The Orion Project Book
Real? Or Imaginary?

Telepathic contact with Aliens

In August 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. And soon by a Dinosaur, red Reptilian, black Reptilian, and other aliens. Over the following months I wrote down every conversation we had. The Orion Project was to find out if the contact is Real? Or Imaginary?

In this book the author gets to know the Aliens and herself in her new role as egg donor in their Draconian Agenda, and asks herself and the Aliens throughout the book whether the contact is real or imagined. This book has hundreds of pages of the actual telepathic conversations with the aliens since the very beginning. Material which was too sexual, sadistic, obscene and violent to be posted on the internet.

The Alien Agenda and abduction phenomenon explained in the words of the aliens themselves. Also featuring part of the MILABS or military abductions mystery. This book is possibly more informative, and more honest, than most books out there on the topic of alien contact. This book is a documentary and was not written as fiction. The only question is, is it real, or imaginary?

Get to know who they are

*The Orion man comes to talk to me about bacteria, genetics, and eggs. He tells me all about the laboratory equipment he uses. We also have a good chat about astronomy.

*The Dinosaurs who have to work for the Reptilians, are sweet and try to warn me about the Reptilians.

*Red Reptilian teaches me to Honor his scales and to tremble before their power. Many other Reptilians come to talk too, such as the Brown Reptilian who is to be referred to as God and asks for sacrificial lambs.

*Snake the Reptilian comes over from known abductee David Eckhart's team. Snake talks about how they have made David's house into their base, and all the Reptilian plans. Snake is charming to talk to.

*Strawberry, as I name him, the little dark red Reptilian who wears a hooded black cloak visits from London England. My Red Reptilian enforces the hierarchy and dominates poor Strawberry. Strawberry is feeling cold and is in pain.

*Peter the blue Pleiadian wants to know if the rumors are true: if I am a snake charmer. And he wants to check me with medical instruments to make sure I am ok. He is not part of the Reptilian Agenda. Peter is very fond of women and acts flirtateous, I find that uncomfortable.

*Legendary North Port Florida Devil whom I name Gargoyle makes contact. Find out what the Gargoyle speaks about! Playful and fun and lovable, he wants me to come visit and to show up barefoot, because a man once accidentally stepped on his toes with shoes on.


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New since June 2015 the eBook version! Here "Real? Or Imaginary?" has two new chapters, "Advanced DNA Strand" and "Peter The Blue Pleiadian" which were made from rediscovered handwritten notes. Therefore the last two chapters of the old paperback version were bumped up to the sequel book: "Lady And Snake And Agenda" and "Airship Admiral" are no longer found in this book.

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