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Goblins are little people with beige skincolor and light blue eyes. They want to live close to trees and rocks and near water springs in the forest. They are able to telepathically communicate with both humans and with animals. They are sassy and fierce and perhaps even mischievous when they think they need to be. They don't exactly think that humans are doing a good job with being the keepers of Mother Earth. I have met the Goblins and they are real creatures.

My sources and information given to me directly from Goblins and others that are in telepathic connection with me, have informed me that the Sami humans who are an indigenous people to northernmost parts of Scandinavia are hybrids between humans and Goblins. I have no reason to disbelieve this statement, and take it as truth. The only reason why I would dismiss this statement is if I wanted to adhere too strongly to the fact that making such a statement would seem "too outrageous", or perhaps as "disrespectful" toward the Sami. But I am fully convinced looking at the evidence that has been given to me that it is true. I also do not think of it as anything worthy of disrespect toward the Sami. It is the most wonderful news I have ever heard in my life, and makes the Sami extremely precious if you ask me. There is no disrespect intended, I also state that it is not my own idea but based on what I have ben told by Goblin creatures and others that I have evidence to be real. And being told this fact about Sami being Goblin-human hybrids perfectly makes all pieces fall into place and fit perfectly with what I have been shown and told about the Goblins and Sami by my connections. If true, then it is a wonderful thing that should be celebrated.

Meeting the Goblins

In the morning hours I estimate to between 6 AM and 7 AM [because I woke up more or less exactly at 7 AM right after coming from there] on September 3 2015 I believe I had a meeting which took place in a parallel world where I got to meet an assembly of several tens of real life Goblins.

What led to the meeting, the Goblins tell me is the time in August when I had been driving in a car with a family member and I had seen a fox that had gotten lost in the city, the fox was very stressed and trying to cross the highways, and I had sympathized so much with the fox that I was concerned and I was thinking how I wished it were possible for me to stop the car and to telepathically ask the fox to come into the car so that I could drive it to safety, or if I could stand in the street and wave the cars to stop so that the fox could safely cross the street. Unbeknownst to me there were Goblins reading my mind and they were very impressed with my sincere kindness. The Goblins had decided that the best way that they knew how to thank me for my compassion toward the fox would be to let me meet with the Goblins in person.

Alien abductions, as well as encounters with human military and government workers, take place in a parallel world, which seems accessible also when a person is asleep, so perhaps it is that place that is called the astral plane, or dream world. Many alien species and also human military inhabit that other world and enjoy being there out of sight and reach of ordinary humans, meanwhile us who are psychic are able to telepathically communicate with and also see mental image glimpses of the beings that are there. We can also travel to that other place in astral projections, or taken there by the assistance of these beings when we sleep. The Goblins seem to hide there as well.

I was taken to the other world, where first I was dreaming. The dreaming then seamlessly turned into me having been granted special VIP permission to enter into a United States government building with a golden key. This building was guarded by women military recruits in camouflage clothing. I arrived in a room where there was a Sami man. The Sami are a human indigenous people living in northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Going through that room and into the next, which was a large assembly room with rows of seats like an amphitheatre with a projector screen up front, those seats were occupied by tens of little people, whom I later found out by military officer Sergeant Wilkes, those little people are Goblins.

The Goblins had staged a Christmas-type gift exchange of wrapped presents, because someone either aliens or the military had asked them to make things nice for my visit, and what could be nicer than Christmas gifts? I was handed a present by a Goblin woman who wrapped it with me and this gift was going to be from both her and me to the recipient, the recipient was going to be a Goblin girl.

Anatomy and Clothing

Goblins are very short. They are perhaps half a meter tall (1.64 feet). About half of their height is taken up by their head, and almost the other half is taken up by their big belly, so you see that also their proportions are very different from the humans, the Goblins have a big head and a big belly. Their skin is a beige skintone.

The head is pear-shaped, the jawline being wide and cheeks big, and the head is a bit narrower and pointy toward the top. Their nose is very big and wide but flat. They have a mouth. The eyes are very small and pale blue. The eyes have whites and pale blue irises but no black pupils. The eyes move around when they look at something, which reveals that they must have eyeballs instead of eye surfaces which would stand still.

