Reticulan Walruses
November 28 2013

About how I don't think I can ever abandon the Aliens, just like they won't be abandoning me. And a long conversation with an Alpha Reticulan!

The Orion Project is not closed. The Dark Lords ruling over the Alien Agenda had trickled me down into a physical and mental state of darkness, in which they had imposed their own negative and devastated state of mind on me, while literally stealing all the joy and light from my life, that they called "juice" or "coffee".

We have also called it lust. - a Dark Lord says now

It leaves a person lethargic and suffering from feeling the world as a dark and sickly place that is void of any love, joy or happiness. I had let them too close. That is when I rejected the Dark Lords. I made it clear to them that they are not welcome, and that they are not to touch my "juice" again. I wanted to close down The Orion Project, which is my documentary on the alien contact, to write no further, and to entertain no more conversations or interaction experiences with the aliens.

However, just because I was ready to let them go, did not mean that the aliens would concur. You see, the aliens are not a construct from my own mind. They stayed, and while the Dark Lords respectfully backed off, Hamish still remained living with me same as before, and the Thubans, Dinosaurs and Hybrids were still abound same as always. Life with the Aliens carried on. Even though in my mind I had signed a document of "goodbye", the aliens did not get or adhere to that memo.

So here we are again.

I just wanted to feel your pulse. - says the Dark Lord
Stop touching my heart! I have forbidden it! - me to Dark Lord

I had made the decision to completely detach the aliens from my life. To no longer write about them, to not listen to them, to not turn to them for friendship or questions, and to go on with my human life, and forget all about the aliens. But that did not happen.

Hamish remained a dear friend of mine. He was still around, still up to showing me his shedded sheets of scales and talking about how he has "shedded". Still camping out on snuggy bathroom rugs as always, still afraid of pumpkins and showing me things and sharing his world of thoughts and ideas with me. We are still watching The Walking Dead together. It is a tv series about a zombie apocalypse. Hamish fully understood why Rick was upset when Lori died. And Hamish understands that Lori has died and that it was her remains spread out on the floor in the prison. He understands the plot, and he likes that the series does not have music in it. Yet, he eagerly anticipates to see every character of the story get mauled. But we watch it together.

I don't like those red candles here. - Hamish. We have got some Christmas things out by now. He doesn't like candles, and I'm sure that it is extra aggravating if they are red.

Now that the Dark Lords have backed off, I feel great. I want to continue exploring the aliens, learning about them, but most of all I now want to insist again that they let me stay awake during abductions. (Right now, Hamish pushes my upper body down closer against the table, and he overlays himself over me and is displaying his imposing back hump with black thorns, making sure that I see his back hump. He is showing power, reminding me that he is in charge, probably because he knows what I am writing about. That I want to see them during abductions, and they don't want me to.)

I don't want you to see our nosebleeds there. - says Hamish and thinks about blood in his nose
What nosebleeds, Dragon? What are they? Do I have them? - me
I was not gentle, I said. - Hamish
It's ok. I adore you. You are my honored scales. - me
My back hump has spoken to you. - Hamish, ha ha
Yes Hamish. It said that you were dominant. It said that you are a dominant race. It said that you are an honored scales. - me
I have trembled with it before. - says Hamish and shows me how he can tremble and shiver so that even his back hump is shivering
When do you tremble and why? Do you show power when you tremble? I love you Dragon. I will do anything for you. I adore you Hamish. - me

My Aliens

With Hamish I will go anywhere.

I was not giving you my goosebumps, I said, to my snacks. - Hamish says [goosebumps is what he calls the blunt orange bumps on his arms and back, these can burst and ooze an odoriferous sticky orange liquid]
Alright Hamish. - me
They were not my ice-creams here. - Hamish
What are you talking about? - me
About the Bird in my nest. - Hamish, he now thinks about Bird who is here in the bathroom, the bathroom is Hamish's nest, and Bird is another alien race that comes here to help him clean up after himself here.

I want to explore the alien abductions with Hamish by my side. If I can wake up in an abduction room surrounded by my familiar alien friends, there are so many of them that I know. Hamish, Snake, even Malik makes me feel safe, because I know him, and he respects my wishes when I yell at him to back off when he comes too close. My Lady Auntie Thuban, the sassy bitch if you don't mind me saying so. Dinosaurs. Zetas, and Lasarus my favorite Zeta.

