The Beast


  Close Encounter
  with Malik

Malik, formerly known as Betelgeuse
Black One - Dark Lord - Shadow Figure
Fürst Mr. Shenanigans Incubus Oh Mischievous One

Orion aliens

The first time I met Betelgeuse was years before these ET contacts began in August 2011. When I visited my then-boyfriend's house, at nights I would see and sense the presence of a big black demonic entity standing always at the same place beside my side of the bed. The presence was uncomfortable and I complained to my boyfriend about it. It was so bad I had to sleep in the other room to which this demon never entered.

At the time I had to assume it was a demon. Something like described in the Christian Bible. Assuming so, I had to wonder whether it belonged to my boyfriend's ex-wife, who was a devout Christian. Or otherwise the demon must have come from my new friend, who had said he had been into Satanism earlier in life. One night the demon spoke to me. He said his name was Betelgeuse.

Years later, August 2011 with the onset of a Dinosaur ET speaking to me while I'm in biochemistry class, ETs have been visiting me daily since. It is now April 2012, contacts are still prolific, and only in the past few weeks I have been introduced to five new ET entities (Thuban, blue Pleiadian, Eckhart's Draco, Eckhart's Alligator ET, White Dragon). During my first months of finding myself part of the Reptilian Agenda as an egg donor, big black Betelgeuse reappeared, and I've got to know him well since.

When he said that his name was Betelgeuse, it took a while for me to connect him to the demon from long ago. Not a demon at all, but a Draconian Reptile, or perhaps the two are the same.

Betelgeuse is big and scary. I greet him lovingly each time, I want him to be part of my growing ET family. But he is like the hostile uncle who scares the children. Even Red Reptile tells me, "Watch out for the black ones!" Red, who is so strong himself, even Red has learned to honor Betelgeuse and his kind. Red takes care of most of the leadership around here, but sometimes Betelgeuse pays a rare visit, which is nice. I am always pleased to see him, even if he does instill some fear in me that I don't want to have.

Orion aliens

He uses the name Betelgeuse because the Draconian Reptiles have an "agreement" with the Alpha Orions. Another name for the star Alpha Orion, is Betelgeuse. He wears the name as a badge or perhaps as a taunt of their conquest of Orions.

Early in my contacts with Red and Betelgeuse, both of these guys did what I now know is the Reptilian "initiation rites", in which a Draconian attacks a human to test our strength. We are then sandwiched somewhere into the Draconian hierarchy. I never realized until it was over that I was being tested for strength. I just thought it was neat to be "cuddled" by a big lizard. Betelgeuse has himself tested my strength, by throwing himself over me, pinning me down, and throwing me around. I would never challenge Betelgeuse, let him have his power. I'm happy to not participate in being butch. Let the boys play tough and fight. I'll just be a girl and watch.

Betelgeuse is still the boss. All of the ETs, the Orion doctor, Dinosaur, Red Reptile, Zetas, Hybrids, and Betelgeuse, everybody tells me not to eat sugar. One day I had four cinnamon buns. Betelgeuse himself shows up that night and says that he is going to take a look at what I've eaten that day. I think nothing of it. Suddenly whoops he pulls me to the edge of the bed, and says that I wasn't allowed to eat those! He tosses me around a few more times, while yelling at me that I wasn't allowed to eat sugar. I was being reprimanded. It didn't hurt me, other than that I felt ashamed, like a child, or like a dog that peed on the floor.

Malik has white eyes
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An important note. This all now sounds like Betelgeuse is dangerous or that he hurts me. I think it's great fun to be turned around by Betelgeuse! It never causes me any harm or injuries. I just get turned from one side to the other, or moved around. He uses tremendous strength and speed with which to move me. It often makes me giggle and I say "Do it again Betelgeuse!" It's neat interacting so closely with my big black Reptile. Such a privilege.

Betelgeuse likes to put me into a submissive position. He will first turn me around so that I am laying on my belly in bed. He then pulls me up so that I am sitting in bed on folded knees and back very straight up. It's fun. Red Reptile puts me into a different submissive position. Red puts me up on all fours instead. Also fun and harmless. They are showing who has the "power", as they call it.

