Zetas are deliciously weird and bizarre. Here are some of the strange instruments and work methods that they use.

A. Nose instrument caused blood crusts in nose

Written May 2, 2017. To the right is a medical instrument or tool which the Zeta Reticulan named Lasarus showed me on May 2, 2017, in a mental image. A Reticulan let me see itself in a mental image. I asked it if it had a personal name, it said Lasarus. Lasarus told me that this instrument is inserted into my nose, I forget the exact words he used but this instrument does something to prevent the snot in the nose from getting in the way. Reticulans regularly have a thin plastic tubing inserted into my nose and down to my stomach, with which they suction out stomach contents, or insert contents into my stomach. So presumably this nose instrument aids in keeping the nasal passageways clear for other instruments such as the tubing presumably. Lasarus then added, and this part I wrote down and is here translated from my other language: "We have used it too much. That is why you have gotten sore wounds." Sore wound referring to a wound that one gets from friction, such as what one gets on their foot when the foot is rubbed raw and bleeds from wearing too tight shoes.

Namely, in recent days I have been bothered by the nuisance that I have in both nostrils on the inside of the nostrils near the entrance or nostril holes, both on the outer part of the nostril meaning the side of the nostril facing away from the center of the nose, there are constant crusts of dried blood. I will not have any bleeding from the nose whatsoever at all, there is no blood on my pillow, yet large crusts of dried blood in my nose which are next to impossible to remove. Pressing gently the side of the nostril down toward the nasal septum is painful on both sides of the nose. If I remove the crust, which is hard to do, there is some bleeding and a new crust forms.

I have been bothered by this for about two days at least now. Normally I do not experience this at all. I had thought that perhaps this was caused by my fairly recent change to a vegan diet, which means that I am now not eating any foods that are animal products, excluding all meats and fish, dairy milk and egg products from my food, eating a solely plant based diet, so I was wondering if a deficiency of a vitamin, perhaps one of the B vitamins, would cause this bleeding in my nose or perhaps a blood clotting problem. But today, Lasarus the Zeta decided to let me see him in a mental image and he talked about this instrument and how it is used to deal with snot in my nose and that they have used it too much which what he told me implied that this has caused the blood crusts that I have been bothered by in recent days. I would never have thought "aliens" as the reason for this problem, but perhaps more in my life I should think "aliens".

Now that I think of it, I should have asked myself how come I have large crusts of dried blood in both nostrils without ever having experienced any nose bleeding or fluid blood in my nose, but that question did not cross my mind. I was just noticing that on both outer sides of the nostrils were large open wounds which were covered with blood crusts and which bleed if the crusts are removed and that the nostrils are sore if I press on them lightly. I wonder what kind of drama happens in the alien abductions that I don't get to remember, but it is delightful to think that my nose might be carrying a real physical evidence of alien contact. If these wounds on my nostrils were caused by Reticulan aliens then I would be thrilled and grateful to have them, because these wounds are a physical reality, and the Reticulans otherwise hide up their tracks of visitations and medical procedures fairly well.

The instrument consists of a slender rod which is held with fingers. At one end of the rod is a crescent shaped "U" that makes a bow curve consisting of two very slender thin picks, similar to the tool that dentists use to scrape off tartar from teeth. The instrument is shiny and is made out of metal. The instrument would be held by the Reticulan with one hand and inserted into the human's nose so that each of the sides of the crescent goes into each nostril pressing against the outer walls of the nostrils (walls of nostril that are not against the nasal septum in the middle).

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B. Zeta Zoo

I once had the experience of finding myself awake in a strange place. It was a large indoors room with a fake pink tree on a hill and fake green grass on the ground. The ceiling had been colored as a fake sky. Up above was a platform with a railing, and under that platform was a room with large glass panels for walls. Zetas were watching into the green area from above and from behind the windows beneath the platform.

I did not add into the drawing what was actually taking place. I was completely naked there and so was a young man who appeared to be human, he looked to be about 19 years old and had brown hair in a somewhat long hairstyle which was about just less than shoulder length. The Zetas wanted to watch us being intimate but I was having none of it and I do not remember more than that. Apart from this one memory of being in that place, unless of course that was just a vivid dream, I have also seen remote mental images of that same place several times while in my home during the day. You will find this Zeta Zoo featured in some of my stories and conversations with the aliens.

C. Wine Gum Reward

Zeta Reticulans often offer to give me a purple wine gum candy if I agree to some of their requests concerning medical procedures. They will then show me one of those purple wine gums in the palm of their Zeta hand. They also give those wine gums to hybrids as a reward for putting up with uncomfortable medical procedures. I do not recall ever actually having one in my mouth.

D. Time Distortion Machine

I recall an alien abduction by using remote viewing. The aliens talk about their machines that travel, maybe time travel, how they can take someone and it will seem as if no time has passed. The machine consists of three round dark grey wheels which are placed like a triangular formation next to each other, these create something maybe magnetic. This machine creates a time distortion, they say. Source, Alien Abductions, time 02:58 in the video.

