Written September 4 2015. Today is the day after I had the Goblin encounter yesterday. This morning when I woke up the Goblins spoke to me more. Here are the things that they told me, at least the things I remember, and not in any particular order of appearance.

Sami Deterrent Symbol

The Goblin showed me this symbol which he says is used by the Sami to tell the Goblins to stay away. For the Sami it is like a magic symbol to keep the Goblins from entering into a Sami encampment. But for the Goblins it does not work with any magic, instead the Goblins are smart and they know that this symbol is meant to say "keep out, Goblins!" so the Goblins try to respect it by staying away. It is not any magic whatsoever. This is a sign they say is part of Sami symbols and language, and is not a Goblin symbol for instance. This symbol will be carved or etched into a wooden placard and posted into the ground on a pole for the Goblins to see. The Goblins claim that Sami have used this sign, perhaps they still use it.

Treebark Rucksacks

The Goblins love to wear backpacks that are made out of interlaced or interlapping treebark. Take a look at this picture of such a rucksack, although the ones the Goblins use are made with larger wider strips of treebark, or also seeming larger because the Goblins are so small. The Goblins love to have these backpacks on their back, and they say they have used these for centuries.


The Goblin showed me mental images of it wearing such a treebark rucksack on its back and skiing in the winter landscape of northern Sweden or Finland. The Gobins will actually use skis, wooden and not painted skis, and the two long thin rods with which one pushes oneself forward on the snow. I remarked on that they ski and I thought it was a modern or perhaps seemingly human activity and artifact to use, but the Goblins claim to have been skiing for centuries and perhaps even before there were any humans in northernmost of Europe in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Switching babies with the Sami

Already yesterday on the day when I had met the Goblins, the Goblins were offering one of their boy children for me to keep and take with me, almost like a gift to give me one of their kids. I have declined their offer, of course. But me and the Goblins have now had longer conversations where the Goblins have told me much more about switching out babies.

The Goblins feel that they are the keepers and protectors of nature. And also the forest is the home of Goblins and they are concerned that humans might destroy their homes with campfires that go out of hand or by polluting with trash such as beer cans, or with deforestation and by building roads and buildings and things on their land, so the Goblins work really hard on trying to have dealings with the Sami humans to ensure that they are on good terms, so that the Sami would show kindness toward the Goblins. The Goblins don't believe that hiding away from humans is going to ensure safety for their forest, instead the Goblins take an active role by interacting with the Sami to try to negotiate in their favor to protect their own safety and their land.

The Goblins want to have lots and tons of interaction together with the Sami humans. In fact the Goblins want a lot more contact, conversations and exchange with the Sami, than the Sami are willing or comfortable to give. The Sami are trying to keep the Goblins a little bit at bay, Goblins have also said that Sami do not always manage to listen to the Goblins speak everything that the Goblins want to say. The Goblins are really reaching out for contact and interaction and diplomacy with the Sami.

But part of that diplomacy and interaction with the Sami means that the Goblins think that by exchanging children between Goblins and Sami they can bond together their peoples and reach true friendship and tolerance. Goblins claim that they have given their own Goblin babies to Sami people, simply putting their babies into Sami homes in hopes that Sami will raise those Goblin babies as their own and learn to appreaciate the Goblins, because if the Sami can love a Goblin baby as their own Sami child then of course the Sami would discover a true love and family tie to the Goblins and want to nurture and protect the Goblins as much as a human parent feels toward their own biological children, and what bond of wanting to protect another is stronger than that from a human parent toward their own child?

Goblins also claim that they sometimes take human Sami babies away from the Sami. They have sometimes wanted Sami children to grow up with the Goblins, I think the reason they said was so that the Sami can grow up learning to understand and appreciate the Goblins. But mostly it seemed to be as a favor returned, that the Goblins feel that their gift of giving one of their Goblin babies to the Samis means that, by all means, the Goblins are mandated to also accept the favor in return, they assume that the Samis would feel so grateful for the Goblin baby that by all means of course it goes without saying that the Goblins are due to have one of the Sami babies in return. So the Goblins have sometimes simply helped themselves.

Goblins believe that sharing a child is the most gracious gift. They do not think about the immeasurable distress and heartache that a human Sami woman must feel to find her baby stolen. Goblins must think of their babies as gifts. There really is a clash of culture here. Humans simply do not theorize around babies in the same way as the Goblins do, but the Goblins mean no harm in this.