They have two arms, and two legs. I have not gotten a clear look at their hands and feet, but they do have fingers on their hands. The Goblins wore clothes. Their clothes were in brown and red colors and look to be home-made and make-shift. In fact the Goblins love to do arts and crafts and make their own clothing pieces. Apart from the basic pants or shirts or dresses to cover

September 3 2015, 4:41 PM:
Tell them that we like to walk barefoot. - a Goblin man says
Yes! I have told them. - me
And we don't wear any underwear either. - the Goblin man says

Apart from basic pants and shirts or dresses to cover up the body, they also wore a whole lot of fabric accessories such as red scarves knitted out of red yarn with big gaps in the fabric as opposed to tightly knit. Their clothes looked to be home-made and remind of something you would expect to see from many centuries ago in a small farm homestead where people made their own clothes for better or for worse. I also sensed that they have been taught arts and crafts by the Sami people who are an indigenous people in northernmost Europe, and that maybe even some of their clothing pieces worn by the Goblins had been gifts given them by the Samis.

Connection to Nature

The Goblins are closely connected to the nature on Earth. They tell me how they used to live in between trees, for instance when two trees grew very closely together, they would love to just stand in that tight narrow gap between two trees and make it their home. Or they will stay near large rocks that are big enough for them to hide behind. They love the old ancient forests, and they are very fond of the water springs where water springs out of the ground. Goblins care deeply about nature but also about animals. They want both trees and nature as well as animals such as foxes to be safe and well, and it distresses them greatly when humans commit violent crimes against nature and animals.

September 3 2015, 4:47 PM:
We would like to say something about that. When they come here, and they do not even take their filthy shoes off, ... Then we want to, bite them all out. We want them to leave. Leave out of our forests. Out of our camps. We want them to leave then. But not you! Noo! You are gracious. So you are always welcome, oh well... - Goblin man
I said "oh well" because I didn't know what to do with you here. That is why I said oh well. - Goblin man
But the women might tell you, that they have worked on farms. - Goblin man says, so Goblin women have worked on human farms, and on Iceland on farms that have cattle and barns

When humans destroy the forest in the homeland of Goblins, the Goblins do not easily simply move into another forest, or go find another Goblin population that lives elsewhere and join them. The Goblins seem to feel as if they were part of the ground and nature they live in, and different Goblin populations that live in different forests are simply different populations. Moving to a new place when humans have destroyed their home land, it is not something that can be done. They are part of the land, part of the trees and the ground. Goblins living in northern Sweden, are simply not the same Goblins as the Goblins living in northern Finland. It is not the same, because the nature is not the same.

Goblins can telepathically communicate with animals but therefore also with humans. Goblins are very sympathetic with animals and wildlife, very caring and nurturing about nature's balance. And so it is upsetting when humans come and destroy nature in so many ways. Goblins do not like deforestation, destruction of natural water springs, cars and streets and highways and cities.

Connection to Samis

The Sami are an indigenous people to northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland. They are similar to the Native Americans in North America in many ways. In Sami traditions they live very close to nature and rely on reindeer herding. Their reindeer are allowed to migrate freely in nature. A traditional Sami building is like a Native American tipi built out of logs leaning against each other in the shape of a cone. Sami have colorful clothing in red and blue. They have their own language which is not like Norwegian, Swedish, or Finnish. Their customs and way of life is not based on the mainstream European system of laws, education, economy, and so forth, and instead the Sami have their own free culture which is very closely tied in to nature. There are still today many Sami who adhere to their traditions at least in part, even though today many of course live in modern houses and use electricity and so forth.

When I entered into the government building the first thing I met was a human Sami man who was dressed in their traditional red and blue costume, but who paid no attention to me as he seemed busy with paperwork. When I passed through that room I entered into the assembly room which had tens of Goblins seated on the chairs. The Goblins have spoken about the Samis, and I have learnt that the Samis and Goblins have contact with one another.

Take a look at Sami people and their colorful costumes, you should also read about the Sami and their way of life and customs, and it will help you to understand the Goblins better, as the Goblins really like the Sami people.

I AM GOING TO SAY SOMETHING CONTROVERSIAL. LOOKING AT THE PICTURES OF SAMI PEOPLE, the Sami people look like precisely what one would expect if you made a cross-breed between humans and Goblins. The Sami are distinctly short and many of them have the exact same wide noses as the Goblins do. I say this because I was not the one who thought of this idea... namely as I was browsing to look at these Sami people, wanting to look at their costumes and reindeer, someone telepathically told me that the Sami people are a cross-breed between humans and the Goblins. Whoa. Look closely at the pictures of Sami and the drawings I've made of Goblins and you will see it too. Remember that this wasn't my idea at all. I would never have thought of it. I was told telepathically, or else I could never have made such an outrageous connection.

