Today is September 3 2015 and it is 7:40 AM. This morning I have met the Goblins.

First - a dream

Bear with me here! This first part is a dream that I had at night, prior to when the dreaming seamlessly turned into an encounter with the Goblins. The dream in blue part here.

First I had dreams last night. I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse. I seem to always dream about zombies every time when I eat meat, and just so happens I did eat a big beef meat stew last night. Whether I eat chicken or red meat I am sure to dream about a zombie apocalypse that night. I am usually a vegetarian so those times when I do eat meat it makes me dream about zombies.

In the dream I was in a small American town, even though I live in Europe, and it was in the night and there was some wet snow on the ground. The zombie apocalypse started with bites from rampant wild animals such as wolves that were running in the town biting people and getting people infected. Infected human zombies were not as big of a threat since they move slowly. The epidemic had just started but there was panic everywhere, since most of the population were not aware that they have to go into hiding. Young men had armed themselves with rifles unless they were a civil military, not the official military but civilians who took the role. People were hunted down, me included, and one armed person caught me and got me down on the ground and pointed a rifle at me.

Luckily I got away and I ran toward a small home in the town and barged in through the front door. I begged the family living there to let me stay with them, I said I could defend them with weapons against the zombies and let them stay safe in an upstairs bedroom, they had three to five children. I felt bad that I would be eating their food and food and supplies was already very quickly becoming an issue and source of panic and raids. The lady of the house, an older very heavy-set lady allowed me to visit.

I decide to leave and I go into a shop where two of the walls are all window glass, luckily the front door is unlocked. I hear that there are zombies behind a door so I won't go in there. There is a zombie woman at the counter and I try to stab her with a knife but that's too risky she might reach over to touch me so I shoot her once with the rifle and she doesn't stop moving, so I have to shoot her twice then she dies. People who are looking for resources are going to come in here so it's time for me to leave. There are some chips or popcorn on a tray for customers so I grab some on my way out, also someone is about to come in through the door in the shop where I had heard voices so I'm leaving quickly.

Next I am in my home town in Europe and during the day, it has snowed here too and it is getting cold. All the stores have been abandoned and I am browsing for which winter coat to snatch and also going through some other clothing to take. A woman is looking for people who she brings in to a building on our shopping street and murders, though she herself is not a zombie and also her victims are not zombies but people she picks up from the street. She is looking for me and asking people around by my name, I tell the person I am with at this time to say another name for me, and when the woman comes looking for me I turn around and my friend says the other name for me and that woman then leaves. But she keeps on searching the streets while I am there browsing for which clothes to take. She tries to ask me to go with her, but I know it's a trap for murder, so I manage to dissuade her politely and she goes on to taking another victim with her instead. My friend shows me that he has carved into my passport to change my name in it.

Meeting the Goblins

Now we get to the interesting part. Still asleep and in the dream, me and the man accompanying me we reach a government building which is in the United States again, and the man has a huge golden-colored key. The key is almost as tall as a person is but it must not be all solid metal because it is not as heavy as that. There is a hole on the left side of the glass front doors, he shows me how this humongous key fits into that hole. He puts the key in through the hole so that it fits and stays all inside of the wall, rather than just partly into the hole it is entirely inside the wall, the key is also not turned to open anything. He pushes the key all through to the other side so that it falls to the floor there in the reception hallway. There are three to five military women sitting on a bench along a brickwall that is attached and extending from this government building and right at the entrance. These women are wearing camouflage low rank military uniforms and they seem tired and are sitting very casually and not much attentive at all, they are guarding the entrance to this building. The first of the women to the left is a black woman. They don't even look our way, but of course they know that we are standing here.

