Alpha Orions
  Rigel Reptilians


There is some confusion about the different types of aliens who say that they are from "Orion", and while I am pretty good at keeping track of them, I imagine that it is getting confusing for the readers. And so here is a clear distinction of the different types of alien beings who tell me they are from "Orion". Orion has been involved with a lot of Reptilian wars, and it becomes politically very important that we keep a clear distinction between the different types of Orions.

Orion is a constellation of several stars. I have encountered aliens who say they are from the star Alpha Orionis which is also called Betelgeuse, and other aliens who were from the star Rigel, presumably of course they mean that they are from planets by those stars.

Why do I call my work The Orion Project? Because it started when an Alpha Orion contacted me quite all of a sudden to talk to me about the work they are doing with studying my bacteria and collecting my DNA and eggs. I started this website to write about the Orion man I had met, and then it went from there.

Alpha Orions
"The Orion lizards"

The Alpha Orions are not Alpha Draconian Reptilians. Usually, I reserve the term "Reptilian" to mean the Alpha Draconian Reptilians, therefore I have called these Alpha Orions "lizards", to distinguish them from Draconian "Reptilians". The Alpha Orion lizards and Draconian Reptilians are two very distinct different groups of aliens, and it is not only biologically important to distinguish them from one another but also politically important. The two groups have been in wars with each other. They are biologically not the same species, but they are politically also on opposite sides. It would be as cruel and hurtful to call the Alpha Orion lizards "Draconian Reptilians", as it would have been to refer to Jews as German Nazis. Alpha Orions are not Reptilians, since when we say Reptilians we think of the Draconian Reptilians. The Alpha Orions themselves frequently emphasize on this important distinction.

Alpha Orion lizards seem to be native to their planet at the star Alpha Orionis which is also called Betelgeuse. They are black, with protruding dry black scales across their skin. Their eyes are either all black, or yellow red with a brown vertical slit, I am not entirely sure, and perhaps both versions exist. They have a protruding snout, and their mouth has many small sharp teeth on both upper and lower jaws. Alpha Orion lizards have no tail, whereas Alpha Draconian Reptilians who are an entirely different set of species they do have a tail.

The Alpha Orions lost the war against Reptilians and are now forced to work for the Reptilians in their Agenda. The Alpha Orions have not willingly joined, and they would like to fight back again if only they saw an opportunity, and so they are made to wear white shirts that have an upside down yellow triangle on it with its point facing down, to show that they are "anti-Agenda". Alpha Orions are intelligent and can handle work assignments such as laboratory work in the Agenda.

"Black Reptilians"
the ones with a soft small head and purple uniform

The one on my team whom I've always referred to as "the black Reptilian". It seems that he does not have a tail. He is black and does not have protruding scales from the skin, the skin is smooth and looks soft. His head is proportionally small and looks soft and vulnerable. The eyes are all black. The snout is not protruding. He wears a tight fit purple uniform that looks to be made out of a rubber material. He has a high status in the alien Agenda team, he is a leader. The black Reptilian on my team goes by the name Eustace.

"Robust Orion Reptilians"

These Reptilians are black or dark purple blue, they are most of the time or always naked without clothes, they have a tail with a thick base. The males have a small slender Reptilian penis which is most of the time entirely hidden on the inside of their body. Their body has a strong more robust build. They say that they are from Orion, but that they are not native to Orion. They have travelled to Orion from another part of space, they had wars with Orions and took over, and so now therefore they call themselves Orions because they have taken over.

Alpha Theton Dark Lords

I was not going to include the Alpha Thetons on the list of Orion aliens, but as I was working on this list, an Alpha Theton let me know that it, too, is to be considered an Orion. (Then I reminded him that I am allergic to Alpha Thetons and asked him to be on his way.) It is consistent with all of my previous interaction with Alpha Theton Dark Lords, they do regard themselves as being citizens of Alpha Orion aka Betelgeuse, although Alpha Thetons originate from a world they call Alpha Theton which is not Orion. Alpha Thetons have taken over control on Orion and regard Orion as their place.

Alpha Thetons are the supreme ruling creatures of the Alien Agenda, above them in rank is only the thing they regard to be God, The Eye, which seems to be something similar to a black hole in space. Alpha Thetons can shapeshift and come in a variety of different forms, here on the drawing represented in what I like to call the "Gremlin form", the Alpha Theton who let me know that it is to be on this list, had come to me in this form as depicted on the drawing. Alpha Thetons are extremely dangerous and should by no means be interacted with by anyone other than an expert on Alpha Thetons but even that is not enough, stay away and take this warning very seriously. Even Hamish was saying Yes-No as I was drawing this one.

Dangerous? The very next day after the Dark Lord showed up to ask me to add him to the list of Orion species, Devastating Dark Lords.

Native Rigel Reptilians

These aliens are native to a planet by the star Rigel. The planet has a very interesting atmosphere, or air, that is filled with an acidic bitter chemical. The atmosphere is completely moist and dripping wet from these chemicals. Our air on Earth seems extremely dry, empty and light-weight compared to theirs. I am not sure what chemicals are in their air, but it could be sulfur, or nitrogen compounds, it reminds me of things like battery acid. The atmosphere forms heavy drops of rain and is constantly saturated with this heavy and acidic sour liquid.

The Rigel Reptilians are adapted for this environment. Just like our human bodies are based on water, where we drink water and our skin and our lungs perspire water out, and inside our bodies water is being used and incorporated everywhere, the Rigel Reptilian bodies manage well with the heavy sour liquids that are in their atmosphere. Their skin perspires this sticky smelly sour liquid, and seems to also soak in this liquid in from the atmosphere or surroundings. This type of Reptilians could explain why Reptilians overall, also the Alpha Draconian Reptilians, are known to have a very pungent odor and to perspire a sticky smelly liquid from their skin.

Rigel Reptilians have a body and two slender arms and two slender legs. Arms and legs are strong and reinforced, rather than soft or very pliable. The head has two eyes, they have a mouth on their head. It is difficult to describe their skin, it is not entirely smooth. They are of a yellow colour, a kind of mustard yellow colour.

It is possible to connect telepathically to the mind of a Rigel Reptilian and to communicate with them. They talk about wars, but one should not take that to assume that they are themselves violent, it could also be that they have been attacked by outsiders. Their planet and also their bodies and minds are a very alien place for a human to experience. It could be easy for a human to find them and their planet repulsive, difficult, uncomfortable, but if we take a moment to feel them from their perspective, we discover a true beauty that they experience.