Orion men wear Clothing

Suits - The Orion men wear clothes. This is not really as much "technology", as it is an artifact. Artifacts are any new, otherwise naturally non-existent items constructed by an animal out of available materials. Meaning, that something such as clothes were not found in nature but were designed and crafted by a living being.

From what I can gather, the material of the clothing seems to consist of a continuous "poured" substance, as opposed to having been woven from threads or other assembly of smaller components. Many human materials used to make clothing are woven, being a latched network of threads. Orion clothing appears instead to be made out of a continuous material, such as by pouring a molten material into a form to produce a larger sheet of material that is already interconnected. Such as when humans make larger sheets of flexible soft plastics.

The uniform covers the torso, arms and legs. I have not seen what covers their feet, or that their feet would be covered. Again, one should not simply assume that they wear shoes or that their feet would be covered. It is better to leave something undetermined, rather than risking making the wrong estimate. One would of course assume that they also cover their feet, but that remains to be established. I have not had a clear view of the neckline. The head is not covered in clothing. The hands are also not covered in clothing.

Most of the suit - other than the patches - has the same base color. I have almost concluded that the base color is white, but it may also be either navy blue or black. Perhaps somehow the color of their skin - that being either navy blue or black - disrupts my perception of the color of the suit.

The suit has several colored patches that are about the size of their (or ours) hand or slightly smaller, each having the shape of an irregular triangle. Each patch is either white or yellow. The white or yellow of a patch stands out in very bright color, the colors not being dull. The patches appear to be situated on the front of the suit, at or above the waistline. These colored patches appear to have more of a symbolic meaning rather than a practical purpose, but that again needs to be determined rather than assumed.

The suit appears to have the same thickness throughout, and is perhaps between 3 and 9 millimeters in thickness. This is an estimate based on the appearance of the suit and could be off. The suit appears to be comfortable; soft and flexible. The suit appears to be fairly loosely fit and not close-fitting or tight in any areas. And from what I can gather, but I could be wrong, all members of the Orion staff seem to wear the same model of suit.

I once asked an Orion man if he liked the color yellow, referring to the yellow patches on his suit. He said that he had not chosen the color and that it was simply made that way. In a different conversation, they let me know that these are not "uniforms", as I had referred them to, but that these were "suits". And that is why I call them suits, although I would have preferred to call them uniforms myself.

So, back to an analysis. There is a wealth of information to learn about the Orion people just by analyzing their clothing for example. The use of clothing is an intricate system of behavior. The obvious question, is, why do they wear clothing? When humans wear clothing, it is either to stay warm, or to serve as a protective layer over our body underneath, or serves some other functional purpose, or it has the purpose to express something to ourselves or to others. Clothing can show our status and role in society, reveal personal information about us and be an expression of who we are or of the statement we want to make; in that sense, clothing very often also has a symbolic purpose, and not merely a practical one.

Fortunately I can ask the Orion people to tell us about why they wear clothes and what their clothes express. I suspect that the Orion people's clothes serve both a functional role, but also a symbolic one, due to the white and yellow - seemingly decorative or adorning - patches on their suit.

Update: I was shown a symbol that was mentally transferred into my mind by the Orions. It is a triangle whose base is longer than the two sides. One side of the triangle is flat, and the other side protrudes out by three lines that extend out and meet on a point center. This triangle was yellow. And this is the triangle that is on their suits. The suit itself is white, and it has this yellow triangle at the waist or belly.