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September 22 2015 - November 5 2015

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Fussubuses, Goblins and Vaughn the Leprechaun

November 05 2015, 10:23 AM - After I had my shower last night and went to bed, I was shown mental images of a goat creature with a goat's head and goat hoof feet and goat horns, two legs, and it said it is Baphomet. But what interesting was, is that then the Zetas say "that they had shown me this Baphomet goat devil because I had eaten sugar and they had wanted to punish me with images of what they thought would be the scariest of all things for a human to see!" Gasp! So what? Are all these encounters with devil entities, which are portrayed by the Dark Lords, creatures such as literally Baphomet, just fake images so that the aliens can try to keep me under fear? Let's examine this for a moment.

I have met such dark and evil incubi that I still believe these Dark Lords to be a genuine species of their own kind and not fake projections made by the Zetas. I also have witnessed plenty of interaction between Dark Lords and the other aliens to conclude that the Dark Lords are real alien entities from the world they call Alpha Theta and that they are the rulers in the alien organisation. Zetas are subordinate to Dark Lords. But, Zetas still said what they said. So, is Baphomet real? I think he is, because he once reached over to visit me from Los Angeles from my Free Mason ex who had done all that mind control and D/s slave stuff, and this Baphomet was a real dark negative presence who was draining life force out of my heart deliberately and making me have heart problems. But interesting that the Zetas wanted to use the images of a goat person to scare me with.

Dark Lords talk lots of goats, and often they "decorate" themselves by making the image of them have two hooved goat feet or antlers of goats or other antler animals, they can also show off their fine goat fur on their bellies. Sometimes they show me their furred bellies and say that it is "eyelash hair" from all the humans who have "looked at them". People have sacrificed a lot of goats to Dark Lords throughout ages to appease them and keep them from hunting humans. Dark Lords often show up and simply say "my goats?", and then I tell them "no I don't have any goats, try at a goat farm maybe".

When I went to bed I was surrounded by lots and lots of gnomes, leprechauns and elves. Really. Remember when I was blessed with a meeting with Goblins? The Goblins turns out are a real people who hide in another dimension in northern Sweden and Finland, they had chosen to contact me since I had thought kindly of wanting to rescue a fox that had gotten lost in the highway in a city. So the Goblins had arranged for me a meeting with upwards to a hundred of them, there was also a real genuine Sami man in an adjacent room, dressed in the traditional red and blue Sami clothes, and I would learn that the Sami and Goblins have lived closely for centuries and even have children together and that they used to exchange wives with each other. This is a well-guarded secret, yet when I wrote to a Sami foundation they admitted that the Sami know lots about these creatures and they said that these creatures are "not spoken of". You can read about all this by following the link I gave you.

But last night, all sorts of Goblins and even a true Leprechaun and Elves! They had come to me, they said, because they knew that I respect nature and animals. All of these creatures have the truest deepest respect for nature, and they are very disappointed when humans throw away trash, hurt animals, or even break off a twig in nature. I learned that these species were created by the Zetas hundreds of years ago! They are early genetic prototypes that were planted to live on our planet and they now hide from human sight in another dimension! Good grief! And I write good grief since I just said it out loud, good grief!

There are many different types of these nature peoples, but they all had in common that they were small and short. I met again the very same Goblins, those I have drawn if you follow the link, with those proportionally large heads and wide flat nose and small brown eyes. The Goblins were again very adamant people, they really demand respect and could almost be fear-provoking. The Goblins told me that they know I can talk to animals.

Another species I saw had pointy ears and its skin was pale or Caucasian in color. It had a beard and wore a top hat and indeed it was a Leprechaun! And get this, this Leprechaun told me that they like gold and it asked me if I had any gold and said that if I had gold it might want to take it from me. I told it that I regret that I do not have any gold and that I would otherwise have given it to him if I had any, and that is true I wouldn't mind if he had some gold. We learned earlier from the Goblins, that the reason why Goblins want to steal gold and metals from humans is because they want to restore the metals back to nature where they were stolen from, they want nature to be left precisely untouched, and that is why the Leprechauns "guard a pot of gold", literally they do!

The Leprechaun then saw that we have a bucket with recycleable metal cans that we collect there until we take it to the recycling station. There were some metal cans there now, and the Leprechaun wanted to have one and I told it that it was more than welcome to take one. The nature peoples talked about how they know I like to recycle, they also talked about my bag of trash in my room, they don't like it at all when humans throw trash into the trash dump, but recycling it's also dreadful but, at least it's a bit better. These peoples truly love nature, it's remarkable!

We don't take anything out, that isn't given to us. - a Goblin says now, meaning nothing taken out of nature that isn't given to them by nature

I was at first a bit afraid to see the Leprechaun because they have a rumor about them in Ireland of being truly dangerous. Remember how the Goblins had reported that they habitually lure lone human hikers to get lost in the forest and then push them off cliffs to their death? These are truly dangerous creatures, they are very real, and they are very upset at humans for destroying nature, but it's as simple as stepping on the moss with some harsh shoes and leaving a mark in the moss, even that is enough to really upset the Leprechauns and Goblins! These are true creatures!

We don't mind the mosses being bent. - Goblin says with full stern and serious
We wouldn't kill a man for that. - says another female Goblin who wears a red knitted schal over her shoulders, like that makes a V at the back, it is loosely knitted with big hole gaps in the fabric

Get this! The Leprechaun then talked to me about the fourleaf clover! I am not kidding I would not make this up! If I were hallucinating this then at least I would remove those typical elements of it to make it more plausible! But no! The Leprechaun said that they like to give fourleaf clovers to people. The Leprechaun had pointy ears. Its skin looks a bit wet, almost like the skin of a corpse that has been lying in water and getting all soaked and soft, and it has sharp teeth. It wears fine clothes, a nice black tophat, a darkgreen or black vest, fine shirt and fine pants and some shoes.

A Goblin woman was knitting and she saw my purple knitted sweater in my room and she imagined what it would look like as a scarf over her shoulder in that fabric and color, I told her she could have it, that I would give it to her as a gift, and I had hoped to find it missing this morning but it still hangs here unfortunately. Again I saw how the Goblins love to knit and the women wear lots of knitted fabrics ornamentally. I learned that they do not use yarn made of sheep's wool, because when I offered her that I would buy her some balls of yarn, she was concerned that sheep get their wool cut, so she said that their yarn it is made out of beard of Goblins.

All of these creatures had in common that they were small. They were also all immensely nature-loving. The Leprechaun told me that it knows how to take care of horses, I told it that it should be careful to not get stepped on, but it seems that all these nature peoples they have used to take care of horses for humans, they can lead horses and carry saddles and tack and put things to place. Goblins told me last time when I met them for the first time of how Goblins used to live in people's farms and help with the work and people used to leave out food for them. They are real creatures, and the stories are true. Even the Irish Leprechauns are very real creatures, I have met them, and they are exactly as described. People have seen them and they are real.

They were made by aliens many hundreds of years ago, and that is why these nature peoples still wear very old-fashioned clothing. The Leprechauns seem to wear clothing that was in style in the 1800's, with the tophat and vest, and the Goblins date back even further back, they wear clothes that I cannot give a date to, maybe 1600's, or 1200's, I don't know. And all these creatures have in common that they are truly respect-demanding, frightening, adamant and very serious and stern people, and what matters to them is respect for nature and animals. Most people who encounter them would rightfully be very afraid

My turtle back. Yes-No. I do not want to be afraid. My silver, they said to me. - Hamish, Hamish was shifting his body from one side to the other while lifting one foot at a time, he does that swaying in his threat signal when he shows off to someone who has threatened him
Did the Goblins want to take silver from you, Hamish? - me
No, but they have shown me it. What they mine here with us. They are our miners here. - Hamish
They look for gold too. So, we are forced to oblige. - Goblin man

Oh my, the aliens are making the Goblins work for them in mines! How tragic, but then again, the aliens find work for everybody insects, whales, amphibians, humans, everyone, and mining for metals is a big part of what the Agenda focuses on, metals and mining are as important for the operations of the Alien Agenda as it is to ensure that there is food resource.

Most humans would be afraid of Goblins, Leprechauns and Elves.

We are not the Hob-Goblins. They would look at us and say that we are not. We have been looked at, quite a lot. Sometimes they send the military here. To guard us, to keep our secret. So, we are hiding away! - Goblin says
You don't need to hide from me. I am friendly, and I have cherished every moment spent with you. - me
My, my! - an old Goblin woman, wearing knitted schals and clothes that remind me of Sami clothing but is white and blue, she makes this remark as I am flattering this Goblin man, though I meant it for all of the Goblins

Most humans would fear them, because they are tremendously stern and serious. Forget about any smiles or relaxing. They seem deeply violated that humans have disrupted nature. I am on good terms with them, since they know I care about recycling, animals and nature, but those common humans who don't give a shit about nature should be very afraid, I would be afraid. I am afraid of them and nervous even when we are on good terms, so those who are on bad terms with Goblins, Elves, and Leprechauns would have a deeply terrifying encounter. And let's not forget, these creatures can lead a human astray and push them off cliffs. They are very angry at how humans have hurt nature. The Sami are an indiginous people of northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, and they are respectful to nature and have lived close to nature always and many still do in modern times. But these Goblins used to live in farms of other people too, centuries ago, the Goblins would help take care of horses, things like that.

These are creatures that are frightening and they are quick to anger. Even I am nervous, even though they come to me and tell me that they know I am kind to nature and animals.

Another observation is that they don't like flattery. When I speak kindly to them, a woman became very awkward and shy and embarrassed. They are very stern people, and they don't feel any lighter from flattery, rather flattery is nonsense, they think it is nonsense if I flatter them, and the women often like just recently we saw here the women give me looks and they intend for me to tone down my flattery.

So I met a Leprechaun. It reminds me of pig DNA, it has sharp teeth like a pig and its skin and jaw is like a pig, I don't know why. It is not an insult, but an observation. And it wears fine clothing like a rich gentleman from the late 1700's or the 1800's. They are all beautiful. I do wish I could take photos with a camera, or at least paint them. I am so blessed. There were so many, they all surrounded me, Goblins, Leprechauns, and Elves. This was my second visit with these, I was still in my home but they were around me in the other dimension somewhere else.

Leprechauns and Goblins and Elves. They were made by alien geneticists and set to live on Earth hundreds of years before Roswell or modern UFO culture or space travel. I like them a lot. And phew, I am so glad that they like me. If these creatures would surround me and be angry at me I would be truly frightened, because even when they are on good terms with me I am truly frightened as it is. I love them so much.

They have got strange smells, I said. - Hamish about Leprechaun
Do they? - me
Yes, but I was not arrogant with what I said! - Hamish
I didn't think you were being arrogant. You are just noticing a different smell, of a different species. - me

I do not take drugs. I am a highly psychic individual. The aliens are real, I have proven that with UFOs and witnesses and other physical evidence. I have proven that the telepathy is real, since I have telepathically described paths that real physical UFOs should fly in, and they flew that way. I just love the Goblins and Leprechauns.

