Extraterrestrial Races

Here I list and briefly describe the different types of extraterrestrials who have contacted me since August 2011 and featured on the website and books.

Draconian Reptilians

Draconian Reptilians come from the star Alpha Draconis. They say they were created genetically by the Master Race, also known as the Bird People. There is such a vast variety of Reptilians that almost each individual I meet is a different color and make. Reptilians have scales and a tail. Reptilians love power and demand to be honored. They fight a lot among themselves and with other species. Most if not all Reptilians have a strong body odor that humans can find difficult.

Type: Dragon Turtle

Bright and eye-catching fire engine red body. Orange blunt bumps in two neat rows across the forehead and along the long tubular neck. Orange blunt bumps of varying sizes on the turtleshell hump back on the upper back, and on forearms. Blunt bumps can rupture and ooze a sticky orange fluid that makes him glow neon orange in the dark. Yellow bulging eyes with a brown vertical slit. Hamish has no teeth because they were probably pulled out. Hamish is an old individual and also of the old Draconian race. His full name is "Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder", but he can also be called "Proud Race Scales". He is a Dragon Turtle with a soft fleshy cushion hump back on his upper back.
Hamish the Dragon Turtle

Tell them that we do not smell. - says Hamish now
I have told them. - me
We also don't have a democracy. - says Turok the Crocodile Man
Tell them that pumpkins are not nice. - Hamish says. He is afraid of pumpkins because of their angry face and orange color.
I have told them. That pumpkins are not nice. - me
Tell them that we do not smell. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. That has been told. And they have read that now. - me
And not to look at any pumpkins with me. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. - me
And to call me 'my Honored'. - Hamish
Yes. My Honored Hamish. - me
And that I don't have any Sock Feet. - Hamish
Yes. Hamish I have told them all that, all those things that you have listed and that you find important. - me

Type: Black Ones

Formerly named Betelgeuse after the star Alpha Orion, he also contemplated on the name Maleucius. Malik is one of the Black Ones, the dark vicious rulers of the Draconian Agenda. Part demonic shadow figures, part black reptilians, he has at least three different forms that he presents himself in: shadow figure demon, crocodilian, and the black Gremlin which is most common.
Malik the Vicious

Tell them that we are not ghosts. - adds Malik here now
And that we are not priests. - Malik
And that we are not strange either, tell them that. - Malik
And that we don't like to feed on goats all the time. - Malik

Type: Snake-type

Snake seems to have come over from contactee David Eckhart's team. A Snake-type Reptilian is slender, has a narrow head with tight scales. He is yellow-beige and slender, with a long slithering tail

We also have lust, tell them that. - Snake says now
And we also don't like videos, or photographs. - Snake
Why not? - me
What a courageous question. - Turok the Crocodile Man

Long fingers and toes with long pale claws. Snake is into torture, torture devices, and lust. He is intelligent and often whiny.
Snake the Reptilian

Brown Reptilians
Type: Brown Reptilians

Brown Reptilians are awarded a higher rank in the Reptilian hierarchy and demand to be known by us as Gods. Robust strong muscular build, brown coloration, blunt brown bumps on the head. Hamish has told me that blunt bumps on the head signify royalty in rank. Some or all Brown Reptilians have bat-type wings. There is an interesting chapter in the book "Real? Or Imaginary?" where a Brown Reptilian inquires about sacrificial lambs. book

Green Alligator Draconian (of David Eckhart)

While speaking with Eckhart's Draco I saw what looked like an alligator standing on two legs. Green scaly but with a yellow belly. The belly is what makes it look like an alligator, because it doesn't bulge out like the belly of bipedal creatures such as humans tends to do, rather it looks flat and curves in, like the belly on something that should be lying flat on the ground. It is imposingly large in stature, and has a long strong tail.

The Alligator has some difficulty speaking English, because one can tell that he has to make an effort. His voice wants to make reptile sounds. I also heard the Alligator Reptile make some beautiful reptilian vocalizations. But when he speaks, it comes out in a dark voice. And contrary to my expectations based on his appearance and all of that, the Alligator was in fact a pleasant character and I hope to speak with him some more and to listen to his beautiful vocals some more. He wore no clothes.

Alpha Orions

The Orions are not Draconian Reptilians. The Orions originate from the star Alpha Orion (also known as Betelgeuse). Orions are humanoid anthropomorphic. They have a strong handsome build. The body is covered in black scales. The scales stick out like thorns and do not lie flat against the surface. The eyes are proportionally large and with a wide-open look to them, though by no means as large as on Greys. The eyes are yellow and look to have a structure that would buckle under pressure just like the soft shell of a tortoise or crocodile egg.