Incidentally, I did read something yesterday about Sami legends that tell of a forest creature which did used to steal Sami babies and put their own baby in its place. The Sami have magical spells and tokens to keep these forest creatures from stealing their babies. The Goblins have in other words confirmed this legend to be true.

Pushing people off mountains

Goblins told me this morning that they are fond of kidnapping, tying down on trees, and pushing forest and mountain hikers off mountain cliffs, just to be a menace. The Goblins proudly laughed about how every now and then they will find a single human who is traveling alone in the deep northern Swedish forests in Sami land, a single human who is out to enjoy nature with just a backpack and camping equipment, especially those that are there to climb rock walls, mountains, and cliffs. The Goblins are very likely to surround such a human, make themselves visible and known. The Goblins can tie a human to a tree and pester them. But their favorite mischief to do is to push such captured humans off the cliff. The Goblin proudly laughed at the genious of this mischief, by saying that then the humans always send out a search party, helicopters, and they never figure out that it was Goblins that pushed the person off a cliff. To be specific, the human dies, and is meant to die, when it falls off the cliff.

I have seen many indications that the Goblins do have a dangerous and sinister streak. It is mostly based on their dislike of human behavior, that humans destroy nature and hurt animals. This mean behavior seems to entirely stem from their hurt feelings, because I would suspect that if humans were pristine living in nature then the Goblins would treat us well like their own family. But humans have done so many things that have angered the Goblins.

They want their wells back

Goblins say they had many water springs and wells in nature that have been taken away from them by humans and they want them back. It is their drinking water and they had lived by these for many hundreds of years. I asked where these wells are, they said that four or five of them are really important and these are in Sami land. I promised to look into it and to see if maybe I could locate these springs and get the Sami to give them protected status and maybe even return a few to the Goblins. I will see what I can do, I agree that it is rude to take the springs from the Goblins.

Goblins build houses

Goblins build some kind of houses, because when they talk about the fear that humans can start a campfire that gets out of hand and burns down the forests, they said that it would also burn down their homes and I got the impression that there are some sort of invisible small constructed houses next to trees.

Goblins like to sleep on silver-gray mosses on rocks. Goblins are upset that sometimes humans have picked these mosses, and they want everything returned back the way it was that was once taken.

Samis know about Goblins!

I wrote a letter to a Sami association about the Goblins and the lady replied that it is true that the Sami know about these creatures and that it is also true that these creatures "are not spoken of", and she would not tell me more. I have learned from my sources that the Sami try not to think about or talk about these Goblins because they know that the Goblins would otherwise read their minds and come pay them a visit. I have also learned from my sources that the Sami think that the Goblins are a bit of a nuisance when they visit, because the Goblins make a lot of requests that are not always easy to comply with, and the Goblins want to talk and explain their needs about nature and the Sami are not always able to sit and listen to everything. Goblins are kind of like the angry uncle that comes for a visit and won't leave. Goblins make the Sami a little bit nervous and the Sami can't quite relax with the Goblins near.

It doesn't seem that the Sami would fear the Goblins, because they understand the Goblins, but Goblins can be angry and demanding. I get all this information in this section from my own sources ie. Goblins and creatures telepathically, not from what I read about the Sami in literature, by the way.

Goblins like gold and coins

The Goblins told me this morning that there used to be gold in the north in Sami land and this gold was long ago taken away by humans. The Goblins want that gold back, so they said if I give them one of those treebark rucksacks I should put a good sized golden nugget into the backpack with it. Goblins don't like anything taken out of nature, they want it all restored back the way it was.

I have also learned today from my sources that Goblins are fond of metals. They like good quality metal drink chalices, and they also like a metal monetary coin. They could however get angry if someone gives them a silly metal object such as just a plain metal rod. Goblin women also told me that they like pretty metal crowns on their head, but that Goblins will not wear jewelry bangles on their wrists, but Goblin women like certain types of metal jewelry such as the crowns, because it is decorative and pretty.

Hotten Totter

Today on September 4 2015, at 3:20 PM, a Goblin tells me that in Sweden these Goblins are also called "Hotten Totter" by the humans.

Helping humans

Goblins told me this morning that Goblins often want to help humans in human settlements. This seems to have actually really taken place hundreds of years ago as a custom. There seem to have been solitary human houses and small farms in the forests in northern Sweden where humans literally knew about the Goblins and shared their homes with Goblins, and the Goblins would do real physical labor for the humans. This is part of the Goblin belief that it is important for Goblins to do services for humans in exchange to be able to expect tolerance and preservation of their lands for Goblins.