I am told by Red to "honor" the black ones. I think I was once instructed to refer to Betelgeuse as "your Eminence", but I am not sure so all he gets is the same "my Honored" as I give to Red Reptile.

Reading Cards with Betelgeuse
One night I had done Thoth Tarot cards with a friend. My friend had read my cards, and I had read his. These were my first and only experiences with doing cards. But anyway, late that night Betelgeuse showed up while I was alone. Betelgeuse told me that he wanted me to read his cards. So I did.

I did the simple cross, which is the only formation I know how to make. The card that describes his life and foundation was XIV Trumps Art. For things covering him, 8 Disks, Prudence. His highest qualities and accomplishments, Trumps XVI The Tower. His problems and issues, Cups, Knight of Cups. Past and things he is moving away from, XVII Trumps, The Star, His future and to where he is headed, Disks, Princess of Disks.

Just now as I am writing about his cards:
Don't tell them what I got. - Betelgeuse
Why? Your cards were good. - me
Betelgeuse then does a fire hot long exhale which I know means he is content and enjoying.
Betelgeuse has been with me as I write this page about him. He also watched as I made the picture of him up above. He likes his picture. He seems pleased, my little Darling.

Basically, reading about his cards from the book, his cards said the following:

" Betelgeuse is a man with a solid stable foundation. Ie. he does not have internal chaos within himself. He feels confident and stable. Over him he has something to do with gardening or watching things grow. Perhaps a reference to his hybrid projects, since the Reptilians often say that we humans are things growing in their garden. His greatest power and ability that he has accomplished for himself, is that of utter destruction, annihilation and warfare - that is where his greatest talent lies. The Tower card also describes humans being destroyed to a point where they are not even a mere fragment of their former selves. Total annihilation, is what Betelgeuse does the best.

Meanwhile, Betelgeuse's problems lie in having a short temper and a tendency for aggression and violence, says the Knight of Cups. The card also explains that tendency for violence as being due to a form of mental illness, like schizophrenia. Basically the cards said that Betelgeuse is a crazy person with a tendency for sudden and unplanned violence. The things that he moves away from the most and rejects in his life, is that of Love and Light in the Universe. Not kidding. The Star card are those things. Meanwhile, the thing that Betelgeuse is headed for up ahead in his future, is Light itself. "

Orion aliens

I was surprised that his cards described him so well. I was sure that Betelgeuse would be pleased, especially for having The Tower as his superpower. But no. Betelgeuse was unhappy. Betelgeuse objected that his tendency for violence would be described as a mental illness. He objected to that a few times, and asked that I read his cards again. I explained to Betelgeuse, that to suddenly kill or injure someone is surely a form of mental illness, and that some of Betelgeuse's behaviors seem consistent with that statement, so perhaps the cards couldn't be all that wrong? I did not give him a new reading.

I loved doing his cards. It was fun to interact with my big black beast. Overall, I love my Betelgeuse. Some nights I call for him to come and visit, and I ask him to turn me around. He visits sometimes when I ask, but he has never turned me around when asked. He takes the turning and moving of me seriously. They call it "hitting", and they only do it when necessary. To me it's fun, but he won't do it unless he deems it necessary. I have to eat more cinnamon buns.

Update April 11 2012, evening of same day I wrote this page: Betelgeuse the Black Reptile told me that he didn't want to be known by the name "Betelgeuse" anymore. He was to be referred to, as "a Malik". I found it odd that he said "a" and then a name. Next morning I googled "Malik". I thought that surely this is gonna be good, it's gonna be the name of a demon or something. Turns out, "Malik" is an Arabic word for king or chieftain, sometimes used for ruling princes. Al-Malik, the King, is one of the names of Allah, God in Islam. Read more about Betelgeuse's new name. So now it also makes sense why he said "a" Malik. It is not a name as much as it is a description. By the way, in my native European language, I have been told many times to refer to him as our word for Prince, so Malik seems to be another version of that word they were using. I will of course refer to him as Malik now on. They can have their names.