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March 26 2016 - April 30 2016

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Hamish is hunting Liver Slippers

April 30 2016, 5:24 PM - So. We seem to have outdone ourselves, Hamish I mean. Hamish is hunting slippers. There is a pair of purple indoor slippers that my flatmate started using. She leaves these slippers on the floor here and there, I usually see them in a different place at different times. Well. Yesterday Hamish suddenly said to me: "Liver Slippers". And I thought, what a funny thing to say! It made me laugh of course.

I asked him what he meant by "Liver Slippers". He did not say. In fact, I didn't get the answer until the following day, this morning. He said he calls them Liver Slippers because he hunts them!!! Hamish is hunting slippers!! Which only means, as he showed me in his thought images, that he pats down a flat duck foot on a slipper to "catch" it. He does the same hunting with the childrens' toys that the hybrids have, especially with balls because they can roll away, and he loves to set one flat duck foot down on a toy to catch it, and then he enjoys just standing that way. It satisfies his hunting instincts. So now he is hunting slippers, Liver Slippers, and I am the happiest girl in the world, because that is darn so cute. Oh this Dragon makes me so happy and amused I am about to burst! ... Liver Slippers!!! Haha!

Incident of this Morning

April 27 2016, 2:40 PM - We had an incident this morning. An Illuminati hybrid, those chubby white dudes who wear human clothes typically a black business suit with a gray-striped tie, who said that his name was Rodriguez, came accompanied with another dude named Jeff who I think might have been a slender Reptilian, these two alien guys seemed to try to pose as a men in black (Rodriguez) and a military officer (Jeff). They were alerted and alarmed and they were here to defend me against Hamish.

Turns out Hamish, on the ruggy rug right next to my mattress on the floor, had tried to bite me during the night. Because I ate a whole big milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts and Hamish wanted to bite me and basically tell me Yes-No Sugar.

I told the guys to calm down, I told them that I don't mind if Hamish were to bite me, and I told them that I have also told Hamish that he can wake me up at anytime during the night if he wants to say something to me or if he needs me for anything. Sure enough, Dragon could tell me about the Yes-No Sugar in the morning when I wake up, but if he decides that he wants to tell me right in the night then he is allowed. I told Hamish once I found out what the commotion was, I thanked him for telling me about the sugar, I informed Dragon that I have bought youghurt that I have, and I told him that the chocolate had been the "Wrong Snacks". Then the Illuminati dude Rodriguez asked me if I wanted to see his penis and he showed it to me and I said no thanks I don't want to see it.

Hamish and his rug

April 26 2016, 9:43 PM - I woke up some time in the night or also in the morning because there was a very uncomfortable feeling, I felt really terrible, like the emotional state, the atmosphere, the energy, the mood. It felt horrible, hostile, sickly, wrong. I wondered what was wrong with my health, and what positive thinking, meditation, or affirmations I would have to do to recover from this rut. Turns out it was just Hamish spending time really close to me throughout the night since I had placed his ruggety rugs right next to my bed and I am sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor for a few days (since I gave my own room for a friend's visiting family for a few days because I am nice so I am on the living room floor until then). So Hamish and his ruggy were closer to me than ever before, literally just centimeters away from me, if even that.

When I woke up I realized after getting out of my drowsy state, that it was just my Reptilian moving about. At first I had to ask myself, was this another Reptilian, because normally Hamish doesn't feel this bad. But sure enough, it was my turtleback. Being really close to him is always a very uncomfortable experience, it feels sickly, hostile, creepy, uncomfortable, all kinds of words like that, but those are the way that Hamish feels every day of his life just from being himself. When he is close I get to feel how he feels.

Hamish kept coming to his ruggy and then moving away a few meters and coming back to it, over and over. He was fidgety and trying to settle down on his ruggy but he kept telling me that he didn't want to be so close to me, he talked to me about how he had during the night moved away from me, and of how he had been on the rug and how he had then moved away. It was too close to me for his comfort.

I told him that I had placed his rug so close to me because I had wanted to be close to him, but I offered that I would move the rug further away next time. Also it does not work for me to have him close during the night, he is not exactly a cuddly pet kitten to crawl next to each other in bed with. This is a predatory alien being, it feels horrible to feel his mindset, the way that he feels his mind and body is uncomfortable. It is best for both of us that we do not have his ruggety so close to my bed, even though the idea was nice in the first place. I want to have him near, I crave a closer contact, but it doesn't work out. Every time when we are really close for realz, then it feels horrible. [or it could also just be, that he feels horrible in comparison to how I feel myself, I don't think that Hamish suffers from the feeling of himself, from being himself, but to me the contrast or difference is horrific]

And in the morning Hamish talked about how he had taken a shedded scaly bit from his finger and placed it under me in my bed, it was his gift for me for having the eggs, he said. I thanked him for this gift, even though I only very rarely see with my own eyes his shedded scales because they are in the other dimension. He said that it was his nicest piece, his best one. I wanted to have him really close to my thin mattress on the living room floor, because even with a bed that is higher up. I thought I could this way lure Hamish to come really close to me in the calm and dark of night, but both of us ended up being uncomfortable, for different reasons. I love him so much, but we cannot be close. He loves that rug though. In the morning he stepped forward with one flat red duck foot down on the rug and he told me, that it was the best feeling in the world.

Here is Hamish's rug back when it was new and original. It did not take him long to fall in love with this ruggety snugs and to adopt it, even to the point of pushing me off of it if I happened to stand on his ruggy:

And here is ruggy the way that it looks now, it got colored in the washing machine by other red rugs that I washed with it, but Hamish loves it just the same. Here with some yellow roses that I actually bought to him as a present because he often talks about "yellow flowers", so I placed the roses there on his ruggy: [the roses were bought a long time ago, this is an old picture]

This just in: Hamish says that he needs the rug for the undersides of his feet because his feet are so sensitive. I have known this before too, but I just forgot. The undersides of his feet feel sore and tired if he does not stand on something soft from time to time. He also misses mom's old sofa because he loved it so much, and this morning he reminded me of the sofa and he misses it, and I told Hamish that "hugs feel like that sofa, that is why humans like to hug each other, because it is like a comfortable sofa". I don't expect him to let me hug him just for saying that though. I love him so much.

Reading a Book

April 25-26 2016, 12:09 midnight - I am reading a book and a Zeta made contact from afar, so that we can see each other in mental images. It has a large head and a narrow chin, the skin color is a blue shade of green, it has a large bald head and two large Zeta-eyes but perhaps not all-black eyes, and he is wearing a blue or green-blue jumpsuit that looks to be made out of thick rubber, like a wetsuit but thick. Before he showed up, the aliens were talking to me, I got to see a quick mental image flash of a Mantid and saw that it has a thick torso which is green and has like a V or two V's that are yellow on the back as pattern. A Zeta said they want to use the nose tubing to take out my stomach contents, and I said that I ate so long ago that my stomach would be empty by now. I said I was not afraid, that I have been awake when a Frog put the tubing down my nose, and that made a Dinosaur (Frog) say "Dab Dab!" so I replied by repeating after him "Dab Dab!" to him too!

But best of all. I got to see how this green-blue Zeta sees the text of my book, this Zeta sent me a mental image of how it saw the open pages of my book, and guess what! We already know that the Zetas have a huge field of vision compared to humans. To the Zeta, the text on my pages appears very small! It was amazing for me to compare how the Zeta sees my book and how I see the book. It really gave me a feeling that the eyes of me and of the Zeta are nothing but lenses, like concave or is it convex glass lenses, one made different from the other, and almost like not eyes at all.

Earlier tonight I looked into the mind of a Zeta and saw again how large the world inside its head is, there is a huge span of outer space in its mental awareness, and also a whole lot of engineering and technical knowledge. Stepping into the mind of a Zeta, is like stepping into a large

We also have an operating theatre for you. We hope that you do not mind that fact. - a white Zeta now

The mind of a Zeta is like stepping into a large observatory-shaped round room with a tall ceiling, all is black and blue, cool meaning chilly, and dark inside, one can see a vast expanse of outer space and stars, and then almost like if the Zeta would have stored books and shelves of various topics of engineering and scientific knowledge along the curved rounded walls on the sides. One could almost tap into the "books" of knowledge that a Zeta has, just by feeling into its mind. Yet, is there even a person inside of that mind? There is no love, no laughter, no giggles or happiness, also no insecurity, none of the things that I find in my own mind, as a woman and a person and human.

You are a grass-eating sort, and kind. - Hamish tells me, explaining, as he listens to what I wrote here
And we don't eat any grasses. Of that fact you should be aware. And we do not need any technology for that, therefore. - Hamish, "for that" meaning for eating not-grasses
I know Hamish. You eat your liver snacks. You eat snacks. - me to Hamish
We don't mind, if you see our pants-suit. - the greenish Zeta about his jumpsuit

The way that I see the room around me, is no longer significant. I truly feel that I am looking at the world through a lense of glass, and not through my own eyes or through anything "realistic". I have one type of glasses before my eyes, and the Zeta has another. The way I see the world, is bent and distorted, just like it is for the Zeta. (Remember also how Hamish sees the world, that his field of vision is buckled on the edges, I made a drawing of that years ago here on the website.)

I want to meet the aliens. I know that they take me, when I am unaware. I want to be aware for the contact. Even if the things that they do are uncomfortable. I would love to have the adventure. And to meet Hamish. And Alpha Remulans.

