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  White Insect




The various Insectoids are shaped like large insects with praying mantis arms. I have encountered three different types of insect-like ETs.

Here is one example of an encounter and communication with an insect which seemed to be a large brown insect that had bent antennae in orange color made out of connected balls:
Something a little different. I learn how to see the alien world with my eyes closed. May 26-27 2017

1. Thubans

The Thubans are white with smooth skin. The bodies are like large grubs. They use their large boomerang-shaped arms like ice picks to haul their body forward. The mouth is filled with both upper and lower yellow baleen that are covered in orange hairs. They suck liquid and nutrition that has adhered to those baleen. Thubans have snappy attitudes and they act more vicious than even the Reptilians. They say "Hinch" when they are upset, Hinch means No. They can be nice and sweet when they are in a good mood, but that often changes. There are hybrids that contain their DNA, and those kids and Thubans regard one another as family. The Thubans claim to be dolphins and not insects. Thubans say they were "evacuated" and rescued from the seas of Alpha Draconis and genetically modified to work in the Agenda. I named them Thubans, they call themselves Dolphins.

2. Mantids

Mantids, or Insects, are large with green bodies. They have a long tubular butt, and wings. They look like large praying mantis or grasshoppers. As persons they are marvellous, they are very intellectual and sophisticated in their manners, and just wonderful to converse with. They lay their tiny eggs from the very tip of their tubular butt into rows of feces. Later those eggs will grow into large adult-size pods from which adult Mantids hatch, to find themselves involuntarily having to serve as workers for the Agenda of Aliens. They call themselves Mantids.

3. Insect

This white insect was probably not a Thuban Whale, and the fact that it was white and not green as well as other bodily features makes me not quite want to call it simply a "white mantid", and so I choose to name this type of ET an "insect" or "white insect". It is tall and white, and this one said that it is the "garden play-with-thingy", it works as a caretaker for hybrid children.

4. Alpha Remulan "Scorpions"

The Alpha Reticulan, or Alpha Remulan (I have some confusion about the name), much resembles in appearance the white Thuban, but this one is brown instead of white, and is more slender and flatter. It too has two long boomerang arms that it uses as ice picks to haul itself forward. I say they look like scorpions, but the Alpha Remulan detests that name. Second only to Hamish, the Remulans are some of my favorite ETs in the Agenda. They call themselves Alpha Remulans.