They look similar to the well-known Zeta Reticulan Greys, and are therefore easily mistaken for being Zeta Greys, but insist that they are something different called Alpha Reticulans. And upon closer inspection, one notices distinct differences in the physical appearance between the Zeta Reticulans, and these Alpha Reticulans.

Calling themselves Alpha Reticulans, would imply that they originate from the star Alpha Reticuli which is one of the stars of the same constellation as the Zeta Reticulan binary star, Reticulum.


The Alpha Reticulan has a humanoid build, meaning a body, two legs, two arms, head on a neck and face. I would describe as being neither short or tall, so probably around my height which is around 165-170 centimeters (5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches). It is hairless and though it seems to walk around naked, there are no external organs or features on the body visible. By its own admission, it has four fingers on each hand, and two toes on each foot. Unlike the Zeta Reticulans on my team, the Alpha Reticulans do not have suction cups on their fingertips. The toes are large and chubby and looks like a camel's foot.

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Zeta Reticulans are pale gray in color, whereas the Alpha Reticulan is pale but notably of a blue shade of color. Zeta Reticulans have a large head that is bulb shaped, whereas the Alpha Reticulans, although their head is also proportionally somewhat large, their head is notably flat and also indented at the top. The eyes are large and all black, but the Alpha Reticulan clearly has a set of two pairs of eyelids, sometimes its eyes are wide open, and at other times its eyelids are partially covering the eyes. There seems to be no nose or nostrils, but I have to look closer. The Alpha Reticulan has a narrow mouth opening and no lips. It is common that its mouth is kept open, the mouth does however not seem to be able to open much.

By their own description, they breathe air through their mouth. The mouth does not lead to an esophagus or to a stomach nor intestines, instead the mouth leads to one lung. In the way that we humans look at faces to interpret emotions from facial expressions, then the Alpha Reticulan face looks as if it were angry, the eyes look to be in a very angry vicious frown, see the first drawing for an illustration of this. We of course have to remind ourselves, that these are alien beings and that we have no right to read their faces for facial expressions based on the human repertoire or interpretation, yet, it remains one of the notable observations worthy of mention, that they look like that.


The Alpha Reticulans told me that they are wearing a suit that covers their entire body, they described it as a protective suit which especially protects their eyes! So their entire body from head to toes is covered by a suit! One wonders, what then do they look like underneath this bodysuit? Did they construct their suit to look like their real selves that are underneath? Or did they choose this outer appearance that we know from these drawings of mine to be what the Alpha Reticulan looks like, was it chosen by them to provide also for a different outer appearance than their own? I would be excited to find out what their bodies look like underneath the suit. So yes, the way that I have drawn the Alpha Reticulans, they are in fact wearing like a pyjamas that covers their entire body all over. Isn't that something?

Behavior and more

Alpha Reticulans told me that they like to drill into human heads to see what kind of brain fluids might be there for them to extract, brain fluids which the Alpha Reticulans would then consume. Zeta Reticulans eat by lying in a bath of extracted body fluids from other creatures, where the nutrition is then absorbed through the skin: Zeta Reticulans also excrete their metabolic waste products out through their skin, which is why Zetas are sometimes yellow on their skin and at those times they also reek of ammonia or urine. We can assume a similar method of eating through the skin and of excreting metabolic waste products through the skin also for the Alpha Reticulans, though that remains only a speculation at this time.

Alpha Reticulans say that they have been cloning themselves for a long time, which has been their means of producing new members to their population, and that as a result of this cloning they have lost a lot of genetic material. Therefore they are seeking for new genetic material from other species, and one of such source species is myself, which they then hope to incorporate into their genome to improve on their species. This of course is a similar story to what the Zeta Reticulans say.

Alpha Reticulans talk about medical procedures that they wish to perform on me, such as extracting fecal samples, or using syringes on my body, this again is similar to the work and talk of Zeta Reticulans. Alpha Reticulans can be sassy and mean, they call me "lab rat" and speak in a way that I even suspect to be deliberately meant to come across as cruel and hurtful, more so in the tone of voice than in their choice of words and expression, but in their choice of words and expression as well.

Here is a text detailing one of my interactions with Alpha Reticulans: Four fingers and two toes, August 25, 2016

Today on the day that I wrote this page 26th of August 2016, the Alpha Reticulans told me that they had been trying to make me commit suicide. It is true, that I had a difficult several years of my life after one disaster after the other was happening in my life around me and I did have a time when I thought about suicide not that I was going to do it just that I was thinking of it then, I am perfectly fine now since a long time by the way. The Alpha Reticulan told me that they had wanted me to commit suicide so that no one can have my eggs. I said to them that no one will have my eggs anyway, since I have decided not to have children. So this exemplifies how the Alpha Reticulans are, and you can agree with me that they are sassy and cruel. So the aliens have made my eggs very valuable to them, but they of course cannot let anyone else have my eggs, which is why Hamish the Reptilian has to guard me (he guards my eggs) all the time to keep other aliens from stealing the eggs. So in the logic of the Alpha Reticulans it would have made sense to have me commit suicide so that no one can have the eggs, I presume after they felt that they too were done with the eggs. So this is the kind of creatures that the Alpha Reticulans are.