The most delightful alien being I have met, only second to Hamish my Reptilian. I tend to call the Alpha Remulans "scorpions". They are fantastic personalities, they mostly express a desire to eat. In their natural habitat they used to climb tree trunks, now at least some of them have been stolen away by the Agenda aliens.

The body of the Alpha Remulan

Overall, an Alpha Remulan is rather large for a creature, perhaps about the size of a walrus although not as chubby-looking. It is not an upright standing creature, rather, more than half of the body on the lower end of the body, lies against the floor, and the upper half of the body that does not lie against the floor, is only slightly elevated from the floor.

The creature is a dark brown color all over its body. The lower or back end of its body is a bit like a slug, or a walrus in fact! There appears to be somewhere between three to five pairs of small centipede feet at the very back of its body, however we cannot assume that it uses those feet to propel itself forward, especially since this creature seems to drag or pull itself forward by using its arms, in fact, knowing that the creature in its natural habitat climbs trees, I would rather place my bet that the feet are used to grip onto the tree trunk to prevent the creature from slipping and to provide a steady grip on the tree trunk! That is my guess, we will see whether I was right or wrong.

The body of the animal is rather like a large filled sack, the body is not firmly supported, and it does make sense that it drags itself along the floor rather than to try and stand upright. It must be more effort-efficient for it to rest its sack of a body against the ground than to carry all that unsupported body in an upright position.

It has two prominent arms. The arms begin rather low on the creature's front sides and that first part of the arm reaches diagonally upward and forward, where then it makes a bend at the elbows at the highest point, and then a second segment of the arm reaches diagonally forward and down. It tends to keep the end tips of its arms resting against the floor, but I think I have also seen that it can keep the tips of its arms slightly elevated up from the floor even in its casual resting position. The ends of the arms have no hands or fingers.

The creature uses its arms to drag its body forward, similar to what we have seen in the white Thuban whale. The Alpha Remulan moves forward slowly, and yes its dragging forward looks pretty much identical to how the sloth here on Earth moves, being similar both in movements and in pace, except that the Alpha Remulan only uses its arms to drag itself forward and doesn't have the help from the back feet like the sloth does.

Even though I like to call the Alpha Remulan a "scorpion", the resemblance is not that great to a scorpion and most importantly it does not have a stinger on a tail.

The head is somewhat small but its size makes sense for the body that it has. The head is kind of a V-shape with rounded edges on the sides and the chin. It has two eyes that are not just round but spherical like beads, the eyes are all dark brown or almost black and reflect a dot of light that makes them really look like cute black beads shining in the dark. It does not seem to have any eyelids. As for a nose I do not know. But it definitely has a mouth, and it likes to eat!

Do you have some Boeuf?

Alpha Remulans like to eat. And their hobbies are to eat. And what they most would like to do is to eat. Having a conversation with an Alpha Remulan is among my favorite things to do. But they almost only want to talk about the fact that they want to eat, and they ask me if I have any food, and they tell me what kind of food that they eat. It tends to ask me if I have any "Boeuf", which is French for beef or cow meat.

The aliens feed the Alpha Remulans by placing a bucket for it that contains little bits and scraps from the autopsy tables. It is important not to give the Remulan pieces that are too large, in fact the Remulan often specifies when it asks me if I have any food for it, by asking for ground beef. It cannot chew and it has no means of tearing smaller pieces off from a larger piece. In fact, in nature in their natural habitat they obviously do not slowly creep up on a large prey since they are slow and do not seem aggressive at all and they have no claws or teeth to injure a body of prey, they could not chew into prey or eat it if it were large. One then assumes that they naturally eat little things, they are however carnivores, or at least they exclusively have a taste for meat in captivity in the Agenda.

There is a kind of sweeping brush inside their mouth, whose entire purpose and function I do not know yet. When they are getting ready to eat, or heaven forbid if you mention food to them, it immediately starts their body prepared for eating, and it opens its mouth and I can see in its mouth some dark brown brush-like things that start sweeping and brushing in the mouth, it does not appear to be moving its cheeks to cause them to move so their moving must be caused by some structures internally inside the mouth and I also suspect it to be an automatic response, similar to when we humans begin to salivate when we see a delicious cake, not that we ever make a deliberate choice to salivate it just happens as our body gets prepared to eat it. There are no visible teeth or tongue inside its mouth. I suspect that the sweeping brushes bring the food down into its body, perhaps they also help to scatter and break apart the food in its mouth.