You have screamed at us, and told us not to come back. - says Lasarus now
So we cannot come here and sit with you. - Lasarus says and indicates to the living room sofas here
I don't know. You guys do pedophilia. That's what I don't like, so leave me out of it. - me

There is also another race of aliens that I sometimes see. They work as doctors and medical scientists. They are tiny people with yellow skin and bald heads. They have little noses and I think they have ears too. I like them. They have a great sense of dignity and they ensure that they are not being disrespected by human abductees, well mainly because they are little people. Then we have the Orions, I like them too. I also like the Crocodile Men.

I mean, these are all my friends. I even bonded with Simone, Ashante, and what was his name. I forget the male hybrid's name. [his name is Cristos!] These are all adult hybrids so they were great fun to interact with. One of the lady hybrids was very interested in my bras and breasts and wanted me to show her. She also wants me to talk to her and teach her about sex and relationships. And I really don't mind, because she is an adult woman. It's when they are little kids when it really bugs the hell out of me!!

The Aliens insert a thin white plastic tubing down my nose every abduction, and it goes down my stomach or even into the small intestine. With it they suction up some stomach contents, and they actually feed that to some of my toddler or baby hybrid children, like mommy bird feeding baby birds with regurgitation. I'm actually not upset or disgusted by that. I once saw - and I wrote down this story extensively as it was taking place, in the notes that end up in the telepathy books - a little hybrid girl that had been fed with suctioned regurgitation of when I had eaten chick peas. The girl didn't like the peas and she just kept it in her mouth as a foam and it was dripping out of her mouth.

I know that sounds disgusting, but remind ourselves that these are alien extraterrestrials and that they are running bizarre and often questionable medical scientific experiments.

Yes! Medical, yes! - says possibly a Dinosaur pleased, otherwise a Zeta
We also place them on the shelf. - says a Zeta in my other language, meaning little vials of my regurgitation

Another weird thing they do is they take human feces and one of the end results of that human abductee feces is to be stacked up in rows on floors and the Mantids lay their eggs directly into it. Presumably it provides the nutrients for the little insect pupae to grow. Many insects on Earth do this also, that they lay their eggs into dung, so we must not be too surprised or ashamed of this one either.

The other night I awoke with a Dark Lord giving me some really pleasant sexual caresses somehow. It was really nice, so I wasn't mad.

We also did it with a cow, if you wanna see. - says a Zeta somewhat pleased and happy about it
No thanks. Please don't harm the cows. Cows are women. They are people. They are sentient life with feelings and pains. - me
Sentient life they are not, no. - says Dinosaur I think
They do not feel everything we do to them. - Dino or Zeta
.. Don't hurt them, ok? - me
Miss, don't become a bitch here. - says Thuban, who obviously knows I called her a bitch here earlier, oops
We are not only doing genetic studies on you. - Thuban says
We don't want you to become violent with us. - Thuban
You're the violent ones.. - me
We have given you crackers. - Dino, with the mental image of what is literally an animal cracker, and this said as if to say that "we are not violent, we were nice enough to give you some animal crackers"

Where was I.

You don't have to talk about our nymphs. - Thuban says somewhat ladylike and offended or slightly arrogant, about the Mantid babies


We don't want a cacophony here with you. - Thuban Lady says
But there never was one... Only when you try pedophilia on me. I was even ok with having sex with strange human and alien and hybrid men! I was ok when you insert tubing down my nose, I am ok when you poke devices into my rectum, I'm fine when people stare and poke at my genitals, and I'm even fine - sort of - with the making of all those hybrids and embryos all the time. I'm fine with Hamish eating some of those children. It is just the pedophilia I don't like. And so you act like I'm being trouble? I was probably one of the nicest and most compliant abductees of all time. EVER! PERIOD! I wanted to see you. For a long time I have wanted to come visit you. But you always take me there, I know you do, and you do not let me see anything or remember! - me
We have taken those out of you. - Dinosaur says and shows me a mental image of a bucket of strawberry ice-cream, a make of ice-cream that I could only have eaten a year or longer ago.
... I don't mind. You're studying metabolism. - me
I don't want to drown here. - Dinosaur, and Dino shows me a mental image of him in a small bath tub with water in a dark room there, in my native language
Don't drown, please be ok? I love you so much. - me
Yes, but they want to drink my coffee. - says the Dinosaur, and I see him. A very wrinkled face, like an old person. A large bulbuous green head. Deep pockets underneath its eyes, and deep wrinkle folds on its face and throat. Big yellow frog eyes.
Deb Deb. - the Dinosaur says, it means Yes
We are placed, in a cool room. - Dinosaur
Because we did not want to collect seminal fluid. - Dinosaur, "seminal fluid" in the other language
Can I come... - me interrupted
And please! We don't want them to make fun of us! - Dinosaur
It's ok! I love you! You are the nicest thing I know! - me
We don't want to take your eggs anymore. But they eat them here! - Dinosaur says, and shows me a mental image of Hamish with a limp baby hybrid in his closed mouth, limp legs hang out from one corner of the mouth, and two limp arms from the other, like a dog carrying a leather glove in its mouth. He looks pleased like a dog carrying a stick.

