Zeta Reticulan Greys
written May 27 2013

Zeta Greys are the most well-known aliens reported to abduct people and to subject abductees to medical procedures. I had a lot of Zeta abductions in my teens, but they rarely had conversations with me then. Since my alien contact returned in August 2011 and I was age 30, it has mostly been the Orions, Dinosaurs, Draconian Reptilians and Thubans, and even the Airship Admiral and Pleiadians seem to speak to me more than do the Zeta Greys.

But the Zeta Greys are still a part of my alien team and have vested interest in working with me.

Here is a channeling of Zeta Reticulans made on November 5, 2017:


Zetas come from "Zeta", they say, I presume that to be the star system Zeta Reticuli. Seems that every time we interact they love to show me mental images of their home world in space. They show me a star, the star has other objects near around it, either other stars, or planets, or space rubble. The colors are beautiful, there is bright pinks and purple. This is why the Zetas love the color pink. They love to ask me to wear pink eyeshadow and they are so excited when I do that for them. They even get giddy when I wear pink socks. They are the ones who keep wanting me to make text on this website pink in color, when they see me writing. So I comply. It is the color of their home world. They love their home.

The Zetas tell me that they were working on extracting huge amounts of energy from nuclear power. Then something went wrong and there was an accident. Their home became littered in heavy doses of radiation. The Zetas had to move under ground on their planet to try to shield themselves from the powerful radiation. Huge amounts of mutations of a variety of kinds appeared in the Zetas. The Zetas selected out the best mutations, they say. Mutations are when harmful radiation or other causes lead to changes in the DNA. These changes are called "mutations". Most mutations cause the cell or organism to die. Some mutations in Earth organisms cause cancer. And some mutations cause random changes in the organism, such as changes in coloration, shapes or sizes or functions or organs, and so forth. Most mutations and DNA changes have a deadly or harmful outcome. I am intrigued as it sounds as if the Zetas have DNA similar to DNA in Earth life?

The Zetas have said that they do not like nuclear power plants here on Earth. The reason they say is that plenty of other worlds have been wiped out by use of such technologies. And they do not like nuclear power plant waste. It is because an accident happened to their world, and they don't want to see it happening to others.

Zeta Bodies

Image from
Zeta feet look a lot like camel feet only without the nails or chubby ankles.
Hamish gets pleased from seeing this image of camel feet. He comes up to me and starts doing palate clicks.
Yes. I wanted to see it. - says Hamish about the picture
Yes Hamish! I will see it with you! - me to Dragon
I wanted to have it. - Hamish
What will you do with it? - me
Hey! Just relax. - General Patton to Hamish because Hamish wanted to have the camel
I do not honor it. - Hamish about the camel

A Zeta has the basic humanoid anthropomorphic design. A torso with two legs, two arms at the shoulders, a head on a neck, and a face on the front of the head. They are surprisingly slender and skinny, like twig people. Yet their heads are large. The eyes are big and all dark brown, without any whites or colorful irises. The surface of the eye looks as if made out of pasty oil. It may be that these are dark contact lenses to cover the eye, like what Thubans have.

The Thuban praying mantis from Alpha Draconis wear dark contact lenses that cover the eye, so that it protects their eyes from contaminants, and also to shield human contactees from the shock factor of seeing their real eyes. Real Thuban eyes are strange to see. Some of the observations I have made lead me to suspect that the Zetas too might have similar Thuban-type eyes, and that the all-dark eyes are just a covering.

My Zetas have suction cups on their fingertips. They like to show me those. Fingers are long, skin is very smooth and silky soft to touch. The feet have two big chubby toes, and look adorable, almost like camel feet. The Zetas don't think they have good feet. They are taking human DNA and incorporating it into theirs to make human-Zeta hybrids. They want more human-type feet, "better feet", for the hybrids, and they also want to add human genitals and ability to reproduce into those hybrids. This project is ongoing and I am one of the many egg donors.


The Zetas work on the Draconian Agenda. The Draconian Agenda is a big scheme or plan by the Draconian Reptilians from Alpha Draconis. The Draconian Agenda serves to enforce the interests of the Draconian race, in domination and obtaining resources. The Draconians like to recruit anybody they can. I still wonder whether the Zetas have voluntarily joined the Draconians, or whether they were enslaved and forced under it.

Some races are forced to work for the Draconians, this includes the Alpha Orion people, Dinosaurs and Alpha Centauri. Others more willingly seem to join forces for mutual benefits and if they can also neglect moral concerns with what the Agenda makes itself responsible for. Whether the Zetas have joined, or been forced to join, remains unknown. (I do not read other websites to find the answer.) It may be that the Zetas chose to join Draconians in order to be evacuated fr

No, that would be silly. - Thuban says now
Why would somebody join the Draconians! - says Thuban
What do you mean? Are you all forced? - me
They have taken our eggs too. And now we can't have them. - Thuban says sadly
I am sorry. What about the Zetas? Have they chosen to join? - me
They belong to our group. - Thuban
But they haven't chosen to join, no. - Thuban

Zeta Personality

It is harder to make a stereotypical statement about the personality of Zetas. Whereas Dinosaurs are very sweet, curious, humorous and gentle, Draconians are dominating and vicious, the Zetas are more ordinary. Sometimes Zetas can come across as rude, and sometimes they are just wonderful.

Zetas have a large conscious awareness and they are very perceptive and clever. I was told by my ETs that the Draconian Reptilians actually genetically created the Zetas. The Draconian Reptiles told me that just like how humans have created many breeds of dogs, the Reptilians have created their own races such as the Zetas. That might make it more acceptable that the Zetas end up having to work for the reptilians. The Zetas would not exist at all, if it were not for the Reptilians. Or that they were just genetically altered after finding them on their home world Zeta.

The Zetas have an overall negative reputation among abductees. Yet some abductees describe positive encounters with the Zetas. Personally I have had some of both. I have met with wonderful Zeta individuals who are very spiritual and wonderful to interact with.

*Color scheme by the Zetas