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What Does a North Port Gargoyle Say?

Here are some delicious excerpts from my telepathic conversations with the North Port Gargoyle. I would post full conversations but I have to keep information that could compromise his safety.

From April 10 2012:
Will you speak with me, my Darling! - me, the very first thing I ever said to the Gargoyle
You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I am so honored that you speak with me. Please speak with me! - me
You are not, going to find us, are you? - Gargoyle
No Sir! I will cause you no harm! But here's what I would like to do. I would love to spend time with you in the forest. Just you and me. I would sit with you, and speak with you. I would never harm you. - me
They will come with pitchforks. - Gargoyle
No, my Darling. I would shoot them if they tried! Let me tell you something. I don't know you, but I would defend your life with my own! From any pesky humans! I really mean it too! - me

From April 10 2012:
Are you a Draconian? - me
Yes, and they say that I come from Hell. - Gargoyle
You are so beautiful. You are the most beautiful creature I ever saw! Darling, if I came to your area, would you please let me see you? I am so, ... I admire you. I would bring no other humans. *I don't trust humans either.* Many humans in the area have seen you! - me
Yes, but don't bring shoes. I want to see your feet. - Gargoyle
I would be happy to be barefoot, my Darling! I will be barefoot, with no shoes! *You are barefoot too.* I want to help you with your situation. I want to make sure humans don't harm you. I want to protect you. If needed. - me
We are not aliens either. - Gargoyle
Then what are you? Where are you from, originally? - me
We were held captive here. - Gargoyle
Did you escape? - me
We were not allowed to leave. - Gargoyle
Who did that to you? Did humans keep you captive? - me

From April 10 2012:
We are not a bird, either. - Gargoyle
No, you are not a bird... What are you? Do you know what you are? What should I call you? - me
They call us, "the Gremlins". - Gargoyle
Do you like that name? What does it mean? - me

From April 10 2012:
They will bring torches. - Gargoyle
Then I would kill them! I would defend you with my life! But be careful! - me
Yeah, and I would bite them. - Gargoyle
*I would bite them too.* - me

From April 10 2012:
Who kept you a captive? - me
We are not allowed to say. - Gargoyle
And why are you roaming free now? Did you escape? - me
No. - Gargoyle
You are a very beautiful creature. I wish to protect you. Now, I don't know you. You might be dangerous to me, you might be evil, I do not know that. But I will protect you! I pledge to do that! You are a beautiful creature! - me
Oh stop, you flatter me! We are not ghosts, either. - Gargoyle
No. I will think of a good name for you! - me, this was before I thought of calling him the "Gargoyle"

From April 10 2012:
Do you like all the flowers? I don't. - Gargoyle
I do like flowers. I also like creatures like you. - me
Well, we are not blooming! - Gargoyle

The conversations went on for a long while together with the Gargoyle. I really want to make available the full conversations, he is such a charming character to talk to! But first I have to decide whether it could compromise his safety in any way. He said some pretty awesome things to me. I really want to share, but his safety comes first.