September 3 2015, 8:20 PM
It is a well-guarded secret what we are. - says either a Goblin man or a Sami man and smiles to me, about this Goblin-Sami genetic connection
Is it a BIG injury if I write about this marvellous discovery on a website? - me
No, you can do it. No one will believe you anyway. And, we do not think that it is marvellous. - seems to be a Sami man this time and previous who speaks
Oh well, we indeed have taken many of those old women as wives. - the Sami man says in Finnish language, he means that Sami people have married Goblin women
We took those old women before, but not any longer. - the Sami man says in Finnish about Goblin women
There won't be any genocide, if we see to it. Because, someone might try to exterminate us. - Sami man in English
If anything like that is about to happen, I would come there and train as a soldier and guard you, guard both the Sami people and the dear Goblins for the rest of my life even at the risk of my own life. I would guard you all with my life. I would devote my life to guarding you all day and night, I would not sleep or eat I would stay awake and watch for your safety in every moment of the rest of my entire life. I will let nothing in the whole world harm you, both the Sami people and the dear Goblins. - me
You have a good heart, for me. - Goblin man says
Yes, I do. If there is any danger or threat to either the Sami or the Goblins, then let me know and I will come to protect you. I insist that you are all safe. You are the most precious people I have ever met on this Earth. You are the ones who deserve to own this planet, and not the rest of humanity who pollutes it and destroys it. You are immensely precious in this world. Is there any danger if I write this story about the Sami and Goblin connection? - me
No, because our daughters are no longer marrying with them. We don't like to marry the tall ones. We don't like to sleep there either. We used to, in their huts. - Goblin man says, "sleep" and "huts" in Finnish, he means that Goblin young women used to marry humans, but not any longer, tall ones are of course humans [sleep means just to sleep, not sex in this instance, I sense the context when they speak]

Moodlet and Behavior

When I saw the tens of Goblins sitting in the lecture room there was a distinct atmosphere from them. They seemed well-behaved, focused, and stern. This turned out to not only be their moodlet for that conference room, because when I got to speak with Goblins after the encounter during that same day, they made an impression of being focused, stern, sassy, fierce, strong-minded, and quite possibly prone to some mischief or meanness.

From a scientific biological analysis, we should suspect that their moodlet is very important to ensure their safety or even survival. These are very small and physically vulnerable creatures. They are rather untrusting and suspicious natured. All of this ensures that they take extra care of their safety. I was also told by someone telepathically that Goblins used to also live in Russia but were chased out because the Goblins kept setting fire to human things. But we must wonder what led them to set things to fire. Probably not meanness in itself. Humans are a terrible and extremely dangerous predator that ruins their natural habitat not to mention big parts of this whole planet. What do humans do if not exterminate and want to kill every pest animal that trespasses to our homes and does damage to our property and to our safety? Humans hunt anything from termites to cockroaches, to raccoons in the attic and wolves and mountain lions that hunt

September 3 2015, 7:19 PM
Don't forget about the scorpions. They don't like that. - Dark Lord or Hamish
They don't want to step on them! - Hamish

Goblins are probably more than entitled to some mischief against humans.

September 3 2015, 7:20 PM
Hooray! She likes us. In spite of the things we do. - a Goblin

Goblins have taken a liking to me because I've proven my compassion and friendliness with what I thought about that fox, and the Goblins have found a genuine kindness in me and I have won their hearts. But a human could never fake their way to Goblin approval. Goblins will know precisely how you really feel. If you are thinking that you would really like to protect foxes, but it is not coming from your heart and you really couldn't care less, well, Goblins are going to know and they are not going to be impressed. I know I am more compassionate toward animals than normal humans are. The great care and extent with which I cautiously escort stray bugs from the house to the outdoors, whereas most humans just instantly think to squash them. How I look at bugs and am so happy to see them and how much I love to see such beautiful animals. The extent of love toward nature and to living things must obviously be way out of the ordinary, in order to impress the nature-loving Goblins and win their hearts.

At one time I smiled toward the Goblins but it wasn't coming from my heart, it was just that I thought it appropriate to smile, but a Goblin woman knew precisely how I felt in my heart and she told me it was not necessary to fake a smile. Goblins are not impressed with faking. They read precisely what is in your heart, and the words you say or the smiles you make or do not make matter nothing.

Goblins seem to be determined and hard-working individuals. They are focused, proper, loyal, and decent. They don't care one bit for bullshit or fakes. I do not fear them, because I have won their hearts to the extent that they wanted to meet me to thank me in person for my compassion toward the fox. But if I were a person who has done damage to nature, who doesn't care about animals, I would be nervous if there were pesky mischievous Goblins around.