I am such a selfish girl. Who cares about me. What the hell am I doing. Why am I always talking about "me" this and "me" that. Who cares about my feelings. My experiences. The things I see. The things I am told. Dinosaurs are put into a cool room if they do not want to work. They are deprived of all the baths that they would like to have. Meanwhile I can take lovely hot baths any time of the day, and for as long

Yes, and it makes your fingers go like prunes! - Dinosaur says and shows me a mental image of human fingertips like prunes after a hot bath

I can take baths for as long as I want.

We desperately want you to not be mentally ill. - Dinosaur says to me
I am not ill with you. - me
That is why we make, and go through all of this trouble. - Dinosaur
I am fine here. It's ok. - me
We know how you blowdry your hair, and make it look nice! - says Dinosaur with image of our blowdryer, and even Hamish closes his eyes in a smile. I use it after washing my hair or after a bath when the hair gets wet.
I wish... - me
We only want your eggs here. - Hamish interrupts me from saying
I wish... I really wish that... - me, and I feel a pain start in my chest, an emotional pain. I haven't really talked to them much about it. I don't know if I really can. It's a difficult subject.
You see... I wish I could... - me
There will be a Board meeting then. - says Hamish or someone else and interrupts me again

Whenever I ask the Aliens for a close conscious encounter, they have to refer to the Board for permission to let me have that.

Yes. You are our monkeys here. - says sassy Thuban Lady, and I see her mentally when she talks. I always see the aliens in a mental image from afar when they talk to me.
Your DNA strands are here. - says Lady Thuban and shows me a mental image of the DNA molecule all springy and elastic
We have been gardening your people, your population. - Thuban says
And please! I am not sassy! - Thuban
You seem mean to me all the time. Why are you? - me
I am not greeting with you, with friendliness or niceness. - Thuban
Because we have to do that! - Thuban or Zeta with image of the thin plastic tubing they have to put down my nose
So you wanna see them, huh? - General Patton
Yes Sir... I really do. It would mean the world to me. - me
Do you know what they do here? - General
Yes Sir I do. I know what they do. You know, ... it hurts me more, the fact that these things happen to me and I don't get to remember. That to be there for them and get to see and remember my own experiences. You know? I really feel that way. - me to General Patton
Yes, but we are not the dominant ones now. - Hamish
It pains me to not get to see my Alien friends, and Hamish. I know that they come and get me every night at 4 AM. I know the tests and sampling they put me through. I know the sexual abuse and hybrid programs. Every night when I go to sleep I make a prayer and a wish that I will wake up with the aliens and get to see them. - me
They probe you. - General Patton speaks while I'm still in my last sentence
I know. I don't care. I'm not ashamed. I almost went to medical school, so I'm fine with stuff like that. It's just biology and chemistry. I've done my pre-meds, and anatomy classes. - me
Yeah, and did you do good at school! - Dinosaur or General Patton
I did the best possible. I just fell in love with a different topic that's all. So I didn't go to medical school for that reason. - me
They put you under that. - General Patton shows me a mental image of a tarp placed down on a naked human lying down on a medical table
Yes, I know. - me
And then they take your shit out. - General Patton, he struggles to say these words
Look. You're what, a Navy officer? - me
A Navy Seals. - General Patton
What qualifications does that give to you to deal with things of this matter, to make decisions on my behalf? What is your incentive? Public safety? I come from a scientific background, and also from a medical background. My incentive and experience with alien contact is quite different from yours. I am not offended that they collect fecal samples from me. We, me and the Aliens, talk about it all the time, almost daily. - me
We/they take your residue. - Dinosaur I think, about the fecal samples
So, General Patton? Can I please stay awake for the next encounter? - me
Well, we take you to a hospital. - General
Thank you. I would love to. - me, and I feel warmer inside, rather than the pain I was having in my emotional heart.
Where is the hospital located? Is it here on Earth? - me
General Patton with his large man hands, is fingering a wide gold ring that he has on his finger. It is a ring he must have had for a long time, because the engravings on the large top flat face have worn out. I felt from him that it was a ring awarded from being part of a society of some sort. Perhaps it was a ring given to him as a Navy Seal. Something like that. He was fingering it and feeling emotions and thinking personal private thoughts.
We don't want you to come here and do it with them. - General
But, please? - me
Jeff won't be the only one there, you see. - General
Yeah, I remember Jeff. - me, Jeff had a run-in with the White Alien in the underground tunnels system. Remember Jeff? Who rather wanted to go to Tijuana for a gun convention? I have that telepathy on the website in the telepathy section, find it there.