Have you seen my backpack? You were therefore not significant. - Hamish shows me his back hump, and means that I am not significant, because I do not have a backhump
I have seen your backpack, Hamish. And you were therefore significant. - me
Tiiik! Tiik! - Hamish became so excited and happy about what I said
I love you, Tortoise Pooch. - me
I was not unfriendly. - Hamish
Hamish was my friend. With a backpack. - me
We were the Zeta Remulans. - an alien says
Hello Zeta Remulans. - me
Are you ready to give us your compost? - Zeta Remulan, "compost" was in my third language, and is translated best this way, though it literally said "trash" or "garbage", they mean my feces sample
Why can I not stay awake for the contact? I would like to. - me
I really need my livers, to food. - Hamish blurts out, almost as if thinking to himself
Are you hungry, Hamish? - me
Tiiik! - Hamish cute closing his eyes in a smile
I love you, Tortoise. And I am very proud of your back. - me
Because of my back, I get to eat here. And I was therefore proud too. - Hamish
I am glad that they are giving you your snacks. Your Toast, I said. - me to Hamish
Do you know, "which" it means? - Hamish in my other language, I now also see the mental image of a Dinosaur there
What does it mean? - me
My ***. - Hamish, in my native language, not so sure how to translate that word without being vulgar, yes, I'm sure it translates as "vulva", it was not a bad word but the nicer word for it, he means the eggs of course, and mine
Good night, Dragon Turtle. I am going to bed. Are you going to bed too? Does Hamish sleep? - me
No, he watches you, all through the night. - a Zeta or Zeta Remulan or whatnot
Does he get any time off from work? - me
Only as much as he needs. - the Zetan
Then we take someone else here. - Hamish, about guarding me
So that the eggs don't run away! - a Zeta, as if it were a "charming joke"

Goodnight. I will continue reading my book, then after a little while go brush my teeth, then get ready for an abduction that I don't get to remember.

Do you think that we have a library in our heads, in our minds? - Zetan says
Yes. It seems like it. I find a lot of knowledge like books in there. - me
And, what about Hamish's head? - Hamish or a Dark Lord
... Well... let me see. - me
I like that. - Hamish, with a mental image from the series The Walking Dead with gorey zombies, now a Zetan shows me that a hybrid toddler has a diaper
... In Hamish's head, I find... let me see. *feeling telepathically into Hamish's head* - me
My butt-doctors are here. - a Zetan says to me
And I wanted your manure. - Zeta, "manure" in my native language, can also translate as "fertilizer", meaning when poo is used to fertilize to nourish crops, basically means poo

I never got a chance to feel into Hamish's head, I will do that for you some other time. I mostly find that he is aware of his scent, of his body with the moisture that his body secretes on his skin that is a neon orange gunky goo, he is aware of scents around him, of his surrounding area, he watches for any things that are moving around him and to be prepared to confront trespassers who come close to him, and then all of his thoughts. "Like my back-pack", he now says. Yes, thoughts like his backpack on his back. "We need your manure", a Zeta says "manure" again in my native language. "Then take it.", I say, not knowing what the hell other to say. "You are our flower", says to me a green Mantid in my native language. "We take you", says Hamish in my native language. "You are ours", a Zeta says in my native language with the thought image of a yellow flower. "Our Buttercup", Hamish says, "our" in my native language, Buttercup in English. "Are you prepared for that?", a Zeta says implying to feces. "Sure, I am", I say, not that I know for sure, but what the hell. To meet with aliens wouldn't that be cool? Plus, that Hamish is there. "You don't want to be afraid of us.", the green Zeta says.

I could drive a truck transporting Zetas
And some sexual encounter with a Goblin...

April 25 2016, 10:26 PM - Last night or when it was, the aliens again showed me these two WhatsApp icons in this order, the milk bottle next to the crocodile.

You should note, that among the WhatsApp icons available, are also a green tortoise, two or more green dragons, a green frog head with its mouth open, and also a Zeta alien. Sometimes the aliens show me a mental image of the frog. If I were somehow imagining this, and my mind somehow making me think that the aliens would be so clever and cute to show me WhatsApp images, then I would certainly imagine the egg one (it is a chicken hatching from an egg), or the dragons, or a snake. So it can't be coming from my own head, but we've established that already. The milk bottle and crocodile means of course that "the Reptilians want me to drink cow's milk for the eggs".

The aliens love the WhatsApp icons, probably as much as I do. They like communicating by showing me those icons into my mind, sometimes. And I love it too, when they do.

This morning I had a conversation with a U.S. military or such, telepathically. He knows that I want to meet the aliens, and it is guys like this who are not authorizing it for me, the bastards. Meanwhile these guys are working on bases teeming with aliens mostly Zetas all over the place. So why can't I. The man asked me if I can drive a manual stick car. I said sure I can drive, but that I don't know the signs and don't have my license, but I have driven a bit. He said I could be the one who drives trucks where the back of the truck whose entrance is covered by a black tarp there are lots of Zetas there to be transported I guess from one military base to another and they drive in the dark of night. I have seen mental images from remote of these things that the military drives a whole bunch of small short Zetas who are wearing purple spacesuits they are standing in the back of the truck. These are not those large cargo trucks, but smaller. These trucks are black, the tarp that covers the cargo area is a dark green or other dark color but not black. They are not camouflage colored trucks and there are no obvious logotypes or markings on these trucks.

... So I could get to drive them, yay! Unfortunately, I don't drive anywhere near as good to trust me with the lives of Zetas. I also said that for this kind of a job, I would need to first learn Zeta first aid skills, in case of a medical emergency, and then the Zetas fussed at me and said that they take care of that for themselves, and the Zetas were fussy that I would even think about learning Zeta medicine, and I told them that they should allow for anyone to advance themselves in skills, cause they just thought I was some primitive and pointless creature, and I meant that anyone should get to learn skills as what could that hurt anyway? But they want to take care of themselves and their medicine. I just meant that I would take care of my Zetas, if I had some in the back of my truck.

What else is new in the land of aliens. Today one of the male Goblins had been asked by the aliens to look at me and to try to be sexually interested in me. The aliens meant for him to be aware of my female scent and for him to masturbate. I am not kidding. This Goblin had beard like the Irish used to, like bushy sideburns which runs across along the chin from one to the other, a red bushy sideburns and facial hair, and he wore cute brown short pants with suspenders and some shirt. I saw him in a mental image, and he saw me also from afar in a mental image, and we were very aware of each other, in both image and in thought. It was such a real image. They are fantastic little guys, like little midgets. The Goblins have a short temperament and they always find reasons to get upset with what humans are doing wrong. Goblins insist that things are kept tidy and in order, and they quickly anger when humans mess up. So the Goblins are obviously also recruited on the Agenda team. This has got to do with genetics and DNA if you were not aware. I was also looked at by a chubby Illuminati man today.

Yesterday I was shown, or that I saw, a mental image briefly of the stage where women like me have to stand during abductions and there are a lot of men sitting in chairs in the audience section and this is where men choose who has sex with what abductee woman to make her pregnant. Those men are the men in black, military, and other guys like that. The aliens have asked them if they would kindly participate, and the military guys justify their choice to do this by thinking or knowing that otherwise the aliens will go after the general public, so they think that they are protecting the general public and doing their job as military by offering their services instead. In the second telepathy book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark" you find a chapter where I tell you about when I remembered being fully awake at this stage and talking to some of the guys who approached me and what happened then after that.

I don't get to remember most of these things. And today a girl who looks part Asian wanted to talk to me, I was watching a Moomin cartoon and she wanted to watch it together with me, she said that she had the right to since I am her mother, but I said that she is not my child so I dismissed her. She looks Chinese but that she has dark brown skin, she looks actually like the Alpha Centaurian humans. Oh wow, just wow, isn't this the very same girl who used to tell me that she had read the comic books Tao Tao? She sure has grown a lot bigger and older in just a year or a few years. Do you know what it feels like, to be faced with the fact that I have children there, and that I missed the sex or conception moment, the pregnancy, the delivery, their lives as baby and toddler and small children, and that I have missed so much and that they are now growing up large and I can't keep up? It feels literally like having been in a car accident, and my guts are being pulled and stretched out of my very body and into the ground. It makes me feel nauseous, and gutted. It makes me feel like roadkill.

Tao Tao

I love Hamish, and Hamish loves liver snacks

April 24 2016, 10:41 PM - I just finished watching the movie Jurassic World. Silly me, of course I sobbed a bit because I thought of Hamish. When the dinosaurs in the movie put a foot down on a prey, or the velociraptor charged at other dinosaurs and spread its fingers while running towards it. Those are things that Hamish does.

Hamish has a habit of putting one red flat duck foot down on the things he claims as his owned property, or just to show power. If he owns an item, he might put a flat foot down on it, or if he puts a foot down on a creature. Every now and then he puts a flat duck foot down on my belly, to show that the eggs are his. Basically, this gesture comes from him wanting his owned thing to stop moving and to stay still, but he also does it fully aware that he wants to be seen while doing it, so it is also for show. It is really cute. Also, Hamish does not use his hands "as hands", he uses instead his feet, to touch and feel things with, or to move something with, he uses his feet.

Hamish has a threatening stance, when he is angry and wants to look threatening and strong, it is a warning. In this stance, he hunches down a bit, steps with his flat red duck feet slowly up and down, up and down, in place, while rocking his back hump a bit side to side to display the back hump, I don't remember if he opens his mouth or not during this stance (will have to see the notes), but he also spreads his fingers really wide. Sometimes when I want to talk to Hamish that I am angry at something, that I would attack it, I will spread my fingers really wide and rock my shoulders left to right like he does, and I will tell him "I will bite them!". Usually that is about a red gnome, if there is a red gnome

Or the Santa's hats. I wanted them to be fearful of me. - Hamish says now, completely oblivious of how cute he is

If there is a red Santa or gnome, I know that it angers Hamish that they are wearing his power dominant color red, so sometimes I will tell Hamish - before he has the time to say something - that I will "step on them" or "bite them", and I hunch down a bit and sway my shoulders and spread my fingers wide, just so that we understand each other. Hamish often tells me, that he loves Christmas, because he loves to hunt for the many Santa decoration figurines that are put here and there in mom's home when I lived there. When I go to sleep at night during Christmas, Hamish goes on a hunt and in the morning when I wake up, he will tell me about the red gnomes he found. He loves that, he loves Christmas and all the red decorations and even the Christmas tree. He was disappointed when we did not visit mom for Christmas last year, and I must ensure to give Hamish a proper Christmas this year!

