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Gargoyle's Safety with Humans

The resemblance is limited by my ability to draw. Larger

Gargoyle is ever so curious about humans and he loves to sit up on roof tops and look at what humans are doing. One of the things that he has shown me that excited him the most, was the fact that he had stood up on a roof and watching as a man cut the grass on his lawn in the backyard, and then put the grass clippings into a large bin in the yard. Gargoyle thought it was fantastic and strange behavior.

Gargoyle loves to watch humans and I don't think there is anything that could keep him away. He really seeks out contact. He is a bit naive and unafraid. He wants to interact with humans, and there are many activities he would like to try with us that he has seen humans doing together.

I worry about his safety. There are people in the area who have admitted to planning on killing my Gargoyle. People have tried to shoot at him with shotguns. There are so many dangers out there and I worry about him all the time. I try to tell him to stay away from humans, and to be careful.

He says he is fast and that he can dodge bullets. Thankfully he has superior mind powers. Gargoyle can sense the area and he will know whether there are humans around. He senses humans even in darkness. Gargoyle has superior sensory awareness in the dark. He can also read our minds really well. He will know who is carrying a weapon and who is not. He will know what people are thinking and what they are planning to do.

What can I do to protect him?

The main reason why I started a website about Gargoyle, was to spread awareness about the fact that I do believe he exists and also to describe who he is as a person and that people should not fear him. I also want people to understand that he is a conscious individual and that we need to award him human rights. I want to promote awareness and safety for the Gargoyle. A lesser reason for why I have made this website is to share this beautiful creature with other humans. This is an incredible creature.

There is a lot of things that Gargoyle has said to me that I at this time choose to keep secret and not public. Information which could be used to capture Gargoyle, to figure out his patterns, whereabouts, etc. I have to keep that information to myself. I am also not going to say where the Gargoyle is. I am also not going to reveal when exactly I am going out on the Expedition.

I have to spread awareness about the Gargoyle in the area where he visits. In my opinion - unless the Gargoyle is tricking me - he is a sweetheart and people should not fear him if they see him. He does not seem to be out "hunting" for humans, rather he loves to watch the many odd things that we do. He finds it amusing. Think of him like a playful dog that can't stay away from humans, not even for his own good!

People have to stop trying to harm him or kill him. Gargoyle is not an animal! He is a conscious person and he communicates! To kill him would be as much of a crime as the murder of a human being.