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Gargoyle is a Sweet Person

He is called the "North Port Devil". People are describing him as the Devil straight from the Bible. Scary movies are made about him. And people are scared. Witnesses arm themselves and plan trips out to kill him. I must admit that if I were in Florida and were to suddenly see him I would have also been scared. He looks quite like the monster doesn't he? We imagine him as some dangerous predator that wants to ambush us in the dark and kill us. Like something that might attack, like a puma, or a crocodile.

But alas, Gargoyle is a Sweetheart.

Gargoyle's Behavior

Gargoyle is not some monster or creature. He happens to be very intelligent and highly evolved. In fact he is not to be thought of as a monster or even as an animal! He is a person, an individual, and we must think of him as almost a fellow human being. He has a mind and is smart and capable just like us. So think of him as a fellow man. He just happens to have a body that is a bit different from us. Now, there are a few differences in his thoughts and behaviors and wishes based on the fact that he does have a different body than we and that he comes from a different culture and lifestyle than ours, but other than that he really is just a person!

He has let me watch him for quite a while and I have noted his body language. His favorite posture is to sit crunched, with his knees up and back arched a bit and shoulders up. His hands and feet will all be next to each other on the ground in front of him. He is comfortable in this position. He can also walk, and if he walks he straightens up. He still remains a little bit arched at his upper back when he walks. He can remain standing like that, but if he wants to rest or he feels comfortable then he is going to resume to a crouched position. Other witnesses have probably never seen Gargoyle in his crunched position, because if Gargoyle is feeling alert then he is not going to be sitting crunched.

Gargoyle likes to sit in fun places like up in a tree on a branch, and he likes to be up on roof tops. There is also another place that he likes to sit on but for his safety I have to censor that out. We can't have people knowing where he goes.

Gargoyle doesn't seem to like to move around all too much, and I don't think he's the kind of person who likes to run or rush around.

One of the most delightful things about Gargoyle is that he is very sensual and sensitive and body-aware. We all know how us humans have sensitive skin and how we respond to touch and how sensual we are that way. Well, the Gargoyle is even more sensitive and sensual about touch than we are. His skin is ever so soft. He loves the feel of being in that body of his. He feels his own body awareness as if his body were made out of the softest down. Far from being some scary vicious monster with rugged skin and tough exterior, when Gargoyle is simply resting and aware of himself he feels very soft and sensual and comfy.

A wonderful part of his sensuality is that his chubby fingers and toes are ever so sensitive and delicate. The skin all across his body is very sensitive to touch and feeling, but his fingers and toes are especially delicate and sensuous. Namely, when Gargoyle is simply resting and is not distracted by anything else, he becomes aware of his fingers and toes, and he loves the feeling of them.

When Gargoyle is left to his own devices, he puts his fingers into his mouth - the beak. He doesn't bite into the chubby finger, but he lets his beak touch against and chew along the fingers. He will also do the same with his toes. It is not difficult for him to get his toes into his mouth, because he sits crunched to the extent that his head is already near the feet. He looks just like a parrot that is chewing on his toes! This is a very typical repertoire of the North Port Devil's natural behavior.

One of the things Gargoyle has shared with me is that once a man accidentally stepped on his toes and it hurt a lot. That is why Gargoyle loves to emphasize that when I do come to visit him I must not wear any shoes. So I have promised him that I will not only be barefoot - but I will be wearing the softest white socks. He likes that. (See? He doesn't talk about murder and evil. He says the cutest things!)

Gargoyle's Personality

So what kind of a person is he? He is a Sweetheart. From the time I have known him and gotten to see his natural behavior and communicated with him I have formed an impression of what he is like as a person. Unless he is totally faking it and intentionally trying to trick me into the wrong impression of him.

He is a very gentle, curious, and inquisitive guy. He comes across as a child, and as an animal such as a dog. There is a great innocence and gentleness about him. He says the kinds of things that a human child might say. The things that he shows me and asks and talks about makes him come across as very curious, innocent, and childlike. Far from the vicious monster that we all imagined him being.

I would definitely not call him evil or even scary. He never snaps at me or raises his voice at me. He has consistently been friendly and very cautious towards me. In fact, there was never anybody who loved me more than Honey the cat I once adopted, but Gargoyle is even far more loving toward me than Honey ever was. Gargoyle really seems to feel strongly about me, he is ever so eager to have me come and visit him, and it seems that he really wants the friendship and companionship. Not in any sexual way, but like a child that wants its mother, or a puppy that wants to play. Yes, this is not what we expected of the North Port Gargoyle!

Gargoyle is craving to have some very close encounters with me (again, not in any ways sexual). It feels as if he wants to hug me, and he has made many plans with me as to what fun activities we will have together when I visit.