Yes, and they were guarding the Goblins. Did I say that? Oops! We are not to let anyone aware of our whereabouts! Oopsie! Can I, dare to not say that again? - Goblin man
It's ok. No one knows where you are. - me
We don't like beer cans either. We know that you have got some there. But you drink juice! We are very excited to say that. You see, that bear cans they destroy our nature. Beer cans, and other litter that you people leave around here. We don't like it. We also try to take care of the animals too, and therefore we are glad that you have tried to help the fox. You see, the fox was having trouble with crossing the street. We don't like carnivores either. We, we don't eat meat. So, we see, that you and me are quite the same! Now. We and me my Goblins must go now. And it was a pleasure to meet. Always glad to see you back here. Now! We must be on our way! Taa-taa and goodbye! - the Goblin man
Goodbye Goblin. And it was a pleasure and privilege to meet with you all. - me
So, do not just tell humans about our plight. But do not, tell them about our whereabouts. We have left their lands. They used to be ours first. But, now! It has all been spoilt! We must take our children here instead. And, we are very sad and sorry about that. Very sorry indeed. But there are others! Of us! Who live outside! We can't. Because our lands were ruined. So we were taken here instead. And now we are served coffee and tea-cakes. So we like it here! We have a warm room! We like it here very much. And, also our men, they are very wise here. They have seen it happen! [mental image of forest demolition] - the Goblin man
We are not in the forest anymore. - the Goblin man
Now, now you! Leave her alone! - old Goblin woman, looks to be the one I sat next to
So, *laughter* you weren't allowed/supposed to see that! - a military human, I forget if he said allowed or supposed
But we thought that you could handle it. - the black-haired MIB man who spoke also earlier in the morning when I woke up
I can handle seeing them. They are sweet and lovely! - me
Yes and we like our coffee-cakes here! They are serving them us. - the Goblin man
I am glad you have good coffee cakes. Yumm yumm! - me
Yes, and we don't like ammunition bullets. - the Goblin man, "ammunition bullets" was in one word in my native language (NL)
We don't like ammunition bullets. - the Goblin man, again "ammunition bullets" in (NL) the same

The black woman military recruit was sitting all slumped and seemingly exhausted on the bench. The big golden-colored key had opened a different door to the left of the main front door, and this was also a special way of getting entrance into the building. It all felt like having a special VIP pass to get to meet the town mayor of that building, that sort of thing, that sort of invitation and key, but it opened that door and it meant that he and I were now allowed a special entry to the building.

Very quickly I arrived in a room that was a small long and narrow bedroom with a window covered in blinds and there was a little man sitting there who was one of the Sami people. What a random thing to meet in a United States government building you might think, as did I think when I first met him in that dream encounter.

Please do a Google internet search for information on Sami people, or see if this link to my search on it works. Take a moment to get acquainted with this people. The Sami are an indigenous people, just like the Australian Aboriginals are to Australia or the Native Americans are to America, the Sami are the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I have met them a few times in my childhood during visits to the north with my family. The countries in which they live have tried to forcefully and cruelly assimilate them into modern European living, this includes forcing them to go to traditional schools and forbidding their own languages, but that was decades ago and today they are allowed to keep their own traditions if they so choose.

The Sami are still today very proud of their culture, they remind in a lot of ways of Native Americans. They live close to the nature, they do reindeer herding. Their traditional houses were tipis made out of logs stacked together into a cone and they kept a fire inside. Their traditional costume is a very bright blue and red. They have their own language, traditional songs, lots of artifacts. Of course today many of them live in modern houses, they use electricity and snow scooters and cars and all of that, but they are proud of their culture.

So I met a Sami man in that room, he was busy at a desk with papers it seemed. He did not come up to greet me. He was indeed wearing the red and blue traditional costume, and as many Samis he was a strikingly short and small man. I then entered through into the next room which was a big meeting room and there were the Goblins.

The room was a big auditorium, there were many rows of chairs

Oh, noo, it wasn't that special. Calm yourself down, child. It wasn't that bad. We were only here to meet you, and show you our arts and crafts. - the old Goblin woman
So! Welcome back to us anytime you want to! - the Goblin man
And we didn't mean that you had to wash, because now you smell the same. - the Goblin woman, "wash" in (NL), she had earlier said when I woke up from the encounter about how I smell and I had a shower this morning and put on some deodorant again and she means that I smell like deodorant all over again, and that she had not intended or meant that I must wash
We get coffee-cakes here! - the Goblin man
That is why we came here. - the Goblin man adds, and grabs a piece of sweet bread or bun and stuffs it into his mouth

