Behavior of the Orion People

I learn about the behavior of the Orion people by watching the images of them that they send to me telepathically; by learning more about them from the things that they tell me; and by deducing patterns, trends, and making conclusions, based on my interpretation and analysis of all elements of our contact.

Head-motions - One particular behavioral feature of the Orion men is that they tend to move their heads a lot; they seem to rarely or never quite keep their heads still from moving. There have been many variations to their head-moving. One form of head motion is that while seeming to otherwise stay still, their head will turn some to the left, then after a brief pause of less than a second, the head moves to the same but opposite angle on the right, and then similarly back left, and so it goes. Another variety is to similarly move the head to one side but to then in a second step of the sequence tilt the head downward some toward the outer direction; and after holding that position for about a second or less, to then move to the other side and tilt again, and so it goes. Yet another version of head-moving are lesser motions alternating left and right, but not to the same extent and alternating without a pause. And yet a fourth that I have seen, is to turn the head facing one particular direction, and to then turn the head down a little bit, and to hold it in that position.

Each time that they are concentrating, or when they are focusing on gazing onto something, then they will be doing these kind of head motions. I did at one point ask them why they were moving their head this way, and he said that they do this when they are listening or paying close attention.

It is a peculiar behavior not found among humans. As a "mammal", as a "human", I found this behavior of theirs rather odd and I had to ask them about what it meant. We humans read so much into each others' body language. It seems, that every motion that we humans make, whether we are using facial language, or crossing our arms, or leaning in a certain way, we are always expressing something, and the rest of us are always reading into it. This particular head moving of theirs is not found within the human repertoire of body language.

However, it seems that iguanas do something similar, called head-bobbing, where they move their head up and down in a repeated fashion. Here is one example of an iguana head-bobbing Red iguana head bobbing and waving. Here is another video, in which the iguana is doing a version of head-bobbing that has a tilt in it, iguana iguana head bobbing. Here are some more examples:
Green iguana head bobbing.
Spiny Tailed Iguana head bobbing
Mr. Wizard, my iguana, and the mirror
Male Galapagos marine iguanas doing battle

It is clear from watching videos like those, that iguanas use head-bobbing as a means of communication. They seem to display this behavior when approached by a human, when they interact with another iguana or when they think they see another iguana in the mirror. So for the iguanas, at least, head-bobbing is body language. It means something.

Here is a source that explains the meaning of iguana head-bobbing Green Iguana Head Bobbing. It seems that in general, humans have interpreted that the iguana head-bobbing means that the animal is indicating dominance, as a means of claiming territory and of being in charge of the situation, or as a warning or telling other creatures to back off.

The Orion men themselves said that they move their heads sideways when they are listening or concentrating, and there seems to be no dominance asserted nor expressed at those times, at least not explicitly expressed in words. But there have been several occasions when they have said that they are in control and that they have the power, and I will check my notes whether the head-movements was often accompanied at those times (I have taken careful notes of what was said as well as noted when the head-movements took place and a description of these). If the Orion men have not explicitly, in words, expressed to me how they are feeling or what they are communicating to me, at the times when they were performing head-movements, it does not mean that the head-movements do not signify something unsaid.

For instance, us humans would surely smile or laugh and use other facial expressions and body language while communicating with extraterrestrials, without us even thinking about telling them that "Hey, look at me, I am smiling right now, and that is because to us humans, a smile done this way means that we are happy or that we are showing humility towards you." It could very well be, that the Orion men are using their own set of body language, and if I do not ask them about it or get an explanation for what it means, I may have to work a little harder in figuring that out.

Do the Orion men use body language and body expressions in their communication? If so, then we should expect them to display body language in an automatic fashion, as all animals do. Nobody thinks about expressing or choosing a body language at any given time, rather these are mostly automatic behaviors.

If the head-motion of the Orion men is not a form of body language and communication, then it should instead serve a physiological purpose. For instance, perhaps it would have something to do with their physical senses, the activation or enhancement of their auditory experience, or other physiological processes in which the actual mechanical head motion is part in something purely physiological. For instance human beings sneeze, clear their throat, and get hiccups, all without these having anything to do with communication; these are examples of human expressions that serve a purely physiological purpose, yet, if an extraterrestrial were to see those, they would have to figure out that sneezing and hiccups are not communications as are our smiles or frowning or laughter.

I have seen images of them where they are not doing the head-movement. The head-movement comes about at times when they are thinking intensely about me or focusing on me more than usual. It still remains to find out whether their "head-bobbing" is a form of speechless communication, and in that case what it means, or whether it serves a purely physiological reason.

Note that while the iguana head-bobbing is done mostly up and down and sometimes with a tilt, the Orion men move their heads sideways alternating left and right, sometimes with the diagonal tilt at each end.

Personality - So, what are they like? How do they come across to a human? How do they carry themselves? I have a very good impression of them. Their behaviors and personalities make them into individuals of the sort that I would love to have in my life anyway. They are friendly, respectful and courteous. They are polite and interesting to converse with. By reading our conversation notes verbatum you can also form your own opinion and impression of how they come across. They interact with a human being very well.

One interesting thing is that they do not understand, relate to, nor tolerate human smiling, laughter and excitement. In fact they are disturbed or even irritated by these human expressions. At one point early on in our conversations I felt very happy about the prospect that this might be real extraterrestrial contact and I got excited and laughed out a bit, at which the Orion man urged me to "be calm". Once an Orion man told me about how when their human children smile, they tell them to be calm.

There have been several other examples where the Orion men have explained to me everyday situations from their life of caring for the human children and it is clear that they discourage radical or out-of-control human expressions, including smiling, laughter, or running around or getting excited. However, the children that grow up under these conditions with the Orion men appear to end up being more well-balanced and harmonious than the children growing up here on Earth. There is quite a special sense of well-being in the character of these children that we humans should envy. Seems that the Orion men make for excellent parents for human children, better than we do ourselves.

Emotional expressions - The Orion men have not displayed any of the expressions that we humans would understand as happiness, joy, excitement, nor sadness, insecurity, worry or weakness. They have expressed cases of irritation. They are also able to say something sternly, seemingly at times when they emphasize what they say and do not want objections to what is said or demanded of me. There have been cases where they have expressed apologies accompanied by a careful, perhaps considerate manner. But mostly they come across as emotionally balanced and stable.