I will give you a gold piece. - Leprechaun says to me

I am going to be working with animals soon and that is why they had come to see me this time, because they know I can talk to animals. The Leprechaun offered me a piece of gold because he approves of how I want to work with helping animals. The Leprechaun man said that he would be there with me, working together with me when I work with animals. This is why they had come to me this time.

I am not a liar. I do not write fiction. I am sharing a real genuine encounter with Leprechauns and Goblins, take it or leave it. The Leprechaun's legs are white and the skin looks strange like I said, and it has long thick dark brown or red hairs growing on its legs. I now sensed that it was about to get really angry because I was describing its appearance. Leprechauns and Goblins are very quick to anger, one has to be immensely careful around them.

We do not take badly with you, we do not take ill. - says the Leprechaun now to comfort me
I have to ask you, do you live in Ireland? - me
Mostly in Scotland. That is where we are from. And Aye, we are Scottish! We have lived here for aeons. Before the humans came here even. We were here first. And no!, we do not feel cold, we do not freeze. - Leprechaun

The Leprechaun has like pig's feet and its nose looks almost like a pig's nose. The chin has a flat underside rather than like a pointy human chin, and the chin points forward like a pig's snout does under the chin. It has sharp teeth like a pig.

Sir Leprechaun? - me
What? What did you call me? - Leprechaun
That is what you are called by humans. I must ask, since I have observed, are you related to the pigs? You share similar features with the pig. - me
With the hog? - Leprechaun, I would never have used the word "hog" myself, so this is real

Magnificent, I am looking at a mental image of a Leprechaun, he is not in my home but he is somewhere else. He stands holding each hand on either side at the front of the vest, standing legs wide apart, looking proud, I think he is proud of his clothes. Wait a minute, the domesticated pink pig has a lot of DNA in common with humans, in fact the domesticated pig is so much genetically close to humans that humans can receive skin grafts from the pig which the body does not reject all at once. And here is a Leprechaun who was genetically made by the aliens who are also researching on human genetics. Pig, Leprechaun, and human. Why do I find this interesting that the Leprechaun looks a lot like a pig? What have the alien geneticists done here on Earth?

They made me. Dub. - Hamish, "Dub" is from the Dinosaur language, not sure what it means, Hamish says when I wrote "What have the alien geneticists done here on Earth"
Hamish? I am glad that they have made you. - me
I like to give people the four-leaf clover. Because that means good luck around here. And! I am really good at finding them. - says Leprechaun
Thank you. It is very kind of you. You are a good man, a good character. - me
Only when we want to be. - Leprechaun
Sir Leprechaun? Why is it that you look so much like a pig? You look like a pig man. Sir? ... - me
I would rather not say it. But Ayee... Have you seen my eyes then? - Leprechaun
Yes Sir, I have seen your eyes, they are blue. - me
I like driving, riding out here on the mosses. And sometimes I see a Lark. I live here! - Leprechaun, he shows me a place in nature with rocks that are covered in thick sheets of soft green like blankets on low hills

Hey guys, I am not kidding. This Leprechaun he is a pig man. He has pig feet and pig skin, he stands on two legs though and is like a genetic variation from a pig. Why did someone make a pig man? I have seen mental images of him naked. It is a small pink-white pig man, but he likes to wear fine early 1800's gentleman clothing including a tophat. He is a Leprechaun. Oh well, my best friend is a Dragon Turtle so I should not act surprised. All creatures are welcome with me, I talk to alien creatures all the time, so a pig man Leprechaun is no bigger a surprise than any other whom I have already welcomed into my life. It was nice to meet you, Sir Leprechaun.

Thank you so much, Mr. Leprechaun, I was so happy to meet you. - me
My name's Vaughn. - Leprechaun Vaughn

The Leprechaun and Goblins are very pleased since I decided to start to work with animals just yesterday, they say they will be there with me and help me, I thank them for their blessing and I tell them I couldn't have worked with this without their blessing, and I tell them that I should work for nature preservation and be like an ambassador for them, then the Leprechaun put its hands into the palms of my hands. The Leprechaun was naked again, it looks like a small pig man, it has pink-white skin with many deep lines in its skin on the legs and body, the lines run horisontally, the skin is not soft or thin, it is thick and has deep spots in it, there are coarse hairs here and there sporadically, some hairs on the abdomen are white, others are red-brown on the legs. Its hands look like pig man hands, but I let it rest its hands in my hands and I told it the thank you after which it told me that its name is Vaughn.

Now something happened. Me and Vaughn were still telepathically talking about my plans for working with animals which includes horses and Vaughn was so pleased that I will work for the well-being of animals that he offered me a piece of gold that he held in his hand. He was offering for me this gold as payment. I told him kindly that no I do not need to take gold from him, and I was saying that I work and the payment is the well-being of the animals. He then showed me a graveyard in the United Kingdom and he thought of men in the 1800's, these men had had 1800's style trimmed full beards with bushy sideburns and a fine suit and tophat in the same style and era as Vaughn's clothes, these men were dead and buried, and our exchange was:

No, Vaughn, I do not need to take it. You see, I work for the horses... - me interrupted
Many men have been killed for trying to take my gold. - Vaughn

Of course that was frightening and I got cold chills! Was it perhaps a trick? But I knew that Leprechauns have a rumor of being dangerous and that you are not supposed to take their pot of gold. So when he offered me gold, of course the thought did cross my mind that gee if I got some random gold pieces I could cash those in for money, but I remembered that Leprechauns are dangerous and you are not supposed to take or touch their gold so I kindly declined his offer, mostly because of fear, but also because it is true I don't need to take any gold from sweet Mr. Leprechaun Vaughn, if he cherishes gold as much as he does to talk about it quite often, then he must keep it for himself and I don't need it as much as he does. But gee, he has killed people for trying to take his gold! Was this a trap? Or was he really offering? Did he want to see whether I would take it when it was offered? Was it a trick, or a test, or a genuine offering? I do not know, but I do not think it is safe to take any gold from a Leprechaun even if they are offering it! Leprechauns and Goblins kill people!

Mr. Vaughn. I do not need to take any of your fine gold, it is for yours to keep. - me
I buy fine clothes with it. Or, heh, I used to! - says Vaughn and sat himself down on four pig legs on the floor naked for a while
Vaughn? How old are you? - me
I am centuries old. - Vaughn, he has white pig tusk incisor teeth
Mr. Vaughn. Thank you kindly for helping me with the horses. I will not need to take any payment from you in gold. It is for you to keep yourself. You cherish that gold more than I could. I value other things more, such as animals, than I would value gold. - me
But you keep it here. - Goblin or Leprechaun about the gold and silver colored money coins I keep on my bookshelf
Yes, that is my money. We humans use it and exchange it. But I will not take any gold from a Leprechaun! It is his own to keep! Leprechauns will never owe me any money or gold! If I do work that they like and appreciate, then their appreciation and happiness is good enough gold for me. Your kindness and friendship is good enough gold for me. - me
I would like to have some of that. - Vaughn standing on four pig legs naked on the floor, he thinks of the oatmeal porridge I sometimes make
You would like to have some oatmeal? - me
Yes, I eat it. - Vaughn

This could get very dangerous. They are interested in me since I want to work with animal wellfare, and I would not want to ask them to leave, they are of course welcome to help me lead animals on a leash and work with animals. I just decided to do this like yesterday but haven't started yet, they were quick to respond. But Goblins and Leprechauns kill people and they are quick to anger. I don't know if it's safe to have them around. Oh dear, I have got a Leprechaun on my hands. This could be trouble.

You are so very kind to us, Miss. - Vaughn
Yes of course I am kind! - me
We like that. - Vaughn
And I have liked you too. - me
I will find you a nice four-leaf clover! - Vaugn
Thank you Vaughn. I would cherish it forever. Thank you. - me
Just do not spray any insecticides here. We need them, even here in our mosses and Larks. - Vaughn

It seems he calls the green mossy rocks "Larks", I thought lark was a type of bird, but his word for those rocks that are covered in thick blankets of dark green soft mosses is "Larks".

I don't mind looking into your purse. As I don't mind snooping around. - Vaughn says, I usually keep money in my purse, then he thought about the money coins I keep on my bookshelf there are some there now that I look over, he is interested in perhaps taking my money
Vaughn? You are welcome to take those coins with you if you want. It is not much, but you are welcome to have it, if you need them more than I do. - me

I want to say a little prayer of thanks that most of my money is safely locked away in a bank in the form of electronic digits zeroes and ones and stored away on a plastic card. I'm glad I don't have a bag of money or I would be having a cold sweat of worry right now. This could be trouble. It already is trouble.

12:37 noon Update. I have decided to cook a plate of oatmeal and leave it out on the kitchen table for Vaughn. I will not touch it. And if it - as expected - remains untouched, I throw it to the compost. But I think the gesture might be kind and good. I just hope I don't get stuck with a dangerous Leprechaun. And second update. I have caught the smell of Mr. Vaughn. Like Hamish has said, Vaughn has a scent. He smells precisely like hogs, like those pigs that are black and have thick black hairs on their neck. I could not describe the smell any other than that it smells like a hog.

Do not miss! Read about Leprechauns on Wikipedia here!

Stuff. Alien stuff? Blech

November 04 2015, 9:44 PM - The other evening when I went to bed the aliens were really talking about a fecal sample. And I was prepared to listen to them interestedly, I wanted to know about what instruments they use but most importantly how do they process the sample for analysis, what laboratory methods and instruments do they use. The evening of mutual scientific curiosity between alien Zetas and human was ruined - by a human. A man who wore a black suit and is blonde and a bit short not tall, he is one of the US people, he said he was a Major, he was totally uncomfortable with the whole thing. I carefully explained to the man that he was unqualified for his task of having to oversee aliens doing stuff to people, I suggested that they hire a scientist, a physician, or even a chemist but not him. After a while a Dark Lord

I think it was Siph who did it. He is a funny man. - a Dark Lord says now

Siph or Sif is a Dark Lord, we've met him before in The Orion Project. So a Dark Lord came posing as a human physician, he said he is a "cardiologist". I said "You're a Dark Lord, stop pretending". I didn't

My fishes! - Hamish
What fishes, darling? Hamish? - me
Mine, chewing. - Hamish, "chewing" in my other language, and he makes chewing motions with his mouth to accompany
Siph wasn't always, a funny man. - Dark Lord
What was he before he was funny? - me
He used to make fun of things. With me, and Siph, I mean. We used to be fun! - Dark Lord
No more talk, Mr. Fussubus. I am allergic to Dark Lords. - me

Just earlier the aliens asked me what I have eaten today, and I answered with bread with sardines. That is why Hamish is talking now about fishes and about chewing, because I ate fish.

I didn't get to remember the alien abduction or procedure of course. Even though I assured them I would like to meet the Zetas.