What Are They?

September 3 2015, 7:27 PM
We are not pesky. Start with that. - a Goblin

I have asked the Goblins for a recounting of their origins, whether they came from outer space, or are originating and native to Earth. They told me it is a long and complicated narrative, and they would not start with the long story. I asked them for a short summary, but they would not give me that either.

They look surprisingly human, and so I wondered whether humans and they share some common ancestor. Must they perhaps be a sort of primate, a hominid such as we the Homo sapiens, the Neanderthal, the earlier hominids such as Homo habilis or Lucy, chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, and even the primates with a tail the baboons, lemurs. Are they a form of a primate? But then I wondered to myself, that humans have never found Goblin skeletons, so the Goblins must not have any skeletons, and so they could by no means be any primates.

Are they a genetically crafted experiment made by an alien advanced species? Alien geneticists have been present on Earth for probably millions of years, so it is not unlikely that the Goblins were once created and placed to Earth by aliens. Aliens even tell me that humans are at least in part genetically crafted by Aliens, that we humans have an extraterrestrial ancestor called the Vegas.

Or did the Goblins evolve entirely out of Earth's nature, did they spring out of the ground like mushrooms?

September 3 2015, 7:32 PM
We don't like dogs to look at us, they try to bite us. So please! Keep dogs away from us! And cats too, because they can scratch. - Goblin
How about turtles? And sweetnips? - Hamish said to the Goblin, with mental image of a little green tortoise
... And no. We are not a lemur. We are not a chimpanzee either. - Goblin
What are you then? Where did your people come from? - me
Well, ... we were genetically created. Like you said. Only, it goes a longer story than that. We have been made, many times, and placed back again. So it goes back, a long time. We were here first before humans. That is why we consider ourselves guardians of humanity and this planet. We were here. For millions of years. Before you. So we don't like the chimpanzees that came here. We also, don't like forest fires, because then all of our homes go destroyed and ruined. We like waters, and water wells. We like to dwell there, and bathe there. - Goblin

It is interesting that they would be millions of years old as a species, yet they have neither invented nor adopted from others, including that they have chosen not to adopt human technologies and artifacts that are not nature-made at least. They don't ride in spaceships or use plastic or eat with knives and forks, if you know what I mean. For millions of years. But perhaps we are wrong to assume that any old and seemingly advanced intelligent species must evolve into something like us. Perhaps some would stay close to nature and remain more animal-like and nature-like as they have. Perhaps they never felt a need to diverge away from nature, if they felt completely comfortable and provided for next to trees, and near their water springs. Humans have escaped nature to live in artificial homes with at best some potted house plants or a fish in an aquarium as nature.

We humans don't want dirt under our bare toes or insects around us or trees or leaves. We want plastic, sterile box-shaped rooms with steady heating, a window glass to look through if we want to see nature from the safety of indoors.

September 3 2015, 7:37 PM
They also like to play with fire, and we don't like that. And tell them, that we are not manatees. - Goblin, image of a lighter, a lighter with a lid that has to be flipped back

We humans have escaped nature to live among electricity and plastics and hard floors. But it shouldn't mean that all intelligent conscious creatures would choose to do so. The Goblins have felt so close and comfortable to nature that they much prefer their forests. Some are now living in buildings provided by, and guarded by, human military, and the Goblins say they enjoy the warm indoors and the coffee cake buns they are served, but that they miss their water springs in the nature.

September 3 2015, 7:40 PM
We don't like to fight, so we don't like to get kicked. Some men, they try to kick us. - Goblin with image of a human with shoe kicking

More Information

There are men and women Goblins, and they also have children. The Goblins told me in the morning when I returned from the encounter, that they live for hundreds of years each as individuals. When I told them that we humans live only between 50-90 years or some up to 100 or a bit more, a military told me that I should not tell that to the Goblins about us humans. A Goblin asked me whether I was an adult and if I had any children. I told him that I am a young adult, I am 32 years, and that I have no children. I learned that Goblins are still children in their 20's, like kids, not adult yet. Not only are their lifespans really long, compared to humans, but they have also stretched out the development, meaning that their childhood in terms of both physical and mental development takes more years than a human childhood.

