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I have seen Gargoyle - in my mind

Gargoyle contacted me telepathically before I had read much of a description of his appearance. He transferred to my mind a perfectly clear animate image of himself. What struck me were the red eyes, and only afterwards did I continue to read about him and yes - other people have also reported the red eyes.

I might have gotten a clearer image of him than anyone else. I have watched this image he sends to me for long times, noting all of his anatomical features. Whereas other witnesses who see him from close in Florida have perhaps a quick glimpse of him as he passes by, or who see him in the dark - he has shown me himself for long periods of time while he is sitting fairly still and in daytime as well as night. I have been able to get a close look at him.

Gargoyle's body

Gargoyle has a humanoid build, meaning that he has a torso with two legs, two arms at the shoulders, and a head on a neck. The typical basics. His legs have feet and his arms have hands. Gargoyle is larger than a human being, he is tall when he stands up fully. I would estimate him as being two heads taller than a typical human man. But Gargoyle's favorite posture is to sit crouched, which makes him a bit shorter.

Gargoyle has skin that is white with a slight pale-gray. The skin is not as thin as human skin, but slightly thicker, but doesn't come across as being "thick" skin either, not like on the back of a bull for instance. The skin has a distinct hue of pale pink in many places, which reminds me of how we humans are beige (or darker) and sometimes have a splash of red on our cheeks or other areas as an accent. Gargoyle does not have scales. No scales whatsoever. But his skin has little tiny raised dots all across. It reminds me of the skin of an amphibian. His skin looks to be soft and smooth, but perhaps it might have some sandpaper feel to it because of the dots?

Gargoyle is fairly slenderly built, but his shoulders are noticeably wider than his hips. He has broad shoulders with a thin waist and hips. When he stands upright, the broadness of his shoulders makes his arms stand out to the sides a bit, kind of like a muscular person or a bodybuilder. Though Gargoyle does not look all too muscular. He looks to be strong enough, neither weak nor very muscularly built.

Gargoyle has a raised ridge across his upper back, kind of like how the spine protrudes from some human's backs. That ridge has some bumps across it. Even when he stands upright, his upper back bulges out a little bit.

His hands have I think four fingers each, with three (or four) fingers and a thumb. The fingers are noticeably chubby and soft-looking. The fingers each has a claw. The claw is white or colorless. The claw is not wide or large by any means, but rather narrow, though not so narrow to be called "sharp". The claws end in a sharp point. The claws come across as small, colorless, and sharp at the ends. His toes also have the same type of sharp colorless claws. He has perhaps four toes on each foot. Fingers and toes are not webbed (with skin in between). The toes are chubby like the fingers are. Toes and fingers look the same.

Gargoyle has a beak! The beak is sharp. The beak could also be called his snout, since it is covered in the same skin as the rest of his body is, unlike birds that have a different color and material on the beak than on other parts of their head. He has a tongue that is very narrow and long. I am not sure whether he has teeth, if he does those are small, white or colorless, sharp, and few.

Gargoyle has ears like an elephant! Though not as large! They are flat, crinkled, and the same color as the skin, being a very pale gray or white. The hue of pink occurs on the ears also. What is delightful is that there are many visible structures on the ears that I can only assume to be blood vessels - not as small as human capillaries, but also not as large as some of our largest blood vessels either. Somewhat medium in size.

Gargoyle has wings. They look similar to the wings of a bat, but they are surprisingly small considering his otherwise overall larger body size. From how he describes some of his activities, he can fly with those wings. He has also shown me when he lands. Gargoyle also uses his wings as part of his body language. If he stands upright and puts his arms out to the side and spreads his wings to the side it is a sign of warning, but not intended to be more scary than when we humans frown.

Gargoyle has a tail. His tail is not long enough to be described as "long", but also not short enough to be called "stumpy". Somewhat of an almost-short tail. The tail starts out a little bit thick on the base on the lower back, and ends sharp at the end. There are a few, three or so, little colorless or skin-colored white thorns at the lower part of the tail, on the top side of the tail. Those thorns on the tail look a bit like the thorns on a rose. They are not large enough to probably pose a real physical threat of injury, rather they must be something with more of a decorative meaning?

Gargoyle has very special eyes. They are not all that large, but also not small. They are about the size of human eyes in proportion to his overall body size. Not perfectly round, with a little stretch out to the sides. There are of course no eyelashes or eyebrows - or any body hair either for that matter. The eyes are red. Even during the day the eyes are red so it is not an effect that would only appear at night. The pupil of the eye is red and not black like on us humans, and there is no colored iris like we have. Just red. But there is a border to the eye, it is not all red all across, which is why for instance if he looks to the side you could notice that he is looking to the side. They are beautiful, though quite exotic eyes.

Leathery baby smell of a puppy

From the image of himself that the Gargoyle sends to me in association with the telepathic communication, it also conveys other senses besides just visual. I can also feel him, on so many levels - but I can also sense a smell of him! Gargoyle has a distinct and absolutely lovely scent to his body. He smells like the leathery skin on the belly of a puppy dog. It has a tone of that delightful baby smell. The leathery baby smell and the softness of his skin, accompanied by his delightful personality, makes him quite not what we expected of a thing called "the Devil". He is Sweetness. Or at least so it seems.

Overall he looks precisely like a Gargoyle, which is why I have lovingly named him such.