written 13 November 2016

After writing a series of phrases for simple words in the Alpha Reticulan written language, together with the Alpha Reticulans just earlier (see Reticulan Writing - Words), I decided to make it a bit more complicated and to ask us to write sentences together. Here are the five sentences we wrote together:

"Alpha Draconian Reptilians are cute"
---> "Draconians are valuable"

I ask the Alpha Reticulan in which direction they write, if they write from up to down, left to right, right to left. It says that they write everything at once at the same time and it shows me a mental projection of turquoise hieroglyphs in front of it, all written out at the same time. "In what order do you read?", I ask. "We read it so that it makes sense. What order we begin with does not matter. We read it until we understand.", it says.

I want to write "Alpha Draconian Reptilians are cute." AR instructs me to begin to write in the middle of the page space. We begin with the top-most bowl and vertical line, then the horisontal line at the base which denotes that they own the land. I ask what else, AR says we could add two more bowls, underneath the topmost first bowl, and that the Draconians "won't mind" if we give them here two more bowls, the bowls mean taking or having. I then ask, what more do we write to say "Draconian Reptilians are cute."

We don't have cute, but we have valuable minerals. - AR
And they are all for the taking! - Hamish, they meaning the minerals

I ask what else do we write to say Alpha Draconians are cute. AR says we don't have cute, but instructs me to start writing to the left of the first sign, the angled V shape and then the two curved markers near the bottom. This symbol depicts a valuable mineral, seems to be a red gem like a glass-like gem and not a metal, and AR says about the two curves near the bottom that these denote specifically this type of mineral and has to do with the electrons in that material. AR says that this now says "Alpha Draconians are valuable".

And they have not been taken. - Hamish adds, they meaning Draconians, he then shows me his flat duck foot that he lifts up a little bit, so cute, or eh, valuable
It doesn't say that we smell, but we do that too! - Hamish about the text
It doesn't say that we were mined. - Hamish about the text we wrote
It just says, we are sparkly. - Hamish says and rocks his humpback sideways a few times

"Alpha Reticulans take my eggs and make hybrids out of the eggs"

Ok. Now I want to write that Alpha Reticulans take my eggs and make hybrids out of the eggs. - me
That will take a long time to write, since because we also take things out of your nose. - AR
If we write only what I said, about the eggs. - me
Ok, alright then. - AR
First we write your world, which is where we take you from. - AR makes me draw a circle

I draw what it instructs me.

That all there denotes the taking. - AR, especially about the vertical small line to the left which denotes a moving motion of something "falling down". Notice that the vertical long line is slightly off the center to the right, by the way. The AR is now communicating to me, that they have now won the rights to have me not eat more ice cream cones, sending me image and even taste the way it tastes to me of the ice cream cones I ate a few weeks ago many of.
I am happy to not eat any sugar for some time, as a thank you that we wrote together. Does this now say everything? - me interrupted
It says, about the taking. That we "take" from you, and, that also you are from your planet, "the planet with the most masses." - AR, the masses meant water and geological data of planet Earth
Do we need more there, so that we can read it right? - me
No, it already says about the taking. It doesn't say about the feces we take. - AR

"Alpha Reticulans take feces from me"

... Ok then, let us now write that Alpha Reticulans take feces from me. - me
Ok! Let's start! - AR, surprisingly eager and excited
First we need one for your land. Because, the feces denotes and is of your land. - AR instructs me to draw one long horisontal line to denote the ground of Earth
There. - I say as I write down the line
And we don't want to see you eating any more ice-cream cones! - AR a bit sassy to me
I promise. As a thank you that we wrote together, I won't eat any more ice-cream cones. - me, I felt how the AR relaxed and almost exhaled out a sigh of relief from my promise
Now, we need something that goes down. And that is our tubing! - AR shows me, and I draw a vertical line
And then it goes a little bit in. - AR about the lower horisontal line under the long ground line
We used to do it to cows first. And they didn't get as dizzy as you. - AR about collecting feces
And then! We need to describe what we are taking! - AR, about the space left to the "L"
And we are going to write that very carefully now. - AR about that to be on the left

I draw one thin horisontal line on the space to the left, and another shorter thin line underneath it. The AR says that these two denote an "exchange", and I sense that it means an exchange of molecules, nutrients, from one biological thing to another, it felt like perhaps denoting nutrients passing in my body from the intestine and to other tissues, and it reminds me of how I learned in college about how nutrients travel across the Golgi apparatus inside the cells.
And then? - me
And then we denote the passing. - AR, the vertical thin line from these two seems to denote the human blood stream
And then we take it. Now, it is finished. We could also write what, you eat. - AR says as I drew the third, the little thin vertical line denoting the blood stream
Can we write into this drawing here that I ate ice-cream? No! Let us write that I ate milk! - me
Then it becomes a different drawing. And, that we do not take it. - AR

"Drinking milk for the eggs"

Let us write a third picture, one that says that I drink milk for the eggs. - me
Yes, that will be a good one, a good picture. So! Let us start! First we need the milk. - AR

We draw together. First the AR shows me a V, but then it says "We can also make it into a vessel" and we draw it to have sharp upper lines toward the edges but a bowl at the base. Then it needs to importantly have two vertical lines descending down. And three dots on either side inside. There being two vertical lines seems to denote that I have two breasts, even though I would be drinking cow's milk... The three dots on either side denote friendship and that this is a happy thing, remember the symbol that denotes "friendship" also has a set of two times three dots. The large dot above denotes an egg, and the line up and to the left denotes the same type of lines that we see on planets, not sure exactly how to describe. I tell the AR that this whole thing looks weird.

