Reading "Truth About Orion Lizards" by Roger Kerr
written May 18 2013

Truth About Orion "Lizards" by Roger Kerr

What Kerr is saying

Roger Kerr writes about there being a great deal of confusion in the literature about the Orions. He means that this is deliberate misinformation to keep the true identity of the Orions hidden, so that these can better carry out their sinister plans for planet Earth.

Kerr comes in contact with people from Orion and is at first confused because his experience of his Orions is vastly different from how others are describing Orions. Orions are by others described as being Reptilian, yet Kerr finds that his Orions feel so vastly different from the mainstream Reptilians ie. the Draco Reptilians that they could not possibly be the same. Kerr ends up concluding that there are two different types of Orions. His Orions from the star Rigel in the Orion constellation, and other Orions from the star Betelgeuse in Orion.

At first Kerr is attacked by his Rigel Orions, but later on they come to his rescue and Kerr concludes that Rigel Orions are essentially benevolent. Rigel and Betelgeuse Orions have been engaged in the "Orion wars" with each other, says Kerr. Betelgeuse Orions, Kerr says, are the ones working with the Illuminati here on Earth, and Kerr describes them as negative, as masters of black magic and mind control, able to manipulate people both physically and mentally. Kerr concludes that it is these Betelgeuse Orions who are the shapeshifters described by David Icke and others, and states that Betelgeuse Orions are not Reptilian in true form, that they would only take on a Reptilian form as one of many forms to hide their true identity. He calls them the "Changelings".


I only read 13 out of 52 pages of his text before the mention of Billy Meier's Semjase was too off-putting along with other things I found questionable that I had to stop reading. I may pick it up again and finish reading, it is good to hear a fellow out.

When I came across the text I was excited to learn the truth about the Orions. He makes assurances that his long text is worthwhile. I read with an open mind but with the same senses that many years studying conventional science has taught me. After 13 pages I conclude that the text is questionable.

By own admission, Kerr does not see a visual of his alien contacts, and he does not engage in conversations with them. His information is forwarded him via Draco characters that he allegedly would have lived as in past lives, by spirit guides, higher self, dreams, yes no answers, sensations in his muscle, and via conclusions made from watching Star Trek sci-fi movies. Troubling is that Kerr relies heavily on what he has read to weave together his understanding of the alien world, quoting for instance to Billy Meier's stories about Pleiadian woman Semjase. The Billy Meier case was proven to be a hoax.

Kerr writes his piece with the intent to clear out some confusion about the Orions. Some of his confusion included that the Orions had been described by others to be Reptilian, yet because his Orions did not feel the same as the Draco Reptilians he had to conclude that the Orions could not possibly be Reptilian in nature. And according to Kerr it is not the Draco Reptilians who are the shapeshifters of the Illuminati Agenda described by David Icke and others, but that it is the Betelgeuse Orions who are.

Kerr's text is very exhausting to read, riddled with texts about how confused he has been about many areas of alien races, about how he finds information from dreams, or how he saw some disc shaped clouds and knew that they have to be Andromedan and Pleiadian spacecraft under disguise there for him.

Most troubling of all, is that Kerr says that his feeling of the Arcturans (Arcturians) was very negative, and that the Arcturians would be amphibian. Meanwhile the consensus among other contactees is that the Arcturians are among the most benevolent races out there. Does Roger Kerr have unique insight into alien civilizations that breaks apart existing consensus and sets new truths? I doubt it, especially since this is a man who gets conclusions from Star Trek movies and had taken the Billy Meier case by faith.

How I deal with it

When my contacts begun in August 2011 when the Orion man contacted me, I made sure to isolate myself from other human sources of information on aliens rather than to go on a "frenzy" to read up on all I could find about them. It was important that my contacts came from whatever link I may have to the Orions, or my own imagination which ever it may be, rather than taking in impressions from outside sources. It is only recently a year and a half later that I have begun peeking at what others are saying.

A lot of the literature on alien races is New Age rehash done in the most unscientific way, where someone like Billy Meier can post pictures of a human woman from television and the UFO/alien community will embrace it as true Pleiadian contact. If someone in the UFO/alien community makes for a compelling case then everybody will embrace the story and call anybody who opposes it or questions it a disinformation agent.

