On November 28, 2016, I decided to contact the Reticulans to make an interview with them. Reticulans come in two forms, Alpha and Zeta. An Alpha Reticulan told me about how they need to use my eggs and how brain fluid and feces are extracted from my body, and then, as is usual and expected of the Reticulans, the Reticulan became excited to show me some of my hybrid children. And being shown two of the hybrid children, a boy and a girl, was when I met a new type of extraterrestrial who was there working as the caretaker for the children.

The insect is notably tall and it stands upright. It is white. It has a long grub-like body. At the lower end of its body are at least three pairs of white feet, the feet are proportionally short and somewhat pointy appendages that rest against the floor and can be moved. The insect has two long arms that begin further up close to its head. The neck is rather long and has visible rings around it similar to how the human trachea or breathing tube has rings. The head is somewhat V-shaped with rounded edges and somewhat flat. The chin is long and pointy. It has two large almond-shaped eyes that are all black and that bulge out or up from the head a bit. I did not notice any eyelids over the eyes. It has a mouth that looks to be all black inside unless it was just dark. On the left and right side of the mouth are movable black jaw mandibles which seem to be hidden while the insect keeps its mouth open, but these mandibles become visible and are held to the sides when its mouth is open, it can move these mandibles sideways.

The insect told the story that its species used to live on a planet and that Zeta Reticulans came and took over. The insects are now working for the Zeta Reticulans, and based on how that story was told it sounds as if the insects more or less had no choice. This particular insect works as a caretaker for the hybrid children. I asked the insect for its personal name, and it told me that its name is "garden play-with-thingy". I asked for a proper name several times, and the insect each time gave me a similar answer. Garden refers to the Reticulans making hybrids, that is the garden. The insect is given food there which looks like fluffy yellow blubber on a plate. On at least two occasions in the conversations, the insect slided one of its arms through its mandibles while gnawing on the arm with moving mandibles, it looked like how insects on Earth lick their arms and legs clean.

This insect keeps an eye on the hybrid children and also makes sure that the children go to the toilet or have changed diapers. At one point the insect urged the children to hurry along to cling to its body and it seemed to be to protect the children, and the children went to stand behind its long arms and clinged to its body and arms. This is an absolutely marvellous creature to speak to, and it was a privilege to make acquaintance. The full conversation notes with the garden play-with-thingy will be published in a future The Orion Project telepathy book. Excerpts from the telepathic conversation with the garden play-with-thingy insect:

I am here to see the children. I am gardening them.
Come on! Hurry along, children, and hide beside me!
I am the garden, play-with-thingy here.
We had many friends there, who were like us! And now we had to come here! To help the Zeta Reticulans with their gardens!
We were taken over, by our planet. They took our entire planet, the Zeta Reticulans. And now, we had no choice, but to be, and to "act" like their brothers! Or otherwise they would take us too!