I've been asking and pleading the Zetas to let me meet with Hamish in real life. I have met Hamish in close contact a few times. Every time when I do, I feel utterly and deeply terrified. Hamish exudes the most horrendous and uncomfortable presence. At those times, I really have to remind myself that this is Hamish, my Sock Turtle! He really doesn't feel comfortable or cuddly or cute in person. But I want to meet him anyway. But, he is a terrifying predator creature. But I love him, we know that.

I got to speak telepathically briefly to a U.S. military from a military base which is in a desert in the USA where the sand is noticeably light-yellow white. It could very well be the Mojave desert, from where the Zetas now and then say hello. The militaries there are dressed in camouflage clothes that are also light-yellow white. The military man told me telepathically, one of the things he said was that Hamish would kill and eat me, did he even say to eat my liver, if only he could.

This morning Hamish was explaining to me to drink milk for the eggs. So I took half a glass of cow's milk that was left in the refrigerator and I drank it, and I told the aliens that I do this because of Hamish, and not because of the eggs and definitely not for the Zetas. I told them, and especially to Hamish, that I would do anything for Hamish, that this was a small favor of him to ask me of. And that I do favors to Hamish, because I love him.

Hamish talked today of course also about "snacks", simple sentences. Yes yes, we know that Hamish is an intellectually "simple" species. He right now does a palate click to me, which means that he is happy and that he likes something probably me. "My eggs, I said. Tiik, Tok. I was about them.", Hamish says now. Hamish and me haven't exactly played chess or talked about philosophy together. But he, and his personality, has the most profound effect on me and changes my life every day and every moment that we are together. He now does another palate click, and he says "Tiik Tok". "Tiik Tok means my eggs. And I was about to have them, over here on me.", Hamish says. "I liked those.", says Hamish, his lower and upper eyelids closing but not fully and into a smile, as he thinks about a fish with shiny scales, probably thought of a goldfish, he loves goldfish so much, they are like pretty little dragons to him. "Tiik Tok.", he says while making a palate click at the same time. "Tiik Tok, about the eggs. About mine.", Hamish says. "My eggs", he says in my native language this time.

Two things are strong instincts driving him in life. One is his sense of self-awareness, his sense of identity, his personality and existence, and that is his red color and back hump. We humans think of ourselves as persons, and much of that has to do with our eyes, our faces, our sense of what emotions we have, even our hair, those things are us. But to Hamish, his sense of self is focused on his red color and his back hump. The face and eyes are rather something that he tends to hide, also his face and eyes are proportionally tiny for his body, whereas the fire engine red color really stands out, and his back hump is huge and the prominent figure that one notices first. It is only we humans who are accustomed to looking into the eyes first ("Do you want to come to our hospital", says a Zeta to me now. "We have prepared the nose tubing.", Zeta adds showing the thin tubing in its hands, with which they suction things out of or into my stomach through the nose. "I don't want you to be afraid, if you are not awake. You do not have very strong arms, but you could have easily pulled mine out of their sockets. That is why we are afraid of you. And you have really been grass-fed.", Zeta says to me, holding the tubing over its arms. "You have many children here, that you have not seen.", Zeta says. "And we wanted to show them to you, in the hospital. And therefore, would you like to come? And see them?", Zeta says to me. "Yes-No, palate click.", Hamish says with a palate click. "The military doesn't want you to come here, when you are aware, when you can see. They said to us, "Do not let her do that."", Zeta.)

The second thing rather strong in Hamish's awareness, is his instinct to eat. He is beautiful in that way. Imagine, that his body has instincts that tells him to eat. And it tells him that food is something important. He makes sure, that he knows that he can eat. As we know, because I have said it so many times already, I would feed him with my own liver if there suddenly was nothing else in the whole world for him to eat. I would do that for him. Except that my liver might have toxic metals accrued. I love this Dragon so much.

The way that he scurries and hides under a desk in what he calls the "table hole", where he never ever can even fit and which doesn't hide him whatsoever at all, when something scares him. How he steps slowly with his flat red duck feet up and down, squash squash, with his eyes closing in a smile, on soft ruggety rugs, just because the undersides of his feet are so sensitive - more sensitive than human hands - and he enjoys the soft of a rug. How he can spend hours quite contently on a rug, just standing there like in a nest and feeling the soft of the rug, grooming his shedded scales and placing and arranging them on the rug and wiping his feet really fast backwards to wipe them clean of gunk on the rug. That's what he does.

How he shows me his back hump several times a day, every day, and like today he told me out of the blue that he is "proud of his color" or was it race or back hump. I often tell him, "Hamish I am proud of you", and "I am proud of your race, and of your back hump", because he sometimes tells me that he is proud of these things and with his eyes smiling with the eyelids partially closing. Today he showed me a mental image of a cute yellow dragon turtle, and he said that it was his father. Ahh.

"Yes-No, I am afraid of pumpkins. They grin at me! And sometimes they have a lit fire inside. And I cannot handle it well. That is why, therefore I have my goosebumps. So that they can protect me and my race. I was therefore important here. So that is why I never left your side. I had a bad smell, a bad odor. So I wasn't, foul smelling. That is therefore that you cannot come. To see me, I meant! I have a very bad body odor. Otherwise you could have seen me. Or if that was not enough, I could have bitten you I said.", Hamish says. "I want to meet with you. Your smell is only natural to your race, Hamish. I can handle the smell.", I say to him. And yes, he meant that the goosebumps can protect him and his race from pumpkins. Yes.
Although Hamish has never literally carried me, it felt like this, like if I was sweapt off my feet, notice also the dragon hand my hand turning into his, that is literally how close we were, me and Hamish, together, my Turtle

What happens during alien contact. When a human meets with an alien species. I can tell you that a human was never made to feel the love toward someone like Hamish. He is too cute. I have never known a love like this. I would die for this Dragon. I would do anything to keep him safe. He is more beautiful than anything else in existence, and he doesn't know that yet, if he ever will. What he knows, is that he loves to see the shimmer of fish scales that swim by in the water. He knows that tomatoes turn red because they have seen him. He knows that rugs feel soft underneath his feet. He knows that his race and his dragon scales and back hump are important. He knows that he is a Dragon Turtle, of the old Draconian race. He knows that he needs to eat, and that he enjoys liver snacks. He knows that I have the eggs, and that he has been assigned to guard the eggs so that the other aliens can give him his snacks in return. He knows that palate click means that he is happy. He knows that closing his lower eyelids upward, means that he is happy and laughing and that something was funny, and he knows to share his funny and happy moments with me, to show me what made him smile or laugh and to show me that his eyes are closing that way.

There are so many emotions inside this beast, inside of that little dragon head of his, a tiny face on the blunt end of a long tubular neck, it really looks like a sock puppet, which is why I call him my Sock Turtle. He feels fear, he feels gratitude, he feels the soft of rugs under his feet, he feels so many things, so many emotions, and he shares them with me. What if nobody would love him? What if he had nobody in the world, to whom he could share his thoughts and feelings with? Does my love for him even mean anything? Does he know that I love him? Or am I just eggs, and a potential liver snacks for him, is that all I am? Does he think of us as friends? (I know that he doesn't.)

I want him to be happy. But above all I need to know that he will be safe. I love him so much, my Dragon Turtle. I never knew, that time when he first time showed up in my bedroom, standing just so totally unapologetically next to me, a tall large fire engine red dragon with a strange soft turtle cushion on his upper back and a limp tail down to the floor and two bulging round yellow eyes like the headlights of a car. We just looked at each other, and all things would change.

Our first time was challenging together. I was nice to him, but he was very dominating and threatening, he would wrestle me and push me around to show me his "power" as he said it. He would make threats to me, and insist many times a day that I must "honor his race and honor his scales". Over time things have changed. He has become happier. And even when I do honor him and his race and scales now, he does not seem to react to that anymore. He used to have these fantastic shivers of pleasure, whenever I would tell him in words, that I honored his scales and race. He has turned into someone, who is curious about the world, he looks at Christmas trees and tomato plants and goldfish, and he shares those moments with me. I seem to think, that we have changed each other's lives. "I only wanted my liver snacks. That is why therefore I am here. My liver snacks!", Hamish says with a palate click at the end "liver snacks" to show that liver snacks is something that he likes.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go to bed and cry. It is just so overwhelming, the love that I have for him. I love him so much. "My eggs were not in oestrus, I said!", Hamish says now, yes he said that. "What do you mean, Hamish?", I ask him. "Mine, yes, good.", he says, while rocking his body a few times left to right out of contentment. I'll just do some palate clicks to him. I have learned many of his body language gestures, which I use daily to him:

Palate click, lower eyelids closing, upper eyelids closing, both upper and lower eyelids closing, rocking body left to right, to put a foot down in front, to scrape with one foot backwards, exhales in a certain way, to reach the arm forward in a scraping way, and other gestures which I copy from him, such as his feelings and thoughts. And to say Tok Tok, Tiiik!, Tik Tik Tik! (I try not to say Tik Tok, because then I would be promising my eggs to him, and that is a bit too much.) We make a great team. I hope that we can stay together forever. Today or yesterday, Hamish said to me that they were going to stay in my life until I become an old woman. Come on aliens, just put me in a room together with Hamish already. He won't eat me, just make sure to feed him beforehand, or give me a plastic bag of snacks to feed him from and we will be fine! Remember when I was packing, and was putting my liquid soaps and things into small plastic bags and Hamish got really happy and curious and he said: "Plastic bag of snacks!" I nearly died as my heart crushed from how sweet that Turtle was! Namely, he is given literally a plastic bag containing slices of kidneys and livers and he calls those "a plastic bag of snacks", and so when he saw me with such plastic bags, he associated it with his snacks! He is too cute. I love him so much. I wish I could feed him my kidneys.