There were about ten or so rows of chairs. Each row had about

Oh noo, let me go count them. - a Goblin man assertively and helpfully says
... Well? How many rows of chairs? And how many chairs were there on each row? - me
Do you want to know how many we were? We were 88. - a Goblin
That is a good round number for us! - the Goblin woman says, working firmly and swiftly on a red yarn in her hands
.. Our children were sent away from here, as you see! - Goblin woman
Yes, I remember that. - me
Let's just say it was past their bedtime. But we didn't want trouble for them. The little ones, the noggins! - Goblin woman
So they were sent away. When you came in. - the Goblin woman working on her red yarn
The men didn't think you were precious, anyway. - Goblin woman
We know that you liked the foxes! So we arranged for a meeting with you! We liked that, anyway! - the Goblin man
Yes. I cared about the fox trying to cross that street. I would have wanted to help it get back to the forest. I cared about the fox, so deeply. - me
We cared about these coffee cakes here. - the Goblin man says and stuffs another piece into his mouth, it seems to have blueberry filling
We liked our old wells. But we like these ones here better. The water is always cold here, and warm. - the Goblin woman with the yarn, she means that it is always warm there in the building
We were given coffee cakes. To meet with you. As a token of our welcome. So, we sent the children away. Otherwise they start to whine and nag. - the Goblin man
Did you meet the Sami man? He wasn't pleasant. He didn't even stood up to say hi to you! - a Goblin
That is ok. I was there to meet the Goblins. The Sami is after all just a human. - me
You think so? He is part us. The Samis and us go back a way long time. We used to live together you see. And so, now we do not, because our forests were demolished. So! Now we live here instead! And eat coffee cakes! - the Goblin man
And sit in warm rooms. - the Goblin woman with the red yarn
It is warm and nice here, and toasty. So we sit here, and feel around. - Goblin woman with the yarn, or "fool around" or "fumble around", meaning just to do things and be up to things, to keep themselves occupied
You wanted to help him! - one of the Goblins or the Sami man says to me about the fox
Yes. Of course I did. That poor little fox was so terrified and in such a wrong place. I felt so bad for it. It made me feel sad and disgusted. - me
Well, we don't mind telling you about our forest. - the Goblin man
And where we used to live! - either the Goblin man adds, or the Goblin woman with the yarn says
You were brought out here, to say hi to us. - the Goblin man
Yes. Hello. It was one of the best moments in my life! - me
We get coffee cakes. - the Goblin man approximately
Did you want to meet with the children? - Goblin woman
Maybe next time, if I can come back. - me
We have told him about you and the fox. And he thought it was pretty impressive. - a Goblin means that the Goblins have told the Sami man who was there about what I had thought about the fox

So each row of chairs had about ten or so chairs. So maybe yes there were ten by ten chairs for a total of 100 which would fit 88 Goblins, or wait some of them were children and the children were sent away but anyway. Several rows of chairs, and several chairs in each row. The rows of chairs were arranged on steps on a downward decline of steps like in an amphitheatre, with a big projector screen in front down below. On the screen was shown a zombie apocalypse film taking place in a Turkish church, with human women and men running and being attacked by zombies and turned into zombies. So the zombie apocalypse was taking place all over the world now. The Goblins were being shown news segments from the world, from the human world, provided to them by the military/government of course.

Of course there has been no 'zombie apocalypse'. I always dream about a zombie apocalypse when I have eaten meat, and just so happens that I ate a big meat stew not long before going to bed, so that was bound to happen. I also seem to dream about zombies and victims being eaten when I meet Hamish or Reptilians, so maybe Hamish was near.

Yes-No. - Hamish mumbles
What, Hamish Dear? - me
Yes-No zombies. - Hamish quietly mumbles again, I've never heard him mumble before
Yes-Noooo!! - Hamish, ok so now he is not mumbling anymore
I was going to drown your babies in that bathtub. But I was not going to, they said. They said No. But I was not going to, then. - Hamish about my bathtub
I wanted to smell and drink their blood! - Hamish or Dark Lord adds

That does not come as a surprise, Hamish drowns my hybrid children at a river and so part of him making himself at home here would naturally be to come to the thought to drown the kids in our bathtub here instead, for convenience and proximity's sake.

But anyway, apart from that little Hamish interlude, I seem to think that I was taken in the other world to a real United States government building in a small American town, the building is guarded by military recruits, a special key which is either a real key or more probably just symbolic of a special permit to visit, was granted to me and to the man accompanying me to the building. I was shown to an auditorium where I got to meet real Goblins and there was also a human Sami man in an adjacent room, he dressed in a traditional blue and red costume.

