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Is this for Real?

Anybody could say anything. And anybody could be convinced of something that isn't real. How do I know if the Gargoyle is real? And how would I prove that to others?

Personal evidence

So how do I know he's real? And can I ever be sure? It took me ten months before I allowed myself to be convinced that my ET gang was real, because I am such a skeptic and disbeliever. I would rather wait before being convinced, than believe only to find out that I was wrong, or to be wrong without realizing it. In ten months I gathered enough personal experiences and bits of evidence and indication to become fully convinced that my ET gang is authentic extraterrestrial contact and not imaginary. (Read more about the ET gang on the parent website www.orionmindproject.com) The ET gang consists of Draconian Reptiles, Orions, Dinosaurs, Zetas, Thubans, Hybrids, and various others. The fact that they are real, suggests that Gargoyle also would be real. Since the telepathic means of communication is the same in both cases.

More indication of authenticity that makes me suspect that the Gargoyle is real and not imaginary. I saw a clear mentally transferred animate image of Gargoyle before I had even read all that much about him from other internet sources to fully know what he is supposed to look like. When I saw Gargoyle's red eyes and later read about the red eyes of the North Port Devil/New Jersey Mothman, that was pretty interesting correlation.

I also see indication that I might not have been inspired by other internet sources of the North Port Gargoyle that might have stirred up some imaginary experience. Because had I been fully inspired just by other internet sources, I would have surely experienced this imaginary Devil to be precisely as he is being described by others. As some vicious, scary, Devil of a creature. Something aggressive, fierce, hostile, and dangerous. But no. My Gargoyle is a Sweetheart. He sits and suckles on his thumbs and toes. He talks about flowers and about men cutting grass on their lawn and then putting the grass clippings into the bin in the yard. He is pure adorableness.

When Gargoyle visits and brings to me a mentally transferred image of himself that is visual, felt, and even carries his body scent with it, it is a personal and almost intimate encounter with this conscious, delightful and enticing creature that himself seeks out contact with me.

I am pretty sure that he's real. At least I am confident enough to engage with him in communication and friendship without worrying about my mental health or where this experienced contact might bring me. I can enjoy his visits with confidence, and he can enjoy my company without my reservations.

Formal evidence

What about all you others? How can you know that I am not lying or mistaken about Gargoyle being real? At this time I have nothing worthy of being called formal evidence. I would love it if Gargoyle would let me make a video of him and me together there in Florida. Wouldn't that be great?

So my advice to you readers is to stay skeptical and suspicious. Look for reasons to question the credibility of this story. Do not take anything by faith. Use that pinch of salt, and apply that same critical thinking to all fabulous stories that you encounter in life. Of course I want to share this fantastic story with all you others. Gargoyle being real is a tremendous gift to humanity. He is such a beautiful creature. I will keep in the back of my mind while Gargoyle leads me on this journey with him to try to come across opportunities for formal evidence, so that you too can share in the beauty of having contact with Gargoyle, and knowing it is real.