And today a Zeta was singing telepathically into my head, it's the song about sunshine and which then goes "and the sky is gray" or "and the skies are gray", the Zetas know the lyrics better than I do. And when they say "gray" in the song they show me a Zeta who bows its big bald head down. Oh yes, it's amusing. I thanked them for singing the song. They've sung this at least once before. They want me to

Do you want to help us with ejaculation? - Zeta speaks quickly and interrupts me
Given, since, you are their mother we mean. We meant nothing more by it. - Dark Lord
... No thanks. - me
You are not an Iroquoius. But they are going to be. Your human ones. They are going to be taken, and be made into better ones. - Dark Lord
I don't care. - me

And a clarification, the aliens are making new batches of alien-human genetic hybrids and they are studying not only metabolism and what those hybrids can eat but also their sexual ability to know if they can reproduce if they are fertile. The aliens always want me to be sexually involved with the hybrids to help them learn. Since the aliens involve children who are underaged, as well as hybrids who are in reality unconsenting, I have declined participation in their unethical projects. They still keep asking me from time to time. They think it's wise that me as their genetic mother would be best suitable to teach these children about sex, but I disagree. And Iroquois are humans with some altered DNA, possibly with Reptilian DNA. Some of my sons, or all of my sons, with the human (or I think he's human) Russian Corpral Olav Vetti those children are termed "Iroquois". The Iroquois are humans who were created genetically by the aliens, but this is not a general term for all humans that were made by the aliens, just some. And Dark Lord is saying how the Iroquois are an enhanced, genetically better group, "your human ones" means that these Iroquois are my human "ones" meaning children.

I wish the aliens would let me be aware during whatever it is that they do. I really wish to meet them and to spend time with them. But yeah, Zetas can sing, with melody and lyrics and all, it's that well-known song with something "sunshine" and "and the sky is gray". Zetas can do a lot of fun things, like they like to show me penguins because seeing penguins makes the hybrid children totally bursting with happiness, so they expect the same with me. I do tell them that I am the happiest when I get to see Hamish, but I do admit that the penguin is cute.

I leave the computer and take off my shirt in the bedroom so that I will go have a nice evening shower. Then this telepathically from an alien:

The Japanese want to see your belly button. - Zeta

That sort of ruined the shower. These creepy Japanese guys, blech. I suppose I can shower with the lights off. But this reminded me, the other night the Zetas talked about injecting something into my intestine by entry with a syringe through the belly button. They've earlier said

You don't want to see us, then? And? What we do? About the butt? - some alien, first I saw its spaceship parked somewhere on Earth on the ground
It's no point in asking. - me
I was going to come with you to the shower. Given since, you have got my eggs. And then! I am going to the Japanese harbor! To see my fishes. - Hamish stands by my bedroom door in the hallway looking at me
Hamish can join me for the shower. Do you have fishes in Japan? - me
It sometimes rains on them, but they do not mind. - Hamish about the fishes

Hamish was in Russia also today. It's interesting when Hamish visits Japan. It's like a whole other world for him. And truthfully, Japan with its people and culture is far more alien than the aliens are for me. I understand Reptilian customs and behavior far better than I understand the Japanese. I know all the quirks and gestures of Reptiles, but not of the Japanese. That is why me and the Japanese do not exactly get along, well, I quarrel a lot with them, and then they feel that I have insulted them and their culture. Remember when they were teaching me that tea drinking ceremony? Hah! Give up, I am no lady. I am no whore. I am not a prostitute. So consider me vulgar. I am a proud and educated woman, and not an object. Like I said, me and the Reptilians get along far better than me and these Japanese. I seem to never quarrel with the Reptiles.

But anyway, the Zetas have earlier said that they inject syringes through the belly button because it does not leave a mark or a scar. Clever plan, that. Clever indeed! Clever Zetas! Now I just want to see them! But next, that shower, with Hamish... he won't go into the shower with me, but he might be standing on the rug. It's nice to have him near, he's my buddy, my Turtle.

I would take you to the mall, to get you some better clothes. - a Japanese man says to me now acting to be nice
I don't want to go to the mall with you. - me with murder in my voice, the way you read scary stories
Look at my Hunch-back pack! - Hamish real excited
I don't want you to come here to their hospital. But sometimes they take you here! - Japanese man
Who are you? - me
I am getting prepared to have you as a Doll. - Japanese man
Go to hell. Kill yourself. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! You fucking creep! - me
I am at least, I am not an adulteror. - Japanese man
Go away. I almost vomited a bit into my mouth, literally. That's how I rate you. - me, and yes it was literally
Leave me and my dragon alone. Hamish is mine! - me
If only we could. - Japanese man or Japanese-Zeta hybrid with black hair

Blech. I am showering with the lights off, then they can't see, or only Hamish can see if he has nocturnal vision, and Hamish I don't mind any day.

Do you know why they decided to throw the atomic bomb at us? And yes, we mean at the Hiroshima. - Jap
Look at my turtleback! - Hamish points to his back hump
Hamish? I have looked at your hunchback. - me, aww Hamish closes his eyes in a smile because I flattered him with what I said
So now, ... we have to do it with them. We have no choice. And we regret. - Japanese man
What has that got to do with me? - me
We eat their snacks and lunches. - Hamish with eyes smiling
Hamish's lunches and snacks. - me

I should ask him about the atomic bomb but I am not going to! Let me be left alone. Shower is more important. Me and Hamish. No Japanese. Blech.

You have a really pale arm. Like ours. - Japanese man just as I was going to leave
That is why we take you as a Doll. - Japanese man
So, Arigato. If you know what that means? What, my mother did to me too? - Japanese man
Are you like, some really disgusting type of creep? Some idiot? Some creepy idiot? - me
No, noo! - Japanese man kindly with hands in front of him
.. I'm busy. - me
Did you really vomit in your mouth, with Turtle? - Hamish says tilting his head
Yes-No, with Turtle. Not with Hamish. - me
My back pack was good, and therefore prominent. - Hamish

I'll go cook something, and then forget about this. Then that nice hot shower, in the dark. I will ignore this whole thing, and it will go away. Hamish must stay of course, but all of that other creepy stuff must go away. What bothers me is that I can see this Japanese man (interrupted)

Yes, Toshi told all about you. I had come to see if the rumors were true. If you are an alien tail chaser. - the Jap man all cheerful, he means Reptilian tails, he or someone thought of Hamish's red Reptilian tail
You mean, if I like Hamish? I love Hamish! - me
No, no! That is not what we mean! - the Japanese man all kind and puts hands in front of him again in a dismissal
I don't chase Hamish. He just follows me around. But sometimes I call for him, if he is not here. Then I miss him a lot. - me, Hamish closes his eyelids to look bashful and sweet, aww, when I said that then I miss him a lot
We wanted to exchange your DNA with mine. If that is ok, if you do not mind. So? Have you heard or read about Mendel? And, about the genetic experiments? - Jap
About, what we do to Flower? - Hamish, "Flower" in my native language
And what we get here, these kids! - Jap
I don't want to know about those kids. They are disgusting. - me
Noo. - Jap really dismissing that the kids would be disgusting
They are succulent. - Hamish about the kids, heheh, he must mean for eating

Did I say Blech already? Did I? Did I say Blech? Blech? Now for my shower and stuff. Blech.

My Red TurtleBack

November 02 2015, 4:56 PM - This morning I was cooing my Hamish Dragon, and both of two times when I said to him that I honor him it made him pee. After a while a Zeta said that there was pee there where the aliens are, Hamish's of course. I think I might have noticed him having this reaction before. Here's what I think it is: I suspect that maybe some of his scent is in his urine, Hamish namely has a strong body odor sometimes. Talk of honored and proud race is connected to his dominance status, and so the two go together, with his scent. Just my theory. Anyway, he is a fascinating animal and my best friend. I love him. I said either that I honor him or that I am proud of him.

Today when I left the house to go shopping I told Hamish to wait for me at the house and I promised him that I would protect the eggs and that nobody would get my eggs so he can wait at home for his convenience. While I was hurrying along the sidewalk near the house, Hamish calls out to me with a mental image of a human man's penis and he asks me if I am wanting to have any of those. I promise to Hamish that I am not going to have one today, that I was not planning on having any, and that if I do indeed change my mind and decide to have one any time soon then I promised him that I would let him know first ahead of time. He is guarding the eggs of course.

I asked Hamish what he gets up to when I sleep at night. He told me that he stays in the hallway here in our home and just looks and senses smells. I asked him if he gets bored, but he doesn't seem to get bored. Reptilians seem unable to get bored or stressed, they live wonderfully in the moment. Reptilians experience so much visually, sounds, scents, that they never get bored. I admire and envy them for that. Life and being is always stimulating for them. And, Reptiles are very curious creatures. When I went to my bedroom bookshelf today I noticed that Hamish got curious, and I sensed from him that he has spent lots of time there, just looking at all the various tidbits I have there in the bookshelf. I love it how Reptilians love to look around in bookshelves cupboards and drawers, they like to look at things.

Today someone spoke to me telepathically and told me that they don't believe that Hamish is real. I told them should I send Hamish to them? I think this is someone who is reading my website, but please, readers, do not attempt to contact me telepathically I don't like that. I have enough as it is and I cherish the quiet.

Do you remember what we said to you earlier, about that stuff? - alien wearing pale blue suit, big white bald head
Sausages. My sausages! - Hamish in other languages

Ah yes, I was shown a mental image of a boardroom up in a spaceship with lots of benevolent ETs in there and they had decided that I was not allowed to write that the war in Iraq was there to bomb Reptilian human food factories. Whether this means that this fact was inaccurate or if it is not meant to be said out of safety for those involved, you will have to decide, I know the answer to that but I cannot write it here, out of safety. I shouldn't be writing about military things at all, but I am a trained scientist and that is worse than being a journalist, in terms of investigating (which means "snooping") and disclosing. Most people would keep these things secret, or would not bother to writing everything. But I'm an idiot. And a scientist.

But then I felt from Hamish, when I had asked should I just send Hamish over, I sensed that Hamish did not want to go anywhere like that. Then I got a mental image from somewhere that some human thought about Hamish being shot at with machineguns. Probably some dude who is scared of the Reptilians. And so I said to that man telepathically that I would kill him twice if he hurts my Dragon, that I would kill him and bring him back to life and kill him again, and then kill his family since Hamish is my family. I said that Hamish is my baby and that I would defend him against any harm. I was already on my way walking back home from shopping, and so I told Hamish who was probably waiting at home that he is my baby and that I will protect him.

I know that Hamish eats livers. But he is my baby. I have never known love like I know for him. He is a person, in a magnificent fire engine red body with yellow goosebump pustules and a back hump and that row of pairs of blunt orange buttons along his neck. And flat duck feet that he likes to step squash squash into plush rugs. We have lived together for four years.