The Aliens I have, meaning the Zeta Greys, Draconian Reptilians, Orions, Dinosaurs and others, they hide in a different parallel reality. This works because, as the Dinosaur once explained to me, "their atoms oscillate at a different frequency". But there are also other creatures living in that parallel reality. There are real old-Earth dinosaurs such as large brown pteradactyls and little raptors who are surviving relics from millions of years ago when those lived freely on Earth. I have also met nature spirits whom I will describe again later on this page. And now I have met the Goblins, who are also kept in that other parallel realm to be protected from the human world.

If it were possible to live in a parallel reality, then don't you think that aliens and Goblins would much prefer to hide there rather than fumbling around on planet Earth in the same space as human beings? Humans are a lot of trouble. But part of the reason seems also to be that human governments and military have chosen on behalf of the rest of us to hide away all of these magnificent creatures. You might think that the existence of a parallel reality sounds like nonsense, but what proof do you have that such a place does not exist?

Oh, we do exist, we are very real. - says the Goblin man
I know you do. And I am glad of that. - me
You don't need to smile at us, we know that you mean well. - the Goblin woman who worked the yarn says just as I make a smile to them
We were living in caves and mines first, until, those too were first evacuated. - Goblin man

There are also human military living in that other parallel reality, working there. So you also find military in that other place, military, aliens from outer space, dinosaurs from millions of years ago, nature spirits and Goblins.

At that point I was fully awake in that dream world when I looked at these little people. My mind felt fully clear, because seeing such

We don't like the onslaught. - a Goblin says, he means that if humans use a sickle to cut the grass on a meadow with wild grasses and flowers then some of the Goblins might have been in that grass and get cut and severely injured by the sickle
Does that happen sometimes, ever? I am so sorry about that. - me
So we know to stay away from you, from humans. - Goblin
Good. Humans are dangerous. - me
They might also kick us around with their shoes! So. That is why we were glad that you came barefoot. - Goblin
DON'T you worry, little Dearie. - the Goblin woman, just as I am wondering because I went to bed in only my black panties
I'm sorry that we didn't all stand up. To greet you. But, we could all see you there standing at the door. We just didn't come up and greet. - Goblin
I was happy that everybody was so calm with me there. I felt like quite the outsider. - me
Yes, yes, you were that. - Goblin man
It was not an amphitheatre. We don't watch theatres or movies there. We just sit there, to assemble, to congregate. We sit there for assemblies, and talk about our flowers and rivers and forests. We sit with the Sami people there. We sit there to congregate. They say they don't have time for us always [they=Sami]. - Goblin man
Can I come back again? I would like to see you again. It was so much fun! - me
We didn't see you laughing, dear. - the Goblin woman

Seeing these creatures made my mind completely clear, it was a wake up call more severe than coffee or an ice cold shower to see these many little people there, a whole assembly room full of little midgets that looked like nothing I have ever seen or imagined before. And the image was not fading, it was not blurry. There I was, second after second in a perfect stream of reality that was unfading, unwavering, clear and real.

I was standing behind the upmost backmost last row of chairs at a passageway there up above where I had arrived after going through the door from the room where the Sami had been. They were indeed, or at least so I thought, watching a news segment about the zombie apocalypse in Turkey. Perhaps rather a news segment about the wars in Turkey which are current. Or perhaps no news segments or films at all, maybe I just projected my previous dreams about the zombie apocalypse onto that screen because there was a screen there. But then the screen was in fact blank and white, and I was in a room with Goblins.

One or two Goblins stood in the pathway with me, one of these was a Goblin boy child.