Too cute - baby velociraptors in movie, reminds me of baby Hamish

April 22 2016, 7:45 PM - I was watching cartoons with Hamish today, he was quite happy to watch together with me. Then I saw Hamish he was sitting or half-laying in my bed and that made me ever so happy, I love that he can be comfortable in my bed, I wish that he would do that more often, because that is rare. And now I started watching the movie Jurassic World for the first time, in the starting scenes some baby velociraptors are clawing their way out of the eggs, and it literally brought me tears to my eyes, because I thought of Hamish.

Hamish remembers, and can recount, the time when he had scratched his way out of the egg, and he remembers everything from when he was a baby. Baby Dragon Turtles are brave and fearless, and immediately after hatching (Hamish calls them "Hatch-Its") they start searching for "snacks"

We have well-developed brains. And therefore, so we do not want to come out. - Hamish, meaning that his race is intelligent and therefore does not want to come out of the egg
Hamish? Why do you not want to leave the egg when you are babies? Why is that Hamish? - me
Yes-No, mine egg. - Hamish, possibly about the eggs in the movie which I have paused just to come and write here
They were not with mine. - Hamish, he thinks of the claws of the babies in the movie coming from the eggs

If I could express in words how much I love Hamish. Oh and today an Orion lizard let me see himself, and a Reptilian. The Orion lizard as always talked about having rigged several planets with "explosives". I spoke only kindness to the lizards, and for that he wanted to reward me by placing the metal triangle into the palm of my hand, he showed me that hypothetical scenario several times, of himself putting the triangle in my hand. I have been shown this triangle before, to be given it is an emblem that I am one of them. I said I wanted to have it, but that I do not know what taking it is meant to imply. It is out of a soft and light-weight metal reminds me of aluminium, and it has rounded corners and is also not flat but rather bulky. It also has an outline.

It is not light as a feather. - Dark Lord or someone, about the metal triangle emblem

Imagine that there is a person in those eyes. Seeing the baby velociraptors in the movie Jurassic World makes me think of the grand magnificent person that is Hamish, in such a similar body. It was like seeing a Hamish being born, those Reptilian eyes, such a grand and magnificent person that can be in such a body. Who ever knew. Out of my love for Hamish, I would do anything. I would take on an army fearlessly just to defend Hamish. I would die for my Hamish. I love him so much, this little person inside his yellow bulging eyes. He is so proud of his back hump, and of his trademark copyright red color. He shares his thoughts with me. We live together. We do everything together, now for five years

Yes-No, that. I do not want to see it there. - Hamish, "that" is his mental image of a fish hook, and "there" means in the velociraptor hatchery in the movie, the movie is still paused. Hamish does not want to see fish hooks in the reptile hatchery, of course

I love Hamish so much. So much. I cannot watch that movie, I am only going to start crying and sobbing my eyes out if I see that little baby velociraptor born, because then I think of Hamish. Sometimes I just think of Hamish and I cry. Today he knew I was doing #2 at the bathroom, and he asked me if I have eaten fish (he knows that I have eaten fish) and he does not like that someone eats fish because it has scales like the Reptilians. Remember the fish soup episode? One of the most classic moments alltime of The Orion Project: it was when I had cooked and eaten fish soup made from a fish where you could still see the silvery scales on it, and Snake the Reptilian put me in quarantine for three days, oh the Reptiles they were so disgusted that somebody would eat scales!!! Oh, the memories. I wish I could have held baby Hamish in my arms when he was a baby, and just told him that I love him.

Watching Cartoons With Hamish, Gnomes grrr...

April 20 2016, 8:17 PM -

I wasn't laughing at it. - Hamish
I know, Hamish. - me
Yes-No, my-colored hat. - Hamish in other languages
It was my colors! - Hamish, completely devastated!, other languages

I am watching a cartoon on YouTube and of course Hamish got really curious when the red gnomes showed up on the hilltop at time 1:50. His Reptilian eyes gazed deep into the red color costumes of the moving gnomes, and Hamish stood right next to me, and he was getting agitated and angered, and then we had the exchange that is above. And he was growling while staring deep with his Reptile eyes on the red gnome costumes, growling, grrr, grrr, at the gnomes in the video. Here is the cartoon, and also a screenshot from the cartoon in case the video some time goes away:

Reading Hamish's Cards Yah

April 16 2016, 6:27 AM - I actually have the skill to read Tarot cards exceptionally well. I understand science, yet I contend that my card reading is exceptionally impressive. If I were to draw random cards at random, it would not answer questions nor give relevant information, but I receive specific instructions on how to shuffle the cards and which ones to pull. I was using Shamanic Mayan cards last night to answer some of my questions pertaining to my own life, but then I decided to read Hamish's cards. Before I reveal Hamish's cards, remind ourselves of when I read the Tarot cards of the Dark Lord who most probably was Malik: scroll down to see Malik's cards. But, here are Hamish's cards:

I asked the lady spirit (I know this sounds crazy right, but scientists don't know everything and my cards in fact give exceptional results), I ask the lady spirit who guides me with how to shuffle the cards and which cards to choose, I ask her, "Can we do a reading for Hamish?" She says, "First we must look at/talk about his anger.", I forgot which of the two she said. I pulled this card:

Fire boa, boa two heads. His power extends to the attack. It is used to invoke the aid of the spirits of the dead and the past to confront the rebels spirits.

The mention of boa as the snake, mention about power and attack, and rebel spirits. Describes a Reptilian to a tee. Additionally I felt that the mention of fire was with this card here to be read as a reference to his red color. And the spirit lady had said before I pulled the card, that with this card we will be looking at "his anger", and the card speaks of power, attack, and rebel spirit. Pretty spot on, dear sweet Hamish, what anger do you have?

Next I ask the lady and the cards, "How does my Hamish really, truly feel about me?" The card I pulled says this:

Fertility, serpent form representation and symbol of fertility. Gestation times ahead.

I am not kidding. The card said those things. Furthermore I am not familiar with the cards so it's not like I know what cards are in the mix so that I could somehow expect or want to pull this one. First time I see most of the cards because I have not used them so much and there are so many of them that most of them are for the first time! So we see, and it is confirmed from spiritual sources..... that I am just the eggs for Hamish. He does call me ovary, and flower. So those are his true feelings for me. Ahh, sigh.

Next I ask the lady and the cards: "Does Hamish know, or understand, our friendship and that I love him so much? Does he know?" The card:

Elf, fantastic character of small stature, with powers to impregnate virgins, but whose children are born without an anus. It is fed only with human odors and talk sporadically. Owner and driver animals. Three figures are different occurrences of the same elf. His appearances same elf. His apparition is an alert. Very careful steps to give those who have seen.

I got this same card earlier when I had asked the cards about my own life, and this one was describing who I am and the life I might want and about what life is right for me in terms of husband and family life and all. And what I think this card said to me then, about myself, is that I am part alien which is why I struggle with thinking about having an ordinary life, I long for a husband who understands and accepts that I am from another world, outer space, those are the thoughts with which I asked the question that earlier pulled this card. And so here I pulled the same card again, when asking if Hamish understands our friendship. It could mean that Hamish knows me very well, perfectly in fact, since this card earlier described me and answered the question I had about what life is right for me. I do have a feeling that Hamish knows me real well. He watches me closely, we have conversations about life every day. I felt that the card meant that Hamish does know me real well, which would mean that he also knows that I love him.

[Added same day: However, looking at this card from this new angle of this question, it does talk about impregnating virgins, which is a clear reference to how the aliens can impregnate abductees to make them pregnant, and that is done to me, and that is the reason why Hamish is in my life, to guard me for these projects. Children born without an anus, possibly literal truth about some of the hybrids, since Zetas absorb nutrients through the skin and also eliminate waste products through the skin. I know that some of my hybrid children, many or most of them in fact, reak of ammonia or urine which smells as if it has soaked out through the skin of their entire body. Many of my hybrid children definitely are peeing through their skin like sharks, because it is not that they would have just peed their pants, their bodies are literally soaked in something like urine. Some Zetas smell that way too but then more like formaldehyde or acetone. And the card says owner and driver of animals, so Hamish is more of an owner of me then. Oh bummer, I just want our friendship. Now he says: "Yes-No! Grasses fed, me.", which means "No, I do not eat grasses.", which means "I am not a vegetarian", he talks about himself. I love you Hamish. "That is why I was here. To feed with you.", Hamish says. "I love you Hamish, very much", I say to my Sock Turtle. "Yes, the grasses fed, me not.", Hamish says, closes his eyes a little bit with a smile both upper and lower eyelids and he rocks his body and back hump a bit side to side in contentment.]

But wait, there's more. I ask the cards, "I love Hamish. How can I get to meet Hamish and be friends?"

Boas dialogue, one male, one female. The Sumaco one another Napo Galleys. Snakes sacred heart of the Amazon mountains, dialogue and communicate to adversity and danger. Storms may be close or luck is close.

Again, a card about boas meaning snakes. And what Sumaco and Napo Galleys is I do not know. The sacred heart of snakes, isn't that sweet to read such a thing about Reptilians? To be clear, these are Mayan cards and not alien cards about Reptilians. Yet when I ask about Hamish, cards about snakes, boas, and serpents come along. So the card is saying that I need to communicate and have a dialogue with the Reptilians or with Hamish if I want to meet him or them, but it also says that such a contact is indeed with adversity, danger, and storms, or perhaps with some luck instead. Sounds like the Reptilians are fiesty to meet with?

