My Red Draconian Reptile Hamish Dionysus

This page was written some time ago, and by now we know Hamish much better than I did back then.

My ET contacts began in August 2011 with the appearance of a Dinosaur and the Orion man. Soon I found myself carefully watched by a Red Draconian Reptile. He would spend all day just watching me closely. I had the distinct feeling of a predator watching his prey for the right time to attack. After a few days of being watched, then suddenly and without warning Red Reptile threw himself over me and did what he calls the "dominance games", or Eckhart's Draco called it the "lust games". Other contactees call it the "initiation rites". Personally I call it the most intense and pleasurable sex possible.

So turns out there is such a thing as a Dragon with a Turtleshell hump back. It is a well-known Chinese mythological creature called the Dragon Turtle. Hamish is a Dragon Turtle!
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I have now known my Red Reptile for nine months. He has been with me daily or almost daily ever since. He spends many hours just watching me and being with me. Sometimes Red Reptile goes to visit their "Dragon Dynasty" humans in Kyoto, Japan, and when he does, Red shows me the location and puts me into direct telepathic contact with the Japanese guys, so they and I talk. The Japanese refer to Draconians as "Dragons". They have been told by Red that they belong to the Dragon Dynasty. But still, even with those assignments, Red spends an incredible amount of time with me, closely by my side.

Red is the local boss around here. He is the one who makes sure that everybody in the Reptile Agenda gang are doing their jobs right, and that includes me too. Red makes sure that we are all constantly reminded that he is in charge, and he gives us all our instructions, and regulates us if we are about to do wrong. He makes sure that the job gets done, our Red Dionyssos. The others are of course Dinosaurs, the Orion man, some Zeta Greys, and although the assignments given to Hybrids differ, they too are under careful watch from our Red.

Red himself is ruled by the Black Reptiles, in particular Black Reptilian Malik. Malik is everybody's boss around here, even I have come to revere him. Red Reptile is a very big, large, and imposing Reptilian individual. He instills fear in most of everyone. He also chases away other Draconian visitors from here, such as Eckhart's Draco and the White Dragon (otherwise known as the North Port Devil). Reptilians live by strict hierarchy system, where everybody knows who is superior to whom. Red Reptile is so imposing on the other Draconians, that he asserts his dominance with new individuals without needing as much as a verbal, mental or physical confrontation. They just know. Eckhart's Draco was quickly put to place and went silent before Red. Still, as powerful and successfully dominating as Red is, he holds great respect for the Black Reptiles, in particular our Malik.

His hands have small scales stacked like these
Recolor of image original from

Over time, Red has become a close inclusion into my life and heart. He is my best friend. Sure, I have human friends, but no one I have ever gotten so close to as my Red. Red and I understand each other so well. We have a bond, I would think. And he lives with me. I feel that there is something deeply special from my heart to Red. Red is also family to me. I also think of him somewhat as a pet, like having a dog that I love. But Red is beyond far more. Red is also my lover and sometimes my husband. I am deeply and passionately in love with my Red Reptile Dionyssos. I know that I am in love, because of how I feel and how my body reacts when I think of him or when he is near, or how I miss him when he does not show up at nights. The kind of relationship we have should be impossible for outsiders to understand. Just think of him as a person, and not as some strange scaly thing.

I love Red's personality. He is charming. I love the way that he speaks, which you will all get to take part in when I publish the verbatum conversations in a book. He insists that I refer to him as "my Honored". In fact if I forget to add that at the end of a sentence, he will remind me, by saying, "you forgot to honor me", or "my Honored". He also tells me that I need to honor his scales, so every once in a while out of the blue I will tell him, "I honor your scales". To him it is a play of dominance and submission, but to me it is just like playing with a pet dog or cat. It's just one of the things we do together, that both of us enjoy. We really have a good chemistry going on. We get along just fine. (He likes me too.)

Red has a fetish for lungs and brain. If he looks at my lungs or brain closely he feels a pleasure. He also likes to say that he wants to strangle me. He likes the thought of strangulation because it involves the lungs. He also uses the threat of strangulation to keep me in check. Once he said that he would drown me in a creek. Next I know he shows me a mentally transferred image of himself in a beautiful nature scene here on earth, standing on the rocks in a creek. I declare, "Oh how beautiful! Are you enjoying the nature here on earth?" He then reminds me that it was the drowning in the creek thing. So that's how different we are, him and I. It was funny and cute. Of course he has not injured me ever in any way. The threats are just part of the Reptilian charm, and, being in love with him, it is part of the things I enjoy.