General Patton? Look. - me
Yes Miss. What is it about abductions? - General or other man there
Listen to me. They are already taking me, right? So the fact that I don't get to remember anything, that is brutal rape and it hurts me deeply. Now these Aliens are all my friends. I even have love and fondness of the Archons, the Dark Lords. - me
Oh God, those creeps... - General about the Dark Lords
I love my Zetas, I love my Dinosaurs, I love love love my Hamish Turtle - me interrupted
He is the sickest one of them all. - says the other man there who has a gray beard
Who is the bearded man? The man with a beard, who is he? Is that Jeff? Jeff didn't have a beard before? Who are you guys? - me
The NASA, field team.. - General Patton, still slowly fingering his ring and thinking thoughts related to it, reminiscing something from long ago
LISTEN! I know for a fact that I am taken by the aliens every night, and somehow you men have authorized it! It is RUDE and it is OFFENSIVE that I do not get to stay awake or remember any of it! - me
You are Star Souls, they said to you. - Hamish says to me, that the men would have said to me or about me
What does that even mean... - me
It means they want to pick out weapons with you. - Hamish to me
I don't understand that... - me
So, can I please from now on stay awake for my abduction encounters? I happen to know that they take fecal samples. I know they bring in men to have sex with me. I know all that. Now I just want to remember it. - me
Won't you tell your mother about it? - Dinosaur
Shush! - Thuban to Dinosaur
No, I won't. I don't tell people about this. This is my personal secret. - me
We want your ovum. And we tape your mouth shut, if you scream or bite at me! - sassy Thuban says
Stop arguing at me, you stupid whale. You know I am one of the nicest people you will ever see. I would never bite you. I saw you once, and I wasn't even afraid. I was just so happy to see you. - me
So you were at our Noah's Ark. - Thuban humbled and feeling warm
Yes, I've been there. - me
So we take your eggs and make these. - Thuban shows me gray-skinned babies
Yes. I know. I just want to remember. Don't make me forget anymore. - me
They want us to check your blood pressure during it. - Hamish says to me, probably the men had said something about that
Don't let those men rule my life. They already gave me away, now I want my life back, by remembering and staying awake. - me
We take the tubes down your throat. - Thuban humbled and feeling happy and kind
Yes, I know. I was awake once, when a Dinosaur did that. I was awake. And once when the Bigheads did it too... - me, and I know they don't know who the Bigheads are. (The Bigheads are Japanese-Alien hybrids with big heads and some black hair. They are rude and do medical procedures.)

So, as you can see it is still going on. And the above conversation pretty much sums up what I intend to do with this in the near future. I want conscious abduction encounters. And tomorrow I will watch another episode of The Walking Dead with Hamish.

A Zeta now talks to me in their wordless telepathic language that they intend to collect fecal samples from me, and that they do not want to cause me damages in the form of making me mentally ill from the stress of having an alien abduction. Now I get to tell them that I look forward to meeting them, and that I would not be harmed by it, that I am looking forward to it.