I ask the cards: "Can you tell me something about Hamish?"

(Same card as before, the fertility one that also said serpent form.)

My Darling Sock Turtle. Last night the Zetas showed me mental images of Japanese Geishas and then of themselves the Zetas, and asked me if the Geishas are beautiful and I thought about it and said yes, the Zeta asked me how or why is the Geisha beautiful and I said that they are graceful. The Zeta asked me if it, the Zeta, looks like that like the Geisha and if it too is beautiful or graceful. I said they sure do look the same. The Zetas remain hesitant about letting me see them, they fully expect me to be scared to see them, I reminded the Zeta that every time when we talk telepathically I am seeing him in mental images, I am starting to think that they are not aware that I see them, because when they then choose to show me a mental picture of themselves they are so cautious and

Don't forget that we showed you the Frog. And that it was not a big surprise for her. - Dinosaur

So cautious and hesitant and acting as if I might get startled to see their outer appearance. And yes they also showed me some images of frogs, meaning the animal frogs of Earth which is their reference of the Dinosaurs. I wish the Zetas would stop playing games and let me visit them. I am so angry at them that they won't let me. I also want to meet with Reptilians and my Hamish Sock Turtle. I ate some chocolate candies last night before going to bed, and sure enough the Zetas asked me if I had eaten sugar and they referenced in the context that I pick up which they think but they do not say in words that they meant there is now sugar in my intestine in the foods I ate. They were of course displeased.

Important note about the Mayan cards that I used: The full text that I wrote about each card was written in full on each card. I do not interpret a sign or anything of the sort. The spirit lady tells me which card to pull, and the full entire text is written on the card as I gave, translated from Spanish which is why it is a bit awkwardly written at times. But, I guess we did not learn very much new about Hamish. To Hamish, he and I are only friends because of the impregnation the aliens do to me. That is how he views this friendship or contact that he and I have. And that makes me sad. This Dragon Turtle has changed my life forever, profoundly, yet I am only the eggs and Snacks for him. But I love him, I love you Hamish, my Sock Turtle Dragon Flat Foot.

A long quick summary

April 15 2016, 11:33 AM - I was putting up a clothes rack that you hang clothes on for them to dry, and I set it down in my bedroom on Hamish's ruggy rug. And then I hear Dragon saying: "Yes-No". And so I said "Yes-No" too and I quickly hurried to move the clothes rack to another part of the floor, making space for it, and I apologised to Dragon Turtle. Isn't he sweet? That ruggety rug is his nest, his territory, he is like a bird guarding his nest rug. It is cute, in case you didn't notice.

The other night I was aware at a Zeta abduction where a Zeta alien was telling me: "I am your new Butt Doctor." I so wish they could call it something else. Like, gynaechologist. Or, whatever a doctor is called yes proctologist isn't it? And just last night when I happened to be awake at 3 AM cause I woke up and had to pee, the Zetas were chatting about wanting some stool samples. And I told them, "Haven't you guys already studied it enough, why do you need a new sample still every night?" And they showed me a mental image of the large medical room with mostly empty space and the table in the middle and those large windows up above from where militaries and such are watching to make sure that the aliens don't get too enthusiastic and cut me to pieces brutally.

So it has happened. The CIA or intelligence knows something about me and they have created a file and they concluded that I am "dangerous". You know, you readers probably think I am delusional and imagining these phantastical stories about aliens and military, monsters and things. But every once in a while these phantastical experiences leak out into real life. Like real physical evidence of the aliens being real, such as UFOs and other physical manifestations of their presence like that time when the Zetas drew with neon green light that glowed in the dark, their hieroglyphical symbols along the walls, for realz.

So I have just found out, that the intelligence have created a file about me and that they have concluded that I am "dangerous". Not specifically through this website. But I am thinking if they create a file about me then they can figure out what computers I am using and get the IP addresses of those computers and that would easily link them to this website, which I am writing under a pseudonym thank you very much.

So, for the CIA or any other intelligence who might stumble upon this website, here is a summary for you: Extraterrestrials claim that I was genetically created by them and that they replaced the baby that was born, with an almost identical copy that is me but has modified or improved genetics that is partially alien. The aliens say that I have "twelve" DNA strands, whereas normal humans have "one". The aliens are conducting genetic studies, and they use my ovum to make various partially alien hybrid humans, which they keep there living with them in alien bases. Most of these offspring are killed, when they turn out to not have useful genetic expressions for them. Few of my offspring are deemed worthy to live up to adult age. So, the aliens are abducting me every night it seems.

The work that they do is mainly divided into two parts: one is the genetics studies, which means that they take my ovum, that they bring human and hybrid men to have sex with me not only to fertilize me but also to let their male hybrids practice sex and to evaluate these males' sexual ability to see if they are successful prototypes that can breed sexually, and most of them cannot, one exception are the chubby "Illuminati hybrids" who can have sex and also produce offspring. The genetic and sex program also means that the aliens bring hybrid babies and children to explore sexuality on me, which of course counts as pedophilia, which is the main or only reason I get upset with the aliens and why they cannot feel safe with having me conscious during the abductions, so they prefer to keep me unaware so I rarely remember more than bits.

The second main part of their work, is metabolic studies. The aliens are very keen to make notes of everything I eat during the day, they also advise me to drink cow's milk and yoghurt, which I don't cause I don't like it, and they insist that I do not consume any refined sugar ie. sucrose. They do not complain when I eat glucose or natural sugars from fruit. The aliens refer to most of my foods, as "grasses", namely grains and vegetables are "grasses" in their opinion, which is true of course. So they collect fecal samples from me probably every night, and study how the foods were metabolised by my body.

Also part of the metabolic studies is that they insert foreign foods into my stomach by inserting a tubing down my nostril and into the stomach. The inserted foods digest in my stomach, and then they suction those out again through the nose. This is how they make baby formula for some of my hybrid children, this "vomit" they will then insert into a hybrid's stomach with another thin tubing. If I eat chickpeas, then the hybrids are going to vomit the chickpea formula up because their bodies cannot handle chickpeas. Cow's milk taken from my stomach and fed to the hybrids is the best babyfood, yoghurt would also do. So we see that the alien-human hybrids are struggling with using their human-type digestive system and their bodies struggle with human foods. Their alien genetic parent eats by absorbing body fluids from a bath through the skin, so having only a partially developed or expressed human digestive system is not going to be physiologically sufficient to make the hybrids capable of metabolising human foods. Also part of the metabolic studies, is that the aliens will insert foreign materials and chemicals into my stomach with the tubing, and let my body process it, then the aliens collect it from my feces to study how my body processed the materials.

The aliens use chemicals or drugs, some of which are devastating for my health and turn me into a zombie a bit. They use chemicals including Lidocaine, to keep me unaware. They also want to use a recreational drug called "silver" which promotes a type of sexual feeling to use it as a mood enhancer to make abductees not scared or uncomfortable especially during the most uncomfortable procedures namely the pedophilia when they want their hybrid children to explore sexuality with adult human abductees. They also give this drug to the children. I insisted that I do not want the drug, so they stopped using it, but I had to yell at the aliens a lot before they stopped.

The aliens are the notorious Zeta Reticulan "Greys". There are also Zeta Remulans, who look like the Zeta Greys but are pale blue and have upper and lower eyelids. Alpha Draconian Reptilians, one of which is my best friend ever Hamish a Dragon Turtle of the "old Draconian race". Dinosaurs they also call "Frogs" are green, they chirp like frogs or birds it can sound like "Deb Deb Deb Deb" if they are happy, and they love to take baths. There are little guys who are from Alpha Centauris and they are yellow and literally wear a cone-shaped tin hat which amplifies telepathic communication for them. The leaders or bosses of these alien teams are the Alpha Theta aliens, who are very cruel and satanic, they derive "lust" or "juice" from sadistic acts done on victims, and love ritual sacrifices done for their God which is The Eye, same Eye as found on top of the pyramid in various Illuminati symbolism including you will find the very same Eye on the back of a U.S. dollar bill. The Eye is in fact an astronomical feature possibly a black hole. The Alpha Thetons believe that The Eye is an intelligent sentient being, that it wants to devour the entire universe, and that only by supplying it with the souls or energy from tormented or sacrificed victims, can it be appeased.

This alien team is called the Agenda by many, its symbol is the yellow pyramid. Interestingly, they have nestled into many powerful groups that rule Earth. They are also in charge of areas of the CIA, these aliens supply CIA members with prostitutes, drugs, money, and power. The aliens wanted me to marry into the Agenda human groups, first by trying to send me to a mind controlled Satanist, but that didn't work out because I rejected the guy. Second they sent me to a D/s Master who did mind control and slave training on me, and this man's family is among the top Illuminati families of the United States, they are friends with a certain family of presidents and are of course members of the Free Masons, but I rejected him also. Thirdly they wanted me to marry a U.S. CIA man who would have had a satanic pentagram in the basement of our home and done violence to me and the Alpha Thetons would have wished for him to sacrifice - murder - the babies that I give birth to, on the pentagram in the basement. But I rejected this idea also, so it never happened.

I have some psychic skills some of which seems to be genetic and inherited "I was born with it" and others that the aliens taught me such as telepathy which the Zetas taught me when I was 13 and 14. The aliens collaborate with the military of the United States and Russia. (Now an Alpha Theton is watching me closely.) I experienced military abductions in my teens from the age of 14 and it stopped when I was about 21 I would guess. I am publishing my MILABS (military abductions) diary notes from those years, working on it. The aliens and military were using mind control and MKULTRA with me.