I am not a disinformation agent and I am not with the Illuminati. I am just their egg donor and abductee. I also happen to be a trained scientist in chemistry and physics so I can handle my own case of alleged alien contact in a scientific manner. Scientific does not mean that I am going to discard anything that might seem out of the ordinary. It just means that I am going to be careful not to believe too easily or too soon. It took me months before in April 2012 I concluded with confidence that my alien contacts are real, yet I ask you to hold reservations since I do not have evidence for you at this time. I am only personally convinced, and those are not the same thing. You cannot believe in me simply because I tell you I am convinced, or because you think it sounds like a neat story if it were in fact true. You have to wait for the evidence that proves this to you.

My Alpha Orions

My Orion men are black scaly reptiles. I usually reserve the word "Reptilians" to the "Draconian Reptilians" who say they are from the star Alpha Draconis, and "reptiles" for anything scaly including scaly Orions and scaly Draconian Reptilians. Simply because Draconian Reptilians have scales and the Orions did not feel the same way to Roger Kerr, he concluded that the Orions could not be scaly reptiles at all. What a preposterous conclusion to make. How about there being scaly Draconian Reptilians, as well as scaly Orion reptiles, yet I concur that they feel different from one another as they are not the same race. But both are scaly.

There are many different types of scales found among Draconian Reptilians. There are flat sheet scales on the Snake-type Reptilians. There are the little protruding scales of the Lizard Reptilians, arranged in rows like the tiles on the roof of a gingerbread house. Hamish the red Draconian of the old Draconian race has bubble shaped scales on his face, and protruding little scales across his body like short pines on a hedgehog. Crocodile Men have scutes, flat horn plates. But Orion scales are a bit different and remind me of the pines of a sea urchin, only smaller and tighter fitted.

Whereas Kerr has to rely on perceived yes no answers that do not even come from the aliens as spoken word, and other questionable and cumbersome methods, I have the privilege of direct and clear two-way conversation with the Aliens. The Orions have told me that they are from the star Alpha Orion, which is another name for the star Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation. The Orion world has a yellow sky and is covered in beige sandy desert. They build houses that are white and made of cylindrical or tubular rooms that are connected together. The Orions have not gone into great detail, but they talk about many wars.

The Draconian Reptiles and Orions have been at war with each other. The Orions have lost that war, but the conflict is not over or settled. The Alpha Orions have refused to succumb. They have been forced to work under the Draconian Agenda, but since they have not done so willingly, the Orions are made to wear uniforms with the Draconian Agenda symbol, the yellow pyramid, on the front of the shirt but upside down.

My Alpha Orion man who works with collecting bacteria among other laboratory work assignments that he does, seems keen on his work and takes his job seriously, but he is forced to do the work. The same or another Orion man shares with me a heartwrenching story about the fate of his father who was tortured and killed by the Draconian Reptiles. The Alpha Orions talk about genocide, war, and torture done to them by the Draconians. The Alpha Orions are not the mastermind of the Draconian Agenda, Illuminati, yellow pyramid. They are one of its victims!

A prime example of that is how the Orions protest loudly to my choice of calling this website and the books "The Orion Project" and using the Draconian symbol the pyramid on the logo. Many times have the Orion people carefully explained the atrocities done to them by the Draconians, explained that they are not volunteer participants of the Agenda, and that it is offensive and misleading to put their name on the pyramid symbol along with my descriptions of what the Agenda does. I explain to the Orion men that I have named this project after them since they were the first ones to contact me and that anyone who reads the material would understand that it is a Draconian Agenda, not the Orions'. They still ask me to change the logo, and to not defile their name. (The extent of their complaints makes it seem as if placing Hitler's swastika alongside Jews and making it seem as if the Jews were behind the Holocaust and Nazi Germany.)

Based on my information and contacts, which includes two-way conversations with the Alpha Orion people and other aliens, clear visuals of the Orions and other aliens, and the fact that I had never embraced the likes of Billy Meier's or anybody else's information into my concoction, the Alpha Orion people are black scaly reptiles, and they are not the mastermind of the Agenda or Illuminati, they are its victims.

Black Ones

However then we have the Black Ones. It may be that Kerr was describing the Black Ones and calling them the Changelings from Betelgeuse. I honestly do not know where Black Ones Malik and Basmet have come from, but they definitely match Kerr's description, being negative entities who can pose as reptilian scaly creatures but that not being their true form, skilled in black magic and mind control, and being the ones behind the Illuminati Agenda.

The Black Ones are demonic Incubi, they can take on the form of a black scaly reptilian but their true form is a shapeless demon. When I first got to know Malik, his name then was Betelgeuse. He later announced me his name change into Malik, and he has also considered the name Maleucius for himself.