I don't like your smells, she said. - Hamish
What? Who said? - me
Mine. - Hamish
I don't mind your smell, Hamish. I have smelled you before, you smell fine. You smell like a Dragon. - me

He is my baby. And that makes him always flawless in my eyes, in my heart. I could never blame him for anything he would do, I can only pledge to protect and nurture him in anything. Love is an amazing thing. Sometimes love feels like it might very well burst my heart. Sometimes all love wants is for me to hug the person - Hamish - I love. Love is this something that comes from in between fire engine red scales, a scaly big body that is afraid of cactus needles and sewing machines, of carved pumpkin faces and fire and the Spiderman character and scurries to hide in the "table hole" that is the space underneath a desk but he is too big to fit in there but it is the only cave he can find in our house.

Love is a big monster who likes to show me his back hump because he is so very proud of it. Love is someone who does palate clicks and grunts and purrs and belches and pops and growls. Someone who bites into my fingers if he is angry at me but that only makes me happy because he is so cute when he does that. Love is someone who is with me every morning when I wake up, and is with me when I go to sleep at nights. I tell him my good night and good morning.

Did you want to see my goosebumps? - Hamish
Yes. - me
They are not on my eyes, anywhere. I have not got them there! Yes-No Onions. Yes-No I said to it! - Hamish

Incidentally today when I left for the store he said "Yes-No Onions", the smell is too strong for him his sense of smell is sensitive. Just so happens I bought a bag of onions today and I have it for the first time ever that bag of yellow onions on my bedroom floor (because I have a tenant who steals food if it's in the kitchen). So that's why Hamish is saying Yes-No Onions, because there is a bag of them on the floor. I will have to move them somewhere else.

I am here. You cannot move them here. - Axel or Alex the other Reptilian, he speaks to me from the closet room where I was actually thinking of moving the onions to

So Axel or Alex what his name is, he is still standing in the closet room! He just stands there! But his mind is so aware he can totally know what is happening in the whole apartment, and he is spying on me. Haven't heard or seen from him in weeks!

But anyway, Love is what Hamish is. I love him. That little person in that tiny little sock puppet head who says things like "Yes-No Onions!". He is afraid of seeing needles, because he has an instinct and awareness to protect his eyes from the danger of needles, I am so relieved that he has that instinct and takes care of himself. One day not long ago I saw a video with cactuses in a greenhouse and Hamish told me basically yes-no about the needles on the cactuses, he was very careful to let me know that, and he thought of being worried about his eyes. I could never have cactuses in my home. I am glad I no longer have the sewing machine because I gave it away when I moved, Hamish was very afraid of the sewing machine. I don't want him to live with fear or anxiety.

He is my pet. But, I am probably his pet too. We live in a strange symbiosis, where he could never let me go because I have the eggs and provide him with the food, and I would never let him go because I adore him so much. I would let him go however if I knew that he could have a better life. The other day I asked him if he would rather live with his friends the other Dragon Turtles, but he said no because he wants to stay with me because he gets liver snacks from this job of guarding my eggs.

He doesn't know how I love him, I don't think he understands my emotions for him. Especially since he calls me by names like "Eggs", "Buttercups" and "Ovary". He refers to me as Ovary. He can call out for me like, "Hey, Ovary!". As if that's what I am to him. Nothing more. But I would die for him, I would give my life for him just so that this Dragon can have one more day of looking at pretty goldfish with his eyes smiling, putting his feet into shallow water to stand there and wonder if there might be any crustaceans in the water, showing people his back hump and being proud of his race, eating his beloved liver snacks, and just being a cute dragon with dragon thoughts. I would die even if he didn't know that I gave the ultimate sacrifice because I love him. Because, my love for him is so huge, my love for him is bigger than myself, and even though the things he does such as standing in water looking for fish might seem like the littlest thing, it is where my love for him comes from. The little things that he does and is, that is where an immense love for him comes from, so big that I would die for him. Because him standing with his flat feet on a soft rug just enjoying the feeling of a rug underneath his feet, it's more meaningful for me than me.

Why I love him? Because he is a cute person. He is a somebody. And he is adorable. I've lived with him for four years. Yet, every time when I really do see him, then I am afraid of him and not in love. Because he emanates something scary and gruesome and not pretty at all. But I love things about him, my interpretation of him perhaps. Yes he calls me "Ovary" and "Buttercups" and he would probably eat my liver if he could, but I adore him.

It is because of my back. - Hamish says pointing to his back with his finger, he thinks that I adore him because of his dominant and proud back hump feature
No Hamish, I love you because of who you are, the person you are. You are a person? - me

Today Hamish said Tik Tok to me, so I said Tok Tok to him. Tik Tok is made from his own dragon vocals, it means that my eggs are his, it is something the dragons say during mating with each other, about the eggs. Tok Tok means "come here to me". I try not to ever say Tik Tok to him, because I don't want to promise the eggs to him, because I'm not sure what's involved.

Hamish knew today that I would be watching more episodes of Downton Abbey, it is this British tv series about well, relationships and family quabbles and nice clothes and dinners and a big house, Hamish like most "men" are not so keen on Downton Abbey so he asked me if we could watch The Walking Dead instead. Typical men, they "always" want to have the remote to choose the programs. Hamish loves The Walking Dead, he likes seeing the zombies, he seems to sympathize with them because they are looking for snacks. He isn't at all afraid of the zombies, he seems fascinated or curious of all the guts and blood in the series. I always tell him that "it is just a theatre, they are just acting, there are no people like that", but I'm not entirely 100% sure that he gets it. Like most "good parents" I try to protect him from harmful things

Like razorblades. - Hamish

I bet he says that because like yesterday I watched an episode of Colbert Report where they joked about razorblades in Halloween candy and they had pictures of that. Hamish said razorblades and thought of his flat duck foot, he doesn't want to step on them of course.

Hamish? I would protect you from everything. I love you, I am like your mother. I care about you. - me

I mean I have to admit that Hamish is a little bit dumb, you can't have helped but notice and it's the first time I'm saying it. But he's remarkable, you got to give him some credit, because he evolved from some type of crustacean, and he communicates and interacts and behaves remarkably well. I will watch The Walking Dead with him today.

They have guns, to shoot them with! I don't like to see that. I wanted them to eat. To go golfing? Not. They have guns and they are shooting them. For eating livers. - Hamish

The golfing was his mental picture of the military person who plays golf in the other series "Fear The Walking Dead", so basically Hamish doesn't want to see them play golf. Aha so Hamish doesn't want the zombies to be shot just because they are "eating livers".

I'm thinking I should get some goldfish and a fishtank, Hamish might love that. I wonder if I should get a little lizard, I just have to make sure

Yes-No, that, petstore. Yes-No. Because, they have the eggs for us. They have eggs. - Hamish
Ok Hamish, no pets. - me

I meant I just have to make sure that I could take care of it real well, pets are like babies, it's a big commitment. Last night when I went to bed Hamish was in the big hall entry room to an underground alien base where they keep those blue plastic barrels and Hamish stood next to one of those blue barrels and he showed me how water drips down from above in the ceiling and collects into that barrel. I asked him what was in that barrel, he said that it had previously contained snacks for them, meaning body parts and organs taken in a blue plastic barrel to the Reptilian base, then the empty ones are taken back here to be collected, usually I see that they contain latrine and biological waste when they are returned back. Reptilians. I used to know about them vaguely but I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be knowing them so intimately I guess and spending time with them daily or that I would have one in my life and that he would become the best friend I have ever known.

I'd better go watch those Downton Abbey episodes so that after that I can go ahead and watch The Walking Dead with Hamish.

Hot Stuff with General Geoff
And Tyler MacIntyre will be missed, loved, and remembered

November 01 2015, 2:29 PM - Last night I seem to have met a military General in the other place. He looked to be in his 30's or that he's older but just in great shape. He was Caucasian but not pale. Brown hair. And the most blue eyes, part of the reason I remember it well is because of his blue eyes. When something is unusual then that tends to wake me up.

We didn't want you to know. We hope you don't mind. - says a Zeta now holding a white alien baby which was obviously made of my egg, it is almost too small to call it a baby, I would almost call it a fetus
I mind. But I like Hamish. - me

First I saw some Army soldiers jogging along a path in nature in a forested area. Someone called them "pansies". Then we arrived at an old rusty military ship.

Yeah, yeah, and then the military did the so-called conquest. - a military man says now, though not the General, while I was busy eating some roasted peanuts that I am cracking open from the peels

Yeah, but the conquest comes later in the story. I was sitting there at the ship, or in the ship. I had the feeling it was a ship from the second world war. I've been shown to some world war two rusty ship remains before in the US during these MILABS things. So it's not the first time. The man who sat right next to me to my right side said he was a General but for me to call him "Geoff". I strongly sensed that he was doing his best to be personable and that to let someone call him by his first name was unusual. Which is also true. In the case of all the military officers they always introduce themselves to me with title and last name, such as Captain Marsden, Commendant Larsen, General Owens. I can't recall any other case where one of the military officers gave me their first name to call them by, so it was really a remarkable gesture by him, not just unusual since it had never happened to me before, but also I could sense how he had made the effort to be personable by saying that, like it was a big deal and as if he thought it was really nice of him to go by first name.

I saw him put some paper money bills in Euro currency on the table in front of us, as if he was counting money. I'm not sure if maybe I dreamt that part. Often the MILABS things are part dream and part... a seemingly real reality that happens with real people in a real, but other, place.

I wasn't there, I said, and, look at my tail. It has no goosebumps on it. My tail doesn't have them. No, not any goosebumps. Was it therefore a good tail? I wanted to keep it. - Hamish
Hamish, your tail is a good tail, it is a dragon's tail. Your feet also have no goosebumps - me interrupted
Look at my back. - Hamish
I have seen your back, Hamish. Does it have goosebumps on it? You're cute. - me
I was not the enemy, she said. - Hamish
You were the cutest in the world, I said. The cutest. - me
My liversnacks. - Hamish
My Hamish. - me
My cute, back, look. - Hamish says and turns around
Hamish's cute dragon back. - me

Hamish meant that if I had gone someplace for a MILABS thing then Hamish wasn't there too with me. But while this man, this General whose first name is Geoff, was putting those paper money on the table, his hand kept nudging against mine.