The man who goes by the name General Patton was training me for MKULTRA and to turn me into the "cat" alter, at first he considered the "doll" alter but went with cat instead because he said "that the doll cannot do anything, the cat can do things, and we need you to do". He gave me the name "Stephanie" which is not my name and they were going to turn me into a flight attendant who serves people on things that look like military or CIA flights where people use drugs. General Patton was training me to hand me over to the Russian Corporal Olav Vetti who is a missiles expert, Olav wanted me to remote view Russian missiles, satellites, and other military sites to guard them from attacks. But me and Olav came off to a bad start and we resented each other so it didn't work out for personal reasons, well, because I had just been raped by a bunch of the military or men in black in a MILABS abduction the night before when then I was introduced to Olav and I told him about what had happened and he showed no sympathy. I was in a state where I could not even look at men because I was just shivering and there comes Olav and so it just came off to a bad start. Otherwise maybe we could have worked together, who knows.

It is known that abductees who experience these things as I experience, often report seeing presidents and other important people in abductions. I do not know why, but the aliens pose as human royal figures, presidents, and other persons of importance, sometimes also known actors. Other abductees like to claim, that they are meeting the real human persons, who they then say seem to be part of these schemes. I on the other hand suspect, that Reptilians want their human abductees to treat them with respect and reverence, and so they mask themselves as those humans who they think earn respect from humans. For instance, a Reptilian doesn't want human abductees to just fear them, they want to be regarded by humans as kings, as presidents, as military leaders. That is my theory anyway. And so during abductions I have met supposed figures such as royals of Sweden and England, U.S. Presidents, even Donald Trump, and the General Colin Powell. These are not dreams, these happen during the abduction phenomena. The aliens claim that Barack Obama and Colin Powell were taken to prison and replaced by clone copies. I have talked to the clone copies, and also to the supposed original ones who are kept somewhere. Keep in mind that I myself am also a copy, the original baby was removed by the aliens and I was put in its place.

So, that is the mess I am involved in. This is all designed by the Alpha Thetons, they are the supreme lords of many organisations, and it seems indeed that they are ruling much of this Earth. In fact, many key leadership figures such as U.S. Presidents are members of various Illuminati organisations, such as the Free Masons, and the lords in these organisations are none other than the Alpha Thetons. Ku Klux Klan is also an organisation in the Agenda network, whose lords are the alien Alpha Thetons, who also gave us Satanism and mind control techniques to the Nazis. MKULTRA and mind control techniques started with the German Nazis it is said, and this practice then wandered over to the United States where it was taken over by the CIA Intelligence, which officially says that this has been discontinued, but I disagree.

Overall, I am happy to be a part of this, because through it, I have met the best friend a woman could ever have, and that is my Sock Turtle Hamish. I would go through anything just for our friendship. I would die for that Dragon. So I am happy. He is so cute he makes me happy every day. The love of my life.

As far as I know, I am not being used by military or intelligence, not for remote viewing surveillance, spying, or anything else. The Free Mason I dated, whom the Alpha Thetons had paired me up with, did do mind control techniques (and this is in real life, not in some abductions at night) and he did give me a second functional mind which can receive instructions that I do not remember anything of afterwards. It was the Alpha Thetons training me, and they were using that man as a tool. I saw the Alpha Thetons there, I also met Hamish for the first time ever, during that time with the man, I saw the red scales and a red dragon.

Anyhow, I couldn't care less about these things. Maybe I know things but I couldn't care less. I have other agendas in my life. I am also one of the Crystals. A Crystal is a human who has twelve DNA strands and their cells have an unusually high white energy, the Alpha Thetons love this energy and prefer to torment and sacrifice Crystals because there is more "lust" and "juice" for them to extract. But, Crystals are also immensely loving and are working with benevolent extraterrestrial groups who more or less are working against the Alpha Theton Agenda, so the Agenda wants to mind control us Crystals, to eliminate the threat of benevolence that we Crystals pose, which we pose just by our presence. Alpha Thetons and their many Illuminati organisations want to recruit us Crystals into, you name it, into Satanism, into witchcraft, into Rosicrucians, to marry us into Free Masons, to use us with MKULTRA.

So that is the summary of what this is, and this is the topic of my website. I write stories about my experiences with abductions by aliens and by military, the mind control stories, and alien contact experiences. One of the gems of this project are the many verbatim alien conversations, you will also find conversations written down as they happened with people such as General Patton who is training me for mind control, I wrote down all the words between us as it was taking place. You find conversations with Corporal Olav Vetti. The books have conversations with other military persons such as Jacob Greene aka Captain Daniels and Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown. Derek was one of the MIBs, or "surveillance people" whose job was to monitor, he was murdered by the aliens because he was a good guy and he started to object to the Agenda. The team leader of the military and men in black surveillance people used to be Captain Michael Marsden, but he retired years ago and was replaced with I forget his name [Added same day: Commendant Larsen is his name]. And we have already lost my alltime favorite of these guys, Tyler MacIntyre, who died of esophageal cancer not long ago. MacIntyre was hospitalized and unable to eat or drink anything through his mouth in his last days. I really wanted to visit him, and I will never ever forgive these military guys for not letting me visit my MacIntyre. I will never forgive them for this. I grew up with MacIntyre, he was the nicest of them to me.

I know, I am writing a book here and not some short summary, but it can't be helped the story goes many years and is a long one. In my teens they also had a psychologist on their team, and that is Assistant Carlisle. I always wondered why Carlisle was an "Assistant", the only one who was. And he was always different because he was always so concerned with my well-being and he used to cry for me a lot and tell me that I was like his own daughter. Only many years later did I learn from him that he was in fact the psychologist there.

I grew up with the aliens and with these U.S. military and surveillance persons, all of whom I know are real and not imaginary. Even though the military and survey persons were mostly cruel, I could not imagine a life without them. But, were they even human? I learned later that Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens was probably my Sock Turtle Hamish all along, just under a human disguise. Ok, I will stop writing a book here, but this is what my website is about, and I appreciate the anonymity because if this goes public with my name then life will suck. The only reason why I can be totally open and honest about difficult and embarrassing and personal topics is because I don't have to face my family and friends and people in my professional life and look them in the eyes. I will now go back to enjoying a wonderful day with my Dragon Turtle. I am doing laundry and he usually is talkative around those times, because sometimes he wants to throw in some of his shedded scales into the washing machine to wash them, not kidding. I also look forward to him showing me his back hump many times today as every day. Yesterday he was saying "Tiiik!" and "Tiik Tiik Tiik!" again. His job is to guard my eggs, he is the watchdog, otherwise other aliens will come within minutes or seconds to take my valuable eggs for their own teams. Once, and only once that I know, another Reptilian challenged my Hamish and won, this Reptilian was coincidentally also red but without a back hump, his name was Arek and his team got me pregnant with a Crocodile Man who had sex with me. To enable pregnancy so that my body would not reject the non-human fetus, Arek's team had brought my immune system way down, and that made me the sickest I have ever been. I was moaning and whining and begging the aliens to cure me, I had a horrible fever and pain all over and felt so nauseous and sick like never before or since. Luckily my alien team never causes such a sickness to me. Anyway, I am doing laundry and I will enjoy this day with Hamish. And that's about it, that is all there is to it to my story.

PS. For one reason or another, I am now dating an intelligence officer. Before he showed up in my life, I was seeing him and his eyes and seeing him on airplanes and knew things about him [Added same day: before we met, seeing him in mental images, not in person]. So I already knew him when he showed up. He says he has "friends in high places", he can list presidents and all sorts who are his friends. He has said he has the "highest security level" whatever that means. He happens to be a very abusive person, he is a very cruel and heartless unempathic man. He makes me cry all the time and he doesn't even hug me or comfort me, and he gets angry with me all the time. He all the time tells me "shut up, you talk too much" and he raises his hand as if to hit me. But we are drawn to each other like magnets, and to share another little anecdote as if this was my girl's diary that other people shouldn't read, the sex is great, amazing, wonderful. One time when he and I were having sex and Hamish was watching, someone an alien had told Hamish that what me and him were doing was "better than Snacks", so Hamish asks me, "Is that better than Snacks?". I think I told Hamish that "Hamish, nothing is better than your Snacks". I know that Hamish loves his Snacks.

I should make it a daily effort to nag at the military people that I want to meet them in real life. Remember that time when I had a casual walk at a fenced in airforce base with who was it, Commendant Larsen or Captain Richard Swansea? So it does happen sometimes, but not often enough. These people became a part of my life, and I must meet with them. I was once in my teens taken to Assistant Carlisle's house. The front door has glass in many colors, and in his living room was a Tiffany lamp on the small table. I have been to their homes on a few times. Above all I want to meet my Turtle, Hamish. Remember when the aliens had to give him a ball so that it would pacify his hunting instincts so that he would remain calm during an abduction? It reminds me of dogs that are proudly carrying a glove or a stick in their mouth when they are out on a walk with their owners. God I love that Dragon. And don't worry, I will give you the latest gossip on how things go with dating that gorgeous intelligence man. Some things I won't say, but you readers are entitled to some tidbits from my personal life too, ya know?

Why I love someone who says Egg-Yolks

April 6 2016, 5:08 PM - Last night or this morning I said some nice things to Hamish. His response was to place a sheet of his shedded scales down on my lower leg. I told him it was really sweet of him and thanked him.

Today again he says to me Tiiik, Tiiik Tiiik! It really sounds like a cricket or an animal chirping. So I said back to him, Tiik Tiik Tiik Tiik! I don't know what it means, or what I am saying to him, but it makes both of us happy so go with it.

I had a good chat with the Zetas last night and I pleaded to get to meet them. They obviously didn't let me. I know they are taking me there when I am asleep and I don't get to remember, how else would they do all of the procedures? Plus I've been awake there a few times. I begged them to arrange a meeting between me and Hamish. I really want to meet Hamish.