What they normally eat I do not know, but they are fond of the coffee cakes that they are served by the humans. It is a wheat bun that is usually made with a yeast dough, the dough is usually made with wheat flour and luke-warm milk. Sometimes but not always the buns are sweetened, sometimes the buns also have berry jam inside or sugar on top, or cinnamon with sugar, but sometimes they are unsweetened and just like a bread. This type of bun is very popular throughout Europe to enjoy with coffee. The Goblins are tremendously fond of these buns that they are served there in the building.

September 3 2015, 7:46 PM
We don't like to get kicked. - Goblin
Has someone kicked you? I am sorry if they have. - me

I am definitely interested in meeting them again. You will read more about the encouter I had with the Goblins, find more verbatim conversations with Goblins, and learn lots more information about them, from reading the Goblin encounter.


When I met these creatures in the auditory room I did not know what they were or what to call them, and I would have probably just called them little people or midgets or dwarves. When I returned from the encounter and woke up, the little people themselves told me that they are not "trolls", that they are not "keijukaisia" which is Finnish for fairies, and that they are not "menninkäisiä" which means goblins, but then after a while he said that yes they are "menninkäisiä". Not long after, Sergeant Wilkes said that these little people they are "goblins". After that I translated "menninkäisiä" and my jaw dropped to see that indeed it translates as "goblins", which I could not have known. So they are in Finnish language menninkäisiä and in English they are goblins.

So I found out from someone telepathically that the Sami humans are genetically a combination between humans and the Goblins, which instantly made sense when I heard it, not only because of the long historical and cultural close connection between Sami and Goblins, which the Goblins claim to be in place, and you should also not forget that I did meet a real human Sami man in traditional blue and red costume in the adjacent room from where the Goblins where. Remember also how the Goblins have learned arts and crafts from Sami and perhaps also have artifacts from the Sami that were gifts to them.

When I was told this, it instantly made sense and I could not refute it even in my mind. The Sami look very distinct as humans, namely they tend to be short, many have a flat wide nose, and small eyes. In fact I find many photographs of Sami people that look 98% like the faces of the Goblins that I saw. So isn't this all marvellous? Out of all my years working on The Orion Project, and out of all the stories and encounters with alien and mystical beings, this right here is the single most marvellous story I have ever discovered. It is so precious, in part because it ties in with real actual humans who may in fact be human-alien hybrids living on this planet, not in hiding in any way. I have every reason to believe that this information is true that the Sami are part human and part Goblin, and it is the most marvellous news I have probably ever heard in my life. How marvellous isn't this?

There is of course a lot of diversity among Sami people but many of them look a lot like the Goblins. Here are some pictures of Sami people I find on the internet that look extremely a lot like the faces of the Goblins I met:

This girl looks 98% like the Goblins
This girl looks 70-80% like the Goblin faces
This woman looks 50-70% like Goblin


September 3-4 2015, 12:22 midnight. I have spent most of the whole day today writing about the Goblins, reading about anything similar I can find on the internet, and thinking about them. I have been unable to let them go from my thoughts, to forget them, to set it aside, to go on with other things in my life. They have left such a deep impact on me, and I am changed forever. I cannot stop thinking about them. We haven't spoken all day, but perhaps we have thought about each other mutually. Me about them, they about me.

12:24 midnight:
We didn't want you to meet our children, but now we do. We do, now. Now we think that you are ready. We think you should see them too. And, they are not ready to see you yet. - Goblin man

I can't forget them, I just can't. I really saw them and I was awake. I looked at them and they looked at me. I met real Goblins, tens of them. Their connection with nature, how they were impressed about my thoughts about wanting to help the fox, their connection with the Sami people, and how many Sami look to be genetically part Goblins. There is so much there that I cannot forget, I cannot simply brush it aside. I have been sitting here almost all day. Sure, I went to the grocery store, I've cooked, but for hours all day I have just sat here, writing about them, reading about anything related to them, thinking about them, and now I realize it is past midnight already and the day has gone by. I have been enchanted, they want me to say, they want me to say that it is magic.

12:27 midnight:
We are not trolls, but we do magic. - the Goblin man says
We wanted you to be enchanted with us. So that you can learn to sing our songs. - Goblin man
You sing songs? - me
Oh yes! Sure! - Goblin man
Can I visit you people again? I won't be trouble. I will be careful, and barefoot. - me
It is nice, that you wanted that. - says the Goblin man and then he thinks to a snail, not a slug, but a snail, with the shell
Why did you think about a snail? - me
Because we have looked to see and make sure that you have not broken that. - Goblin, he means that I do not intentionally go and break snail shells
I am tender and careful with animals. More so than most humans. - me
We don't want you to be with our family, anymore. Because you have got that, and you call them tooth trolls. - Goblin, "that" is to brush teeth with toothpaste, and "tooth trolls" he said in Finnish which is how people say dental bacteria in Finland, he doesn't like that that is called trolls

