Encyclopedia on Draconian Reptiles

October 24, 2012 - As I picked up one of those big books on human physiology, the ones that try to be comprehensive about everything that goes on inside the human body, the thought came to me, as I was flipping through the pages, how much I would have loved such a book about the Reptilians. Something comprehensive, detailed, meticulous, accurate, in-depth. So I have to make one!

A scientific encyclopedia on a mythical creature. Obviously they won't let me take biological samples and run them under a microscope but I will take it as far as I can. How exciting! The book would aim to become huge and all-encompassing about the Reptilians, and present the variety of topics in a purely scientific language (quite unlike the writing style of my website, written mostly like a girly blog about a puppy.)

I will get to work and will be posting progress right here.