The other day, I think it was Commendant Larsen, said that he has children with me, and he was asking me if I would want to see them. It just bothers me to know that I have children that I don't know anything about and now they are already older like 7-16 I would think, so I really don't want to bother. But I said sure, I could see them. The other day a Zeta showed me a mental image of a little girl who looked human and like she was about 7 years old, she had long brown hair, and she looked almost like an exact copy of me except that I could see that she was of course half her human father, whoever that man is. The feeling of seeing one's own child, to see a daughter with so much resemblance, when you are a woman. I wanted to take her away from there, to keep her. It was like seeing myself. She was kneeling on the floor and eagerly playing games in a game room. And the other day a boy who looks human and looks a lot like me and is my son, he looked to be about 11-14 years old, he was here in the other dimension checking me out, to see his mom. It was nothing emotional or sentimental, he was just here to see me and he seemed a bit shy. And I didn't say much. They are stealing from me, there are not some kind of blessings. They are ruining my life, little bit by little, if I let it get to me. I hate the Zetas.

Then, we don't want to do mind control to you anymore! - Zeta fusses back at me, was listening to what I write here
Tiiik, Tiik Tiik! - Hamish
We are in the Mojave desert. - a Zeta in a yellow desert that they are under ground there
We don't want you to come here anymore. We don't want to bother your species. - the Mojave desert Zeta says, and then I see a Crocodile Man, this is why the aliens keep showing me the mental image of the WhatsApp icon of the crocodile (together with the WhatsApp icon of a bottle of milk, which they want me to drink for the eggs)
Hysh hysh hysh! - a Zeta, I see a mental image of it, it is shushing perhaps the hybrid children who are there with it, he is in a pale blue-gray colored large medical laboratory somewhere

One of the Santinians I think they are, told me yesterday that the military wants me to work for them because of the extrasensory abilities I have, and this Santinian if he was that was telling me that his people are telling them no because my abilities are not to be used for warfare. Today about this topic a military said to me telepathically that "It is either them or us", meaning that all means should be used in the military because it is to kill or be killed or to use those methods or to have them used against oneself. And he said that by the way the United States and Russia are not really enemies they just want it to seem that way for people, and I said I knew that already.

"Tiik Tiik Tiik" I hear Hamish now again. He looks so cute, he is sitting slumped somewhere in a rather dark place, he looks like a lump or bun of fire engine red with a massive back shield and a tiny head on a long tubular neck, with two large bulging yellow eyes like the headlights of a car. Hamish is somewhere in those eyes. A person. My favorite person. Someone I love. I didn't think that I could be so close to someone. I know him so well. He shares his intimate world his thoughts with me. He shows me things that he likes, and he tells me about the things that he fears.

I will never forget that first time when I saw him. Suddenly, he was there in my room, standing there. I sat on the desk chair and turned my head to the left because there was suddenly very clearly although in another dimension and not physically here, standing totally unapologetically about what he is, a tall fire engine red dragon with a peculiar back hump and flat duck feet. We just looked at each other. And our lives would be intertwined from then on.

Yes, but Yes-No disco. - Hamish now says in my other language, disco means music, he doesn't like when there is music he has sensitive ears (there was no music playing now)

Sometimes he smiles, by closing his upper or lower or both upper and lower eyelids partially to cover his eyes. Those are a dragon's smile. When I smile to him, I put my index finger diagonally against my eyelid to show him that I would smile like that to him, if only I could. If I want to tell him that something is funny, I say no words, I do not laugh, I just put my finger against my lower eyelid to show him. And that is how we laugh, how we have funny moments together. Dragon actually has a sense of humor, because sometimes he laughs, by raising his lower eyelids (usually Reptilians laugh about something morbid, so). Sometimes Hamish looks at me, and I get to see him in a mental image, and his lower and upper eyelids are halfway closed, and he is looking at or holding something that he loves, such as looking at a goldfish, and he just looks at me smiling like that, to share a moment with me. Things like that make me love him.

Jeff and Jack were chatting with me today. Remember Jack? He is with the NASA team, he always says. The aliens have made it so that Jack and I have children together. Jack looks to be in his early 50's, he has blonde hair, he wears large glasses that remind me a bit of the 80's or 70's. His head is a bit block shaped, that is a good way of describing his face. He is a bit short, meaning not someone we would call tall. He is average or slightly larger build. And Jeff we should remember, see in the telepathy section of the website for the episode with Jeff. Jeff has brown hair slightly long hair meaning not trimmed short. He has a bit of a tan. His eyes are brown. Jack by the way has the palest gray or blue eyes. Jeff is slenderly built.

We like to take his ovum with you! - a Reptilian not Hamish says about Jeff, meaning that Jeff too is used to work with eggs or whatever, this Reptilian made the Reptilian smile with the mouth that they sometimes make to show to a human that they are smiling, it exposed his mouth having many sharp teeth on both upper and lower jaw, it turns the mouth into an awkward squeezed V-shape looking thing, but some Reptilians smile to humans that way, Hamish does not by the way

I know exactly what Jeff looks like, but how to put it in words. Let me try. His skin is dark brown, probably because he spends some time in warm places like he talked earlier about Tijuana, Mexico. Often when I see him, he is sweating from face and arms and all over, probably meaning that in those mental images he is in fact in a very hot place. (Hamish again, "Tiik, Tiik!")

I wanted to say that, to secure my place. It was a warning to all the others. That is why I say it. Do not come! It means, I will bite you if you come here. My sock puppet. I was that name for you. And, Yes-No, I said. About that which was bad. - Hamish talks to me explaining what his Tiik Tiik means!
Tiik, means that it was Hamish's smell here. That I was the prominent one, the prominent race. Tiik Tiik! Tok Tok. Tok Tok Tok. Mine, yes, was that smell. About the egg-yolks. - Hamish chatting along, I think egg-yolks was said in the other language not sure anymore
I love you Turtle. - me
About my back, it was. - Hamish, because I said turtle, he points to his back hump
My egg-yolk. - Hamish, "egg-yolk" in my other language

Tiiik!, Tiik Tiik. - Hamish says while having his fingers spread wide and in the camel posture and he steps with his duck feet so that his body turns slowly around in one spot, as if he is displaying himself to any opponent enemies that may be looking at him. I love his natural behavior.

So proud - Tiiik!!!

April 5 2016, 7:28 PM - Last night when I went to bed I saw a mental image of one of the aliens that looks like a Zeta but they are blue not white and they have both upper and lower eyelids. He said that they want to study my food so it sounded like they were wanting to do a gastroscopy, I said just don't perforate my intestinal wall because that could kill me, I told them that they have to be careful. I also said that it is uncomfortable because humans have a throw-up reflex and panic when something is inserted down the throat.

The aliens gave Hamish a small ball and they said that this will keep Hamish pacified. The ball was the size of a baseball or a tennis ball and it was on the floor and Hamish placed one flat red duck foot down on the ball sort of like how a cat puts a paw down on a captured dead prey like a mouse. This pacifies Hamish so that he has something to occupy with and so that he doesn't go around biting and nibbling on everyone and acting fussy. Isn't that cute how the aliens give Hamish a ball so that he stays calm, to subdue (or occupy) his hunting instincts? Ahh, this wonderful Dragon.

And today I saw a mental image of a Zeta and we talked telepathically, he talks about them wanting to study my foods that are inside my body. He also talked about how his kind have been living under ground in tunnels and he said that he or they need to procure more liquids, he was thinking of some liquid bath that a Zeta would lie in. He was fussy when I was looking at him in the mental pictures, he didn't want me to look at him too much. He told me about a time when a military man had attacked a Zeta and punched it on the ground in a forest. I told the Zeta that I would never do such a thing. Also when I act friendly and happy and kind, the Zeta tells me pretty much to "stop fussing", for me to "stop being haughty". I said don't you want me to be happy when you visit, but they just think I am being fussy and overly arrogant or haughty. They are not exactly cheerful persons. But, this guy is the miracle of alien life.

When I look into the mind of a Zeta with telepathy, I find that there is almost not even a person in their minds. Instead I see a vast landscape that is blue and black and feels chilly. Usually it shows a landscape of outer space, or of vast alien bases. The size of the image that I see, is much larger than the size of the field of vision that a human can see in front of us, so it is a marvellous experience, to get to see a field of vision and a landscape that is in size much larger than anything that a human being could be looking at all at once, but with telepathy it manages.

And I asked the Zeta about the alien from last night which looks different a bit blue and has upper and lower eyelids. The Zeta said that this one, from yesterday the blue one, is a "Zeta Remulan". Let us remind ourselves that the Alpha Remulans are the brown scorpions that I adore, which used to climb trees and always only talk about food.

And this evening Hamish was talking to me about how he was "proud" of something, he was saying like "I am so proud of this" but I was not entirely sure of what he was proud of. So I just told him "I am proud of your race, Hamish. And I am proud of you." Sometimes Hamish is smiling with his eyes and is telling me that he is proud of his race and proud of his hump back. So I take it as a habit to every now and then tell him that I am proud of him, that I am proud of his race and proud of his back hump. He likes that.

When I saw the Zeta there was also a green Reptilian there, it wore no clothes and it had three crests on its head, short comb structures that run from front to back, one slightly raised one in the middle, and two of the same kind slightly shorter ridges on either side. I know from earlier interaction with Reptilians, that the crests on his head are to be honored, so I commented to him that he was beautiful and I made kind respectful remarks about his crests. Other Reptilians refer to these ones as "crested" Reptilians. He seemed humbled and relaxed when I offered him my kindness and praise.

We eat your little ones. - the green Reptilian says to me no
And we take them from your butt. - one of the aliens says probably a Reptilian but not Hamish
It is my custard. - Hamish says, in my native language (NL)
We take them. - Hamish (NL)
We treat them like clowns. We think it is very funny. - Reptilian
My shield. - Hamish points to his back hump, (NL)

Tiik, Tiik Tiik! - Hamish

Hamish has started saying Tik Tik Tik! and Tiiik! They make him sound like a cricket. Whenever I say back to him Tik Tik Tik! it makes him really happy and he hurries to come right to my side. So it must be a Dragon Turtle calling. Hamish says it means "Come here I want to show you something" but it makes him really happy. Tiiik! is a similar calling. I know to try to not say Tik Tok because it means that I am promising my eggs to him, and I don't want to do that. Tok Tok as we know, means "come here". He is so cute. So darn cute. I am so proud of him. Hamish I am proud of you.