Look, we don't want to take you guys to any kind of prison. - the man from earlier who is not General Geoff
No. - me, cracking open a bunch of peanuts and eating
I had been drinking. I had just come over from a bar. - General Geoff says now about our encounter!
Did I really meet with you? - me
No, you did not. - the other man who wears a black suit
This is not a game. - someone either the other man or a Reptilian but not Hamish
Do you know, what they do to your little babies? Huh? - the other man
I know. Experiments and eating them. - me
And, what else? What else, do they make them do for them? - other man
Well, the Zetas eat their brain fluids. And lots of stuff. But anyway. - me
You are, our flower. - Hamish in my native language
Hey, do not argue with her. - the other man to Hamish
I was not arguing. - Hamish to other man
Hamish was not arguing. Hamish is my best friend. - me, ahh now Hamish's eyelids close almost fully into a big humble smile, I made my Dragon smile :)
I love you Hamish. - me
Yes, No, my Buttercups, he has said. - Hamish says to me about that other man
So, what they make them do! - the other man
Yes? - me
They make them, .. - other man
Yes, what? - me
They make them fool around with each other. - other man
I know. The hybrids are raped and also turned into rapists themselves. I don't care about them therefore. I don't care about them, the hybrids I mean, and all those children. - me
They make them, fool around with me. - other man
I know. They have raped me too. They can go to hell for that, those disgusting filthy whore children. - me
I just thought you should know, it was the best laid I have ever had. Just so you know. - other man, but MAYBE this was a Zeta pretending to be him, because I saw a Zeta's face
Why don't you, whoever you are, just go to hell and kill yourself and leave me alone. - me to the man

Anyway. So General Geoff's hand kept nudging against mine and there were some really nice sparks and chemistry between us. It was really neat. Like how rare is it to feel that with a person. So I just looked into his blue eyes and realized that I am somewhere. I have had enough MILABS things to know that they are most likely not the case of dreams.

I woke up back in my home and Geoff was of course not here in person. Yet we continued to talk with each other telepathically. And, it had seemed as if just as things were maybe starting to get interesting between the two of us and his hand touching against my hands and my arm, I woke up, and I wished I could have stayed there. Geoff told me about the war in Iraq, that it was really fought to destroy Reptilian bases where the Iraqi people had created human food factories, to be specific, factories where humans are bred and then fed to the Reptilians. Iraq people had gotten weapons including chemical weapons from the Reptilians as a 'thank you'. But I got the impression that General Geoff said that both the US and the Iraqi were together fighting to bomb these human food factories, together! And anything else said to the public would have just been a little white lie at best. No Reptilians mentioned. Let me remind you that the Vietnam war was also to stop the Reptilians who were living in those jungles and were eating people, the US military guys I meet in MILABS encounters tell me this.

Weird. Something just now made me think again, or somehow told me about, how the Sergeant I once dated would have been Sergeant Wilkes. If he was, then I want confirmation and I would fly over to see him first thing tomorrow. Wow. What if that was Sergeant Wilkes? I've never seen Sergeant Wilkes quite clearly. Sergeant Wilkes is one of the MILABS that remote view me and talk to me telepathically, he used to hang around General Patton back when General Patton was training me with those Reptilian type of conquests. Sergeant Wilkes was supposed to try out the conquests too but he was too nervous or something so he only did once very little. I'm not sure if the Sergeant I met in real life could have been Sergeant Wilkes, but if he was I demand to know and I would go see him immediately. Since I still have his phone number and know how to find him and everything. Wow, what if?

So this General Geoff kept on talking to me when I had woken up back in my room. He said that the US military also get weapons and things from the Reptilians but they are not making any human food factories for the Reptiles. But you are allowing the Reptiles to take my eggs and make human food that way?, I said to the General. I'm not sure what his comment on that was, if he gave any.

I met them in the desert once. - General Geoff now says
And I didn't want to respond to their requests. They were asking... us to disband our army. And then, when we didn't, they... flew in. They made militaries... - General Geoff
I have heard this story before from you guys. That the US military ran into Reptilians in a desert and the Reptilians killed and maybe even ate those soldiers. I forget which of the officers had lost men there that way. - me
We don't want to be known, by our wrongdoings. - Zeta or Japanese man or Japanese hybrid man, about the Japanese hybrids that the Zetas are making
I don't care. I just like Hamish. And, Alpha Remulans. - me
Help us! We are being kept captive! - Alpha Remulan
I want to help you! - me
And they don't give us enough food, we mean. - Alpha Remulan now all calm, all they ever want is food, food, food
! ... I hope they give you some food soon! - me to Alpha Remulan
I didn't want to have sons with you, you know. But we have to do it. - General Geoff
Do you have sex with me then? And why won't you let me remember? THAT IS SO RUDE that you won't let me remember any of it! I would cherish that part... So damn rude. SO RUDE! - me
You didn't want to go to the Japanese brothels before. - says Zeta to me and shows me mental image of what feels like it is underground, it has hallways and shops or something on either side of those narrow hallways, white buildings, signs with Japanese writing, I sensed that there is also food served there noodles which would be eaten with chopsticks

Blech. Japanese brothels. What could be worse?

They are, my eggs. - Hamish (NL)


We were playing cards with you, on the table. Do you remember that? - seems to be a Dark Lord who said, aha so it was not Euro paper money laid down on the table, it was cards from a deck of cards makes sense
Who was playing cards with me? And why? Who did that? - me
The General. - someone answers with a frown as if it were obvious, maybe the other man said this
The General was playing cards with me? Why? What..? What for? - me
Have you seen the Locusts. And what they do with our boys here. They chase them around, and then they try to eat them. I have seen that myself. - the other man
Who are you? What is your name? - me to the other man
We were eating with the Alpha and Zeta Remulans. - Hamish
Ok Hamish. - me
My Throats! - Hamish about eating
Hamish's throats and back. - me
Yes. - Hamish pleased, he turns around to show off his back hump

Anyway! So Geoff kept talking. So the US military is also working with Reptilians to get weapons from them but have not made human food factories but are however as we know telling the Reptiles it's ok to take my eggs as we know. Geoff was going to have sex with me to make one of the children for the aliens. He was acting all cozy and cuddly with me. It felt as if we were near one another, even though I was in my bedroom and I could not see him here of course. It is, as if the "other place" where I had just been and come back from, he was still there in that other place

This is where we take you sometimes. DO NOT BE AFRAID! - Zeta shows me again an image of the Japanese brothel

Again this very narrow hallway between two rows of white buildings. The walls look to be made out of a synthetic material and glowing white, there is a Japanese text sign. Indoors is a low table that Japanese people would sit down on the floor beside, again I sense that people eat noodles from a bowl with chopsticks here. There are green potted plants indoors for decoration. Creepy Japanese people. I'm not sure I like this.

Anyhow, then General Geoff did the conquest with me. I was in bed and he was somewhere else, and using his mental powers he comes so close to me that our bodies and minds overlap. I have to tell you, what I always say about the conquest, it is the most intimate and sensual experience. For some reason it feels really sexual, though I'm not entirely sure if it was meant to be that way. The Reptilians do a conquest once each Reptile to wrestle a person around and test and compare strengths to set the hierarchy. Now it seems as if the Reptiles are teaching, or at least enabling, the military to do this.

Geoff was fondling me a bit, he made my hand touch my breast and my hand run along my body underneath my clothes. I didn't mind, to be honest, not with him, since we had nice chemistry just earlier when we were together before I woke up. He said he liked blondes, which I am at the moment. He told me to put a finger inside of me, well you know where, and I was shocked to hear him say that. I didn't do that. I'm not surprised that he now says that he was drunk when this all happened. Anyhow, I hope he comes back he's really something. And I would be furious if turns out that he has had sex with me in another place. I don't want to miss out on those things, not if it's with a gorgeous man like him. He also said that both he and Sulesky would be having sex with me. Sulesky is one of the MIBs and is not a military officer.

My flowers, my buttercups! - says Hamish as happily and friendly as he possibly can, part of this in NL

Hamish is a fun contradiction. Because on one hand he protects me from the repairman and from any other men who have testicles and forbids me from even daydreaming about sex with a man because then Hamish will bite into my shoulder, arm, or hand with his toothless mouth to break it up. And then on the other hand he totally encourages sex with these creepy Japanese and US military persons and Russians like Olav. It confuses me. Because on one hand it has totally ruined my sexlife because maybe it's the reason why I just don't go out there and find a nice man for myself

My rubbers? - Hamish haha about condoms! He means that if I go and find a nice man for myself we have to use condoms! He is protecting the eggs so funny!

Today I bargained with the aliens that if Dinosaurs get to have a bath then I would eat yoghurt. (I would have probably eaten yoghurt today anyway, but do not tell that to them.) I am trying to make things nice for the Dinosaurs. Oh by the way! One of the main reasons why I do believe that my encounter with General Geoff was with a real person, well, he talked about the Dinosaurs and he called them croakers. I had never heard that word before and would certainly not use it myself

Do you want to come to our party place? - the other man about some disco room
Where is it? - me
We are, hands-on, over there. - other man
Well, since you have said that you willingly have sex with hybrids and kids, I am not going to talk with you ever again for the rest of my life. - me
What's it to you? They give us cocaine first. And then we have to do it with them. - says Captain Jacob Greene shyly, he means the Zetas provide with drugs
... ... I am not going to participate, no. - me
My buttercups. - says Hamish and bites me into my fingers because he doesn't want me to say no
... My Hamish. - me
I would eat your heart, I said. - Hamish reluctantly says to me and looks at me with a bit of a distant look on his face which I never saw in him before, probably because he doesn't like doing threats to me, or because he isn't used to making threats to me

Yeah so General Geoff called the Dinosaurs croakers, I think he also said that the Reptiles they eat the "croakers", which I already knew. Zetas told me that one Dinosaur could have a bath if I eat yoghurt. And so I said five Dinosaurs, or ten. And a Dinosaur told me that he liked me, because of this of course. Again I was told today that Dinosaurs don't want to work with me anymore, they are afraid. I just want them to have a good life.

We are not shyly about this. - Hamish with a picture of my naked female parts, because I wrote "shyly" about Jacob Greene earlier

Ok normal day. Time to do other stuff. Bye. Oh and yesterday the aliens showed me a mental image of one of my sons there who looks mostly or completely human, he has brown hair and is perhaps 11 years or so. He was in a bed and seemed ill perhaps he has been subject to some illness by the alien experiments, I was told that he would die soon or be killed soon. I was maybe also shown a mental image today of a son I have with General Geoff. I don't want to see them, I am not interested. Bye.

My back shield, tell them. - Hamish, "my back shield" was in NL
My flower. - Hamish in NL, it was one of his best pronounced sentences, he really made an effort to say it, and it even had Hamish's dragon accent in it with a burp click at the end as he said it
I love you Turtle Hamish. You are my Turtle. My Sock Foot Turtle Sock. - me

By the way. Geoff said this morning that "MacDaddy" has died. Tyler MacIntyre. Geoff said that MacIntyre hadn't even been able to enjoy the taste of chocolate. I said why didn't anyone just put flavors on his tongue and then wipe them off, I would have done that for him with his doctor's permission. I was angry and in despair that nobody, meaning these military guys, had let me go see him. Geoff said then that I cannot go to his funeral. I said no what I meant was while he was still living. MacIntyre had been my favorite, he was always the nicest one to me, I said. I don't know how to grieve this man, because in my heart I have to believe that I can still go and see him.

