The Dinosaurs
Deb Deb!

"We don't need to eat anyone who would run, swim or fly away if he could." - James Cromwell, random quote

Added note 2016: the military guys who supervise alien activities call the Dinosaurs by the name "Croakers", referring to the frog sounds that the Dinosaurs make. /

These guys look a lot like Dinosaurs
And here

Where the Dinosaurs come from I do not know. But they live out their lives in the grasp of Draconian Reptiles. Working for the Agenda not because they want to, but because they are forced. Sweet and gentle souls, intelligent and observant and with a great sense of humor.

Dinosaurs are often seen during abductions

Reptilian extraterrestrials from the star Alpha Draconis are operating a large scheme which is called the Draconian Agenda. The Draconian Agenda seeks out to expand Draconian rule across the universe, it seeks out to enslave other races and to force them into submission, to surrender resources and power to the Draconian Reptiles.

Some alien races seemingly willingly join forces. Zeta Greys come from the Zeta star system and some of them do not seem to mind working with the Draconians toward a common cause. Thubans are praying mantis dolphins that the Draconian Reptilians found in the seas of Alpha Draconis and genetically engineered so that they could live on land. Thubans are even meaner than Draconians and seem to know no other place than working by their side.

Then there are others, such as the Alpha Orions and the Dinosaurs who only work for the Draconians because they have to. You often see a variety of alien races during alien abductions that are run by the Reptilians. That is because they will recruit anybody they can, and put everybody to work doing something. Dinosaurs are mistreated by the Draconians and are forced to labor. When an abductee sees a Dinosaur during an abduction they easily assume that the Dinosaurs, too, are one of the bad guys, and Dinosaurs become held accountable for their actions.

Seem to be innocent

Dinosaurs are workers while their bosses the Reptilians tend to stay away during abductions. Reptilians rarely do the grunt work during abductions, so you are more likely to see the Dinosaurs, and to blame them for what is done to you.

Dinosaurs are midwives, obstreticians, and experts on human reproduction and sexuality. They also assist in collecting fecal samples for studies of bacteria and human metabolism.

Reptilians eat Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are given a very low rank in the hierarchy and are frequently bullied by higher rank races the Reptilians, Thubans and Zeta. Unless this is just a facade to make the human feel more comfortable "among an equal lower rank person", but it would be a rather complex trick if it were. Aliens are known to play a bit of theatre to get abductees and hybrids to do what is needed of them.

The Dinosaur

The Dinosaurs are not Draconian Reptiles or Reptiles for that matter. The Dinosaurs are always careful to emphasize to me that they are not Reptilians. Draconian Reptilians also frequently emphasize that "the Dinosaurs are not Reptilians". These are two different species. And Draconian Reptilians, including my Hamish, eat Dinosaurs. Reptilians would seem unlikely to eat any of their own.

Tell them that we just like to collect your egg. - Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are tall and very slender. Dinosaurs have no scales (which the Reptilians taunt them for). Their skin is bright green, with splotches of yellow, beige, and dark green as if painted on with a sponge. There is more yellow on the face, forehead, and belly. The skin is covered in little bumps that make the skin look amphibian. The head is notably large and block-shaped, on a very slender neck, body, arms, and legs.

Dinosaurs have two chubby toes on their feet. Three or four chubby fingers on each hand. No claws or visible fingernails. Dinosaurs were not meant to do long hours of work. Work with fine instruments will make their fingers swollen and uncomfortable, and overall the Dinosaur will feel uncomfortable after a while of working and want to retreat away from work assignments. Dinosaurs always seem to work against their will under the threat of violence.

The eyes are yellow and large with darker yellow and brown coloration across the eye, making them look like citrine quartz. The eyes have a brown vertical slit for a pupil. Eyelids cover large part of the top of the eye and make it look notably sleepy-eyed. Deep pockets under the eyes further enhance that sleepy look. Dinosaurs tend to have deep vertical lines with the skin on the throat. I have never seen a Dinosaur wear any clothing or shoes.

Dinosaurs tell me they don't have a skeleton. They are confounded by my skeleton. Instead they have "hard connective tissue" holding them together. The deep furrows that run down from each eye make them look like a turtle. Other humans have called Dinosaurs a turtle and they do not like that. They also do not like to be called frogs.

Tell them that we like to collect your sperm and egg! - Dinosaur

Dinosaurs have a distinct strong scent like mossy forest floor, water vegetation, or ocean. It is a bitter sharp smell, lovely in fact.

