Personal advice to me from Orion

Very often when people have voice hallucinations (hearing voices and conversations with people who are nonexistent) the voices will be giving them instructions or commands on what to do. I must say the Orion people give me advice on what to do very seldomly. They mostly wish to discuss their work on researching human genetics. But there have been a few cases where they advise or recommend me toward certain choices.

Iron Supplement - The Orion men advised me to take an iron supplement and they mentioned this on a few occasions. I occasionally take a calcium supplement, and rarely a multivitamin, but keeping track of iron is something I never did. I often follow the vegan diet and I also tend to skip meals and eat seldomly. Ever since their advice, I started taking a daily iron supplement. I noticed that my energy levels were quickly heightened, unless of course that is a placebo effect. I used to be tired and sleepy all day and yawn a lot, all of that was instantly cured. I also find that I have much more motivation to do things, and seem to have more strength and endurance. The quality of my health and life greatly improved, and so far I still thank the Orion people every day for having brought my attention to my iron needs. I feel great!

Water to support metabolism - I like to drink juice all throughout the day. The Orion men told me that drinking sugar in between meals would disturb my metabolism. When I asked them what I should drink instead, they said water. Knowing that I occasionally experience bloodsugar problems (sometimes severe), I decided to try their advice and have water to drink and only juice or water with my meals. I noticed that my bloodsugar anomalies improved as I did. I continue to try to drink water in between meals, and I am feeling better!

I should become a doctor of genetics research - The Orion men have said to me on several occasions that they would wish for me to become a doctor of medicine and to work on genetics research. They say that if I did then I could collaborate with them with their work. I used to be a Pre-Medicine student but switched toward radiation physics in medicine. I could change course toward medicine again, and for a while there the Orion men were inspirational. However genetics happens to be the area of medicine that interests me the least, partly because it is perhaps the most challenging field, but above all because there are other fields of medicine that fit my personal interests most. I will of course not take their advice on studying genetics, since it does not align with my personality and interests.

Update: In January 2012 they are still wanting me to become a doctor of medicine who specializes in genetics, so that I could work with them and do research together with them. Alas, genetics is one of the few concepts of science I find both boring and difficult. As a second alternative, they (this time a Draconian Dinosaur) suggested I become an obstretician, which I guess is a doctor of childbirth and infants, so that I could still be helpful to them.

Do not drink sweet drinks - During the time I was having contact with Orions, Dinosaurs, and Reptilians, I was at the time drinking about three Fanta cans of orange soda each day. It is delicious once you get started on it. But the ETs were telling me not to drink my "sweet drinks". I asked them what I should drink instead, and they said water. Reluctantly I switched out soda for water, and my health and blood sugar levels quickly improved, so their advice was a good one, even though it is hard for us humans sometimes to let go of our tasty bad habits. Every now and then, including yesterday, I still buy some orange soda because I enjoy the freshness and taste. I try to drink it in private while I am not talking with the ETs. But alas, they know what I'm doing, because yesterday they advised me not to drink the "sweet drinks". I asked why, they say it causes health damage. I asked them to be specific. I have been told of many different forms of damage from drinking orange soda. They seem to know it as very detrimental to health, something we humans are totally unaware of. It causes damage to the cells, damage to skin and causes wrinkles, it dissolves human teeth, and many other forms of damage. I still drink it seldomly, because I can't get over how delicious it is. But I'm certainly not having three cans of it a day anymore.

Clean the toilet, please - I am very cleanly and organized per human standards. My bathroom would by humans be regarded as clean. Yet almost each time that the ETs visit they inform me that there are bacteria on my toilet. At nights like these I always promise them that I will clean the bathroom in the next morning, but nowadays I just get out of bed and go clean it just to have it done. It was only a few days ago when I was informed of the bacteria and I went and disinfected everything. These ETs seem to think that bacteria cause humans harm, whereas we humans are so used to having bacteria all around we don't mind having normal amounts of bacteria in our daily lives. So, if you are expecting Orion visits in your home, clean your toilets or they might tell you about it. (Also, put your soda cans away!)