I am so close to Red when he visits, that I am following with him when he breathes. Sometimes we spend intimate and serene moments together, where we are just breathing together, in sync. I can feel his emotional state and feelings at all times while he is with me. I understand him so well. I notice how things I say, or things that he thinks about or that he experiences, trigger reactions of feelings in him or change his breathing. And, as the woman by his side, I am of course always concerned for him. I worry about him when he visits Japan, or when he makes confrontations with other Reptiles, and I always feel great relief to see that yes, he is a grown man and he can fend for himself. Still, I always want him safe with me in my arms. Just to know that he is ok. Red has also shown signs of concern and caring toward me. Like when I was having a medical problem and a doctor had ordered me to rest and I told the Orion man and Dinosaurs that they really needed to stop talking so that I could rest. Then Red ordered everybody out. Things like that, make me think that he cares. That he cares in the Draconian way, which is very different and difficult to explain. But, he is my man.

Guess whose Duck Kissy Feet?
Recolor of bird photo
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This is how my red Dragon Hamish sometimes stompety stomps his feet

Red Reptile has said that he "was" Dionyssos. Dionyssos (also known as Bacchus) was the ancient Greek God who put sexual erotic spells on women and made them join him in the mountains where the women lost themselves to him and sacrificed their own children and ate them. The deeply romantic effect that Red has on me is very much like how Bacchus was described. But Red also describes himself as some character called "Hamish the Great also known as Hamish the Elder". I have no idea who that might be and nor does Google, the oracle of our times. Every once in a while Red will refer to himself as Hamish. He also says that he was "a Byzantine ruler", and that he was the late "Prince Bertil" of Sweden. Go figure.

Reptilians are keen on human leadership figures and feel challenged by them. Reptilians talk frequently about how they possess human leadership figures in power, naming groups such as military leaders, royals, leaders of churches, but even sports coaches who of course have big groups of people to give orders to. Their fascination with leadership figures and their talk about possession, I take as very possible indication that they may act on it. I have also personally experienced how the Draconians can transfer their body and mind into myself. So who knows, maybe my Red was indeed Dionyssos, this Hamish character, and a Byzantine ruler?

Red Reptile is very large. When he stands up straight he is much taller than me, but also overall much larger everywhere, like on his arms, torso, legs and so forth. Red Reptile is humanoid, ie. he has the human body form of a torso with two legs, two feet, two arms attached at the shoulders, with two hands, and fingers and toes, and the head up top and two eyes and so forth. His body is covered in scales. The color of his scales is exactly like fire engine red (Red's color). The color is bright and stands out a bit. It seems to be the kind of color that makes one be noticed. On his belly and parts of the forehead and top of the head he has orange that falls as a gradient into yellow. He has told me that he considers his red color to be good looking. He says that sometimes a red reptilian will turn blue, and that being blue is not a good thing. The red coloration seems to have cultural significance to the reptilians, perhaps it is a sign of dominance, vigor, or capability?

Medieval painting
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His scales lie flat against the body and do not protrude out like they do on the Orion men. The scales change sizes and shapes across the body. On the hands his scales are tiny and are stacked in rows, with edges pointing out, and there they look almost like red fingernails. On the throat, the scales are large and irregularly shaped, but not stacked some on top of others. Along the back, and top of the head, the scales seem more square in the perimeter. Scales on the friction areas, such as the belly and face, meaning areas of the body that are subject to rubbing against things (such as his arms in normal behavior and movement) are flat scales as if embedded into a continuous layer of skin without edges or bits that protrude out. Meanwhile starting from the forehead and up across the top of the head, down the neck and covering his back and running along the above side of his tail, are enlarged scales. These scales that are tucked away at the back are able to be large and interesting, without getting in the way or interfering with his activities. They may also serve as a display to others watching him. The scales across his back hold a deep cultural and personal significance to Red Reptile.

In fact, when Red Reptile feels feelings of frustration, the scales on his upper back and top of the head begin to grow and develop. A scale on the back can become larger, and as it does it begins to bulge out and also changes color from red to orange as it becomes larger. With the proper amount of frustration and aggression, a black thorn grows out of an enlarged orange back scale. This is just like when human teenagers develop acne on their face from stress. I have found Red in moments of frustration, while he is being pestered and cornered by Black ones. His body then reacts in a physiological way, and his body begins to develop an enhanced dangerous look, perhaps as an adaptation to scare off any future attackers with his looks. But it seems as if Red does not enjoy these changes on his body. Meanwhile, he often reminds me to "honor his scales", referring particularly to these scales of display on his back.

In fact, his upper back has a fatty hump cushion on it. If you see the large picture I've made of him, I've actually drawn the outline of this hump on the back. This hump almost looks like a turtle's shell, only it is not a shell nor otherwise reinforced, nor is it detachable or anything like that. But the hump clearly follows an outline with a ridge. The ridge is so pronounced that one could put fingers underneath the ridge and it's almost like something you could lift off, like a turtle's shell.