The Zeta shows me the zoo that they have there. Remember the zoo I told you about? It is literally a large room in the alien quarters, with fake painted blue sky with white clouds, fake green grass, a fake tree, and they keep a naked human man there, he is what about 19 years old. I was taken there once, naked of course, and the Zetas wanted to watch me and him have sex together. Yes those are the kind of things I remember, when I remember. The Zeta now tells me that after all me and we humans watch walruses in similar arrangements at the zoo.

I tell the Zeta that I am ok with that. I can go to that zoo and partake. The Zeta tells me in the wordless language that they don't want me to eat red apples. Their wordless language runs quickly and smoothly, and I enjoy how it is so effortless to communicate with. I can do it too, when they are near. But once the aliens leave, I can no longer initiate the wordless language, which means that they are enabling it from my end of things too.

"Do you think that they are pretty?", asks the Zeta when I said I want to meet them too. He showed me an image of the Zeta hybrid women who wear those pink cheap-looking like 1800's style dresses with a matching pink parasol umbrella and hats. "Yes, they are pretty.", I say. "They don't understand things like mascara. We were hoping you would teach them, since they are taken from your ovum, your eggs.", says the Zeta. "I would love to tell them about things, like womanhood.", I say to the Zeta. "Sometimes they think that you smell!", the Zeta says, meaning that I would smell bad sometimes during abductions. "I can use perfumes. Fragrances. I don't mind.", I say. "They are only forced to it. None of this, nothing, is what they want.", says the Zeta, meaning how the hybrid women have to try to be curious about womanhood and gender identity.

"We are learning about their sexual reproduction.", says the Zeta. "I would like to stay awake.", I say. "Then you will sit here with them!", the Zeta rudely yells at me and in mental images indicates he would have me sit with the young hybrid children instead. "I want to meet Hamish. HAMISH!", I say and realize I am like a little kid who clinged to one parent and not the others. "You are like a walrus here to us.", the Zeta says, reminding me about my status as an animal. "I don't know what that entails, or how to behave.", I say. "A walrus just sits there, and lets us watch.", the Zeta says. "Is that all I would have to do? To sit and be watched? Why am I so interesting? Don't you get bored of me by now? Hamish doesn't watch me like that?", I say. "Yes, but we are binding our own species into yours.", says Zeta. "That is why we have to watch.", Zeta says. "So you are the animal here, not us!", Zeta says.

"Ok. I'm glad we had this talk.", me. "We have these on our shelves!", a female Zeta says and shows me the shelves there with vials of what I presume to be samples of my stomach contents that they have suctioned out. "I just want our relations to be peaceful and harmonious. I don't like the stern attitudes that you present yourselves with when you come to visit me. I was hoping we - me and Zetas and the dolphin Lady - could all be friends. I wanted you all to be friendly with me. Why are you always so mean? Why do you hate me so much?", I say, and the Zeta says in the wordless language, trembling with fear, that the Reptilians or Hamish eats them, the white aliens (white aliens are Zetas and Thubans when undefined I just say white aliens).

"We are not butt doctors here, but we would like to be.", says a Dinosaur or a Zeta. "We are Alpha Reticulans!", the Zeta says. "What does a butt doctor do?", me. "We inspect, feces. We take our matters out of there. And then we subject it to tests.", Zeta. "Why is it done?", me. "Ask him, he is the doctor.", Zeta indicates to Tom-Tom the Japanese doctor.

"He was mated with them.", Zeta says and shows me the hybrid women in pink dresses and means that Tom-Tom had had to have sex with those ladies. "I was once supposed to have sex with Tom-Tom. I woke up there. There were two hybrid kids in the room to watch. I ran out of there and came to a place with fake grass and a big building with the symbol of the eye there.", me. "Weren't you naked?", the Zeta asks while I'm still talking and finishing up my sentences. "I don't think so. I think I had something on.", me. "Because sometimes you run out with nothing on!", the lady Zeta says and smiles with her eyes, as if amused or mildly laughing, but she seems sweet. "You were running!", Zeta man says, and he thinks about police sirens and emergency and urgency, as if I would have felt those things. "No, I was fine. I just didn't know where I was.", me. "What else is in that box?", lady Zeta or Hamish asks, about our big cardboard box with Christmas decorations that we pulled out here at home today. "Just Christmas decorations.", me. "What else, with me on them?", Hamish asks, so it was Hamish who asked, he means what more things with red color on them. "I don't know Hamish.", me. "I will fry them.", says Hamish and thinks to the frying pan I used about an hour or two ago for my pancakes, he would fry the red santas and red Christmas decorations to punish them for being red, and his eyes closed in a smile, he thought it was a good idea it made him smile.

