Arrogant, Racist, Impudent, Despicable Zeta Greys

I am a friendly person. And I tend to like everybody. Heck, I even see good parts in our Draconians Hamish and Malik, and therefore we get along just fine. I can use lots of humor and love and affection to where I can be absolutely happy when Hamish declares my bathroom rug as his own territory that I may not step on, I just think that makes him like a cute puppy that stole my favorite slippers. Or when Malik shows up to throw me around for having eaten four cinnamon buns, well, I just giggle and say "More more!". But the Zeta Greys just get on my nerve.

When you read about aliens in popular culture, you want to think of them as something magnificent, beautiful, and how great that they've come here! It's easy to be on best behavior and be friendly toward a human guest in your house, let alone to only want to think the best of an alien visitor. So you kind of expect the Zeta Greys to be really neat and fun to meet. Nope. They're not. The title begins to sum them up.

Now what makes the Zeta Greys different from the ever-so evil Draconians? Draconians love things like torture and sadism and tyranny and all kinds of bad stuff, and they also are quite racist, declaring themselves as the superior race of all. But Draconians kind of have an excuse. They're made that way. They don't know any better. Draconians don't possess the ability to think and to feel in order to make a more benign choice in what to be. Also when Hamish or Malik or the other Draconians declare me as the inferior race, they kind of don't do that in a rude way. Draconians kind of take it for granted that I am a weak race. Whereas the Zetas... their behavior is really disgusting.

Draconians like to travel all across the universe in search for new ET races to enslave. One of those races enslaved were the Zeta Greys. Now, some ET races who are claimed by the Draconians, refuse to submit. Those including the Alpha Orions, but also the benevolent ones such as the Pleiadians, and the "Air People". But the Zetas however have wholeheartedly succumbed. But what makes them so disgusting is that they revel in it.

You always have one of those characters in a movie. The bad guy's sidekick. The weak guy who could never defend himself without the leader and always ends up getting it in the end. Zetas hide behind the shadow of the mighty Draconians. Meanwhile the Zetas themselves have no physical power. They are oh-so-proud to be part of the Draconian Agenda. They are just like the little kids on the playground who teamed up with the bully and therefore feel so entitled. Zetas mock and mistreat the other races who have not succumbed. Dinosaurs and Alpha Orions are constantly pestered by the disgusting Zetas. How many times by now have I tried to break up the offense? How dare they mistreat the Dinosaurs?

Zetas are proud to be on the Draconian pyramid. And they hate humans, they look down on us like we do on a worm, but not just any worm, it's the kind of contempt that we have toward parasitic worms. I am frequently called "cattle", "it", "dog", and "an inferior race" by the Zetas. Not even Hamish or the Draconians go to such lengths at putting me down. In fact, Hamish and the Draconians "like me" for being so "accepting" of the Draconians. (I'm just trying to be neutral.)

No words can describe the arrogance of the Zetas and how deeply they try to insult me and put me down. "Look at that female dog eating?" the Zetas will tell the bratty hybrid children who are brought here to watch me. The hybrid children, who are part Zeta part me are brought here to look at me like some animal. They are told by the Zetas that I am an inferior primitive animal. Sure, to some extent that could be acceptable. But they really exaggerate and diminish me to nothing.

And they act like they're smarter than me. This one hybrid boy constantly insults my studies. I am a university student with top grades and doing science degrees. I'm pretty darn smart. He comes here telling me that my studies are "easy" and that he could learn it and do it better. He tells me that he studies math. So, once he showed me a math puzzle that he is doing. It is a labyrinth. My god it was literally the type of maze that we have in the newspaper that you solve with the pen in less than a minute. I didn't however tell him how easy it was, I just told him that I encourage his math studies. But what an arrogant brat! I've done some pretty intricate math at college!

But what bothers me the most sometimes is that the kids are sent here to make observations about my sexuality. It really disgusts me.