So if an Alpha Reticulan reads this, does it understand that I have written "I am drinking milk for the eggs"? - me
Oh yes, we do all understand it very well. We also wrote it for you, therefore. Now we can write something more. About how the Russians have missiles, and about how some of them have been directed toward us. - AR
But let us not write that yet. - AR and Hamish listening, or Hamish said

The Reticulan Nuclear Explosion

One more. I have to say, that one about drinking milk for the eggs looks silly and ridiculous, I can't believe that you would write that way. - me
Let us write about our nuclear explosion first! The one that drove us away, from our homes! Let us write that. Then you will understand, what we are doing here. So let us write it. First we write, a pool of water. And then the accident. So! Let us begin! - AR
First we draw the nuclear set-up. - AR

That denotes the magnitude of the star. - AR, as I first draw three longer lines from the star shining out, and two smaller ones in between the three, this setup of the five lines of the shining of the star denote the magnitude of the star shining.

This whole writing became in fact more of a drawing. The first thing I drew, was the round circle on the middle, that is a nuclear power core of nuclear reactive material. The line going down from it, the line going left and up from it, seem to be detonation wires. The three lines extending from the wire are perhaps the energy radiation from the setup. The two half bowls underneath the nuclear setup denote broken vessels since they are not complete bowls. I forget by now what the whole intricate line system to the left means, where a curved line first and then a horisontal and then another curved coming from it toward the left. They were explaining it all to me as I drew. The line up from the nuclear setup means leaving, and then we see three spaceships leaving the site of the nuclear accident. And the spaceships arrive at a new star, which I made slightly too large in the circle, and it has a radiation description with the five lines extending up from it.

Thank you. I will not eat ice-cream cones. - me
What more can we write, about how you are different from a cow? And how the military wanted us to practice on cows first? Before we could lay hands on their women? They wanted to know we were sure. So we practiced on the cows, the feline and the bovine. Before we came to us. Do you want to know that part? And about, what we really do when we go into your nose? And what we find there? And what we find in your poop? We really need these materials. We also take your urine samples sometimes. We need it. And so we take your bowel movements away. To take analysis samples from it. We take them. And so, when you are not sleeping, and also not fully awake, we come in with our really fast flying machines, and we make you float away! And you cannot remember that, because it happens in your dreams. And, we help you walk. And then, therefore you cannot remember! We float you away from here! And you do not remember us! And we need your samples of stool. So thank you for you having left them for us here. We need them too. And so, we take them, and we have taken them. Peace and over and out. - AR, and at the end the last sentence it shows me a symbol similar or identical to the Zeta/Alpha Reticulan symbol the Y symbol with the horisontal lines and dots.
No, she did not cry, because this time we drew it! - AR about me to other alien
This time, we showed you about the nuclear explosions. And you were very brave in finding out about it with us! So we needed your stool samples again. - AR, while thinking of the tubing into my nose when it said the last sentence
We thought you were very brave with us. - AR
I was so happy to get to see your writing and to make it together with you. I am now going to eat some more bread so that you can get some more stool samples. - me, I know, what I said there was funny
We also like to watch you in the bath. Because, then we can bring in the little ones. - AR, meaning when I am naked in the bath the hybrid kids can see me naked
We make observances of other humans too. And, of what they drink and are eating. And we take your stools. From your belly. - AR, "belly" in my other language
Doesn't she become dizzy with this? - AR asking other aliens, I see the AR in a mental image it is holding up a device that one would put over my mouth and nose to give me some type of inhaled air chemical
What don't you remember, other than our name? - AR to me
I don't remember much. I would like to remember. - me
Then you will get to see our gardens here. Where we garden and cultivate, our little ones. If you come to our garden, at once. Then you will see, that you are very needed here. We don't want you to feel any pain? So we are worried about you? The NASA team doesn't want us to talk. So, they were really trying to drive us away. But we have told them, that you have needed our assistance too. And now they are saying, "Get out!" - AR
We are talking to our flowers, we said. - Hamish or otherwise AR

You have said, you will not eat any more ice-cream. - AR
That is true. That is correct. - me
So we have made a splendid recovery! - AR about me not eating any more ice-cream
Would you like to see our little ones? - AR
No thank you. - me
They have been eating your peanut butter. That we took from out of your belly. They were growing well on it. - AR
So you are feeding them with, what I ate? - me
Yes. Does there seem to be a problem? Do we have problems with you now? - AR sassy
We just like to see you feeding with the grass. - Hamish
So. The Sun has not yet exploded, or otherwise it would have meant that. - AR about a drawing in a mental image of a round circle with three lines extending out from it upwards, it would also have had a scribble perhaps an opening at the upper right on the circle if it were exploded.

I would like to make a better estimate of the value of this gold. It was not made with me, therefore it was worthless. - Hamish suddenly speaks

*Note: that some of the AR meaning Alpha Reticulan speaking on this page, seemed to in fact in some cases be a Zeta Reticulan, for instance speaking about the cows and the sentences where you see an effort to kindness and gracious handling of me, those were the Zeta. Alpha Reticulans are notoriously sassy and rude, while Zeta Reticulans can be gracious. I saw the mental images of who was talking and could also thereby tell the difference. The Zeta and the Alpha also had different moods that I could tell apart by how "the words felt". Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to be sure and to make perfect notes that distinguish Zetas from Alphas, that is why sometimes (in other pages) I have written "Reticulan" which could denote either of Alphas or Zetas. But it doesn't here really matter. All of the "AR" were said by Reticulans.