Thuban Whales
White Praying Mantis Of Alpha Draconis
their real name is Zeta Reticulans
Rewritten on March 21 2013

Lady Thuban Auntie. In this picture she has her mouth open exposing the yellow baleen.

Whales from Alpha Draconis

To my recollection, the first time I met the Thuban Whale was in April 2012, and they have been a part of my life ever since. The Thubans work with the Draconians on the genetic programs that produce human-alien hybrids out of my eggs.

The Thuban told me that it was from the star Alpha Draconis. The Draconian Reptiles are from Alpha Draconis, and are already called "the Draconians", so I had to come up with a different name. Thuban is another name for the star Alpha Draconis, so I came to name them as Thubans.
Thuban - this is their home star

The Thubans used to live like whales in the seas of Alpha Draconis. On this day, March 21 2013 as I rewrite this page, the Draconians gave me more information on the fate of their world Alpha Draconis and on what the Thuban whales are. Alpha Draconis was destroyed in internal wars by the Reptilians and their world has now been turned to dust. The whales that lived there were evacuated by the Reptilians, and later genetically modified so that they could now live on land and live with the Reptiles in spaceships. Their long arms were added. The Thuban works with the Draconian Reptiles, and she refers to her kind as "refugees". They share the same home world with the Draconian Reptiles, and also with the Bird Race of ETs.

There are so many earthquakes here. We do not feel a pressure,
but we have to be evacuated. - said the Thuban

Draconian Dolphins

- said Thuban about this picture
Yes dear Thuban, it is noted. - me
And we are not Alpha Draconians. - Thuban
What are you then? - me
Child-rearers, and professionals. - Thuban
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The Thuban Whales are frequently referred to by themselves and by the other Aliens who they work with, as "dolphins". So if you hear Agenda Aliens talk of "dolphins", they are probably referring to these.

Thuban whales are large in size, about the size of a horse, although differently oriented. Their bodies are like big white grubs. Most of the body lies flat against the ground, and the frontal part is raised up with the torso, head and neck. The Thuban has two large arms shaped like boomerangs and similar to the arms of the praying mantis insect. The arms have no fingers or hands, and the forearm section is flat.

Thubans can rub their forearms together producing soundwaves which are not in the human range of hearing, so you do not hear them but you will definitely feel them. It emanates sounds that feel like music and beautiful poetry. It is a deeply affecting experience, you will also see colors pink and purple from those sounds. It reminds me of how insects like crickets and beetles rub their wings together to sing to each other.

Unlike the praying mantis of earth, the Thuban has no legs or feet. And it has two sections of the arm, not three, and the arm sections go up then down, and not down-up-down like on the insect. The head is small. The eyes are shaped like a set of binoculars. It has two black eyes with a dark brown boundary all around the eyes. Unlike human eyes that rotate about a socket, Thuban eyes rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Thuban eyes can rotate one irrespective of the other, unlike human eyes that move together in the same direction always. The Thuban rotates the eyes to adjust vision and does this when it looks at you or when it looks at things. It seems to have to adjust nearsight and farsight by rotation, whereas human eyes adjust by other mechanisms.

Thuban baleen

The Thuban has a mouth fitted with baleen. Soft semi-rigid flat sheets in light-brown color with orange color at the center. The baleen are fitted with gaps, producing a sequence of interlapping upper-lower-upper-lower baleen fitting into the gaps of the opposite side. The sketch to the right simply shows the fitting pattern. The baleen are in fact soft, not rectangular, and bent.

Baleen whales of earth have a row of baleen but on the upper jaw only. Baleen whales use them to filter out little edible animals from seawater. One can imagine that Thuban baleen serve the same purpose. What did the Thubans eat while living in the seas of Alpha Draconis? Since they had no arms then, but were like tubular grubs only, they may have sifted through the waters with their baleen teeth. I guess I could ask the Thuban myself, but she's such an arrogant bitch I'd rather not. Sorry about that, but that's my scientific comment.

The Thuban uses its arms like ice picks to haul its body forward. It reaches an arm forward and sets it down firmly on the ground. It then pulls its body forward, just like a person using ice picks. Sometimes it rests the tips of its both arms firmly against the floor so that it can lean its body against the arms in a resting position. While active and not crawling, Thubans tend to keep their arms up not touching the floor. You will also find a Thuban scrunched together hanging out in a corner against the wall somewhere. They seem to prefer the dark.

Thuban skin is a creamy yellow-white. The skin is smooth without visible features such as scales or amphibian bumps. There are no visible ears or nose. Thubans wear no clothes. Both Dinosaurs and Thubans require high air humidity.