Some time in January 2018 the aliens told me that they can travel in time but that they can only travel backwards in time but not forwards in time.

E. Abduction Tunnel

I remote viewed to remember the alien abductions, and I remembered going through a tunnel when I get abducted. Like a hollow tube lying horizontally placed through the wall or ceiling of my home, I go through that tunnel. The tunnel has like glass walls. Something is shaking a lot, for some reason my body is shaking violently in the tunnel like being in a machine that is rumbling like being in a rocket ship. Once I reach to the other side of the tunnel and there is a huge rumble. Once I got to the other side and was laying on the medical table my body puked and I got a nose bleed from one nostril. Source, Alien Abductions, time 11:00 in the video.

F. Crystals In My Body

Remote viewing alien abductions to remember them. An alien looked for little crystals that had been implanted across the left side of my body with even spacing between them. The crystals have natural sides on them like a quartz crystal, from under my chest down towards my hip several crystals. Aliens can activate them to see where they are located. The aliens use them for something. Source, Alien Abductions, time 11:00 in the video.

G. Water In Lungs And The Pool

Remembering alien abductions with remote viewing. I remember that the aliens filled my lungs with a fluid, so that the lungs remain large and cannot deflate. Later I am rolled from the floor into a tank of water, my body sinks down until my feet touch the bottom of the tank. Reticulans on the other side of a window see me there and they say they are monitoring my blood. Being in the pool makes the oxygen and bubbles in my blood go up because of some gravity effect, the gas goes upward instead of being immersed evenly in my blood. They had just taken a fecal sample so they say this thing with the pool is done to calm me down or to set things back to normal like a reset for my body. The water is so heavy I can feel the pressure of the water above me and pressing me. Suddenly the pressure grew in a split second and that was a transportation and I think that was when I came back to Earth. Source, Alien Abductions, time 11:00 in the video.

H. Magnetized Blood

Remembering alien abductions with remote viewing. The aliens had one larger metal rod inserted into my vagina, and a second very small metal rod inserted inside of a blood vessel on my left wrist. The two rods change the magnetization of the iron in my blood. A Dark Lord took me to a kitchen, blood was dripped out from the left wrist from underneath the metal rod and into a dish, and the Dark Lord could then eat this magnetized blood. Source, Alien Abductions, time 11:00 in the video.

I. Knock-Out Gun

Remembering alien abductions with remote viewing. Someone put a gun that has a wide barrel onto my temple, looks like the kind of gun that people use to put down cattle, it fires a pressure wave I think and alters either my emotions or behavior or consciousness, I was upset and shivering at the time because of a fecal sample procedure. Source, Alien Abductions, time 11:00 in the video.

J. Zeta Robot

In the night between January 27 and 28, 2018, the Zeta Reticulans showed me a mental image of what I first thought was a Zeta Reticulan but later found out it was a robot made to look like a Zeta which they use so that the abductee will yell at the robot and get angry at the robot so that the Zetas themselves do not have to suffer the distress directed at them. The Zeta Robot has a triangle shaped head with a flat front face surface, the ends are blunt. Notably the pointed chin shape let me see that it looked different from Zetas. They told me that it has no arms and after that I learned that it was a robot, but before all this, I was still wondering that it was just a different looking Zeta. It did not talk or touch me or do anything, it is more like a decoy. This also reveals that the Zetas seem to feel uncomfortable or perhaps even distressed when abducted humans direct anger or frustration at them. At first I thought that this robot is a silly device and also awkward and bizarre, but now that I think about it, it is actually useful and makes sense. It is weird, but also brilliant. For the image of the robot, as far as I was aware, I was still in my bed in my bedroom. On the drawing I am not entirely sure of the proportions or width of neck and body.
Read about the encounter on The Zeta Robot, and other items of interest, January 28, 2018

K. Music

Every now and then I find that the Zetas are playing Christmas music songs into my head via telepathic transfer. At least during my day here at home, for example when I am at work. First I notice that a Christmas song starts playing in my head, then I will notice or sense Zeta Reticulans and see them in a vague mental image, then it becomes obvious also by how I feel the situation that it is coming from them. They do that because they assume that humans love Christmas and they are probably wanting to put me into a happy mood. (They do not realize that I personally do not particularly care for Christmas.) They play specific Christmas songs that are popular on Earth, I will have to take better notes to tell you which songs they choose, there are at least two different popular Christmas songs that they use. I also recall that they have sung to me or played other songs as well that are not Christmas songs, those notes of other songs can be found in the news/short stories section, one song has the lyrics "and the skies are gray". Zetas also seem to play music for abductees during abductions, but I have no recall of that, it has only been mentioned in conversations.