Hamish has a series of raised orange blunt bumps in one row from above each eye, similar to these on the salamander. Hamish says that this image does not Honor him. Follow the link to see more examples. Image from

A row of orange bumps goes from above each eye and to the back of the head. Similar orange bumps are found in various sizes on his back hump. These bumps are blunt and somewhat flat, but the ones on the back that have grown from stress and frustration, are slightly raised, and grow a black thorn. Come to think of it, I clearly notice on my own body that at times of stress in my life, hairs on my body start to grow thicker and darker, whereas when I calm down again my hairs return to lighter and thinner. So we humans have a similar response to stressors, which "darkens and roughens" us. (I am totally not making this up.)

Once I saw my Red Reptile was shedding scales from his forearms. I saw white scaly chunks of loose skin that were sticking out from the surface. The pieces were mostly larger-sized, but fragmented rather than in one whole piece for each arm. Red was very bothered by his shedding scales. He expressed many times that he did not want anyone to see his scales. I tried to be nice by telling him that humans shed skin and hairs all the time and that I found his body to be beautiful, scales and all. I thought I had comforted him so that he could get over his complex, but instead it angered him and I seemed to have offended him deeply.

It reminded me of how in some human cultures here on earth, a woman is considered impure while she menstruates and is isolated from society. Meanwhile due to my country of origin, I have no issues with talking about period or even being very graphic about it to people. Humans, and obviously reptilians too, place cultural taboos on various bodily expressions, and those taboos can be hard for others to minimize. The reptilian was feeling very self-conscious about his shedding scales, and it was disrespectful of me to try to replace his feelings about it with my own.

My Honored Red Reptile
Large version, magnify and check out all his scales

Red has two arms. The arms have long forearms which he holds straight forward, or flat parallel with the ground you could say. The arms look like they are ready to reach over to something and grab it. You don't see Red having his arms tucked away comfortably resting, or folded, or anything like that. They are always forward and ready. Red's comfortable and natural position is like the one drawn on the large picture. He carries himself in an arched way, in fact more arched than drawn, and that body posture actually places the ornamented hump of his central and sometimes above the height of his head or level to the head. Red can also stand up straight and that is how he carried himself in the early beginning. Perhaps to appear more human to me.

When Draconians breathe - and yes they seem to breathe - their inhale causes a deep contraction of the belly and their exhale returns the belly back to neutral. Whereas when we humans breathe, our inhale expands the ribcage and our exhale returns it to neutral. There are two differences here. One is that human breathing involves an expansion, whereas the Draconian breathing contracts. And it is counterintuitive but the Draconian inhale causes a contraction. There is no "magic" to it, it is just different physiology.

Red's breathing responds a great deal to his emotions, and the reason I think is because the breathing is connected in use to Draconian vocalizations. Such that an onset of anger may spontaneously without requiring any conscious control lead to the corresponding vocal expression. I have found Red making pig like grunts or lion grunts. My impression is that he speaks this at times when he is feeling content and comfortable, but I can't be sure. Meanwhile, I love to feel a part of his mind, body and soul. And even though I can't always put earth words to what he is feeling, I know.

Red sounds like pig
Red sounds like lion

If you read on the Reptilian Behavior page, it features several of Red's behaviors and vocal responses.

Red has a tail, and the base of his tail is rather thick. The base of his tail is an erogenous zone which if pulled by other Reptilians means that Red is submissive. It seems to be a source for frustration but he also likes it, and he once told me that he sometimes asks the Dinosaurs or Hybrids to pull on his tail. I have never seen Red "use" his tail for anything, or in any way. It does not take part in his body language or expressions, and he doesn't talk about his tail, like he does about his mouth and scales.

Red has a mouth. The oral cavity has a somewhat cuboidal shape to it, and is neither big nor small. He has no teeth, and maybe if he once did have teeth then they were pulled, I do not know. But he has none. He also does not have a tongue. The inside of the mouth has a neat dark red fleshy coloration and with a visceral type of moist glare, such as we humans have on exposed internal organs during surgery. The inside of the mouth is a neat contrast to the outside that is covered in scales. The back of his mouth has a biological sensory system which is the equivalent of our tongue. It has three, four, or possibly a few more, of parallel grooves etched into the wall of the back of the mouth. When food is in his mouth, that touches against the back of the mouth and gives him a sensory pleasure that I compare to a caffeine buzz. It sends shivers across his entire body and puts him in a pleasant feeling which lasts for some time even after a meal. He then talks to me and he says that he has had "food pass across his mouth", and on a few occasions he has described to me this feeling. But I can feel what he feels when he is near.