Goblins will do things like take care of the animals in a human small farm and homestead, probably animals such as horses, cows, but also cats. Goblins are good with animals, they know what animals are thinking and feeling, and therefore what the animal needs. Goblins are immensely caring about animals and incredibly very much concerned to ensure that all animals are healthy and well. Goblins are tremendously passionate about the well-being of animals, which is why they were so impressed that I cared about the fox crossing the street in the city a few weeks ago, which is why the Goblins decided to thank me by paying me a visit.

Goblins can carry things in a barn and a home such as the various things that you put on a horse the bridle and things. Goblins can also help out in the kitchen and carry things for people. Goblins will know where things need to be and will be good at putting things back to place. Not surprising at all if humans who have had Goblins helping around in their house will find things missing, but that those things have simply been magically put into their proper place in their house. Goblins are tremendously serious and responsible and they take great responsibility over animals and that things are the way they should be, so they are good at helping by carrying things to put things in the right place, such as horse bridles in the stables or porcelain bowls in the kitchen.

Goblins believe that by being hardworking and proper and helping humans in the human household, then the Goblins can also expect in return that humans are going to respect the Goblins and ensure that Goblins are safe from human activities and that Goblin forests and homes are not damaged by human activities. Goblins don't do favors for free, they expect that humans will not harm Goblins and Goblin homes and lands, in return.

But they say that humans used to give Goblins some food in exchange for the Goblins helping around the house and with the human animals. I forget what humans used to feed their Goblins, but some food was always by courtesy left out for Goblins. Goblins told me they like red apples, and I promised that if I come to visit them I would bring them lots of red apples, organic of course without pesticides.

Goblins cannot swim

Goblins can't swim and they will drown if they end up in water. I told them to be careful and not walk on ice that covers lakes, because the ice can break. The Goblins fussed at me for saying that, because after all they are taking care of themselves and of course they would know that, and I said that of course the Goblins have survived and taken care of themselves for hundreds of years so they don't need me to keep them safe.

Christian Coverup

My sources, and when I say my sources I mean Goblins, military, aliens, my sources have told me that Christians have made a coverup against the Goblins. There was a time when Christian Swedish people trespassed north into Sami land where the Sami humans were living, and forced Christian values, a schoolsystem, laws, economy, and everything on the Sami, I mean this I know from history, also the Sami were forbidden from speaking their own Sami language. But my sources say that the Christians also forbade any stories about the Goblins because Goblins were considered, by the Christians, as bad creatures that had to be forgotten about and to pretend as if these do not even exist.

Modern Western humans always think that the Christian-based Western scientific worldview is THE BEST and that it provides for the most realistic and true explanation of reality. But here is another example where Christianity and science have ruined truth. Goblins are real creatures and Christianity and the Western world has a coverup to act like the Goblins do not even exist.

I received confirmation when I wrote to a woman in a Sami association that the Sami do know about these creatures but that it is not talked about. It is probably a remnant from the times when Christianity forbade any knowledge about the Goblins, but also I suspect in part because the Goblins are respected and a bit that the Sami want to keep the Goblins at a distance.

If you want to meet the Goblins

Many of you are now probably fantisizing about making a trip into the deep northern forests of Sweden and Finland to go try your luck at meeting the Goblins. You should know that Goblins are invisible unless they choose not to be. Goblins do not like mainstream humans, for obvious and also valid reasons. You need to have a truly sincere pure and compassionate heart if you want any luck in meeting them. And sadly it cannot be faked, you cannot simply pretend to care about a fox or an animals. You either have it or you don't. Few people have the extent of compassion to animals that I have. And the Goblins will know if you are lying and faking it.

Goblins must be regarded as a protected species, and I would advise that people do not trespass into their forests trying to find them. If you do anyway choose to act disrespectful and stomp into their lands without even knowing how to contact them telepathically to ask for permission to come for a visit, then remember to be respectful. If you ask much as kill a bug or a snail or remove mosses from the ground, they are going to despise you for your destructive ways and you have got some angry Goblins.

When Goblins feel angry and upset, I can feel their emotions and it really hurts them. It almost turns them black and they almost start jumping up and down. It really is not pleasant to cause them to have to feel that way.

