"Because they are made from your butt nectars."
- Alpha or Zeta Reticulan, May 25, 2017, source

On September 4, 2011, a few days after the Dinosaurs first spoke to me, they let me see three different types of the Draconian-human hybrids that they have made.

Low-level Hybrid

A Draconian-human hybrid made by the Draconians and consists of more human DNA than Draconian DNA. Very eery to see, it took me a long time to basically stop screaming at him and offending him. I hesitate to describe his appearance to you because it is very disturbing. It is fair to say that he is a freak human experiment gone wrong. I apologize if I offend him, but I am very disturbed by what I see.

He is white on his skin and has no scales. He has no hair. He has small ears that are compact. His eyes are normal human size. The eyes are entirely white, there is no iris. The pupils are tiny small grey specks at the center of the eye, barely visible. He has no eyelashes or eyebrows. His body is collapsing under its own weight. He has no skeletal structure like what we humans have, rather he has the Draconian hard connective tissue for support, but this is not enough to support the larger build of a human. So he basically looks like a bag of potatoes, with large folds about his belly and under his chin. He looks a lot like the fat Buddha statue.

I was traumatized from seeing him. It took me a long while to stop feeling like I wanted to scream and cry, and by the time I finally realized that this is a Draconian-human hybrid and I was able to calm down a bit and think of this as a living thing, I had already thrown plenty of words at him. I told him that he was so ugly that he should terminate his own life to stop living, and I told him that he should not have children because there should not be people that looked like that.

I really don't want to describe him because if any of you were to really see him, you would have nightmares. With all of my tolerance of living creatures, which is how I have been able to interact with reptilians without being frightened or uncomfortable the least, none of my special skills of tolerance were enough. None of my scientific thinking was enough. This was a hideous sight. I refuse to describe him to you in the ways that I would and did in my personal notes. As much as I want to share everything as far as possible, I refuse to let you get anywhere close to the trauma it is of seeing him.

After a while the Draconian told me that the man is mentally handicapped and that he had not understood most of what I had said. The man had said to me that he was a prisoner of the Draconians and that they did not let him go out. The Draconian had been translating between us, and after a while the Draconian said that he did not want to translate anymore, and that is when the next hybrid was introduced to me. I don't think I want to draw this low-level hybrid for you guys to see, please let me spare you, I was traumatized. Oh God (and not the Brown Reptilian God, or maybe perhaps), it was terrible.

Intermediate-level Hybrid

Intermediary-level Hybrid

The Intermediary-Level Draconian-Human Hybrid has more Draconian DNA than does the Low-Level hybrid, but less Draconian DNA than the High-Level hybrid.

These hybrids were made by the Draconian Dinosaurs and have a mixture of Draconian and human DNA. The Draconians use humans from Finland as their source of human genetics, because the Finnish people have DNA that works best for use in these projects. (I am 100% Finnish by the way but this still came as a surprise since I live in the USA.) This hybrid has white smooth skin with no scales. It has no hair. The eyes are proportionally large. It is taller than the Draconian. The body is tremendously slender, just like their mom and dad the Draconian. The neck is surprisingly long, and is a narrow tube. It is like a long ostrich neck.

They wear clothes and they do not like it when the Draconians ask them to be naked for an inspection. They are tremendously psychic and aware, far more so than the Draconians. They are very perceptive and responsive. They have strong and sensitive emotions. They are pure and innocent, and would be easily startled or emotionally injured by any exposure to harshness. He says that sometimes the Draconians hit them if they do not do as they are said. I asked him what kind of hitting, and it is just a small slap which is probably more of a symbolic reminder.

He is very social and curious and approaches a human with great curiosity and joy of interacting with a human. He approaches a human without hesitation. He has beautiful graceful and elegant movements about himself, it is very easy to find him appealing based on the way that he moves and carries himself. He is also a tremendously beautiful creature.

His eyes are yellow the same way as his parent the Draconian, but from his Finnish human origins he has light babyblue around the borders of his eyes. The eyes have no whites and no black pupils. The eyes might have no eyelids. He has no red around the lips, and not a prominent nose like what humans have.

He has small genitalia and showed it to me twice. It consists of just two small appendages one beside the other, either a miniature version of male testicles or the female labia. There are no other features there. They talk about how they are unable to reproduce. The Draconians are working more on crafting these hybrids to the point where they would be able to reproduce. At this time they are made in the test tube.

Intermediate-level Hybrid

He is very curious about human genitalia and about intercourse. He talks about how he would want to see and also try. He cares deeply about humans and considers us family. They live here on Earth in the mountains in Europe. I know where exactly but out of concern for their safety and privacy I do not tell. He likes to take nature walks outdoors.

He did not want me to draw him. He has a great sense of self and integrity. He feels embarrassed when the Draconians ask him to undress and he has to be naked and inspected, and he felt embarrassed when he had to show me his parts and it seems that it was the Draconians who had asked him to show me. He is a very fragile vulnerable and innocent young man, it is too easy to injure him even when you are careful. He is very perceptive and aware and his emotions are far magnified in response and intensity.