"We don't want to see in those cardboard boxes anymore.", says the male Zeta. "It's ok if you do. I can show you things and take things out.", me. "We just wanted to show them to our children. After all, some of your sons share the same DNA with you.", Zeta. "I don't know about those kids. I don't like the pedophilia. So that is why I have rejected them. I will only talk to infants and to adult hybrids, but nothing in between.", me. "Why the infants?", Hamish or other ET asks. "Because, they are not old enough to know anything. So they cannot be harmed, I guess.", me. "We are not here to show power.", says the Zeta and shows me their UFO spacecraft. "I would like to visit you there. And I don't mind being the walrus. I really don't mind. I love to see Zetas. I am curious about your species. I would be happy to get to look at you.", me. "Those men don't want you to.", Zeta shows me General Patton and the gray-bearded man in General Patton's big office with the large heavy red curtain drapes on the window.

The Zeta lady or man says that I haven't eaten butter, and it's true, I decided like yesterday to stop eating it. "Do you Zetas abduct me every morning at 4 AM?", me. "Only after we have seen you in the shower. Because those happen then!", Zeta man and/or Zeta lady, meaning that if I have a shower the male Zeta hybrids are perhaps able to have an erection, they showed me that in mental images. "I'm offended by the sexual abuse. I don't want to participate in sexual offense. Please take me out of this. I don't want to be molested, or violated. I don't even get to see anybody. You should let me visit the Zetas.", me. "Do you see what that says?", Zeta shows me a door that they have with Draconian or other Alien writing inscripted written above the door. "What does it say?", me. "It says, "Topagas".", Zeta. "What? What does that mean? Topagas? What the hell is that!", me.

"If I could come and visit with my Hamish Dragon, then I would be the happiest... walrus girl in the whole of planet Earth.", me. "We have happier girls on the inner inside of the Earth.", the female Zeta. "Because they are not naked with us all the time, that is why.", male Zeta adds to that. (They seemed to imply that people, even humans, are living on the Inner Earth. They've mentioned that place before. It seems to be a safe-zone where Agenda abductions cannot reach. So those humans would be happier there, than I am, because they are not being naked with the Zetas, ie. not being abducted by them. That is what it meant.)

"Topagas, means do not come here.", Zeta. "Why does it say that? Who does it say that to? Does no one get to enter?", me. "Only the medically equipped staff. So you! Get out!", the male Zeta. He meant that the Zeta medical staff are allowed to enter. "Topagas", I repeat. "Topagas", I say. "Is that Zeta language? Whose language is that?", me. "Sshh! The little babies are sleeping!", the female Zeta smiles and says and shows me the baby hybrids sleeping there where they are. "I don't care about those kids. Because they can hurt me.", me. The Aliens show me the building block toys that the kids have there, and wonder why I would say such a rejection of the kids.

"Topagas, it says.", Dino or Zeta. "When can I visit the Zetas? Can we..", me interrupted. "We are not allowed to take you aboard.", Zeta. "So how do you get my eggs? If I don't come aboard.", me. "The humans help us, the aliens.", Zeta means the Japanese doctors at the hospital. "I want to meet you!", me tantrum. "Topagas, No.", Zeta. "And you do not.", Zeta, and the thought of like a cat's bell or a cow's bell around the neck as if for me or something.

"Your radio receiving device is very good and active.", Dinosaur about my skills in hearing them so well. "It's just hard to write so fast sometimes. I have to type really fast, but good thing I can. I can type almost as fast as I'm thinking!", me. "Your pyy-pyy does not belong to us anymore, they said.", someone says to me. Pyy-pyy means my ladyparts.