You really have to understand and respect nature if you are going to go meet the Goblins, but this goes so far and deep beyond how humans can understand. There is so much in the Goblin respect of nature that we humans will struggle to catch up with and learn. It really is no easy, or quick, task for a human to try to get to where the Goblins are in terms of respect for nature. Even a tree is more sacred than you thought you felt toward your mother. Can you look at a tree and feel a genuine and true reverence that is more than ten times the way you would feel protective about your mother if someone threatened to hurt her with a knife? I doubt it, of course you could try but it is hard to make that genuine. To be able to be respectful of Goblins, and earn a common ground with them, one would have to encompass such a tremendous understanding of nature, that we humans simply do not have. Many Sami who live close to nature have such a true and genuine appreciation of nature, and the Goblins love the Samis. But you are probably from a city and you know nothing about nature, and so when you think about going to meet the Goblins you are really out of your elements.

You might think that you just want to meet and experience them and that it doesn't matter if you do not understand them, or if you even end up making them angry or feeling disrespected, but if you think that it just doesn't matter then you're really completely mistaken. The meeting with Goblins is also a meeting with nature, because the Goblins are all about nature and the forest. They have lived in forests for centuries, and forests we forget are living places. It is so wrong to go out to meet them if you are going to end up disrespecting them and their home, by you not understanding nature, or Goblins. It is so wrong to do that. You think it doesn't matter, but it matters a lot.

I will say it again. A modern human thinks that "nature" is just a small thing, maybe it is some trees or some bugs and a moose. Nature seen from the perspective of the Goblins is so HUGE, so tremendous, so important, and if you go into their forests to meet them and you have no clue about nature, you are really making a mistake. I have asked the Goblins to let me meet them so that I can sit with them in nature and learn more about nature. I want to understand, because it is huge.

The Goblins demand so much respect, because they are very serious individuals. Also remember that the Goblins do from time to time kill humans that enter into their forests, so good luck, you might just end up being another accident of a hiker who got lost or who fell off a cliff. It is very hard to figure out how to keep the Goblins happy, because it cannot be faked or synthesized, it has to be genuine and you have to already be the right kind of person so that they come to you.

Don't trespass into their forests. Don't harm nature. Don't hurt the animals. Most humans have no business whatsoever going out to try to meet the Goblins. Goblins are a real people of tremendous integrity, they are very serious people. Even the Samis have respect for the Goblins.

Goblins talk to Animals

Goblins are able to know the feelings and thoughts of animals, and they have an admirable deep respect and compassion for forest animals. And when I am on good terms with the Goblins, which I am, I feel that I too am part of that great care. They are tremendously loving and nurturing toward living creatures, and it is a wonderful experience to be a part of receiving that from them. Unless, of course, most humans fall into the category of ones who have earned contempt from Goblins for being disrespectful toward nature.

Goblins have told me how deer will come up to them fearlessly. Goblins have today transferred to me from them to feel the spirit of a wolf, a bear, a wolverine. The Goblins see a person in these animals, and getting to experience it through them, I saw it too.

Misunderstandings about Goblins

Goblins don't exist - Goblins do indeed exist.

Goblins steal babies - They have stolen Sami babies, but it is not for the reasons humans would assume. It is not done to hurt people, nor is it because they would envy human babies and reject their own Goblin babies. The reasons for why they do this I have outlined above in its own section. They do it out of diplomacy.

Goblins steal gold - That is true, but the misunderstanding is that then we think of them as horrible thieves. Today while I was in the bath, a Goblin man was looking around my home for things to steal, and I do not doubt that physical items could very well indeed go missing into thin air if a Goblin decides to snatch it. He was looking for golden items, a golden spoon, or a golden fork, or golden jewelry. I regretted to him that my spoons and forks are made out of steel metal, and that I own no gold jewelry. The Goblin explained that they are not exactly stealing. They are simply looking to return back what was stolen from them in the first place. They do not like that humans have stolen metals like gold and copper from mines in the north in their land, and they are hoping to return those back. I told him that it was unfair to punish me for what other humans have stolen from them, and I asked him to please not take my keys or credit card and wallet because I cannot manage daily life without those, but that anything else he would like to take from my possessions he should ask or tell me first so that I know where they went missing. So the misunderstanding here is that they are not simply stealing, they are actually taking back what was first taken from them.

Goblins are scary and dangerous - Well, actually humans started it first, by being scary and dangerous toward nature and animals. Goblins are only mean to humans who are destructive and disrespectful. Somehow I doubt that Goblins would get angry at me, of course the potential is there, but they like me because I am kind to animals and nature. So it is true that they can be dangerous and scary, but we humans have to really understand that it is our own fault if they are.