Black Ones rule the Agenda and sit on top of the pyramid hierarchy scheme just below the very top which is The Eye. The pyramid represents a hierarchy of rulers and succession. From my many months of interaction with Black One Malik, I came to suspect that The Eye is nothing more than the pit of the Black One's stomach. Black Ones are ruled by their hungers, they feed on life force from others, and The Eye ruling the Black Ones and giving them orders may be nothing more than their hunger pangs, telling them where to go, and what to do. Black Ones are ruled by The Eye, it is a ruling force over them. I have spoken with The Eye. It is some kind of intelligence and can make sentences. Surprisingly, The Eye speaks in a gentle and respectful manner.

Kerr must have overlooked that there are in fact reptilian scaly men from Alpha Orionis. While the Orion men can be sometimes sassy and snappy, I don't see why a Black One would disguise himself as an Alpha Orion Reptile and himself come and collect bacteria from my mouth, feces, and back, spend long time trying to prevent me from eating sugar and fruits because sugar disrupts my DNA for their work, show me the laboratory equipment in his medical cabinet and talk about how to use the "yellow pancake batter" to catch bacteria, wear the yellow pyramid Draconian symbol on the chest of his shirt upside down as a sign of refusal for joining the Agenda, tell me about wars between Alpha Orions and Draconians and all the contempt and agony he has expressed over the Draconians.

Kerr's Changelings must be the Black Ones if anything, but there are also in my opinion real Alpha Orion men who were entirely overlooked by Kerr and presumed to be non-existent. Kerr wants to replace mine and those of others experiences with the black scaly Alpha Orion men with the Black Ones.

In Conclusion

It is dangerous when the study of aliens is done by the New Age community, where anybody especially those with vivid imagination who can weave fantastic descriptive worlds can participate. Where people who present their versions of aliens in the most persistent insistent ways often become the most popular, and those who adopt a more cautious approach are called misinformation agents and accused of being Illuminati. You find me in an interesting juxtaposition where not only can my encounters weave fantastic stories with great detail and original content, but I am also a trained scientist so you are going to see that I am very cautious before jumping into conclusions. Perhaps this has not been seen in the UFO/alien community before.

When my Orion contacts begun my original premise was that I am either having real authentic contact with Orion men or that my mind is hallucinating this. As a trained scientist I of course had to make hallucinations the hypothesis and real the null hypothesis, which means that you kind of expect to find out that it isn't real, while being open for the possibility of the opposite.

People like Billy Meier can thrive in the UFO/alien community. Anybody can say anything and people are willing to believe in it. And there is a lot of rehash taking place. Everybody knows about the Pleiadians, Orions, Draconians, Vega and Lyra, and all the popular stories out there. This vast patchwork of aliens is shunned entirely by scientific ventures such as The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI, and then on the other hand we have a steady stream of contamination and rehash into it from so many people who have it far too easy to believe, to trust hunches from dreams, to see spaceships where there were clouds, or make stuff up like Billy Meier did. Are we going to entirely shun the whole story? Or let it be defiled by people's imagination and rehashing of it?

It is far too easy to want to believe in a lengthy story such as the one written by Roger Kerr. He gives assurances to us that his text is the right one, that will set new truths and tell us "how it really is". I want to read and take it in. I want to know about alien life and all the drama out there in space, and here on Earth.

Where do I stand. I am a scientist. This wasn't supposed to be real. But I have contact with Alpha Orions. Draconians. Pleiadians. And many more. Clear, two-way communication. I do not lend from the alien patchwork found in literature elsewhere. I write everything down. Everything on my website is original.

If in fact the Orion men have been the Black Ones under disguise, well then they sure went through a lot of trouble contriving a fictional black scaly Orion men from Betelgeuse, and meanwhile the Black Ones have done nothing to disguise themselves from me. I have been allowed to see, to speak with, to interact with, to make love with, and to learn all about the world of the Black Ones such as Malik and Basmet. Malik has taught me so much about his life and he has made no efforts whatsoever to disguise himself or to remain unknown to me. We have had lengthy and informative conversations. Surely, Malik does present himself in the form of a black scaly creature, but that creature by no means resembles the Orion men, nor has Malik ever claimed to be an Orion. But, if this is just a joke put on me, I will stand corrected, on the day that I find this out from my own sources. I will leave it a mystery, and continue to question Roger Kerr's methods and the credibility of his information.

Find the lengthy conversations with Orion man, and with Malik the Black One and others, in the book The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?. It's in a book because some of it was too graphic to post on the internet.