They have one ear on each side of the head. The ear is very narrow almost tubular and sticks straight up like an antenna. For some reason I say that they look like bat ears. The Orions wear white uniforms that are perfectly sleeveless and with an up-side-down yellow triangle symbol on the chest. This triangle is the Reptilian power symbol, only it is up-side-down because of the fact that the Orions have not accepted Reptilian rule. Their hands have fingers with black claws. The scales on top of the hand are larger and stick out. The Orions in many ways look like the black Galapagos islands sea iguana.

It's not fair to judge an entire species on just one individual, but I am familiar with this one Orion doctor, as I call him. He works on the Reptilian Agenda and studies my DNA and they make hybrids in order to tweak the genes to see the outcome and so study the DNA. The children that they make are subject to what the Orion man calls "bizarre animal testing". But my impression when I saw those children was that they were much more balanced and well-raised than any children I have seen on Earth. I would say that they seem to be doing well. The Orion people tell me of how they tend to their children. Although the children have a rather tough upbringing, where they are not allowed to smile, get upset, or frolic around (when they do, they are told to "be calm"), they are well taken care of and come across as physically, emotionally, and mentally very healthy individuals. I am convinced they have a good life. The Orion people give them food to eat, they are cleaned and washed, and they even get toys to play with.

The Orion doctor is respectful and polite. He is very work oriented and likes to describe the work that he does, and even showed me all of the tools in his medical cabinet, such as the "yellow pancake batter" they use to collect bacteria from the air here on earth. He does not care for smalltalk about other topics besides his work. He emphasizes that the Orions are NOT Draconians. On occasion the Orions become irritable in a type of Draconian style, but overall their behavior is quite different from Draconian Reptiles. As they are not the same.

He used to do head measurements on me. And he likes to study my "beautiful feet" many times over, because they are having trouble getting good feet on the hybrids. He once complimented me on my beautiful soft "yellow" skin. He is very keen on the study of bacteria, and almost daily he reminds me that I have bacteria in my mouth and on my toilet or bathroom floor. He also keeps an eye on what foods I eat, and I have been forbidden by him and the ETs from eating sugar, and he often reminds me to take iron supplement, which I do. He is a lovely man, I enjoy his company. There are more pages about him and his work.


Orion aliens
The ET Dinosaur - and the head of an earth dinosaur

Dinosaurs are pleasant characters in this space Agenda. They are very tall and very very slender. One wonders how anybody could have arms and legs so slender. They are not Draconians (Reptiles). In fact, both Dinosaurs and Reptilians frequently remind me, that "the Dinosaurs are not Draconians". In the beginning, if I called them Reptilians, they would object and say that they want to be called Dinosaurs. They also take offense if I think of them as frogs. They are not frogs, they are Dinosaurs.

They have no skeleton, but a hard connective tissue supporting their structure. While utmost slender, they also look to be very muscularly strong. It once looked as if they have scales, that are flat, square-shaped and neatly packed against the skin, but for most of the time it looks like smooth frog-like skin without any scales. In fact, the Reptilians use the fact that the Dinosaurs have no scales, to put them down. And I am told to only honor those that have scales, ie. to not honor the Dinosaurs.

Their coloration has green, yellow, and beige, and the colors are not uniformly blended but there are areas that have one color more than the others. Their skin looks as if it would feel more hard than soft. Their body may have a bit of a lustre. They have a deep furrow on either side of the face, running down from the inner corner of the eye and along the side of the snout.

The eyes are large, but not "too large" like on the Greys. The eyes are all yellow, without whites, iris, or pupils. The yellow has some brown in it, and there may be a thin, brown, vertical slit on each eye. They have no body hair and no visible external ears. The Dinosaurs have a nozzle, the area center in the face protrudes out. They look adorable, like frogs, so it is hard to be startled by these things. The Dinosaurs do not appreciate being referred to as "creatures", and I admit that doesn't sound nice.

Dinosaurs work for the Reptilians because they have to. Dinosaurs are very gentle and sweet and they don't have an ounce of aggression, tyranny or dominating behavior in them. Red Reptile often complains that the Dinosaurs do not "honor" him. Dinosaurs are frequently hit by reptilians with a stick on their calves (lower part of the leg), this is done as a request for obedience. Reptilians also "club to death" Dinosaurs, and then they eat them.

