Binaural Beats

On the 9th day of telepathic contact with Orion, on August 27, 2011, the Orion man advised me to listen to binaural beats. Here is the conversation:

We would like you to look into binaural beats. And then to tell us what you think. - Orion
Ok. - me
We would like you to listen to it. - Orion
We would like you to listen to it, instead of music. - Orion
I will gladly do so. I will do it. Thank you! What does it do? Tell me about it? - me
It helps you to remember. - Orion
Remember what? Or memory in general? - me
It helps you to live better. - Orion
Well thank you I will certainly do it. - me
Is it something that you would listen to? Would you listen to it also? - me
I do not recall when I would have done that. - Orion

I happen to have a good recollection of my past encounters with the concept of "binaural beats", and that is only once before in my life about two years ago. I think it was a friend who introduced me to it. I must have checked it out, briefly, and then not thought any more of it, because it did not interest me and did not stick with me. So the introduction of this comes as something unexpected, it does not come from my interests or recent nor frequent exposure. And if these conversations were merely in my imagination, I would have rather that it told me to continue to listen to the music I listen to, because I am missing it already.

One night a few days ago, they did ask me to turn my music off and they seemed to be bothered by it. I always have some music on in the background while I am working on the computer. I listen to electronic music such as techno. But ever since this piece of advice about the binaural beats earlier today, I have not listened to music and am getting ready to find out more about the binaural beats.

It is important that each time when the contents of the telepathic contact introduces some new concept, that I begin by first recording what my current and prior awareness is of the topic. Only after I have done so, is it then safe to go ahead and begin a literature survey to see what more I can learn about the topic. The goal of this project, other than to document the experienced contact itself, is to try to determine whether the conversations stem from my own mind or whether they are in fact transmitted to me from other beings outside. In searching the answer, it is therefore absolutely essential that I do my best to determine what information might have been available in my mind. Not only in documenting this, but in searching the answer. Because, it is only when the telepathic content might include things that I could not have known or should not have known, that it may begin to suggest to an authenticity in the contact.

So that is how I have already outlined my past exposure to the topic, which is once only about two years ago and only a very brief encounter; my personal impressions of the topic then and up until now, which has been lack of interest; and now what I know or would assume to know about it, before I look it up or do any literature searches. Here is what I would assume that binaural beats are, to the best of my knowledge and dating back from two years ago. I would say that binaural beats are a type of audio wave file constructed electronically by using a computer. They would not sound like music, but rather they would sound like tones and frequencies. And binaural beats are said to activate certain areas of the brain, or perhaps they are thought to induce some sort of altered state of mind, and this is perhaps used by people in the alternative fields who might think that binaural beats can enhance consciousness, or perhaps induce a spiritual experience. That is my assumption.

Note that my prior assumptions of the topic before I look it up any further, would already allow the assumption that maybe binaural beats might enhance brain functions. I can't say I would have made the leap to say that they enhance memory, had I been asked to write a quick summary of the topic before the Orion men spoke about memory enhancement, but as you can see it is not a big leap for the imaginative mind to make, to go from assuming that they enhance brain functions, to stating that they specifically enhance memory.

Let's see what Wikipedia has got to say Binaural beats. I encourage you to read the article as I couldn't possibly relay all of the technical information. But seems that binaural beats involve the use of two sinusoidal audio waves, from which the brain constructs another wave which has a frequency equal to the subtracted value of the two frequencies of the two other ones. This new frequency in the brain then becomes the focus of the brain, and the brain can be steered from being focused on the frequencies of other brain activities, and adopts the brain activities associated to this new frequency. This way, the brain could be made to relax more (if using induced lower frequencies), or to induce mental alertness and enhanced learning capabilities (if using induced higher frequencies).