Why can't I go see them all in person? I mean, what's the problem? I grew up with these guys ever since I was 14. I want to go visit all of them. They don't know what that means to me. It's almost like family I never got to meet. I mean, we are all getting older here. I am already in my 30's. And now we've lost the single most favorite one I ever had, Tyler MacIntyre. Damn, I will never forget that time when he walked right past me in the other world, and he stopped right there to look at me, and I saw him so clearly that it woke me up and we looked at each other. He was wearing a pale gray long coat over his business suit. He was always the nicest. He used to call me "Gal", and tell me to call him "MacDaddy", but I never did. I miss him. I don't want to cry, but he was my MacIntyre. I wanted to have him forever, and now I can't.

Letter to SETI - John

October 31 2015, 5:33 PM - Do not miss. The single most fantastic moment in The Orion Project. The aliens let me talk to John, a man in the 1940's. I wrote to SETI to tell them about this:

And find it here ->>> The Future Is Great - Man from the past!

October 31, 2015
Subject: John in the 1940's

The aliens can do time travel. Today they let me talk to John, a man in the 1940's, in his time the second world war is taking place. He says that the aliens gave them submarines and telegraph/telegram technology to help win the war. The aliens also say that men such as John were influenced to commit suicide so that the "mission would not be compromised". John talks about how his group had to tell the public that UFOs were blimps or weather balloons, and talks about visiting cow mutilation sites and talking to the farmers. The aliens let me see John in a mental image, he sits by a typewriter working on paperwork, he is smoking a cigar. The aliens let me talk to John through across time, the aliens tell John that this communication works "like lightning", that it is "electrical" in nature.

I am not some crazy person. I have seen real UFOs

We know that. - Hamish, my Reptilian who guards my eggs, he means that he knows I am not crazy
But Hamish! - me to Hamish
My back. - Hamish
Hamish, I am writing a letter. - me to Hamish

Hamish is proud of his back, it has a backhump which means dominance and status among the Reptilians. So I have seen real UFOs together with witnesses

We are also interested in the butt. - says a Zeta now, as I was thinking of how to formulate that I have had real scars on my heels from alien procedures
We also go in through the nose. And then it makes the nose bleed. But we stop it, quickly. - Zeta, stopping the nose bleed he means
I am writing to SETI. They don't think aliens are real. - me
They have spoken to us with their satellites. So, they would "think" it. Or else we won't go away. - Zeta

I wrote down most of the conversation with John, it is here:

I did not make it up, and I don't think I am hallucinating it either.

We just want her eggs. Tell them! - Hamish, my Reptilian
Yes. She said it. - Hamish

Kind regards,
Eva and Hamish and Zetas

My Turtle Dragon

October 29 2015, 3:09 PM - I am watching animal videos on YouTube together with Hamish. I have shown him videos of goldfish, tortoises big and small, lobsters, and otters. Hamish thinks that his ancestors were lobster animals that lived in water, that's why he often looks into water into streams and rivers and lakes to see if there might be any lobsters in there.

Today a repairman was in the apartment and Hamish laid himself over me almost like a blanket behind my back probably to protect me from the man. Even though there was no danger. He has shown me his back hump already a few times today, and almost every day a few times he does.

Last night I was aware at the Zeta place but I don't remember what they did. The Aliens have been showing me almost daily in the recent days a mental image of a lilypad leaf on a pond and the roots that extend down into the water and a green waxfrog down under water clinging to the roots, they mean that this is the frog taking my eggs. I love it when the aliens show me mind pictures of frogs. Sometimes Hamish also shows me a picture of a tortoise. The frogs mean Dinosaurs, the turtles of course mean Hamish and his turtleback.

I love my Dragon Hamish more than anything. I hope he knows that. He is the cutest and he is the best. A few days ago he had a thought about standing on the ruggy rug and wiping his feet on it backwards, it looks so cute I nearly die it is cuter than kittens in a box. He loves standing on his soft ruggy rugs with his flat red duck feet and he likes to wipe his feet backwards on a rug to get the feet clean.

My eggs, I said. - Hamish, "I said" was in my native language
I love you, Turtleback. I love you? Do you know that I love you? - me

I wish I could provide for him a good life. I would like to live in a house that has a big garden with fishponds and turtles and a nice stream with flowing water where he can poo and bathe his feet and wash up and just stand with his duck feet on smooth round rocks. There should be lots of flowers and a forest. And indoors in the house I would have his own room with the best non-revolving armchair and a wide assortment of plush rugs on the floor.

My Buttercups. - Hamish
My Hamish. - me
My fingers. - Hamish in my native language about my fingers typing here

Sometimes when my foot is tapping on the floor like if I'm listening to music then he will notice it and he asks me to stop because it fixates his attention on it.

I love you Dragon Turtle. - me
Mine, eggs, I said. Mine. - Hamish
Mine turtleback. Mine, Hamish. I love Hamish. - me

New Dragon in da house

October 21-22 2015, 12:07 midnight - Last night I was awake in an alien facility and I walked in through an open doorway into a huge room which had many aliens in it. I remember meeting an Orion person, those black ones with black protruding scaly protuberances and pointy thin ears and large yellow eyes. And there was a Reptilian, the one who had talked to me the night before.

I didn't like him I said. - Hamish about the new Dragon
Why not, Hamish? - me

I walked close to the Reptile and got to take a good look at him. It was magnificent (stating the obvious). And today he has been around, and Hamish seems to be away. The new dragon is tall as all Reptilians are, he is built robust and not slender, but also not overly robust either. So he is not slender like Snake the Reptilian, and not stocky like the Fat Lizards. He is naked without clothes, his genitals are of course not visible to the outside. His scales are a dark green steel dark grey color. He is beautiful.

When I woke up in the morning he and I talked about the meeting we had had. He asked me if I had seen that he has a tail behind his back. I told him that I know that he has a tail. He asked me if I had noticed that he might have a smell on his tail of his feces. I told him that no I haven't noticed, and I told him that I would wash him if he needs it and if he'd let me. I didn't notice a Reptilian smell of him when we met.

He possessed my arms today just an hour ago or so and he made my right hand stroke and pet my left forearm like how one pets a cat, while he stood right next to my bed, I was sitting on the bed, and he looked at me. It was sweet, it was like him petting me like a cat. I have also had Hamish's red goosebump arms overlap with my arms today. I don't have a name for this new Dragon, but I am already quite fond of him. I tell him that I love him. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!! BIG LIZARD PEOPLE ARE CUTE!!!!!!

I love them. I hope this new dragon does the conquest with me, I would love to have that hugely orgasmic tumble around with this dragon. What's this, you ask? Each new Reptilian tends to watch me for an average of two days, watching my every move closely, calculating when's best to make an unexpected attack, he will jump on me and wrestle me around to test my strengths. During this I get to feel their intense pleasure sensation from it, they are enjoying it so and we feel it together, it is not a sexual act but more of a hunting game or establishing of hierarchies, but I rate it to at least 1000 times better than sex.

Hamish has been cute of course. He was enjoying the new bathroom rug in the toilet room yesterday, stepping his little flat duck foot on it and telling me how he likes it. He is so cute with his rugs. I love my Dragons so much. By the way other Dragon Turtles of Hamish's race they are fed sheep brains by humans, because - and they say - humans do not want to eat the sheep brains, but the Reptilians do not mind eating it. Big lizards that talk, it is a million times cuter than kittens!

Watch it! We are not dogs. - my new big lizard man says
I LOVE YOU. - me
You will see, what I say, when I take on your throat. - new dragon smiles by closing his lower eyelids upward, I see him in a hangar on Earth with an alien saucershaped UFO parked there on a tripod, the UFO has Draconian writing all around it
What is your name? - me
I am the leader of this boat. The one that sailed here with us in it. I am the leader there. - dragon, he means this UFO in the background is his boat
Do you have a name? What should I call you by name? And, have you met my Hamish, he is the old Dragon race - me interrupted
Yes, the one with the back hump. He tells us it is significant. - dragon, second sentence either said dragon or Hamish, meaning about Hamish's back hump
Hamish is the old Draconian race, he is the old race. He has the back that he thinks is, significant. - me
He says, that you are his yellow flower. - dragon, "yellow flower" in my native language
Do not fight with my Hamish. I am Hamish's eggs, not yours. I am always with Hamish! Hamish is my turtle back. - me
Goodnight Hamish, I am going to bed now. I love you. I love you Hamish, and goodnight, darling. - me

Hamish is right now at a river in a jungle somewhere looking into the water hoping to see a glimpse of bright yellow orange goldfish scales that would glimmer in the water as it swims through. He is mesmerized by their colorful scales, Hamish himself being so colorful. He likes his fish.

My livers. - Hamish says from the riverbank

And he likes his liver snacks too. Now he purr-growls when I said liversnacks. Now he inhales with his nostrils to sense a smell, probably his own dragon smell. I love Draconians. SO CUTE.

Life with dragon

October 17 2015, 11:44 PM - I am browsing for some flowers online and Hamish comes up really close to the screen and starts sniffing, he expects to be able to smell the flowers. He has been really cute as usual of course, showing me his back hump, claiming thing as his own, and this morning when I sat on the bus to go somewhere he called me "Ovary!", that was his name for me, that's a first.

I watched Season 6 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead the other day and Hamish had a lot to say after the episode to process what he had just seen. He seems to think that the zombies are really cool guys who are out and about looking for snacks to eat. He doesn't seem to fear them at all.

I have been seeing more images of Zetas and Dinosaurs, I am hoping it means that soon eventually they would let me start to be awake for things, if I even want that. One night I got to see myself at the table, though I was still here, and the Zeta over there tells me that it is Hamish standing beside me, and I got to see Hamish standing next to me. This morning Hamish showed me a mental image of some bright orange-yellow mushroom from a forest, the color gets his attention of course, but I had to assure him that it is poisonous do not touch it. Yesterday he wanted to eat my liver, I think I said something about me being dead one day or something and Hamish would have meant that if I die then he can have my liver. He faced me with his mouth wide open, he does that if he a) threatens or b) is hungry, this time cause he was hungry and thinking about food.

I don't notice them much. I know they are still using my ovum. Hamish is still and always around, but I adore him, he is the sweetest thing.

Liver Snacks!!!

September 30 2015, 11:48 AM - About a week ago, Hamish showed me that he had been given what he has previously called, "a plastic bag of snacks". A large see-through plastic bag filled with cut slivers of organs such as liver. And would you believe it, Dragon ate everything in the bag probably all at once in one sitting! What a hungry Dragon! So, someone prepares for him bags of liver snacks.

Last night when I was asleep I became aware in a dream where there was a black Reptilian and I was - of course - cooing it with things like "Cute Lizard!" and I may have even been stroking it over and over again across its glossy scales. It's funny but when I'm in close encounter with Reptilians they seem to enjoy it and allow me to stroke their scales time and time again. I don't know about Hamish though, Hamish is a different type of Reptile, the old Draconian race with the back hump and he always says he doesn't like to be touched. Hamish has been showing me his back hump a lot lately, wanting me to see it. Dinosaurs and Zetas have been around. All the same. Yesterday a hybrid girl wanted to talk but I was rude to her and wanted her to leave. (You know why if you've been reading and keeping up.)