"Ok! Are we done here! I don't want to talk anymore.", me, actually I don't want to write any longer. "Have you seen this place?", Zeta shows me the valley and hills with yellow flowers growing in Switzerland. That is where they have an alien base with the hybrids living there. "Can I go there? I mean, I don't want to go there...", me. "Your pyy-pyy, hasn't met with melon.", says an alien, and they mean the honeymelon I had today. "What about the melon? It was tasty.", me. "Your Topagas, doesn't extend out to here.", Zeta about the valley and the base down there hidden between those two tall grassy hills. "Is that in Switzerland?", me. "Topagas, not!", Zeta.

Phew. Typing away, and chatting away with real aliens. "Your eggs don't come here when they don't want to.", says Zeta. "Where do Zetas come from?", me. "From another galaxy!", Zeta. "Really? What does your home planet look like?", me. "We didn't have any water there. That is why we are not water-based.", Zeta. "What do you eat?", me. "Things from cows. Nutrients, from their bone marrow.", Zeta with mental image of bone marrow. "How do you eat it?", me. "Miss July?! Psst!", General Patton, he does not want me to ask them more about this particular topic.

"I eat cows too.", me. "Yes, but we eat the things that you others consider as junk.", Zeta. "I don't mind. It's ok. Bone marrow is nutritious. Some humans cook soup out of it. Can I ask you? Do you know what molecules or chemicals you are nourished by?", me. "One is called, potassium.", Zeta. "Fantastic. That is spectacular. Do you know what potassium does in your bodies?", me. "It carries the hydrogen around.", Zeta. "But hydrogen and potassium are both monovalent cations? They both carry a single plus charge in terms of ionic electronic charge?", me. "Yes, but we know that we eat it.", Zeta. "Is it tasty? Do you enjoy eating?", me. "We have to wash it off of us, then.", Zeta thinking of red bloody mess gunk on their bodies and skin. "We don't make excrement.", Zeta. "Yes, and regretfully I do. I don't like to. I sometimes wish I didn't have to eat or drink anything, or go to the bathroom. It's a lot of work!", me.

"We like to tickle that.", male or lady Zeta about well a certain part of my privates if you know what part. "You know that humans feel offended from molestation, right? Can't we talk about food instead.", me. "We also want to talk about penises.", Zeta. "Yes, but...", me, I can't tell them I am writing on a public website that requires reasonable censorship from children readers. "So. Zetas do not process or contain water in their bodies.", me. The Board makes its presence known. The Board regulates alien activities on Earth to ensure that people are reasonably safe as can be.

"Do you have suction cups on your fingertips?", me. "Yes, and they smell!", Zeta. "What kind of smell is it? Do you know why it smells?", me. "They fill up with a liquid sometimes. And then we don't get to eat them.", Zeta. "Why do you have suction cups? What do they do?", me. "They are on fingers, for feeling devices.", Zeta. "Your fingers must be more sensitive and delicate than our human fingers are.", me. "Can you Zetas see in the darkness? Do you have good eyesight in the dark?", me. "We also hear sounds very faintly.", Zeta, otherwise Thuban. "I hear faintly I guess.", me. "We also want to look at that.", Zeta about human feces samples.

"Do you like humans?", me. "Yes they are our sex kittens!", female Zeta says. "Do Zetas have sexuality? Do you feel sexual pleasure sensations of any kind?", me. "We don't want you to write about that.", the male Zeta. "Why not?", me. "Because our race has been annihiliated because of it.", Zeta. "I don't understand?", me. "We would like to show you the dungeons, and what happens there.", Zeta. "No thanks. I don't need to invade or pry.", me. "The children come to schools here!", lady Zeta says, she is like always smiling. She means that my vicinity is a school.

"We don't smell nice to you, sometimes. We thought you might like to know that before we meet.", Zeta. "It is ok. Hamish and Draconians smell too. I am used to smells. I am not offended, and I will not offend you if I sense a smell. I once met a Zeta and he smelled like as if he had been soaked in urine.", me. "We pee through our skins, we do not have bowel movements.", Zeta. "That is ok. I think it is a good system. It is better that way. Sharks do that too. They pee through their skin, or so I have heard. It could be a myth.", me. "I don't want you to be sick.", Zeta in my native language. "I'm ok. I enjoy your, presence. I would love to meet you. Because you are an alien.", me. "We don't have teeth!", Thuban Lady about her mouth, she bites twice, or thinks about biting twice, to illustrate how she doesn't have any teeth in her mouth to bite with. "I do not want you to throw up.", a Zeta in my native language. "I won't vomit. I promise. It depends. Why would I?", me. "Because we take your sugars out.", Zeta, about taking my stomach contents out. "Then I won't eat sugar. If it does that.", me. "Do you want us to look at your teats?", Zeta, about my breasts being inspected. "I don't know. They are not much to look at.", me. "We don't get fevers here. But you might get one.", Thuban about their hybrid children. "I'm glad you don't get sick there. That is important.", me. "We don't want you to write books about us anymore.", Zeta about my writing here. "Why not? What is wrong with that?", me. "Because of the Alpha Draconis things!", Zeta. "What things? What things are they?", me. He thinks about how Zetas are strangled to death and brutally killed.