In its natural habitat, when the Alpha Remulan is still a baby and little, it lives on the ground where it feeds on little edible things that it collects from mud. One can speculate, that the sweeping brushes in its mouth help to brush away any edible little bits from the mud that it might take into its mouth in the same bite. At least in the early stages of its life, it eats things that are in mud. What the adults eat once they live in trees I do not know, if they come down to eat from the ground or if they find edible things up in the trees.

However, as soon as the Alpha Remulan has taken in food to its mouth or has swallowed it, it begins to defecate. A brown runny liquid latrine simply drains out of its rear at the back, and since the Alpha Remulan tends to slowly drag itself forward as it moves about, this leaves a "snail trail" of brown paths of its runny latrine along the floors. And you can imagine, that the Zeta Reticulans and other aliens there get very upset and chaos breaks loose! For this reason, the Alpha Remulans are mostly kept locked up in separate rooms in the alien base. But in spite of this defecation situation, the Alpha Remulans are definitely among my very favorite alien species that I have encountered, I would say only second to Hamish the Reptilian, since Hamish of course would have to be my first and only best favorite.

Natural habitat

The Alpha Remulans have told me about their life before they were taken in by the Agenda. On a planet somewhere, since obviously it could not be our planet Earth, they lived in forests that had tremendously tall trees, the trees were all a bare trunk without branches, and with some type of foliage only at the very top of the trees. But Alpha Remulan hatchlings begun their life on the muddy ground below.

Alpha Remulans were laid as some sort of fertilized eggs that were very tiny in size, into mud puddles on the ground at the feet of the trees in the forest. It appears, that parent or adult Remulans then left the little dots there alone without protecting or caring for them. Remulans hatch in the mud water still being of an immensely tiny size, and they begin to find little edible bits floating in the water that they can eat. Once they are large enough, but then they are still immensely small, they can crawl out of the puddles and begin life on the land.

But it seems that Alpha Remulans would spend most of their lives high up in the trees, clinging onto a tree trunk, and I do suspect by all means that they used their back end feet or claws to clasp onto a tree trunk so that they would hang there securely, while their arms were hugging around the tree trunk. What they ate up there in those trees, I do not know, or whether they would crawl back down to eat things on the ground, but for some reason I had the feeling at least, that they were finding things to eat there high up in the trees. Alpha Remulans insist that they are strictly carnivores, and they do not want me to serve them any kind of vegetables!

Alpha Remulans were captured and taken in by aliens in the Agenda organization of aliens, perhaps even it was the Zeta Reticulans who took them in. Whether there are still Alpha Remulans living in their natural habitat or if their entire species was violated upon by the Agenda, I do not know. The Alpha Remulans in the Agenda live now on hard alien base floors, and there are no trees for them to climb on. The Alpha Remulans seem to be kept mostly as a novelty, and they do not seem to have been put to any kind of work. The Agenda is skilled at finding work for all sorts of alien species, everybody can do something that is useful in the Agenda. Even aliens that have no useful arms or hands to carry or to manipulate things, tend to be given some other tasks, for instance monitoring or intellectual tasks. The Alpha Remulans, were however given no tasks at all, and for this reason and also for how it all comes across, it seems more that the Remulans are kept there as pets. The other aliens are rather unfriendly toward the Remulans. The Remulans get fussed at, not only because of the latrine they leave behind, but I do wish that the other aliens could be friendlier to these wonderful creatures.

Personality and character

Alpha Remulans are delightful to talk to, and they are either telepathically capable, or that other aliens are mediating the telepathic communication between us. Something in their personality, mind and character, is of course completely unlike how we humans or other mammals even are. Something in their unique way of thinking makes them unbelievably charming and delightful for me to talk to! For some reason, they are a lot of fun to talk to, and I always really very much enjoy their personality and character. In a way, they are immensely charismatic and appealing, even though it is such a very humble creature that does not seem to try to impress.

I always remember to mention Alpha Remulans when I cite a list of my favorite aliens in the Agenda, I sometimes cite such a list to the Agenda aliens. The Agenda aliens know how much I happen to love the Remulans, and so sometimes, to try to keep me happy and on good terms with the Agenda, they will actually bring in an Alpha Remulan to their room there in the base and let me see it in mental images, because they know that this will make me absolutely satisfied. The Alpha Remulan is of course promised a bucket of feed, and it is asking for that promised bucket, or otherwise the Remulan would not have been interested in walking over to that room. And then it happens that I see the Reticulan aliens washing the Remulan in a washroom, well, since you know what happens to it after it eats. One of my favorite aliens ever of all time, and definitely some of my most favorite persons that I have ever met.