The Goblins are very short, and I felt really awkward and tall there with them. They are

We are easily kicked around, you see. So we are always watchful. - Goblin man
I would never kick you of course. - me
We know that! - Goblin
So you think that meeting us was like a wake-up call with coffee? - the Goblin man
Please, don't wear any more perfume when you come here. - the Goblin woman
I was having a hard time with that perfume. - the Goblin woman
I thought it was my loud voice. And I am sorry. I will not wear perfume again, if I do get to visit you again. - me
We wanted our streams back. - Goblin man
I wanted your streams back to you too. - me
They have all been ruined, or demolished. - Goblin man
Our children cannot play there. Or fetch the fish from there. - Goblin woman
You Goblins fetch fish? You can fish? - me
Yes, we eat the livers snacks/then. - Hamish thinks I'm talking to Hamish
I love you Hamish. - me
Hamish? I met some Goblins last night. Have you seen them? - me
They didn't like my back hump I said to you, then. - Hamish regretfully

Yes, Hamish did tell me in the morning when I woke up that the Goblins did not honor his back hump, and that made Hamish feel a bit sad and disappointed, but not angry or rampant in any way.

The Goblins are very short. I don't know how to estimate length, but maybe a third of my length, maybe half a meter, which is 1.64 feet. Their skin is beige, or a beige brown red, it looks like a normal human skin color almost. They have very small blue eyes. It was almost as if the eyes were like miniature human eyes, with white, pale blue irises, and a darker pupil, or perhaps just white and blue without any black irises.

Oh yes, she needs to look into our eyes yet once more. - the Goblin woman who had the yarn declares

The eyes moved around a lot when the Goblin was looking at me, which means that they have eyeballs and not eye surfaces. Reptilians for example have eye surfaces as opposed to eyeballs. The head is shaped like a mushroom cap, pointy to the top and wide at the jawline. Big cheeks and a big wide nose. The body is small and round, fat and plump.

We didn't mind sitting with you, if you thought so. - a Goblin man
I wasn't insulting you, I really wasn't. I am trying to remember what you looked like. - me

Looking over the crowd in the auditorium, I noticed that they were all wearing lots of clothing pieces. Pants, shirts, maybe dresses, scarves, bits of fabrics here and there. The fabrics all looked home-made and make-shift, like arts and crafts. It looked like home-made arts and crafts made by humans living in small farmer communities hundreds of years ago. I also felt from the clothes, and maybe that is because I am psychic, that their clothes had a strong Sami connection, either given to them by Samis or made by the Goblins themselves with methods taught to them by Samis. (However Sami clothing are made with incredible skill, whereas these Goblin fabrics were very make-shift in quality.) Most of the Goblin clothing were in red yarn.

There are men Goblins and women Goblins, and there were also a few, two or three Goblin children in the room. The children were quietly sent away from the room a short while after my arrival, but I did get to look at a Goblin boy child up at the passageway for what seemed like a very long time before he and the other children were sent away by order of the other Goblins.

I must say the Goblins were all very well-behaved.

Yes, we thought so. - the Goblin man
We wanted to be, making a good impression for you. Especially since you have liked the fox. - the Goblin man
The fox is our proudest creature, it likes to tell us where it has went/gone. - the Goblin man, I forgot if he said gone or went
We miss our springs and wells. We used to bathe in them. - the Goblin man
We had good wells here, and also many good minerals. - the Goblin man or an old Goblin man
And we want to thank you for not wearing any shoes here. - the Goblin man
I go to sleep without shoes on yes. - me

They were so well-behaved. While many were glancing behind their backs looking at me, not all of them were. Many of them were minding their own business. And everyone of them was very casual and calm about my presence. I felt like such an outsider, but they made my visit more comfortable thanks to their very mild and casual and welcoming nature, tolerant nature too I should say.

Thank you for taking care of the fox. That is why we came to you. Because we knew you were a buddy. - the Goblin man, "fox" in (NL)
Yes. I am a buddy, of you Goblins and of foxes. - me
It/he was there next to the country road. - Goblin (NL) about the fox

The Goblins seem a bit stern, a bit serious, focused, but not angry or mean or dangerous or harmful. They did not come across as cheerful or elated, rather it was a very calm and well-mannered atmosphere. It was also not happy or smiles or laughter. It was calm, well-behaved, and focused in there. A bit serious and grave, and I think that might reflect their normal moodlet.

They were going to have a handing out of presents right now, like Christmas presents but just the presents. They had made wrapped presents. An old Goblin woman was letting me wrap a present, the gift itself I forget what it was some small item perhaps even it was a stone, the gift she had provided for but she let me wrap it and so the gift would be from both me and her to the recipient. She looked stern as she helped me with it, serious and focused and contemplative. The mood in the room was not elevated or happy. They seem to be serious and focused people.