"We cannot forbid you from speaking with our race, but we do that now.", Zeta says in my native language. "So, can you tell me more about the Zetas?", me. "We are from Alpha Reticuli, we said.", Zeta. "Is that same as Zeta Reticuli?", me. "No, our children are not the same.", Zeta. "What is the difference?", me. "Do you all want trouble?", some alien asks the other aliens. "No, we don't want trouble.", the Zeta answers to them. Maybe it was Hamish who asked them. "No trouble here, thanks!", me. "My dachshund.", Thuban thinks about me, in my native language.

"Tell me, why did the Alpha Reticulans join forces to work with the Draconians?", me. "We didn't join. We were forced, pushed.", Zeta. "What happened?", me. "They wanted to eat our, flesh!", Thuban says, flesh in my native language. "So, what is the difference...", me interrupted. "Look, we don't have any bones!", a Zeta says and shows me its arm or leg. "I know. How do you live that way? Without a skeleton to support your body? Does that make you very soft and bendy?", me. "Soft, yes. Bendy, not.", Zeta. "Oh.", me. "So, [my first name and last name], we know you do not want to eat any more butter.", Zeta. "And? What do you think about that?", me. "We know that it supports your bone growth.", Zeta. "Butter does? What else should I eat? What foods are good for humans? Since you study it so much.", me. "The pizza was, not so good.", Zeta. I had an oven bake pizza today for lunch.

"I have so many questions, now that we are finally talking, and you don't seem to want to stop talking either.", me. "They are, my pyy-pyy.", one of the aliens about my ladyparts. Wow, what to ask the Aliens, now that we are all talking. I see a glimpse flash of an Illuminati hybrid. He has white skin and sharp teeth and he looks really scary, like a Vampire or a zombie or something, but I quickly took to those men as my Brothers. My Illuminati chums. I love them. "Hello!", I holler gladly to my IM hybrid who just joined us now. He is wearing a black suit. He is bald on the head. "Hello. Hello...", me. "We don't want to give you anymore juices.", the IM says. "Ok?", me. "Do you hear me alright?", the IM says and thinks about my human ear. "Yes. I hear you. What is the problem? Why did you come here? Is there an issue?", me. Hamish thinks about the box of Christmas ornaments on the living room floor, then he thinks to a wrapped Christmas present (that we do not have anywhere around) and his upper eyelids are closing, he must like Christmas presents, or the idea of those. I want to get Hamish a Christmas present with red Christmas tree ball ornaments for him. He loves those. I love him.

My head is hurting. I have to stop communicating now. The Zetas talk so fast and so swiftly when they do, it is out of my league for my human brain and after a longer time like this was, I start to feel weird. So this will have to do for now. I won't even say goodbye, because they are so well-connected to me that I don't even have to say anything. They already know what their walrus is thinking.

If you enjoy reading these real alien telepathic conversations be sure to get our first book featuring more than 500 pages of these with the aliens! Real? Or Imaginary? is already out, and the sequel Noah's Ark is coming out 2014!

Please! Do not tell them about our eyes! - the lady Zeta says
What about your eyes? - me

You see, little known fact, is that when you see the Zetas (or "Greys" as they are also called) and they have those all black eyes, then they are in fact wearing ... Hamish talked to the other aliens about the salami sausage I ate today, he likes the smell of it ... then they are wearing black lens coverings, like glasses but they cover the eyes. Because real Zeta eyes look notably bizarre and are green. They cover their eyes for a number of reasons. One being that they consider their true eyes a matter of privacy. But it also protects their eyes from contaminants. It might also mask their personality and identity.

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