(No title, forgot to give it one)

March 30-31 2016, 1:26 AM - Hamish watched me scraping the seeds of half a cantaloupe melon into the bucket on the floor which has a plastic bag and where the compost goes which we then take out to the large community compost bin once it gets full. Hamish was shocked to see me basically dropping melon seeds down to the floor into a bucket and he growled and what he said was this or something similar: "What is this mess!" (Now he got fussy and thought about biting into my finger, it is really cute and harmless like when a frog or a fish bites into a finger, it makes me happy but I try to respect his feelings of rage.)

Hamish and Reptilians do not understand why a human would keep a bin with trash in it. For them, it is the same thing as collecting a pile of trash right there on the kitchen table, in the bed, or on the floor. Reptilians often make a remark that they don't like the trash, they also do not approve of dirty dishes. Reptilians are surprisingly neat and clean.

My eggs, with Eva, mine. - Hamish

What was the second funny thing that Hamish did... oh yes. So he knows that my friend is on her period and Hamish told me after the melon seeds that my friend (who is in another room right now) has her period and Hamish said that he knows that she puts the tampons or stuff into the paperbaskets in the bathroom and not into the compost bin where the melonseeds went. Oh Hamish, keeping track of the period even of my friends...

Today Hamish taught me how to say "Tik Tik Tik!". It is what Dragon Turtles say to call out to other Dragon Turtles in the area and to basically invite them to come see them and it means "I will not bite". And so I said it many times over, Tik Tik Tik!, Tik Tik Tik!, while I was in the shower which is where I was at the time. And I could feel how hearing this made Hamish feel like I was calling for him to come to me and that it was making him feel happy and excited, like going to a friend.

It makes sense that Dragon Turtles would have a simple call to notify each other a) that they want or allow other Turtles to come visit them, and b) to let them know that there is no aggression involved. Because Dragon Turtles are more often than not by default a bit fiesty creatures, or so they seem at least, even though whenever I see Hamish together with other Dragon Turtles they always seem to all be friends. The worst kind of conflict I've ever seen with Dragon Turtles was when Susanna was putting her arms horisontally backwards so that her clawed hands were at the back end of her hump back which is a Dragon Turtle's way of saying "I am not available for you right now".

Yes-No, that is not what it means. It means, I am not going to show you my back. And it means, Yes-No steaks with me. That you cannot have me as your dinner. - Hamish about the gesture that Susanna the Yellow Dragon Turtle did with the hands backward on the back hump

Hamish does that gesture to me sometimes, to put his hands at the back of his back hump. I love you Hamish.

I don't want Christmas presents from you. - Hamish to me, sometimes I wonder if I could give him Christmas gifts and I ask him if I could give him presents, he probably felt that this was about to turn into another one of those moments where I get all sentimental and about to ask him about giving him gifts
I love you, Turtle. I love you very much. - me, aww, his lower and upper eyelids closed partially so that he is smiling and blushing the way that Dragons do, because of what I said
My eggs will not hide there. About the smell. And why I didn't like it. - Hamish, "there" is the compost bin here in the kitchen, ok so the compost smells a bit to him and that is why he does not like this bin


March 29 2016, 6:38 PM - As we know Hamish is a Dragon Turtle. And that he has his own vocals. Tok Tok means "come here". He says these as words, but they derive from natural sounds that he would make with his palate, like guttoral clicks and pops, really cute. Another one is Tik Tok, which means approval for mating. Dragon Turtles would say Tik Tok to one another to let each other know that they can go ahead and mate. But since Hamish's job here is to guard my eggs, he will also say Tik Tok to me, and if I say Tik Tok to him he thinks that I have given him my eggs, though between us two that is never anything sexual.

Sometimes he says things like, but don't quote me on these I am only trying to remember them, but things like Tik Tik Tik, or Tik Tik Tok, or Tok Tok Tok, he has started making these longer and different sequences. But the latest addition to the Dragon vocabulary he uses on me, is to shriek like a little excited girl, Tiiikk!!! It really is cute like a little girl shrieking! And it makes him sound so excited and happy when he does that! But I don't know what Tiiik means, it could also mean something sinister who knows.

It means, I have got your vagina. - Hamish
... - me

For the record, there is nothing sexual going on with that. Hamish guards my ovum, eggs, so that other alien teams do not steal them. It is also included in Hamish's work of guarding the welfare of the eggs, so that he reminds me every now and then that I should drink milk or eat yoghurt because that is nourishing for the eggs, and that if he catches me daydreaming about men or sex he will bite me in the shoulder to break it up.

Sometimes on a rare treat I get to see mental visual images of Hamish where he is standing somewhere in an alien base or such in a hallway in the dark and he will be doing those real sounds and not just saying it "in English", and he can be making a series of Tok Tok Tok. I really enjoy those moments, when Hamish can just be himself and express his own language. I love this TURTLE SO MUCH!!!

Tell them that I would never start to break my eggs. And that I don't like onions, and that I am not in captivity. - Hamish, them is you readers, captivity was said in my other language
And that Tiiik means, Wants eggs. My palate click was for you. Tiiik is, I want. For the eggs, there was no butter or milk. - Hamish, "Wants eggs", "My" "was for you", and the rest from "Tiik is" until "butter or milk" were in my native language
For me, Snacks. - Hamish, "for me" was in my native language, and he was so cute I saw him a red dragon and he made a slow motion with his hand toward his mouth as if to show that he would eat something though his hand was empty, and it was so cute that I shrieked out "Haamiishh! So cuutee!!" He was really adorable.
For me, pieces of cheese. I did not have them. For me there was no eggs snacks. - Hamish, all these in my native language, and when he said the italic "I did not have them" he bent his head down to show me the rows of pairs of blunt orange buttons along the back of the long neck, and when he said the last sentence he swayed or rocked his body sideways slowly which is also a gesture
Tiiik, Tik Tok Tok. For my eggs, snacks. - Hamish, again I see him a fire engine red Dragon and he moves a hand slowly to his mouth when he says about the snacks
For my eggs, said. - Hamish in my native language (NL), "said" means that the eggs said
My vagina was, for the triangle. - Hamish in my native language, he bends down to show me the rows of blunt orange buttons and he steps with his feet up down up down slowly left and right in one spot and sways his back hump sideways as he does and as he says this, triangle refers to the logotype of the Agenda he works in
For my eggs. - Hamish (NL), with image of the orange (fruit) on the kitchen table, he means that this snacks is for the eggs, that I can eat it
My barn. - Hamish (NL)
It was for my eggs, the best food. - Hamish (NL) about the orange again

Some Dry Caviar

March 26 2016, 11:16 PM - Last night I said Tik Tok to Hamish. I've known to avoid saying that phrase to him at all costs, but last night I just wanted to say it because it is fun to say and I love Hamish so I want to speak to him in his language. But perhaps I shouldn't have. Because what it means is that I have just promised to give my eggs to Hamish. Tik Tok is what Dragon Turtles say to each other when they decide to mate with each other. Of course Hamish doesn't think about mating with me, but it means that the aliens can take my eggs and make hybrids out of it and some of which Hamish eats.

After I said Tik Tok a few times, Hamish was looking at me very closely, gazing and watching me with his full attention with those round bulging eyes that are like the headlights of a car. But he wasn't looking me in the eyes. He looked me on where my ovaries would be on the lower belly. I tried to make him aware of my eyes, to look me into the eyes, I told Hamish to look me into my eyes and said to him that I am in my eyes, I even sent him mental pictures of my eyes, but he would only look at where the ovaries are, I am only the eggs for him. Hamish put his hand down on my lower belly when I was lying in bed on my back, and he held his hand there for a long time.

But whatever the consequences are, this morning certainly makes up for it. I was sitting on the toilet wiping myself after peeing. Hamish shows up in the door like a red sock puppet, because he has that long red tubular neck and two big eyes on a tiny little face, it is so cute when he shows up like that. And he says in my native language: "My dry caviars!" or "My dry caviar!" depending on translation. He means because his eggs are thereabouts and because I am drying myself thereabouts. I hate to state the obvious, but he is cute.

And last night we had a long conversation about his back hump, which mostly sounds like Hamish showing me his back hump and him telling me things like, "It is a shield.", "My back." And me telling him, "Hamish's back hump. It is an old back. It is a shield." Hamish becomes very happy when I tell him phrases of admiration and of acknowledgement of his back hump. And he is so cute, with his flat red duck feet. His body has so much to look at. The orange blunt buttons on his head, which he showed me last night, the back hump, the orange goosebump zits on his arms, his cute little head and his face. A cat slept right up against my neck and face last night, and Hamish thought it looked threatening and he was watching closely and wanting to defend me, I told him that the cat was ok. Now he says:

For my eggs. - Hamish in my native language

"I love you Hamish", I say to my Dragon. And he responds by purring, it is a type of friendly growl. I make for him yet another palate click. "My socks no. About that one. No." Hamish says to me now, the first sentence was in my native language and the last no was either my native language or other language I forgot. He means the picture of the sock puppet which he showed me when he said "About that one". "I will bite it", he now says in English about the red sock puppet. "And I do not eat grasses!" Hamish in English he would say to the sock puppet in the picture as Hamish would bite into this opponent. Last night Hamish showed me images of the Spiderman character and he asked me about it and about what they eat, I told Hamish - again - that the Spiderman character is not real. He said that they look like him. I love my Turtle so much.