Zeta Vocabulary
Thuban Vocabulary
written October 15 2012
edited May 27 2013

In the beginning of contact I had mistaken the Thuban praying mantis for being Zetas. Thubans are the same white coloration and when they wear the dark contact lenses over their eye even the eyes look the same. Thubans however are white praying mantis aliens from Alpha Draconis, and Zetas are a different race from the Zeta star. Thubans have praying mantis arms, and Zetas have arms with hands and fingers and the fingers have suction cups on them. Thubans and Zetas are two entirely different races.

So the vocabulary here is in fact a Thuban vocabulary. The Thuban praying mantis uses these words. I may or may not have heard Zetas also using these words (will have to check the archives). Thuban praying mantis and the hybrid children use these words. I stand corrected and this is a Thuban vocabulary, not Zeta one.

The Zetas Thubans I have they use many of their own words with me. I hear them using these words with the hybrid children but what's fun is that they also use these words with me and mix them in with my own native European language. Many of the words they tell me what they mean (when I ask) or I figure out their meaning when they show me something and call it by that name. Other times it's just obvious what the word means, or I figure it out from the context when it is being used so many times.

I find myself using their words too when I talk to them, even though it still feels very awkward doing that, but I especially try to use their words with the children. And every once in a while I call Hamish "pitashz" just to have yet another pet name for him. Here are all the Zeta Thuban words I can remember:

hunnun = human ovum, egg cells
pytt = small child, toddler
pitashz = Hamish or Reptilian
flarp = poo
pyy-pyy = female genitalia
vippen = male genitalia
pizu = the act of peeing, maybe also urine itself
mazu = tummy, stomach
hillock = I have no idea what this means they've started saying hillock all the time I keep asking them what it means I have no clue
Paarishz = when I asked them if they had a name for me in their language

As you see most of these words are related to the study of sexuality, human reproduction, and metabolism so to speak. These are the things the Zetas Thubans come here to see and also talk to their hybrid children about a lot.

An interesting anecdote: the only reason I found out that flarp means poo is because there was a time when I was so upset with having the hybrid Zetas Thubans here because they are showing me their genitals and trying to get me to be active with them and I was cursing and yelling at them and one of the things I said was that they are below the animals in worth as a race and that they are filth and basically shit. The hybrid children were very upset to be called shit by me and that is when they started whispering about flarp and I figured out that this is their word for it. Well, because the kids started calling me flarp and then giggling about it and then someone an older Zeta Thuban told me what it meant.

Best anecdote ever: when I was a little girl 5 or 6 years old I actually called my lady parts pyy-pyy precisely as how the Zetas are pronouncing it. I now know that the Zetas Thubans must have interacted with me when I was a little girl and even then asking to see my genitals and calling it by that name. Funny, that. It was the Zetas Thubans who taught me the name for lady parts long before any humans did.

These are not "real Zeta Greys", i.e. their eyes are not all black. They call themselves Zetas and say that they are from there, but their eyes are blue or green. They must be adult hybrids themselves, with just a little bit of human DNA in them. When I was a teenager it was "real Zeta Greys" with all black eyes that abducted me. Now it's progressed on to the older hybrid generations, it seems. But who cares, these guys are really mean and insolent. (***Zetas? Or Thubans? Or both?)


The language may be something that the older Zetas developed together with the children. It almost seems like a children's language. Zetas however have their own wordless language which I love to use with them when my mind connects with the Zeta's mind. "You are not a sheep here.", smiles a Zeta to me now, well not actually smiled but beamed with happiness. See? They are always watching. "Yes, we are studying your DNA!", she says now as if that should be obvious. "I am describing your language", I say to her.

There is a lot of "z" in their words, it makes the children sound like they are buzzing and whispering when they speak. It is delightful.