If you read the notes from August 2016 when I interviewed a Sirian ET, the Agenda aliens were so distressed that I was talking and being friendly with an ET who was not part of the Agenda, meaning that the Sirian is an outsider to the Agenda, the Agenda aliens were desperate and agonized enough that they brought in an Alpha Remulan to try to remind me that I want to stay with the Agenda aliens and to leave that Sirian alone. Noteworthy is that one of the Sirians I talked to, had never seen an Alpha Remulan before, and you will read in the writing how ever delighted the Sirian was to see this "remarkable" creature! The Sirian was so happy and curious of the Remulan! It was an awesome reaction from the Sirian. (The Sirian notes have not been published yet.)

First contact experience

On November 1, 2013, I lied down to have a nap in the afternoon when a new type of alien creature made contact. It sent me a mentally transferred image of itself standing in the alien laboratory. Aliens rarely give me as clear or long lasting mental images of themselves. We spoke together telepathically. It could convey messages in the wordless languge, somehow I just know what they say even though words are not expressed. But we spoke in English too.

"I am not benign", it said several times. I got real excited and talked to him heaps. It was great fun to get to look at its body in such great detail. He talked about how they need my eggs. He showed me the vertical water tanks in the laboratory. One young human man in a water tank in particular.

The alien creature revealed that at least one of the reasons why these humans are grown is that they are then taken out of the water tanks and consumed by these creatures. The creature said he is from "Alpha Reticulan". I had to ask where he is from. "Zeta Reticulan?", I asked. He did not look like a Draconian or Reptilian, he did not exactly look like the Thuban but very similar, and it didn't look like a Zeta. So we have to accept that this is yet a new alien creature. The "Alpha Reticulan".

He looked old and wrinkled. The body was more slender than I managed to capture on the drawing. The color was not the creamy white of the Thuban, but more of a beige. The body more slender than the Thuban. Possibly this was another variety of Thuban, but Thubans are whales from Alpha Draconis. Perhaps this was an elder Thuban. But Thubans say they are from Alpha Draconis, and this fellow said he is Alpha Reticulan.

I was so excited to talk to him and to get to look at him in a perfectly clear and lasting mental image. "I would like for you and me to be friends", I said to him. That made him want to rub my hands with the tips of its boomerang shaped arms, he thought about what it would be like to do that. His gesture seemed sweet and friendly. But, he said a few times, "I am not benign". I said it is ok. That humans eat meat too.

He said that I was the mother of the humans in those vertical water tanks, and he said that the humans in the water tanks would have wanted their mother to see them before they are plugged out, and that I would have wanted to see them too before they are taken away. The creature said that he was going to take the oxygen tube out of their mouth so that they slowly drift asleep, and presumably then die to be consumed by the creature. The creature eats livers.

I hope to be friends with him forever. He is an alien creature.

Its name

The Alpha Reticulan is perhaps the same as the Alpha Remulan, brown scorpion which I adore. On January 23 2015 I was granted some contact with the Alpha Remulan, detailed here on the Yellow Centaurian contact page. And I made a note of its scent for the first time; "When the Alpha Remulan came near, I picked up a scent from his body. He smelled very much like men's cologne or musk or black pepper. A sharp and distinct but by no means unpleasant odor."


We humans walk our footsteps looking behind us to see where we came from,
we look up to the skies to see where we still can yet go
we look in our hearts and in each other's eyes to see where we stand now
The life that we find, and that we try to find, is greater than the size of our planet,
Is heavier than the magnitude of the gravity of its mass
Is stronger than the pull between our planet and our star the Sun
And fills up so much of our thoughts that it could fill up our entire sky that fits between our Earth and the beginning of space
And we want to go beyond, to travel in spaceships, to find more reasons of life beyond

Something small that starts its life in a puddle
Abandoned by its mother and left all alone,
with no one's eyes to look into, or anyone to look into its own eyes
no reflection of life given, with another,
but only kept inside of itself, as a tiny thing that lives in a puddle of mud
A thing that grows in size and it climbs up a tree
with no thoughts of space or stars or sky
No reflection of heart and why and who we are
No desires to travel beyond the sky and past beyond outer space,
to find something that would need to be within
In these humble and shiny black button eyes,
a mind that only contemplates on Boeuf
I, am a human, I have reached the end destination goal,
of my space travels
I have found the gravity of life that is stronger than the pull of our Sun on our Planet,
I have reached to the end of outer space, and back into my heart
In a tiny speck that is laid into a puddle of mud, and left behind to hatch alone,
to climb up a tree trunk and to contemplate on food,
I have found in you Alpha Remulan, the life

White Alpha Remulans

On May 16, 2017, I spoke with a white alien that had black eyes, and it said it was an Alpha Remulan. We are already familiar with the Alpha Remulan that is brown and which I refer to as the Alpha Remulan Scorpion, but now we also have the white Alpha Remulans.