It felt a little bit like as if I was a nuisance, that I had barged in to their gift exchange and now they had to scramble to get me something to give so that I could be part of it and it felt like a mandatory expected courtesy that they were having to provide for, at least that is how it felt to me because I felt like quite the outsider.

Turns out when I woke up from the dream encounter, either a creature an alien or a Goblin or the military told me that the Goblins had been asked to stage Christmas gifts so that I would feel comfortable and at home during my visit. In fact many times when I visit the Zeta Greys (visit! hah! it is abductions!) the Zetas have staged Christmas and Christmas tree and gifts, to try to make me feel comfortable there, because the Zetas think that Christmas is the happiest time in the world for humans. So the Goblins had been told the same, to stage Christmas. Anyway the gifts thing was over with pretty quickly, or perhaps it never quite began.

Because I made my way down to the empty seat that was on the rightmost end of the lowermost row. There were not many empty seats but there was one. I sat down to who I'm sure is the Goblin woman who spoke here. I was sitting there talking, I forget now what I was saying. The woman commented to me that she was uncomfortable and unable to bear with the high-pitched tone of my voice, so she asked me to change seats. So I went to sit to the second from last seat on the other, left, end of that same bottommost row, and I was sitting in between two Goblin men, one of them seemed a bit younger and blonde somehow, and is "the Goblin man" who has spoken here today, and the other one a bit older and seemed as if he had brown hair. I forget however now if the Goblins even have hair.

Shortly after chatting a bit with these Goblin men I wake up in my room. And it felt as if I had had a real encounter, because their faces had been so clear and so real. I was happy and a bit amused remembering that dream encounter. But then these little people continued to speak with me telepathically, as I was in my room and in my bed, again dressed in only my black panties that I went to sleep with. Fortunately while visiting the Goblins for some reason or another I was in fact wearing more clothes. Maybe the military slip me into something, bless their hearts.

The woman Goblin commented, when I was awake here again, on my smell, she thought it smelled of my deodorant, perfume the bodyspray, and that I also smelled of urine. I did wear my deodorant yesterday yes, and as for the bodyspray perfume I had not sprayed it on myself yesterday but I did spray it into a room yesterday, so if she picks that up off of me then her sense of smell is very keen. I did not have a shower before bed last night so someone with a good sense of smell might sense urine on a human, because humans do visit the bathroom during the day. Hamish can also sense urine smell on me if I don't shower. He usually says I "smell like the eggs".

You have seen them mention a fox many times now. There was a time in August this year when me and a family member were driving on the highway and I saw a terrified scared fox who had gotten lost into the big city, it was trying to cross the streets, and I felt so deeply sorry for it and I was just taken by how hideous this city was (the Goblin man now gazes at me deeply, concurring with my sadness)

Yes, we think that the cities are hideous. That is why we do not live in them, or let our children come and play. - the Goblin man

I was so taken by how out of place that fox was. I so deeply wished that I could have been the one driving, that I could have stopped my car on the highway, opened the backseat door and somehow telepathically could have asked the dear fox to come inside my car and curl up in the backseat and I would drive it to the forest and let it go out to a meadow. I also thought how I wished I could get out of the car and stand in front of the oncoming traffic and signal with my arms for the cars to stop so that we could let the poor fox pass. So there are real Goblins and they picked up my thoughts and feelings about the fox.

Coincidentally, and only in this year or not much longer, when I have been out on nature walks and thought about how horribly humans have assaulted nature, I have on a few rare occasions seen

They are the Celtics. - Hamish or other says about these nature spirits
They are the what? Celtics? Does that mean they are Leprechauns? - me
The Celtics??? - Dark Lord
Yes? What are they? Alpha Centaurians? - me
No, no no, we have not called them that... - Dark Lord fussy
The Celtics are a proud, old, ancient original race. They were here first before humans came. And now! They have all been driven away! The Celtics. They were proud once. And now they have been taken by us. - Dark Lord
And their pride will not be restored. So! Go to sleep there. And we will tell you more! - Dark Lord, there is my bed here where I am sitting on

On a few rare occasions when I have been on nature walks and have contemplated on the crime that humans do against nature, then here in Europe I have gotten to see nature spirits who look a lot like the Alpha Centaurians. Note: "real" Alpha Centaurians are the "humans" with black hair who look human and who are forced by the Agenda to work in mines for the Agenda. These miniature little yellow men who are tiny and narrow with long vertical heads were perhaps also Alpha Centaurians. But they are also what the nature spirits look like.

