know that Hamish, my Red Draconian, would come with and he might protect me. Hamish has chased off Gargoyle from visiting me many times. But would Hamish really protect me if I were in trouble with Gargoyle?

Gargoyle does not speak in any hostile way, like all the Draconian Reptiles do. Gargoyle is not really a Draconian Reptile, he has no scales and he does not talk ever about "honoring" or about "power" and he does not throw threats of violence or in other ways display an interest in Draconian behavior. Gargoyle has in fact always and without exception been really sweet.

But there was that one occasion when Hamish caught Gargoyle fantisizing about what may have been the prospects of having me for a meal. Hamish became quite displeased and sent Gargoyle away. (I wrote down that conversation so I have it somewhere. It is quite a gem.)

Could Gargoyle be luring me into a trap? Has he ever physically assaulted humans? I know that Gargoyle can put up a show and want to intimidate humans. Based on the local witness reports of Gargoyle's behavior, where he is said to smash trees and otherwise appear intimidating toward people. From my conversations with the Gargoyle I know that he can think of a few ways in which to defend himself from humans if he ever needed to. He has mentioned being able to throw rocks, or thought about wanting a spear or a rifle, but he only thinks these thoughts in response to thinking about humans who might be after to hurt him.

Gargoyle is very curious about humans. He shows me how he likes to watch what humans are doing. He can't stay away from human settlements, he is very inquisitive and curious and he makes no apologies for coming close to humans to watch in great detail what they are doing. He finds most of our everyday activities quite amusing and intrigueing.

Gargoyle shares with me the things that he looks at and that interest him the most. He shares with me his thoughts and feelings about things. And in those I find nothing that would suggest that he is dangerous. He has no thoughts about wanting to injure anyone.

I might feel somewhat safe with him, though I still can't know if maybe Gargoyle is just luring me into a very clever trap. I am sure me and the guy coming with me on the Expedition can defend ourselves if Gargoyle were to show up and if he were to attack.