Dinosaurs work on the Hybrid Programs. To my knowledge, Dinosaurs are not involved in any medical work, rather they seem to work as nurses and as child caretakers. I frequently have a Dinosaur accompany the Orion doctor and Red Reptile for their visits to come see me. The Dinosaurs are very curious about what foods I eat and they also remind me not to eat sugar. Dinosaurs are overall inquisitive, but not to the point of being nosy. They are welcome with me. The Dinosaur would like me to become a doctor of medicine so that we could work together. I should specialise in genetics, or otherwise in obstretics.

Tell them, that we collect your eggs! - Dinosaur

Zeta Greys

Tall ones

In my teens I had frequent alien abductions and in those I only met with the Zeta Greys, mostly with the little ones. Now in these recent contacts since August 2011, I hardly ever meet the Greys at all. On occasion a Grey is there and I see them or speak with them a little bit.

I met with one tall Zeta Grey in particular. Connecting with their mind is beautiful. I see vast regions of space, and I always see a star system in their awareness and then in my awareness. It is very beautiful and I can tell that they love that place. They tell me that it is Zeta. The Zeta would like to return to their home and not to have to work for the Reptilians. Zetas work with assignments similar to what the Dinosaurs do, such as caring for hybrid children.

Zeta Greys are perhaps the most popularly well-known of aliens. They have slender bodies and large heads. Some are a white-grey color, some are a yellowish white color with little specks on their skin. They have big all-black eyes, tiny slits for a mouth and no external ears or noses. Maybe nostrils. They have long fingers. They often like to show me how they have suction cups on their finger where we humans have our fingerprints.

Zeta Greys do not deserve any bad reputation. If they have ever harmed or caused distress to a human, then it was by Reptilian design. Zetas are very benevolent, beautifully loving people. However, they seem to have some vested interest in the genetic projects too. Zetas love life, and they feel great joy in creating new conscious life forms. Seen and felt through their perspective, their Hybrid Programs really are truly beautiful. They love humans and Zetas so much that they wanted to join us in a hybrid species. Beautiful.

Little ones

There are also little Zetas who look the same as the taller ones only smaller. These guys don't talk as much. Little ones seem to be given more of the grunt work, whereas the more conscious tall ones have more of the intellectual assignments. Tall ones also seem more conscious, aware, and with more spiritual powers than do the little ones. It is harder to interact with little Greys, because for one they do not tend to say anything. They just do their job, like good little elves.

Thubans (Praying Mantis)

Thubans are one of the many forms of aliens that Reptilians have found and swooped up along their space journeys. The Thuban is like one big grub, whose body rests against the floor and then curves up for an upright position for the upper torso and head. Its head is shaped like binoculars, and the eyes large but skin-colored, not black like on the Zetas. The skin is a creamy white with some yellow in the color. In some ways it resembles the Zeta.

The Thuban has no legs or feet, just that big tube of a body. It has two arms, shaped like boomerangs, one part forward, an angular bend at the elbows, and the second part which is thin. The Thuban reaches one arm at a time forward, presses it down, and then proceeds to pull its body forward like when humans use icepicks to pull themselves out of the water. This is the alien creature commonly called the Praying Mantis, though it explained to me that in terms of its mind it is more like a mammal. I call it a Thuban since another name on earth for its home star, Alpha Draconis, is Thuban.

The Thuban has a beautiful sense of awareness, and a most lovely consciousness and soul. Meeting it changed my life for the better for ever. (It even made me change the frames of this website from the reptilian scales, eye, and claws, to this very Thuban inspired beautiful image of space.) Thubans are by all means beautiful benevolent beings.

Human-ET Hybrids

Dinosaur-Human Hybrids

There are hybrids made that are genetically part Dinosaur part human. I actually meet with more of my Dinosaur-human hybrids than with the Zeta ones. There are three types of Dinosaur-human hybrids, based on their amount of human DNA. The Dinosaur-human hybrids that have the most human DNA, I also call them the "Illuminati hybrids". There are however two types of Illuminati hybrids. Then we have the ones with intermediary amount of human DNA that look more like traditional Zeta-human hybrids. And ones with only very little human DNA look like green Praying Mantis, not to be confused with the actual Thuban species who does not seem to be involved or have any relation.