The nature spirits will then tell me that they have chosen to let me see them, and they will be there in the forest right next to me, and they tell me they have chosen to let me meet them because of how I sympathize with nature, they know they can trust me and that we share common ground in our values regarding to nature. They do not physically materialize, so I could not take a photograph, but they let me see them mentally and they talk to me telepathically.

Also lately in the past year or so when I am in the forest I will sense sentient creatures in the nature, but had not seen any. Felt that there were creatures in logs or behind stones, like trolls or something, but not seen them. But the nature spirits which look precisely like the yellow little Alpha Centaurians, and now Goblins who are also a type of nature spirit I would say, I have now met them both.

When I woke up here in the morning the Goblins told me more about how they the Goblins and the Sami humans have always been in close contact and still continue to be. Which would not surprise me. If the Goblins will contact me because I sympathized with a fox, then the Sami can get to meet the Goblins too with how they live close to nature and love nature. I wonder if the Sami people still have stories about Goblins? Or if they keep that a secret?

The Goblins told me about how they used to live in the north of Sweden but their forests have been demolished so now they live in this building, which I think is guarded by military. The Goblins say they like it very much in this building they live in now, I think it might be the same building as where the assembly room was and the room where the Sami was earlier. They like that it is always warm in the building, and they like that they are served good coffee cake and also coffee. The Goblins asked me if I have good coffee cakes, they said they used to not have as good ones but now here they do. The coffee cake they talk about is a wheat bun, perhaps sweetened but not necessarily. It is like a soft yeast bread which in many European countries is served with coffee, hence coffee cakes.

These Goblins are from Sweden which is where there are a lot of Sami people living too, from the far north of Sweden. Their forest was destroyed and so they can live there no longer and they are living in this building provided by a secret government. The Goblins told me about another population group of Goblins that are still living in the ancient forests of northern Finland. I find it a bit strange that these Swedish Goblins chose to live in a building rather than just relocate to another forest, but it felt as if Goblins stay true to their original land, almost as if they are a part of the land, almost even as if sprung out of the land like mushrooms, and that relocating is not done, and joining and merging with another population of Goblins is not done, that is what I felt. They enjoy the warm building and coffee cakes that they are served, but they do miss their trees and water springs. The Goblins said that they used to live among trees, like standing beside tree trunks.

The Goblins said to me that they are not trolls. And he said, and he said this in Finnish I looked up the words on the internet, he said with the Finnish word that they are not "keijukaisia" which means fairies, that they are not fairies. He also then said with the Finnish word that they are not "menninkäisiä", but later he said that they are "menninkäisiä".

Here's the kicker. Sergeant Wilkes was talking to me telepathically, again this is in the morning when I am awake, and Sergeant Wilkes told me that these creatures were, and I quote, "Goblins". Now incidentally when you translate the Finnish word for what the creatures had called themselves, "menninkäisiä", it translates precisely as the English word Goblins. My jaw dropped and I felt myself go pale when I found that out. Of course I didn't know what to call them before Sergeant Wilkes told me they are Goblins.

Here we go, "menninkäinen" "in Finnish mythology and lore they are a leprechaun-like inhabitant of the forest. They are said to give people riddles, dominance struggles, and to elicit favors. They are goblins, hobgoblins, or gnomes."

Humans have reported seeing and believing in the existence of these kinds of creatures for centuries throughout Europe, but in modern times with the advent of science and technology these folklores have disappeared into storybooks and mythology. Either because people stopped living close to nature and moved into cities where the Goblins are not and people changed the focus and tune of their mind away from nature, away from awareness that makes contact with these beings possible, or also likely because the Goblins chose to move away from modern humans. The Goblins don't like humans who take down trees or build roads and who hurt nature and animals. The Goblins themselves claim to still have much contact with the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia and Finland, the Sami people who live very closely to nature.

Goblins are described as being dwarf-like, that they have magical abilities and they are greedy especially for gold and jewelry.

