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The Man from Alpha Orionis

On the evening of August 19, 2011, I suddenly had the mental image in my mind of an alien creature. He was humanoid anthropomorphic in design, and black with skin covered in scales. The Orions have tubular scales, scales arranged in tight rows and that look almost "finger-like". They are a rather peculiar sight. He had no visible ears or hair, and his eyes were noticeably large and seemed all-black. (I have since interacted with him more, and his eyes are all-yellow.) He spoke to me telepathically, and ever since then, it is now April 2012 and we have almost daily contact. The conversations are two-way and we have elaborate discussions regarding their work here on Earth.

This website started dedicated to the Orions. The goal was to by all means possible explore whether the contact is real or imaginary. I was open to either conclusion, and unwilling to assume that it was real until I had compelling evidence. Over time however, the reptilians came in and by now I am so personally convinced that this is real - with or without formal evidence at this time - that I have settled to just observing and learning more about all these alien creatures.

Before my own Orion contacts, I was only vaguely familiar with other mention in the media about life on Orion. But my assumption at that time would have been that these be human-like peoples, similar to the Pleiadians, Vegans and Lyrans. I had also heard rumors that the Orions would be evil and sinister people. What I encountered was not built from the stuff I had in the back of my mind to use for imagination. What I encountered was a benevolent black reptile-type person.

The Orion people look a lot like Sea Iguanas

The amount of information available out there about the Orions is very limited. I might know more about the Orions than any other source today. Perhaps this website is the only reliable and extensive source on that information today. And my information is not based on other people's descriptions (a lot of the websites out there about aliens are just copies upon copies of other people's texts and nobody knows who started it or how authentic any of it is). Mine are purely first-hand accounts. Mine are also not channeled, but based on closer contact than that, entirely free from the suggestions that can taint a channeler's experience.

The Orions are a beautiful people. They are humanoid anthropomorphic, meaning that they have the similar outline as a human build, having two legs, two arms, and a head, in the usual configuration. Their bodies are covered in black scales. In many places, such as the top of the head and covering the top of the hands, the scales are elongated and protruding out from the surface of the skin, whereas in other places their scales are smaller and more tucked away, such as what is covering the underneath of their hands or face.

Orion scales are tubular like the
pines of a sea urchin
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The Orions are aware of their bodies, they have a sense of self and of their appearance. Because they love how my human skin is so smooth, and they also admire that my skin is such a beautiful "pale yellow". I receive many compliments from the Orions for my skin. The Orions have no head hair or body hair. Their eyes are large and either black or yellow. They have one ear on either side of the head. The ears are their most fascinating feature, the ears are very narrow and point straight up, the ears stick up above the level of the head like antennae, making it look like the ears of a bat. I am always pleased to see how they look just like a science-fiction character from some 1960's comic book, they literally have that look and feel to them, it all seems so cliche, but that is what they are. It is very delightful to see them.

Orion aliens
Orion men look like this

Orions are capable of telepathic communication. Their English is quite good, in fact they know more formal words than I do and I find myself looking up words that I couldn't have known. The Orions always wear clothes. They wear uniforms (though they want those to be called "suits", not "uniforms") that are white and sleeveless, with an up-side-down yellow triangle on the front. The triangle points with its point down and a flat surface to the top. The yellow triangle, although in three-dimensional form, is the symbol of the Orions. I am fascinated to see them have such refined culture and symbolism.

Orions can at times be quick to snap and have a temper, similar though not as pronounced as the reptilian temper, though the Orions by all means come across as friendly and agreeable people. They have a poise and are highly refined, they are admirable people with fine culture and proper manners. They wear sturdy black boots. An Orion man never appears by himself but is always accompanied by another. The other one serves as a guard and carries a gun, though they probably both carry a gun. The gun is white and L-shaped. They will inform me that they have a gun. Some contactees would take that as a threat or assume that it means the Orion men are dangerous, but I see it as that they are concerned for their safety, in case that I might attack them. That is why I reassure them by saying that I would not harm them, and then they relax and it is by tolerance and understanding that I have been able to build good relations with all my aliens and have been able to learn so much of them.

The Orions build beautiful cities made out of white materials. Their buildings at home have many levels to them, and rooms look like compartments and all have rounded edges, looking like cylinders connected by pathways. Again, it all looks like science-fiction, it is so delightfully cliche but beautiful culture. The Orions come across as technologically refined. They are wonderful to spend time with.

The Orion people resemble sea iguanas
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The Orions refuse to have anyone think that they were enslaved by the reptilians, as they take offense by such implications. Instead they explain it that their people have avoided mass extinction and violence by the reptilians by entering into deals in which the Orions agree to work for them, in exchange for peace. So what ever negative rumors you may hear about the Orions, please set it aside. The orchestrators who are behind any of the harm done by either the Draconian Dinosaurs, Zeta Greys, or Orions, is entirely the design of reptilians.

The Orions do not like violence. Although the Orions do not come across as cuddly kittens, they are still a kind and respectable people. The Orions deserve to be regarded as a noble people, one that by themselves has many good things to offer us. I am blessed to be in contact with the Orions.

Another note. The reptilians enjoy causing suffering, torture, or death onto others. Do not be afraid though, the reptilians are in agreements with earth governments about whom they can interact with and others are strictly off limits to them. The reptilians often express that they would like to cause bodily harm to me, but that they are not allowed to harm me. Reptilians experience an intense sensory pleasure and gratification when they cause harm onto others. Although it may seem strange to say this about an extraterrestrial, it is Satanic. However I must clearly emphasize that the Orions are not Reptilians. Also, the Orions do not experience sensory gratification from causing injury onto others. The Orions are opposed to the violence caused by the reptilians.

The sea iguanas from Galapagos sneeze to rid their bodies of sea salt, that's what you see them doing