The other day I took in the soft cushions on the balcony chairs because summer is over and the autumn rain might ruin them. I felt gutted and as if my heart was torn out, when Hamish looked at me take the soft cushions away and he said that he likes to sit there on the cushions at the balcony. It very nearly killed me to be taking away his softies cushions. It was almost like stabbing myself in the heart. But I couldn't let the cushions stay. And yesterday, when I took a train into the city, when I sat down inside the train and the train was leaving, I see mental images of Hamish at the train platform, he is stressed out, he didn't make it on the train, and he thinks to me an image of the train tracks and of his flat red foot and he says something like "No", he is thinking about and being sure that he does not stand on the train tracks. I very nearly wanted to die and cry, because this is my beloved Dragon and he does such a good job at following me and guarding the eggs and then I do the stupidest thing when I go into the city with the train and Dragon can't keep up and it's such a tumultuous and dangerous place for him. It feels like being gutted, I feel so deeply sad for this Dragon. I only want him to be well.

I just told him that "No" you cannot stand on the train tracks, it is dangerous Hamish, and I am glad that he knows. I just wanted to get out of the train and hug him, or instantly bring us both back home. I just told him that Hamish I am going back home, and that I will guard the eggs they will be safe. He has also been - besides showing me his back hump all the time - telling me "My eggs!" all the time, even though I know that. I just say, "Hamish's eggs". He has also been calling me "Flower" and "Buttercups" all the time. He's been doing these things much more than usual!

This morning Dinosaur told me that the Dinosaurs don't want me anymore and that the Zetas don't want me anymore, but that Hamish still wants me and that is why they stay. I told Dinosaur that I want to keep Hamish too.

Creatures and things

September 27 2015, 11:58 AM - I had long bad dreams about living in a poor area where my house was in really poor condition and not safe and dangerous criminals kept breaking in and we also were poor and didn't have any food. Anyway, then I ended up in a dream where for a long time I was shown a miniature UFO which was made out of metal, it was not perfectly symmetrical as if perhaps it had been hard to make one perfectly symmetrical. It was attached to like a keychain at one back end, and there was a small miniature Zeta around. This asymmetrical UFO with the small Zeta was being swayed before me like on the chain it hung on for the longest time, while I stood in what was a large medical room. The UFO on the short chain was about the size of my hand.

Then I look around the medical room and there are just tons of tiny insect creatures everywhere along the walls, all sorts of beetles and bugs, and white praying mantis. I turn my attention to the white praying mantis, and it turns out to be much larger than I thought, though still not larger than my hand. And it turned into this wonderful experience where I was really glad to be looking at the white praying mantis. Then I woke up.

And a white praying mantis was talking to me telepathically, now I was in my room. I called it "white praying mantis", it asked me to call it "White Mantid" and didn't like the "praying" part. Like the other mantids, they are amazing to connect mentally with. They are intelligent and there is nothing scary about them. He put the tip end of its praying mantis arm on my throat and said that they like to eat that, meaning my thyroid gland or perhaps substances out of my thyroid, and it then put the tip of one white praying mantis arm at the back of my neck and said that I was lucky that I hadn't been liquefied because they like to drink things from there. The White Mantid said that his species are there with the aliens because they can multiply quickly, he seemed sad when he said that they are being made to multiply into large numbers. I also found out again that the aliens need my feces because it contains "grasses" which the Mantids need, namely Mantids lay their eggs into stacks of human feces. I have reported on that again, and here I do that again. The White Mantid said that thanks to nutrition in my feces the Mantids that are growing can grow an "encasing" ("encasing" translated from my native language), the Mantids grow inside see-through beige organic pods and they break the encasing and crawl out of there once they are mature. And trust me, the Mantids are not creepy. Even though they are big insects. They are fantastic intellectually and there is no fear or disgust about them.

Note that the White Mantid is NOT the same thing as the Thuban, although there are similarities. The Thuban is a modified whale and is not an insect, Thubans do not have insect eyes or antennae on their heads, the Thuban has a mouth filled with soft yellow hairy sheets of baleen both upper and lower jaw, Mantid does not have the yellow baleen. The two are also intellectually different and speak differently and have different tasks.

Before I fell asleep last night the aliens were talking about how they need to take my feces. I almost thought I was going to get to be awake for an abduction this time, because I was seeing images clearly out of their laboratory though I was still in my bedroom. And Hamish was there! I saw Hamish look at me and his lower eyelids closed up which means that he was looking at me and smiling! And I was so happy to see him! I love him so much! Hamish told me, and everyone, of course, that he was the proud race. And I told Hamish that I am proud of Hamish's race. Hamish made sure that everyone knows that he is in charge. He is such a cute Turtle.

Zetas said, while I was still awake, not to worry about the fecal sample they would take because they said they had also done that hundreds of times to my hybrid children. They do this because they are studying metabolism and foods. The Zeta said they then process it to find out how much of various components there are in it. I wanted to ask more about what instruments and methods they use for that subsequent study of composition, but they didn't go into that.

Also last night before I fell asleep I got to see a human man who was there in the laboratory with the aliens and he was looking at me. I never quite like seeing a human there when all I want to see is Hamish and the other Aliens, but this man is probably one of the military there to check that the Zetas don't go haywire with their poking and extracting. Zetas said they can do surgery and that they enter into my abdomen to look at things inside my body, and they said that they go in through the belly button because it never leaves any scars! I told them to please go ahead and enter through the side on my belly this time, that they could do it with my permission, that I would be happy to have a scar - though I wondered if I would want a big scar for the rest of my life on my belly, even if it were from alien Zetas, what weighs heavier, cool aliens or beautiful skin without blemishes? - and also I said that because I think it's lots more creepy if someone goes in through my belly button than if they just do regular surgery through the abdomen.

The Zetas talked a lot about how they were going to take a fecal sample. I said go ahead. I don't remember it though.

After I woke up from the White Mantid dream and I talked to the aliens a bit, I then fell back to sleep and had a dream where I was made to be one of several models and I was wearing jewelry, someone had put on me a necklace with the Christian cross and underneath the Christian cross on the necklace was another piece which was a stone or a metal with the Ancient Egyptian symbol of Ankh, the one we today use for the symbol of female.

Then I dreamt I was in a shopping mall and a Crocodile Man, namely the Ancient Egyptian god, which told me its name in the dream but I forget the name, he also told me the name of his son who is also a Crocodile Man, they were leading me to the underworld under ground, it was a long path of passages and was going to lead through a tunnel. I was working my way downward with the Crocodile Man near. I woke up from that dream and the Crocodile Man talked to me and said that I had nearly made my way into the "Temple Of Ra", I think it was temple, or otherwise kingdom or something like that, but a place of Ra, which is the sungod in Ancient Egyptian religion. The Croc also told me that they also have Anubis down there in the underworld, I said isn't Anubis a dog, or a schakal, that how can they have such a being? I asked, and do they also have the Egyptian god who was an Ibis? The Croc Man said that ibises meant good messages and good fortune to the Ancient Egyptian people.

A little hybrid girl came over to watch me and I got furious at her. Her name was Lolo or Lullu, or Lollo. She said that I hadn't liked Theresia either, which is a name of another hybrid girl they had sent to me before. I don't like any of the hybrid children, and I let her know that. She was thinking about how my people and me are like peasants, she tried to show me an image of the Wild West which is in the 1800's, to try to let me know that to her I was like that, that I am behind them in advancement. I really hate these creatures. She told me that she does not have any "hunnun", which means eggs. I didn't want to listen to her, I threw a lot of bad language at her, I threatened to kill her, and I said I was going to smoke cigarettes because of her.


September 25 2015, 12:58 noon - "I have been given poisonous mushrooms on my head", said Hamish and showed me the top of his head which is fire engine red and has a row of pairs of blunt orange buttons, which he knows I have told him it looks like the toadstool mushroom, which I have also told him to never touch if he sees one because they are poisonous. Yes, his head looks like a toadstool mushroom. It is really cute. It really, also, looks like how nature sets up warning signs that says "don't touch", or, "don't eat me"! I was hanging up laundry to dry, and he said to me first, "you are hanging that up there, and then once it is dry you will remove it", and I told him that he was entirely correct. He said that he too makes washing and hangs it to dry, he means his sheets of shedded scales, which I've seen that he washes and hangs up in places to dry, he calls it his laundry. Cute dragon! I forget now if he said dangerous or poisonous mushrooms on his head, but either case he is cute.


September 24 2015, 4:26 PM - The night before last one of the MIB Agents talked to me telepathically. I forget what he said. And last night, the Russian military talked to me telepathically. One of them was named Nikolai. They said it hadn't worked out between me and Olav, which is an understatement cause we seem to hate each other, and so they were offering me another Russian military person, perhaps that was Nikolai, this young blonde guy probably not even 20 yet. The Russians said they want to hire me to work with intelligence, they were asking me if I can detect explosives and mines, meaning with psychic remote viewing. And they had a test for me, that one of those men had something in their pocket and they asked me if I could tell them what it is. That is how they were testing my remote viewing. Olav thought about a mangled up paperclip so I just said "Olav thought about a paperclip so maybe that's what it was" but they said it was one of them had you know one of those pins that you push into a billboard. I said to them I didn't even try, I just guessed because of what Olav thought.

Someone else then told me telepathically that if I join Russian military intelligence or if I join United States intelligence then I would lose citizenship in my country if I am working for intelligence for another country. The United States have also had some interest in this, but the Russians are a lot more keen on it. Olav had specifically wanted to work with this with a woman from my European country, and he had these huge expectations about working with a woman like me but then he just ended up disappointed and we don't like each other, Olav and me hate each other, it's really ridiculous. I tried to tell the Russians why it doesn't work out between Olav and me, but I didn't give all the details.

The Russians are scary, you won't believe how scary they are. Last night they told me about when the Russians had sent that first dog out into space and they hadn't retrieved it back home for safety, and they said that don't worry they would never do that sort of a thing to me. Yet I could sense an undertone and I told them that I don't trust that. I have no doubt in my mind that Russians would kill me if it somehow benefitted their country. And they always make serious threats against my family, that really deeply bothers me. I don't think I should get involved. I can imagine that once someone is a Russian intelligence worker then the Russians can kill that person or their family if they think there's any risk that that person knows too much or might reveal too much.

Reptilians told me last night that Reptilians were the ones who provided me to the Russians, and that in exchange - said the Reptilian - the Reptilians are granted permission to stay on Earth. The Reptilian then told me the very same thing about the United States military. Reptilians are working for militaries in Russia and United States in exchange for letting them stay on Earth without conflict.