Gnomes seem from a quick glance reading about it to be a fairly modern invention for literature, as opposed to based on witness accounts? However I will say this thing. The Goblins I saw look like mushrooms, they are short and plump and their heads are wide at the base and pointy to the top, so when I see pictures of Gnomes with the pointy hat I am not at all surprised because they kind of look almost as if they would be wearing a pointy hat, only that it is their head. However the nature spirits that are yellow and look like Alpha Centaurians, they do in nature wear tall pointy blue hats.

I did ask them about their origins when I woke up in the morning, did they come from outer space or had they evolved on Earth? The Goblin woman said that it is a long and complicated story, they did not feel like telling me. I asked for a short version or a summary of their origins, they did not bother to tell me. I wondered about them and thought to myself that they must not have skeletons, because humans have never found their skeletal remains. I did ask if I was allowed to write a webpage about my encounter with the Goblins, and no one seemed to object to it. Yet I assured them that I did not know their whereabouts and that even if I had known of their whereabouts I would not have told anyone.

So I have met Goblins. I look forward to learn more about them.

The Goblins. They are very short creatures, perhaps just half a meter tall (1.64 feet). Almost half of their length is taken up by their large head. The big belly takes up almost the other half. Legs and arms are very short. The head is pear-shaped, with a very wide jawline base and large round cheeks, and the head is almost pointy up toward the top. The skin is a beige skintone. I cannot recall if they have hair or facial hair (men), or if they have ears. Their eyes are small and pale blue without black pupils. The nose is very large, wide, but flat. They have a mouth. I did not notice their feet or hands what those look like. They wear clothes, but in this picture I have drawn a Goblin naked, and hairless. In this picture he is sitting down, hence the legs are bent at the knees.

Here is a Goblin with some brown hair and some clothes. It really is just a rough sketch, but is better than no picture at all. He is sitting down in this picture, hence the knees are bent.

Here is another drawing of a Goblin. He is sitting down, so the knees are bent.

Another drawing of the Goblins.

Update 3:54 PM the same day: I was told telepathically by someone in the Agenda that there used to be Goblins in Russia but the Goblins were mischievous and menacing because the Goblins used to set fire to things so the Goblins were forced out of Russia.

I have also chatted a bit more with the Goblins during the day, and I have determined that they have a very sassy fierce attitude, it was not just the atmosphere in the assembly room that things had to be well-behaved and a bit serious, no, these Goblins they have a nature of being sassy, mischievous, and maybe even a bit mean. I suspect that their attitude has been necessary to ensure their survival, because they are very small and short creatures without any claws or other means of defense, so being alert and on the watch, being suspicious and untrusting, and being even mean, are necessary for their survival as well as safety.

A Goblin also showed me an image of a gocart place and told me he is afraid of that place, he fears the gokarts. The Goblins are fearful of cars and traffic, roads, and humans and human activity overall. They seem very telepathic, they can also read the minds of animals such as the foxes. The Goblins are very in-tune with nature. They can read a human's thoughts and emotions and pure intentions right away just like that, they know how we are really feeling. Like when I posed a smile and the Goblin woman knew instantly that it wasn't from my heart and she fussed at me a bit and told me that it wasn't necessary for me to do that, you saw that example in the conversations earlier.

The Goblins don't like obscurity or fake behavior. They want people to treat them straight-forward and honestly, politely of course. The Goblins knew that I was safe because they had read my mind. They were very pleased how I had sincerely wanted to protect the fox that had gotten lost into the city. One cannot simply fake "pretending to care about foxes" and go sit out in nature somewhere and "hope" that Goblins will be impressed and come for a visit. The Goblins won't fall for faking. You cannot fake that you care deeply about foxes, unless you honestly feel that way. The Goblins had in fact invited me to meet them, because, a Goblin said to me today, it was the only way that they knew how to thank me for caring about the fox. And I told them that it had been wonderful to meet them, and that it had been a great way to thank me. I also swore that I would do anything to protect them. I would even give my life defending the Goblins. I asked to meet them again, and I hope I do.

And in a world where they know what harm the humans do, where they fear gokarts and cars and traffic and sickles and even humans who wear shoes and might step on them, I feel absolutely honored that they had seen a beauty and kindness in me thanks to how I was thinking about the fox. I adore the Goblins.