I nearly choked laughing at this picture
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Take a moment to study the picture to the right. Me and the Thuban quarrel a lot. She is very unpleasant to me all the time. And she gets me frustrated and I yell back. We argue a lot. I try not to, since she is an alien entity. But you got to know what she's like before you place judgement.

She threatens me with the white bat. She places threats even when I am compliant and kind. She says words like Hush!, Hynch!, Hunch, and Hysh! to me. These all mean different things. One means "quiet", another means "outrageous!" She also calls me "dog race" in the most demeaning way. But her arrogance goes beyond her words. It is in her very radiance. She is such a rude bitch, I used to call her Nazi Lady. I try not to, every day is a new day. But this Thuban girl is ridiculously obnoxious and offensive!

Thuban Lady

The Thuban speaks to me telepathically and mostly uses my European language but can also speak in English, possibly enabled by means of translators. The Thuban has its own language, some of which you find here. They never actually teach me the meaning of their words, but they use their words and I catch on to what they mean. Then I use their words with them too. So in our conversations, we place these words in among the English or European, quite frequently.

Hunnun means my eggs. Pyy-pyy is my lady parts. Mazu is my tummy but it is also poo both noun and verb. Then there is also Hynch, Hunch, Hush, Hysch and other similar ones. A typical thing I am told by Thuban is, Hush! Pyy-pyy!, or just Hunch. She can also say Hush, dog race! Not very pleasant or fun, is she.

The Thuban can engage with a human or hybrid and cause a flare of sexual energy, which is a very pleasant soft arousing feeling. She frequently does this with the hybrid children that live there, but she can also do this with me. If I can enjoy it with her it is great, but most of the time if not always, I consider it rape and I object. Because she does not ask for my permission, tell me before she does it, and she is such a rude personality who does not care about me, then I don't care how good it feels - it is rape! She calls it "drinking coffee", as she ingests the feelings and energies from the moment. Similar to the Draconian Reptiles "drinking juice", only much softer. It is a form of Alien energy vampirism.

I got to meet the Thuban

On May 3, 2012, I fell asleep early in the evening for a nap. And I woke up in a hospital bed in the hallway and straight ahead looking into a medical operating room. In there was the scariest sight I have ever seen. A Thuban. I was so utterly terrified. I was trying to get my eyes used to it. But I got to meet her.

It was absolutely phenomenal to see her in person. They swept me into the medical room and once I was there I actually felt very comfortable and at home. Except after a while I had to ask them to take a break in the medical procedures - cause I had to pee. So I hopped off the medical table and was looking around the room for a bathroom.

I walked over to a counter and it had several small accessory medical equipment on it. I remember swab sticks for biological samples, and a small box connected to a long thin coiled tubing. (Later when I woke up after the abduction the Dinosaur told me that those things on the table were equipment used for extracting ovum. I was also told by Lady Thuban that I had touched the equipment and that therefore they were no longer sterile, ie. clean.)

Lady Thuban did some adult censored things on me (read about it in my book) and then, since I still needed to pee, a Hybrid girl with blonde hair took my hand and started walking fast with me across a dining area presumably to the restrooms. But on our way I was slipping a bit into a dream state and unconsciousness so when I saw what looked like a chocolate cupcake (it tasted like chocolate cupcake too, sort of) I grabbed it and took one big bite. Lady Thuban then informed me that I was not to eat it, it was for the Hybrids and it was somehow made differently. I got scared and worried if it would harm me, but she said that it was harmless.

But for eating it I was sent straight back to my own bedroom. I had caused enough trouble. In a swoop I returned to here and woke up, fully remembering my encounter with Lady Thuban. She is a beautiful and interesting sight, but she sure is strict and bossy and I still call her the Nazi Gestapo lady. (She calls me dog and inferior race and sheep, so it is only fair that I call her names too.)

Find lots of verbatim conversations and encounters with me and Lady Thuban in our Orion Project books. Most of them are far too graphic to post on a public website, and the uncensored books are only for adults. There's sex, violence, and taboos.

Thuban says I am part of her "Noah's Ark"
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Another Thuban individual

May 31 2015. I met another Thuban individual. I was getting ready to watch a YouTube video about how aliens eat humans, and a fat Illuminati hybrid and a white Mantid from other alien teams made contact and came to talk, read the story and conversations here.

The white Mantid was in fact the same species as Auntie Lady Thuban from my team, from the outside he looked the same but when he opened his mouth and exposed yellow baleen and did the churning spitting hissing with a sassy attitude I was sure of it. "The Zeta Reticulans are here. That is what we are called.", he said. And we now know their real and true name and they should no longer be called Thubans, as that was my name for them in lack of a better name. We now know what they are.