I cannot forget them. This is so tremendously more important and impactful than any contact I have ever had with outer space extraterrestrials. It will probably take me weeks and months to somehow recover, to somehow not be dazzled and affected anymore. They were wonderful. Goblins are real, and I've met them, everything they've said, all what they are, the Sami connection. I had no idea this world was like this. I don't know how to explain it, other than to just say that I am glad that the Goblins are real, they are something tremendously wonderful and it will take me weeks and months to fully understand how. I hope to meet them again tonight. I want to spend time with the women and just do arts and crafts with them, work with yarn. Just spend time and hang out, we don't have to talk or do anything special. I'd just love to be around them and hang out. Maybe eat some coffee cakes.

I think about how this story really is fundamentally all based on that one fox that ran across the highways, and I think about the fox and I struggle to keep the tears away. The Goblin tells me that most humans when they think about the fox they just want to pull its fur off. The Goblins really see that I am compassionate. The fact that this is all about the fox touches me deeply, because it means that the fox is so valuable, which it is, but somehow it puts a bright light on the world and animals come to life. Most humans see nothing when they think of a fox, but the Goblins see so much in it, and it seems I have seen more in it than most humans can. There is something so tremendously big in all this.

Things that humans think are nothing. Foxes, snails, trees, springs of water, humans think it is nothing and treat it carelessly and break it. The Goblins, and me also to some extent, see a life in things that is great. It's like the world is becoming big in my mind and I'm sitting here for hours and trying to grasp it all. I am feeling emotions that are too big and that I cannot sort in my heart or mind yet. It will take me weeks and months to settle the things that I learn from the Goblins. The Goblins are little in size, but there is this appreciation for nature in them, which makes even a single tree instead of being meaningless, it becomes something very vast and large. I cannot explain this all what I am feeling from the Goblins. It is something about nature. It is raining heavily now and I will lie down to listen to the rain and just think about the Goblins until I fall asleep.

More Contact

On May 16, 2017, I was making some interviews with various alien species and decided to also contact the Goblins to talk with them some more. It connected me to a woman Goblin whose name was Alma. When I spoke to Alma, she was knitting. There is a portrait of Alma on the top of the page, titled "Menninkäinen". On that portrait, you see that the Goblins have a "pig nose", the tip of the nose is large and flat and there is almost no nose ridge and the nose is short and pressed upwards. The ears are puckered and the top lobe of the ears is folded downward. I also spoke with a Goblin man.

As usual, they expressed their concerns of humans littering the forest with empty bottles and cans, digging out hollows into nature, stealing gold from nature, building smelly factories, and that school children come into the forest and pick all of the lingonberries. I learned that Goblin men make fermented brew and soups out of berries so that the berries last longer. Goblins pick twigs but only twigs that had already fallen and those are made into baskets. Goblins also eat a root which is bright orange on the inside. Goblins help the reindeer especially when the reindeer get their feet stuck in the brush.

There was a time when a blonde Sami man had been intimate with a Goblin woman. The story seems to tell that the Sami and the Goblins are genetically related. Looking at photographs of Sami people, I see a strong resemblance to the Goblins. Many Sami have exactly that flat "pig nose" which lacks a proper nose ridge and other features that look like the Goblins. Goblins told me again about how they and the Sami people have interacted in many ways. The Goblins again told me that their kind is called "Menninkäisiä", which is Finnish language for this type of little forest people. And once again I saw that the Goblins are very cranky people, well they get upset about the harm that humans are doing to nature, and Goblins again told me examples about how they have made mischief to humans such as hiding and displacing tools such as wrenches and how they even have made humans drown who were on rafts in the river, those rafts where men stand up and use a long stick to push the raft forward. Goblins do not hide the fact that they regularly cause humans who venture out into their forests to die. Last time I talked to them they also mentioned guiding humans to go lost into the forest and pushing them off cliffs.

Let's remember that when I wrote to a Sami organization and told them that I had met these Goblins who had claimed that they interact with Sami, the response from the Sami organization was that oh sure they know about these creatures but that it is not talked about. The Sami know that these Goblins exist. And it seems that Goblins and Sami would be genetically related. What exactly the Goblins are, I do not know, but they seem to be some sort of human genetic hybrid.

I wrote a conversation with the Goblins on May 16, 2017, which needs to be formatted and should be published in future books.