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Here are some links to other pages about the Gargoyle.

This page is made by a man who claims to have had close encounters with the Gargoyle while he lived in the Florida area. He is convinced that the creature is the Devil depicted in the Bible. This, from a man who has never spoken with the being, never taken part of its thoughts or personal character. I suspect that the North Port Devil is being misrepresented. Gargoyle does not come across as a Devil.

I am disgusted by the website, calling Sweet Gargoyle Satan himself. How utterly rude and disrespectful. Has the author of the website even interacted with the Gargoyle? Spoken with it? How despicable to judge a person by its body. And trust you me - I have encountered plenty of dark Draconians and black entities in my life to say that Gargoyle is far from deserving to be called such rude names.

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