written 13 November 2016

I think it started with an Alpha Reticulan showing me a mental image of the first example of their writing, the one to the top left that says "Hello". I then asked them how would I write... about all these different words that you see here, and they showed me mental images to guide me how to write them. Read an analysis at the bottom of the page.

Click on the image below to see a larger size of the image. The new page that appears with the image lets you magnify the image even larger.

So the Alpha Reticulans have a written language consisting of geometrical shapes, such as circles, lines, curves, and dots. Their writing is picture-based, meaning that many of their written symbols resemble the actual shape of the thing that they are describing, almost as if the symbols were based on a drawing of what they mean. Planets and stars start out as circles, with modifications consisting of lines or dots. A notable common feature is the horisontal line, which can denote the ground or surface of a planet, to say that someone owns a planet or land, or that something took place on a planet or land, the horisontal line is drawn there as a ground. This is all very basic and direct based on the appearance of things, and is very simple or we should say also primitive writing.

Another common feature are the vessels or bowls, which are made as U-shapes that can be either facing with the opening up or to the side. This denotes either an actual container of sorts, or it can also denote any object or item into which something is placed, even the bodysuit that a Reticulan wears as clothes is thus a vessel or a container denoted in part by the bowl symbol.

Light and radiation, be it the light that enters into an eye that sees, the radiation emitted by a star naturally, or the radiation emitted because of a nuclear power accident, are drawn as lines as a radiance.

V-shapes, Y-shapes, and U-shapes are featured in the Reticulan writing. When I wrote together with the Reticulans, the question was often what more we could add to the drawing, since a drawing could be modified in a number of different ways, depending on the specific details of that particular case. So, rather than first writing "war" or "friendship", and then writing additional separate symbols which would describe those things, the description is often made by means of added lines, dots, or other shapes to the base figure, to describe "what kind of" it is, or to tell more about it. The Reticulans can add a lot of additional information into one base symbol, before they would actually use a separate second symbol for a sentence. See examples of Reticulan sentences, on the next page Reticulan Writing - Sentences