And this morning the Agent was back, who has been around since the past two days, he remote view watches me and talks to me telepathically, and I can see him too. He looks like a human man with black hair and wearing a black suit with white shirt and dark tie, only his eyes are entirely large and black just like Zeta Grey eyes, and so I keep telling him, "I know you're not a human! I can see your Zeta eyes! You're a Zeta pretending to be a human!". But I am not sure. Because this morning this man told me how he had tried out to join the Navy Seals but he didn't get in, and so instead now he works with this stuff whatever this is. And would a Zeta impostor really say that sort of thing? My alternate theory, if this isn't a Zeta posing as a human Agent, is that it is the Zetas enabling the telepathic contact, and that is why I keep seeing the Zeta. I've known Zetas to enable remote viewing and telepathy for these people before, they are like the switchboard operator in between.

Zetas showed me some creepy hospital laboratory scenes last night, and the Zetas can approach me in the most creepy way with the creepiest vibe about them. I tell them to calm down and to be nice. They talk about how they like to remove my right eye out of its socket to look at it. This morning they told me that they have operated in - don't worry, it's probably in the other dimension so you can't find it - a metal sheet which relays to them what I am seeing. The way it works made perfect sense, it is an absolutely genious invention. The electrical signal that travels along the thick optical nerve consists as we know of an electrical signal not too different from electrical signals that make for instance a television program on the tv. The electrical signal travels along the conducting metal surface, and at the end of this surface is a system on the implant which simply sends the signal away to a receiver which receives the electrical signal and that is how they know what I have seen. It's not science-fiction at all. They have simply put a conducting sheet right on the nerve where my visual information travels as an electrical signal. It is genious, and simple. From what little I know of electronics and physics, it should work.

What else. Hamish has of course said "My eggs" to me many times, and he has also shown me his back hump many times, oh and he has also claimed the shelves in my bedroom as his own.

This morning I got to see a human medical doctor in a remote view image as he talked to me telepathically. They said that I was allowed to see him, instead of the Dinosaurs, because I was not yet allowed to see the Dinosaurs. I asked the doctor what kind of a doctor he is, if he is a GP (General Practitioner) or if he has specialized in any area. He said he is a Pediatrician, meaning a doctor who works with children. Then he said something like, "Well at least I'm not a gynaechologist, or a urologist!", and he thought about how the Zetas work so much with abductees' privates all the time, and the only way I can interpret why he said that, was because he felt relieved that he didn't have to be involved in all of that, "all of that" being things that even upset a physician.

If the Russians were nicer, then maybe I would consider working for them. But the fact that they have many times made threats against killing my family members, as a way of hoping to keep me in check to make sure I don't talk about the information, that is just so disrespectful and distasteful that I think they've just ruined any chances that they might have had. Who wants to work with people like that? That's like they're murderers, and I don't want to work with any murderers, with people who could consider killing people! Had they not said things like that, then maybe that would have been a cool job. I always wanted to work for the military a few years of my life. The United States people are a lot friendlier. I don't think they would ever make threats like that against me. The US ones are also heaps more gradual and careful with this, they have not said exactly what is going on, whereas the Russians are more talkative. But let's not forget that the US General Patton who was training me, then handed me over to Russian Corpral Olav Vetti. So maybe US and Russia are working together. I don't know.

What I do know is that I'm a good telepath, psychic, and a fairly decent remote viewer though I don't practice my remote viewing cause I don't use it ever. The Zetas taught me these things I'm sure, at least I know they taught me telepathy when I was 13. For two reasons this would be interesting for the military: 1. They would want to make sure that telepaths out there in the world are not by any chance spying on their military secrets. 2. They might like to have people like that working for them.

If it weren't that Hamish is so cute, I would have been fed up with all of this a long time ago. But I wouldn't give up Hamish for anything in the world. You'll know if you ever get to see a Dragon Turtle. They're cuter than kittens. And every day he makes me smile, just by being cute dragon.


September 23 2015, 9:23 AM - Guess where I found Dragon this morning? I almost ran into him, namely he was standing where? Right next to the trashcan where three or so bloody used tampons are now hiding. For the record he doesn't usually stand there. I normally find him in the hallway outside my bedroom door in the mornings. I just wonder what business he has been up to at night? Let's ask him:

Hamish? - me
My sugar no. - Hamish in my native language (NL), he means that I have eaten sugar and I shouldn't because that means the aliens can't make hybrid babies out of my eggs for a while
Hamish? What have you been doing at the trashcan with the bloody tampons Hamish?? - me

I forgot to mention the totally relevant detail that when I did bump into Hamish who was standing there at the trashcan, he started doing lots and lots of palate clicks and palate clicks.

Dragon Catnip

September 22 2015, 4:01 PM - I am menstruating again since yesterday. I don't have that every month. Today as Hamish watched me pick out a tampon from the big box of tampons that I have, he asked me if they are something to be put in the mouth. I said no Hamish. He knows where they go. Just that they are soaked up in delicious blood. We know this is coming. We know how Hamish acts when I have bloody tampons. He can't resist getting curious. I was just surprised that I didn't notice any funnybusiness from him yesterday already.

I did some cleaning in my room today, and took out a new trashbag and in it is just pretty much nothing else other than one bloody used tampon covered in toilet paper. Reptilians can never understand why someone (human) would have a bag with garbage in it and leave it out in the room like a display. To them, it is literally like someone putting trash on a shelf, or on the middle of the floor. They don't have a concept of "that is going to get thrown out later".

Hamish was all snug and clearly visible though mentally and in the other dimension. I rarely see him so clearly, he is a fire engine red naked Dragon with a big back hump cushion on his back, he is really cute, he is so darn cute to see. I soon found out why I was seeing him. He said, "My trash!" about the trashbag and went over to stand next to the trashbag, where the tampon is. Usually in the past he waits until I fall asleep, and he looks at me to see if I have fallen asleep (and I know that because I have not fallen asleep yet when he does that), so that he would dare to do the unthinkable, by walking over to rummage in the trashcan for used bloody tampons.

Tyler MacIntyre

September 22 2015, 12:46 noon - When I was in my teens and into my early 20's people who seemed to be United States military officers and men in black suits were talking to me telepathically and remote view watching me, using such psychic technologies which they were taught by Zeta Greys. The surveillance was constant on me, I could have set the clock by when a certain man comes to work and the previous one ends his shift. I called the surveillance people, who most of them but not all wore black suits, the "survey people".

Through most of my 20's and into present time this surveillance seemed to have stopped. Only with some visits from Jack with the NASA team and General Patton and Sergeant Wilkes, but the other ones, and they had been many, seemed to not talk to me or visit me or watch me anymore. And I was also no longer having the military abductions anymore, MILABS. I've had a few military abductions in recent years, but nothing at all like what was going on in my younger life.

So last night I did something I have almost never done. I used my telepathic skills which the Zetas taught me when I was 13 and 14, and I contacted some of these men myself. I contacted Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown, Commendant Larsen, Admiral Benson, General Owens, Captain Jacob Greene aka Captain Daniels, Aulis Greenshaw, Assistant Carlisle, and Tyler MacIntyre.

Time has passed since those years when all of these men, these ones listed and many more, were always around, times when we had chats every day, and when some nights I would wake up in other places and meet some of them there.

I finally got to know Admiral Benson, although that conversation was a bit unpleasant. Oh, and I met a new military officer named Aidan Shannon, who did the talking on behalf of Major Cunningham. Shannon told me about the war they are having with aliens, these aliens ate some of Captain Shannon's soldiers in the desert. Shannon said the military wanted to train me to get to the aliens who abduct me. I was going to be a weapon. It is the most amazing conversation that sheds the most light on the situation.

I learned that Assistant Carlisle had been recruited by the military to be a counsellor for me. Carlisle was already working as a counsellor for the military, he said. And the military had been worried about my well-being, so that is why it finally makes sense why Carlisle, and not the others, was always so much asking about my well-being and trying to be so fatherly. And also why his title was "Assistant", and none of the other survey men had any such title of Assistant or anything else but their names. The other survey men by the way went by their first names, most of them at least. There was John, Brian, Andrew, Nolan. But Aulis Greenshaw was always Aulis Greenshaw, and Tyler MacIntyre was MacIntyre and only the other survey men called him Tyler! The military officers went by their military title and their last name. Major Cunningham, Captain Stephens, General Owens, Sergeant Wilkes. Only Captain Daniels went by Jacob Greene or Greene.

I wanted to talk to Tyler MacIntyre, as he was always my favorite. But the others who were already "on the line", such as Assistant Carlisle, yelled at me to strictly not contact MacIntyre. When I used my telepathy to contact MacIntyre, I saw an image of him driving in a blue SUV and then everything got blurry for me with lots of hospital connotations, and I thought he was dead.

Turns out MacIntyre was not dead, as the other men explained to me, when I begged them to tell me if MacIntyre was ok! MacIntyre is suffering from esophageal cancer, and he is in a bad shape. The men somewhat reluctantly let me contact him telepathically, and I saw mental images of Tyler and ended up talking to him a long time telepathically. Doctors have removed a part of his esophagus and he can no longer swallow food or water. He has a breathing tube that goes in through the front on the throat that breathes for him. He lives his life in the hospital and cannot go home in case there is an emergency.

I learned that Tyler has been married for 40 years, and that he has three children one daughter and two sons. I told him how much I love him and how much he had meant to me. Tyler revealed that he and the others like him, whom I have always called "survey people" in lack of a better word, they are called Agents. Tyler was an Agent. This man saved my life so many times when the other guys there had been so mean that I was just crying and even cutting myself and thinking about suicide in my teens. Tyler, even though he never meant it and it was not some trick or plan, he was always such a cheerful and happy spirit that it always cheered me up. I used to wait for his shift to begin, anxiously waiting for the other guy to go home so that Tyler would show up and call himself "MacDaddy" and he would call me "gal", things that I loved! He not once did anything scary or mean to me. This man means the world to me.

I begged the men to let me visit Tyler, or I mostly just asked him, but I told him that of course I understand that the others might think I might do something bad to him. Already the others were reluctant of letting me even talk to Tyler because they thought I was going to be angry or yell at him or ask him questions, and they were pleasantly surprised at how nice I was to Tyler, and how I had only nice things to say to him. I wrote down 34 Word document pages of conversations with the military and Agents last night, and after I went to bed, me and Tyler continued to talk more, "off the record" meaning I didn't get those down on my notes. He told me I was welcome to visit. He told me the name of his hospital where he is staying at and in which town and in which U.S. state and in which part of the state it is. I want to visit him, but of course I can't. I know that his last name is not his real name, he told me that. I want to see him in real life, tell him how much he has meant to me, how mean the others were and he was always so nice. I can't visit him of course, I am too afraid to not find him if I go all that way. I love you MacIntyre, thank you for all you did to me, you are the best.

You will be able to read these 34 pages of talk with the military and Agents in a future telepathy book dated September 21 2015. You should not miss what Captain Shannon says there because it is phenomenal, possibly the best information on the military and alien phenomenon to be found anywhere out there. I will of course omit any details about Tyler's whereabouts.