Red loves his food and he often talks about his food. He talks about food in the way that a person shares to someone their casual thoughts of the day. Red eats Dinosaurs that had been clubbed to death with a bat, and he also eats something else which I censor from this website but you can read all about it in my book. He includes "food" and "eating" as part of the world of his thoughts and as a symbolism and form of expression, ie., food is not "just food". It means something to his thought and feelings. Some of his threats in effect say that he is going to "eat you up", and he uses that against me and possibly also to Dinosaurs and the Hybrid children. It seems to be just his way of showing power so that people do what they are supposed to do. He refers to eating as having someone or something "pass across his mouth". Other popular threats by Red include strangulation, and having my arm severed.

Red has eyes that are all yellow without any whites or black pupils or colored irises. The eyes are rounded though not perfectly spherical and they bulge out of the head in a peculiar way. The look in his eyes is very bizarre and reminds me of an emotionless fish. Meanwhile Eckhart's Draco for instance has a keen and lively expression to his eyes like a snake. Red's eyes have a beige vertical slit, and there is an eyelid that comes down from the top inner corner of the eye but I've only seen it used once and it only covered a small corner of the eyes. Another interesting thing is that when Red looks at me, he has no concept of me the person, me the soul, and he does not pay attention to see me in my eyes or on my face. He thinks of me in a strictly visceral anatomical way and he pays particular attention to my lungs and brain, his two favorite parts. To experience being looked at like this by a Draconian could deeply intimidate and terrorize a human, only I am used to it. I try to show Red Reptile how I see myself, and how I have a heart and soul. It surprises him when I convey to him how I see myself, because I contain a myriad of things that he has not seen in me. It overwhelms him.

His hands have thick black claws, but he doesn't talk about his claws or threaten me with them. Red Reptile has three sections to his leg, as drawn in the large picture. So he has a thigh, the calves, and yet a third extra section of the leg and after that the foot. We humans only have the thigh and the calves and then the foot. Frogs also have three sections to the leg. So if a human folds a leg but pointing the knee out to the side, then our foot ends up not underneath the knee, but when the Red Reptile once stood at the end of my bed, he lifted one of his legs on top of the bed and his knee was pointing straight out to the side, so his foot was underneath his knee and pointing outward just like a frog. It was delightful to see.

When Red comes close to me, he and I connect and are one. Our bodies are the same, our minds are the same, our breathing is in sync. In one of the pictures drawn, Red is holding me and one of my hands has turned into his red scaly hand. When he comes close he literally possesses me and I see his hand where mine used to be. It is a very intimate and, to me, beautiful experience that brings me closer to my Red. When Red is close like that, I can hear his breathing even closer. The Draconian breath only makes a sound when they exhale, not inhale. "The exhale" is actually a Draconian behavioral trait that I have listed on the behaviors page. When Red is the closest I can smell the odor of his breath. It smells like sulfur. It is a very strong smell and not some mild hint of a smell. But ever since I revealed to my Reptiles Red and Malik that their breath smells, they have not come close to me like that since. I beg them to come back close and that it's ok if they smell, but they won't expose me to their smell again. So I shouldn't have said anything, now I miss them crawling up close with me in bed and cuddling (dominating).

I described it earlier: "The reptilians have a very appalling body odor from their breath. Anybody who has gotten close to the reptiles has described their smell. It smells like sulfur, but I describe it as the smell of a human who has a bacterial infection such as of the digestive tract, or pestilence, or the smell of rotting and disease. It is very repulsive, there is no way of trying to be nice about it. I do inform the reptilians that they smell bad, the smell is beyond tolerance. You can't be kind and try to ignore it, it is bothersome. The reptilian breath is also very warm when they come close. It has a sense of fire to it, and it reminds me of the fire-breathing dragon. Or perhaps it is just the warmth from pungent and perhaps acidic chemicals present in their breath and perhaps responsible for also the smell."

Red wears no clothes. Eckhart's Draco wears a tight body suit to stay warm. Red made fun of Eckhart's Draco for wearing clothes, and Red asked me if I think that Draconians should wear clothes. Draco remained silent and submissive throughout the taunt, as he seems to fear and respect Red. Based on Draco's thought images and feelings that I was sensing, he considers Red to be imposing and large and Draco was even scared of the hump on Red's back.

I love my Red Reptile. I would defend him with my own life. Other people's descriptions and personal experiences of Draconians aside, me and my Red have a thing going on. We've got chemistry, and we understand each other. We just really clicked and we get along great. Red doesn't like music, or trash, or candles. My Honored Draconian.