Zeta Grey-Human Hybrids

Zeta-Human hybrids are part Zeta Grey and part human. They are grayish white on their skin, and have large eyes that are either all blue like one big iris (the colored part of the eye), or all green. They are also very beautiful. More about the various forms of hybrids on separate pages.


I had come across various references to the Pleiadian ETs here and there in the media, as they are perhaps the most prolific and well-known actor on the ET scene in terms of the benevolent New Age agenda here (whereas the Zeta Greys are the overall most well-known in terms of the popular abduction concept). But, being myself a Starseed not from the Pleiades, whereas most Starseeds do seem to be from or have connections to the Pleiades, I always tended to skip reading about Pleiadians, as I had to keep my focus on my other groups.

So I was never familiar with Pleiadians. Had I been asked to state all I know or assume to know of them before my first ever contact, I would have said that the Pleiadians are just like humans, look like and behave just like us, and that they are benevolent. Because that's about what one reads. Meanwhile my Pleiadian encounter was quite a surprise.

In April 2012 a Pleiadian man who insisted that his name is "Peter" had a long chat with me one evening. I wrote down everything he and I said to one another so I have that available. Oddly, his skin was blue. He had blonde hair, and big blond eyebrows. He wore a blue and silver jumpsuit uniform. He laughed a lot. He was very flirtateous and he likes both Pleiadian and Earth women. He had come to see if it was true as had been said, that I was cozy with the Reptilians. Yes I was, he was shocked, and he said that it was true that I was a "snake charmer". Red Reptile objected to being referred to as snake. Draconians have told me how the Pleiadians do not "honor" the Draconians. Some say that Pleiadians even are trying to stop the Draconians (well, Pleiadians and Reptilians said so both).

While expecting a Pleiadian to be "just like humans", instead I found him to be quite exotic and alien-like. I struggled to understand his culture and ways, because he was definitely not human in his thinking and behavior. Perhaps because I had read time and time again that "Pleiadians are just like humans". No they're not! Similar in some ways, but quite exotic and alien still! But he is a lovely man and he is of course welcome to return to speak with me. I also connected with and briefly spoke with a lady Pleiadian, who was also blue on the skin and blonde.

The telepathic conversation with Peter contains some adult material so it can only appear in my book and not here.


Orion aliens
These are little guys Larger image

I literally had not heard of such a thing as "Djinn" until I met with these black figures that told me that they were Djinn. I then Googled it and found out that in the religion Islam the Djinn are known to be non-physical entities who possess great powers and who if spited could cause great vengeance on humans. Reading that I of course felt worried about having some Djinn with me.

The Djinn is a tiny creature. He is the size of a small 3-year old child or so, though not chubby. He is all black, is humanoid. He has eyes that are big for his size. I don't recall if the Djinn has any ears. Though small, he has a great big presence. He comes across as exceedingly inquisitive and attentive, with eyes wide open. He does feel sinister and untrustworthy somehow in the feel that he comes across. His eyes are bright and all-yellow.

But to my surprise the Djinn was not some vicious mean creature. They have caused me no harm. Though, every time some Djinn come around I do get nervous and I probably stutter a bit in my telepathy as I try to show them a great deal of respect. I tread very cautiously around them, as who would want to piss off a Djinn? But our relations are good. They are kind of fun to have around, though the warnings given by Islam do make me nervous every time.

I have grouped the Djinn here with the non-Reptilian Agenda ones, as I don't think these guys are part of the Reptilian group.

White Gargoyle

In April 2010 I read about the North Port, Florida, Mothman. People in the area had seen a white albino winged draco, who had been reported to smash trees with its bare hands, vandalize trucks, appear outside windows, fly and land on people's roofs, and make reptile-like sounds in the trees. There are many witnesses, the sightings are physical, and occurred over several months.

While reading, this creature sensed me "thinking of him" and he spoke to me telepathically that day. On the following day (this day actually as I'm writing here) he and I had a long conversation about this and that. I connect very closely to him telepathically. Our bond has us both see one another, we feel one another, hear thoughts and sense emotions.

I will write more about him later, but he looks like a white gargoyle. Sadly, most of what he says I have to censor from everybody, including a book, because of the risk that people could cause him harm if they learn of his behaviors and whereabouts.

But let me tell you that this white gargoyle is the most splendid and beautiful person. Not only is his body stunningly beautiful, as a person he is a delight to talk to. I saw not an ounce of aggression. He is a sweetie, and he and I are planning on a potluck together in the woods.