I really hate these hybrid kids and the way that they are acting. I've threatened them with physical abuse if they don't get the hell away from me. They have no right to trespass into my home, to insult me, and to be such disgusting members of the Draconian Agenda and then act like they're better than everyone else. No words will sum up how vile they are. You will all just have to have your own Zeta encounter to see what it's like.

I had no idea that anybody could be so rude and arrogant until I met the Zeta Greys and their disgusting hybrid kids. I have tried to be patient, I am very nice to them, but they are the most disgusting arrogant impudent filthy creatures in this universe. Far more so than the Draconians themselves.

I don't even hate the Draconians. I even love Hamish when he visits me. I kind of can understand the Draconians. I can feel how they are thinking and to them it makes sense. But the Zetas could make a different choice. The Zetas understand suffering, and I know full well that they are capable of love and compassion. Yet they still choose to be Draconians.

And the way that they treat human abductees, hybrid children, and everybody else, is just so disgusting. Even the North Port Gargoyle told me about how the Greys had abused him.

I am really shocked and surprised because this is not what I had expected nor wanted. But the Zeta Reticuli Greys are not spiritual, loving, or benevolent people. If you see them, forget about the wonders of an alien encounter, or your curiosity to meet with a sentient being from another world, or your human friendliness to meet a new friend. Get the hell away from the Zeta Greys. Don't listen to them, don't talk to them, don't let them touch you. Even humans treat our cattle and dogs with much more respect.

Just some friendliness. Just a little bit. It would go a long way. I have explained to them carefully and many times how they should and could act with me instead. I tell them that if only they stop addressing me as "it" or "dog" then I might feel more inclined to show them the things that they want me to show them. And there really is no need to keep threatening me with the bat with which they will hit me if I do not obey. I tell them that I had already chosen to volunteer for medical projects and that violence was not needed and that I would not try to harm them. But they still prefer to act violent, rude, arrogant, and to make threats.

I really don't like the Zeta Greys. I hope that they all just leave me alone. I had them in my life when I was in my teens, but we never spoke back then. Back then it was always a curiosity for me. But now that they are speaking I can see that I never really missed out on anything. There's nothing I want from them or that I could gain. I do not want to meet with my hybrid children. I do not care that they are genetically mine, they are arrogant and impudent and that is not how I would raise my own. I try to teach the children good manners and friendliness and I try to show them how we humans really are not that bad as the Zetas are teaching them.

The hybrid children are like the Hitler jugend. They are forced to feel contempt toward humans. I somehow think that they do this because they are scared of the Draconians. The Draconians would kill them if they did not comply with the Draconian Agenda. The Zetas are very perceptive beings, they live in a world full of sensations and rich awareness. They would not want to have that awareness filled with fear. Then why would they choose to be so rude and arrogant? Why can't they just be nice toward humans for instance? And to stop harming the friendly Dinosaurs who have done nothing wrong against them.

I think the Zetas are putting up a show, they are trying to impress the Draconians. But there is so much abuse up there. By the Zetas toward Alpha Orions, Dinosaurs, humans, and hybrids.

Sure, the Zetas need to apply some violence in order to get the hybrid children to do what they don't want to do, such as threats of beatings or manipulating them with promising them something sweet to eat if they obey. But me, I am a grown woman. And I volunteered for the projects when they appeared. I said that I would do it. Threats of the bat really isn't necessary, and I really don't want to be called cattle or dog or it. It really hurts my feelings the way that they say it, and that they then bring my own hybrid children to call me those names.

And I am disgusted with their over-sexualized upbringing of children. I am quite sure that the kids don't realize it themselves, but it is wrong and offensive against them. Children are meant to discover their own sexuality when they grow older, and on their own terms.

To sum it up, I hate the Zeta Greys. I don't even "dislike" the Draconians (I dislike some of what they do, but not them personally, because they do not understand better). But I hate the Zetas.

This has been just a rant. I guess I could have more intelligently expressed the topic. But a rant will suffice. I hate the Zetas.