Lady Zeta Grey
Thuban Lady
rewritten May 27 2013

Hysch Hysch!!!
Hinch! Hush!

This very special lady was at first mistaken by me to be a Zeta. I had some Zeta contact in my teens and the Zetas are also perhaps the most well-known and best expected Aliens to encounter. The lady had white skin and dark eyes and in so many ways reminded me of the Zeta. So I had assumed her to be one. I now stand corrected, the one and only Lady is in fact a Thuban praying mantis from the seas of Alpha Draconis. Her arms are praying mantis boomerang shaped. Zetas are a different race, from the Zeta star and with arms that have hands and fingers with suction cups on their fingertips.

First Encounter

Lady Thuban came into my life in April 2012 nine months after the alien contacts had begun. Her first appearance was accompanied by Snake the Reptilian. Snake, whom I initially called the Eckhart's Draco or Draco for short, seemed to have come from alien contact person David Eckhart's team of aliens, since Draco spoke so much about Eckhart, about David and his home being "his". The one I had called Draco told me his name was in fact Snake. One night Snake appeared to do a sexually lustful conquest of me, and he had brought with him a stern white lady who was threatening to beat me with a white bat. She was there to protect Snake and to stir up the lustful energies with some type of alien sexual sadism. So that was my first meeting with the Lady herself.

It was Thuban Lady who first spoke. I was surprised to encounter such a stern, bossy, arrogant, vulgar, bitch of a woman. I have never seen the likes of such a bossy pushover of a woman! She was giving me orders and being quite stern about it. She also informed me that she has the white bat, which is what Thubans and Reptilians use to hit Dinosaurs and hybrids on their calves when obedience is required. She said she would hit me with the bat if I did not obey.

She was there to pacify me, as Snake, Eckhart's Draco, pulled in closer. Snake comes across as a somewhat nervous individual. I remember when my Red Dionyssos Hamish approached and confronted Snake, then Snake did and said nothing, but was silently put to submission. Snake was afraid to approach even me on his own, and had Lady Thuban with the bat to accompany him.

Lady Thuban

Since that first night Lady Thuban would become one of the most prominent alien characters in my life. Her job seems to be to bring my hybrid children to me. She is also a pedophile and a rapist, I'm sorry.

I had one super close encounter with her during an awake abduction. She speaks to me almost daily. Now more than a year after she first appeared, she is still as stern as ever. She is always rude and snaps at me. If I try to be nice to her and say something nice, she just responds by saying Hinch.

A year ago I wrote:

" Even though with her very stern attitude which would scare most of us humans, I immediately took to her and knew that I would like this lady very much. Maybe I just have a way with people. I think that she fears humans and the harm we could do if we attacked " " Because she reveals her true personality at times and during our conversations, and she is definitely softening up to me now. "

" It is a trust issue. I remember when Orion man first came to see me in the very beginning, he had an armed guard in the form of another Orion man and I was even shown and informed that the guard had a gun! It didn't take long for the Orion man to stop bringing the guard over, once he saw that I was not only compliant and safe, I was a really friendly and happy person! I am sure that Lady Grey will also feel more comfortable around me soon. It may take her a few more days " " She has told me that she is not really arrogant, it is not her real self. Her real self actually is like a typical Grey or Hybrid even, a very happy person who finds many things in life to be exciting. She puts on a professional stern attitude at times, but underneath it all, I love who she really is. And I have a feeling we are getting to become good friends, me and my lady. "

Nope. More than a year later, she is still as stern as always.

*The first paragraph of the page is in pink color upon request by the Zeta in my life. The Zetas love the color pink because it reminds them of the colors in space by their star.

Read conversations between me and the Thuban Lady in the Orion Project Books. While it is alien contact and I want to share, most of it is too graphic and uncomfortable to post online.