Don't miss this picture - looks a whole lot like a Dinosaur!


Dinosaurs remind me of C3PO in Star Wars
(The golden colored robot)

In my experience, Dinosaurs are very sweet and gentle people. Immaculately keen observers. Highly intelligent, they can learn human languages and act as the interpretor between aliens and humans. My Dinosaurs always want to see me taking baths and wants to see what food I eat. Dinosaurs also ask to see me masturbate, want to see me have sex, and want to see me defecate.

Dinosaurs have a great sense of humor and often they will show me fun things that they have noticed. Then we both snicker at things together because their sense of humor is very contageous. We especially like to snicker at Hamish.

Tell them not to eat any pears, and to use lots of shampoo. - Dinosaur wants me to add here for you guys reading this
Because, there are little animals in their hair. And we eat grubs. - Dinosaur
And we don't live in the basements. And we are not treated like an animal either. And tell them to wash their hair! Far too often we see that they don't. - Dinosaur
We have some tectonic plates, that rendered our planet uninhabitable. - Dinosaur
And we don't mind looking at poo-poo, kaka. - Dinosaur
And we don't mind when men have beards. We think it's fun! - Dinosaur
And tell them not to wear any underwear when we come. And tell them not to be intimidated. - Dinosaur

Dinosaurs come across as very gentle, cautious and sweet. Although they are not mammals, they know how to simulate happiness, friendliness, and a feeling of humor and smiles. I have seen no tendency for violence or cruelty in the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs eat white grubs that live in water. Dinosaurs love bathing. I have often seen Reptilians give Dinosaurs white grubs to eat, or permission to go bathe, after they have completed a work assignment. Dinosaurs move swiftly and have quick bodily responses. Even their minds operate very quick and slick.

Yes! Fast forward! - Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are very intelligent and they figure everything out. They understand us humans better than we know ourselves. They remind me of C3PO in Star Wars: intelligent, slender, somewhat awkward and tragic.

We are no clowns, tell them that. - Dinosaur
And we have been making you pregnant, with your pyy-pyy. - Dinosaur (pyy-pyy is my ladyparts, pregnant was said in my other European language)


On the left this is precisely what Dinosaurs look like. Dinosaurs are not Reptilians.
Image from

Here are two photographs of a model made of what I think to be the Dinosaur. Dinosaurs are commonly called "Saurians" elsewhere in the literature. I call them Dinosaurs as that is what the Aliens call them. Pictures of these 3D models are spread on rehash websites that say that these are Reptilians depicted. Abductees also hold Dinosaurs, or Saurians, accountable for atrocities done.

Abductees who are easily startled by people who do not look like humans, and abductees who cannot communicate with or sense the true nature of Dinosaurs, will misunderstand them and spread lies about Dinosaurs. My experience is that the Dinosaurs are the sweetest and that they are innocent.

I would like to say something there! Tell them that we collect your gametes! And that gametes means sperm and eggs! And. We hope for good companionship in the future. - Dinosaur

Dinosaur Language

Dinosaurs have their own language consisting of high-pitched chirping frog sounds. If you ever are lucky to come across a whole room filled with Dinosaurs you are more than likely to come across them chirping at each other like frogs or birds.

We often talk about food. That is why. And we talk about what gametes we are getting next! - Dinosaur

Dinosaurs also have words.
"Dab Dab!" seems to mean "Wow! Watch!"
"Deb Deb!" seems to mean the Dinosaur is happy, for instance if I get into a bath the Dinosaur is happy because they love bathing too. Deb means Yes.
"Dam Dam!" means No, they say it for instance if I am about to reach for the sugar. Sugar disrupts my genes for their genetics work
On August 21 2013 a Dinosaur says "Dub Dub!" about my thought of starting up the video game The Sims 3, and he shows me a mental image of a prior time when the game had been running and declares "Dub Dub!" about the video game. Dub Dub is pronounced with a "u" almost like the "u" in "lure", don't be tempted to read it in American English because then it would read like "Dab Dab". I don't know what it means.
On August 29 2013 Hamish says Dab Dib and when I ask he says it means Yes-No.
August 26-27 2017 I learn that Dib Dib means something friendly it is similar to Hamish's Tok Tok and seems to mean hello I am here to see you! It is a friendly greeting. Saying it to a Dinosaur made him feel happy!

This page was rewritten and with a Dinosaur making comments in English as I went along, on May 22 2013