He told me that he would like to have genitalia. I told him that there are disadvantages to having them too. I told him about that one time when my PMS was so painful that I nearly screamed and died, I said. And I said that some women throw up, have headaches, and pass out from the pain every month. And that pregnancy and childbirth is very difficult. He became concerned and told me that he did not want to throw up, or have headaches. When he was thinking of headaches, he begun to enter into my mind as he was reading my mind to find out what a headache would be like.

There is a tragedy about them. They are like a woman who finds out that she is infertile, and she begins to see all the doctors, goes to all the clinics, and reads all the books about babies and anatomy. He feels more like a he than a she, but the fact that he wanted to have intercourse with me confirms that he must be a male. He then apologized for not having any male genitalia and he said that he was embarrassed about that. I said that it was ok, women are able to together and that it is more about emotions than anything physical. We did of course not have intercourse, I would never allow it. He is offended by my rejection but I don't care. I can't do anything intimate out of compassion, and as much as I dedicate myself to assisting these extraterrestrials, this is a firm and definite boundary.

The Draconians were going to show them my genitalia, and this hybrid finds it interesting because there are so many parts to it. The Draconian showed me a boardroom here on Earth where the humans who decide the rules for what the Draconians may or may not do meet. The Draconian said that one of those men had accepted the request to let the hybrids see his human genitalia. The intermediary hybrids are curious especially since the objective of their life and the project they live around and that is all they hear about with the Draconians is to achieve reproductive ability.

The hybrid is curious about all the things involved with intercourse, the emotional aspects etc. I would hope that someone else, preferably a man, has "the talk" with him. The subject makes me very uncomfortable. I do not want to be the one to have that talk with him that should be between a father and a son. I would hope that one of the boardroom gentlemen could explain things to him, not me.

He is a lovely young man, and I apologize for having shared this private intimate information and pictures about him. There comes a point where a creature is no longer a creature, but someone with a human sense of self and integrity. It is different when I talk about the reptilians, because first of all they don't seem to care, and also they don't have any embarrassments and they don't even wear clothes. But this hybrid is a young man, he has a high sense of self and he goes through a lot of emotional concerns. He is so beautiful that if all of Draconians and all of humans were replaced by these, we should all rest assured that life goes on and that life is more beautiful than it ever was. (Not that the rest of us are going anywhere. I'm just saying if.)

High-level Hybrid

The high-level Draconian-human hybrids have only a little bit of human DNA and are otherwise mostly Draconian in design. They are green like the Draconians, and have the same yellow eyes as the Draconian. About the only difference was that the head was much wider than the Draconian head. This was the Praying Mantis alien.

My impression so far is that perhaps the Orion people are "hired" to work on the Draconian projects. Draconians themselves do a lot of hands-on work, but especially the Orions do. There is a lot of head-measuring going on in their projects. The Orion man had said that he had measured hundreds of thousands of heads, and he had more to do. They have taken measurements on my head many times. It seems, though I may be wrong, that the Draconians want their hybrid product to have a large sized head. The intermediate and high-level hybrid has a much larger head than does the Draconian. Perhaps the head size comes as proportional to psychic ability and awareness. I do not know however, since I have not encountered the awareness of the Praying Mantis yet.

Zeta-Human Hybrids

The Orions, Dinosaurs, and Zetas, work for the Reptilians in genetic projects involving humans. One of the themes of their projects is to produce alien-human hybrids.

A hybrid is a creature that consists of genetic material from two different species. Humans can produce hybrids that combine different types of fruits or flowers to produce offspring that carry desirable genetic traits from each. A mule is a hybrid between a horse and a donkey. While many geneticists might find the thought of human-animal hybrids tempting and curious, strict ethical and legal restrictions make human-hybrid projects at least openly illegal.

But the Reptilians lack any moral inhibitions and they conduct all manner of genetic experiments involving not only humans but also the genetics of at least the Dinosaurs and Zeta Greys. I have not come across any examples involving genetics from neither the Orions, nor of the Reptilians themselves. Eckhart's Draco revealed to me that the Draconian Reptilians themselves, were genetically engineered into being by a "Master race".

I have been introduced to three different types of Dinosaur-human hybrids described earlier on this page. There is now a fourth type of human-ET hybrid that I am aware of, and that is the human-Zeta hybrid.

I need to be careful when I talk about the Zeta-human hybrids as they are very much like a human being, or almost "more" human than we are. These hybrids, just like the medium-level Dinosaur-human hybrids, are very emotionally aware, responsive and sensitive. They are vulnerable and one must take care not to injure them. The Zeta-human hybrids are not as much emotionally responsive and sensitive as was the intermediate-level Dinosaur-human hybrid.

The Zeta-human hybrids are breathtakingly beautiful. The goal of the projects at this time is to incorporate fully functional reproductive ability, as well as more human-like feet, into the hybrids. I will describe them in more detail later.