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The alien team that says it is using me for scientific experimentation, includes member species that call themselves Zeta Reticulans, and another species which calls itself Alpha Reticulans. These names should imply to origins from the stars Zeta Reticuli and Alpha Reticuli respectively. The stars Zeta and Alpha Reticuli were named and placed into the same constellation by Earth astronomers. Whether the stars actually are relatively close together in space or in any ways connected or not, I do not know. Nonetheless, Zeta Reticulans and Alpha Reticulans, although distinctly different-looking creatures, they do still look very similar to each other, and they also share a similar story. And both species are members of the Agenda of aliens that work together.

Zeta Reticulans

Zeta Reticulans are extraterrestrials who say they come from the star Zeta Reticuli. Zetas have a humanoid body form meaning a torso with two legs, two arms attached at the shoulders, a head on a neck and a face on the front of the head. There are two varieties of Zetas, the tall Zetas and the short or little Zetas. The body is very slender and looks featureless. Zetas are fond of saying, that they do not have any bones or skeleton. The skin color is a pale gray. The head is proportionally very large, and bulbuous shaped. There is no body hair and no external ears. The two eyes are large and all black, seemingly without eyelids. There is a long, very narrow nose that seems to have nostrils. The mouth is a narrow opening without lips. The long arms have hands that have four or three fingers on each hand, I am unsure of the count and will have to make sure. My Zetas have a suction cup on the tip of each finger, on the part of the finger where our human fingerprints are located. The purpose or use of these suction cups is unknown to me, though it seems to elevate their tactile sensation and information from touch. The Zetas have two chubby toes on each foot, similar to a camel's foot.

Zetas tell me that they once lived on a planet, and they were working on a nuclear power experiment which went wrong. The accident was disastrous and the Zetas were forced to move under ground. The species suffered genetic changes. After living for a long time under ground, their species ended up becoming infertile, meaning unable to reproduce by natural means. Zetas chose to join a group or organization of extraterrestrials which I call the Agenda. The symbol or logotype of the Agenda is a yellow pyramid or triangle with the point pointing upward. In the Agenda, member species receive help from other members in their own projects, but then they also need to help the other member species with their projects too. In the Agenda, the Zetas receive help with their genetic projects to restore fertility into their species.

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Alpha Reticulans

Alpha Reticulans are easily mistaken for Zeta Reticulans, but insist that they are different and are using a different name, which implies being from entirely another star, the Alpha Reticuli star. Alpha Reticulans are slenderly built and a pale blueish gray skin coloration. The head is proportionally large, but flat and somewhat indented on the top of the head, as opposed to the Zeta Reticulans whose heads are bulbuous. The eyes are large and all black but Alpha Reticulans definitely have two pairs of eyelids. The mouth is a narrow opening. There is perhaps no nose or nostrils. Alpha Reticulans have four fingers on each hand, without suction cups on fingertips, and they have two chubby toes on each foot.

Alpha Reticulans are sassy and rude towards me. They say that after a long time of multiplying themselves by means of cloning, that in the process they have lost a lot of genetic material. They need to find genetic material from at least the human species, to incorporate into their own. The story and also the build of the body all sounds similar to the Zeta Reticulans. What the actual connection or relation between Alpha Reticulans, and Zeta Reticulans, I do not know.

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Green Reticulans?

In July, 2017, an alien showed me the mental image of a black and white cartoon cat. And everytime when I would think about the image of the cat, the alien would let me see itself. It was an alien that in many ways resembles a Reticulan. It has a large bulbuous head, the slender body, two dark eyes, two nostrils and a small mouth opening. It is shorter without being proportionally smaller: its head and body is the same size as Reticulans, only that its legs are notably shorter and that is where the length is reduced, giving it a sort of short and stumpy look because of the legs. It is also green in color. Whether it in fact is any kind of Reticulan or not, I do not know, but I file this species here because it resembles the Zeta and Alpha Reticulans. It is definitely not a Dinosaur in spite of its green color.

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Earth astronomers have drawn Reticulum as a rhombic constellation of stars and including also more stars outside of the rhombus. The name Reticulum comes from the name of a component of a telescope.

Zeta Reticuli is actually a binary star system, meaning that it is two stars, and not one. In a binary star system, two stars are orbiting around their mutual center of mass together. The Zeta Reticuli stars are located at a distance of about 39 light years away from Earth, and they are close enough to Earth and bright enough that we can see them with plain eyesight from Earth. Both of the Zeta Reticuli stars are similar to Earth's sun. One of the two Zeta Reticuli stars is 96% the size of our Sun and 84% of our Sun's radius, and the other Zeta Reticuli star is 99% of our Sun's mass and 88% of our Sun's radius. Earth astronomers seem to not be sure whether there are or are not planets at Zeta Reticuli.

As for Alpha Reticuli, Earth astronomers are not sure whether it is a solitary or a binary star. It is at a distance of 162 light years from Earth, and can also be seen with plain eyesight from Earth. Its mass is more than three times the mass of our Sun. It seems that Earth astronomers have not found any planets at Alpha Reticuli, not meaning that there are none.

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Conversations and more

Here is a lengthy conversation I had with my Greys, November 28, 2013. In it, I talk to Greys who are white and who resemble what one would think to be the typical "Zeta Greys", yet these corrected me when I called them "Zetas" and said they are from "Alpha Reticuli". At first this clashed with what I thought I knew about Greys, but I then realized, that Alpha Reticuli is the Alpha star of the same constellation as Zeta Reticuli.

My team of Aliens does have a typical Grey-looking alien race who call themselves "Alpha Zetas", or Alpha Zečes. But there are also Aliens on my team who say they are "Alpha Reticulans".

For one reason or another, I used to be under the impression that the brown scorpion ET was (also) called an Alpha Reticulan, perhaps it had told me so. However, I have now abandoned that name for the scorpion, at the risk that perhaps the scorpion still has some connection to Alpha Reticuli, and the scorpion is known in my writing by the name it mostly goes by, namely Alpha Remulan.