The text also says that meditation is another method that puts the brain into a theta state. For most of my life I have meditated some almost every night. Meditation is simply to bring focus away from external things and back to oneself for a while. Meditation is a great escape and relaxation, and does wonders to how one feels. The text also mentions the use of binaural beats for lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, telepathy and psychokinesis. Lucid dreaming is when you fall asleep and you enter into a dream scape, except that in your mind you remain perfectly conscious and awake, just like in the real world. It is an interesting experience where you experience yourself being in your body and walking around, you can go anywhere you want, only that you are looking around and finding yourself in a world that is a bit blurry but looks just like this one, and you know you are in the dream world but you are perfectly awake in your mind. I practiced some lucid dreaming in my teens. Out-of-body experience is similar to lucid dreaming, except it involves an even greater sense of separation from "this physical world", and one then tends to travel further out, whereas in a lucid dream one often stays around the bedroom. Astral projection is a similar type of conscious travel outside of the physical body. Telepathy of course is the experience of hearing someone's thoughts transmitted from a distance but not involving the use of soundwaves. Psychokinesis would be the use of one's mind to move physical objects with, of course I have never experienced doing psychokinesis - if I could do such a thing then I would be sure to prove it! Note that all of these experiences mentioned here, the various forms of out-of-body travel, and telepathy, are ones that could occur only in the mind if they were not the case of real travel or mind transfer, whereas the claim of psychokinesis could only be real but not imagined; it does not have a counterpart that would only occur in the mind.

The text also mentions the use of binaural beats in recovering repressed memories, with the caveat that false memories could also surface. Were the Orion people referring to enhanced memory in general or the recovery of forgotten experiences?

Interesting. The text says that a study found that binaural beats led people to experience "an increase in quality of life", which is what the Orion people mentioned. The text ends with how binaural beats were by some labelled as "illegal narcotics".

Gamma Binaural Beats - Location of the brain where I experience stimulus when I listen to
this gamma binaural beat

Showing top view of human brainShowing inner side view of the right hemisphere

The first binaural beat I listened to was this gamma binaural beat (linked to above). I immediately felt the change. It felt as if a myriad of brain activity got stopped and all focus of the brain became directed in one specific localized area on the right hemisphere, as drawn above. It also feels as if a variety of several different brain activities of lower intensity, all gave their intensity to make for one brain activity in this region of greater intensity.

I do not like the feeling. It definitely does make me feel different. I almost consider it invasive since it changes something about who I am and how I am feeling. It does eliminate all of my anxiety and makes me feel more alert, but also focused and relaxed at the same time. I do feel that my attention span instantly became brighter. I could say I feel more sophisticated and gathered.

After the sound stops it leaves a lasting buzz in my right ear, but none in the left ear. I am not listening to it with headphones but from the speakers of the computer. It also leaves a lasting numbness across my entire right side cheek, throughout the cheek, and also a feeling of numbness on the right side of the brain centered and most numb at this area indicated on the drawings. It feels like a neural numbness, identical to the type of numbness you have when you get a sedative to a nerve from the dentist.

The effect of altered mind state lingers off, and I feel the intensity in that marked area weaning off and I return closer to normal.

I would like to know what other people feel when they listen to this binaural beat? Do you feel a shift in brain activity like I did, and does it center in the same area as mine?

Delta Binaural Beats - Let's do another one, delta binaural beats at 3 Hz. delta binaural beats. Listening to this file I was first immediately struck by a soothing feeling. It also made me feel veeery sleeepy. Another effect was that it made me feel insecure and scared especially in the beginning and less so after a while. I felt it affect the frontal lobe, and after a while possibly also extending the effect toward the inner of the brain. I was unable to listen to it for a longer time because it was making me feel so sleepy I would have had to go to sleep or find myself sleeping on the chair.

I still have three more binaural beats to try but will save those for later. Overall, I do not like binaural beats because I find them to be invasive. They take over your personality and mood and change that into something else. It is almost violating. I would compare the use of binaural beats to the use of mind-altering chemicals; the effect appears to be real and not imaginary. But perhaps for someone who has serious issues the binaural beats might be helpful, for instance the use of delta against insomnia.

I don't recommend for anyone to use binaural beats because this comes across as having access to a variety of prescription medications without any medical supervision. Try them at your own risk, but I would recommend against it.

Feel free to email me and share your own experiences with the binaural beats.