Crocodilian And Lyran (About The Eggs)
April 23 2016

This page is a documentary and is not fictional writing. The following describes alien contact and I have written down our conversations as they happened. I wake up in the morning with a visiting Yellow Crocodilian visiting with an Orion lizard. Hamish is in the garden looking at flowers and things. A Pleiadian comes to protect Hamish for me, and a Lyran is here for kind support. See what happened:

I titled the page "Crocodilian And Lyran"
Hamish wanted to title it "About The Eggs"

An Enchanting Yellow Crocodilian

April 23 2016, 10:21 AM. This morning there was a bad negative feeling in my mind and all over, it really bothered me. I noticed then that this was coming from the other-dimensional presence of a Reptilian who seemed to be in my room. He is tall and stands on two legs and has two long arms and probably a tail. His build looks very strong and muscular, "attractive" if it were the body of a human man. His chest is very wide and his waist and hips are very narrow. His upper arms are very thick. The head is proportionally "right" for the body, neither described as large or small. He wears no clothes.

This one is possibly a type of Crocodile Man, but is definitely not the "typical" Crocodile Man, he just reminds me of the Crocodile Men a little bit. I shouldn't have said that, because Crocodile Men they are black with the checkered black and white square tile pattern of a chessboard (asymmetrical, randomly assigned coloration) on their bellies; Crocodile Men have an elongated snout, black eyes, have an intoxicating musk perfume, and speak difficultly even in the telepathic they have hard to pronounce sounds. This visitor this morning is not a Crocodile Man, but in some ways similar.

I guess I should give a name to this Reptilian. I would like to call it, a "Yellow Crocodilian". He has no scale pattern on the skin as far as I can see. The skin on his body is the most beautiful I have seen, I complimented him on his colors even though I worried that Hamish might get jealous and object, but Hamish did not seem to notice that I was admiring someone else's coloration and skin. The Yellow Crocodilian is mostly of a matt mustard yellow, and with coloration of dark beige and black blending beautifully together. The coloration varies across the body in gradients (meaning gradually, without sudden or sharp color changes), through yellow to black and browns and beiges in between. For some reason, the coloration presents an impression that is enchanting, literally breathtaking, very appealing, attractive. Something about the Yellow Crocodilian is also sexually attractive to me, I felt sexually attracted to him, but I thought that this was probably because of his "raw masculinity", he exudes this immense enchanting, captivating, sensual sexual power. It is of course wrong of me to interpret, to react, to his presence that way, but I am only making notes.

The Crocodilian was most probably by no means intending to have that effect on me, but I am just saying, that his energy and presence, and also together with the build of his body, can in a human woman's brain automatically be interpreted as highly sexually appealing. Just something my brain does. I find it inconvenient, and I worry that this is insulting toward an alien being who is a Reptilian animal. But I make extensive notes on the contact experience. I actually apologise for the inconvenience that my mind reacted that way to this Crocodilian, it is rude and uncalled for. Anyhow, let's continue with the story.

The Crocodilian has an "energy" about him, a presence which is strongly felt, which is why, before even seeing him or realizing that there was a Crocodilian in my room, I had woken up just with a very strong bad feeling. The Crocodilian has a negative, hostile, and uncomfortable presence or energy. He also has power, strength, "masculinity", in his presence. He definitely is a sentient and aware creature, his focus and mental awareness is part of what makes for that very strong feeling of presence and energy that surrounds him. So when he is only looking at a human woman, or he is connecting his mind to her mind, then his very persona, energy, presence, and focus, is felt and transmitted as well. We humans do not have a proper understanding of what this means, to "feel someone's energy".

The coloration of his skin is enchanting and attractive, irresistible and gorgeous. I find, that overall Reptilians come with lots of visual things on the surface of their bodies, which are meant to be looked at. Reptilians look at each other a lot, and they proudly display any genetically inherited visual markers that they have. Color of the skin, flat comb structures on top of the head (the "crested"), the blunt button bumps in perfect pairs of two. In fact, Reptilians judge one another for status ranking, based in part solely on their visual markers. So it is not too surprising, that even a human responds to seeing one, by staring and finding them absolutely enchanting and attractive. The visual markers seem to have a universal effect of being impressive, which not only the Reptilians, but also we humans can appreciate.

Hamish for instance, has so much visual marker built in to his body, that often when I look at him it just leaves me perplexed and staring, to look at Hamish has a very hypnotic effect, his bright fire engine red color, the odd and encaptivating pairs of orange blunt buttons as a row along the long back of the neck, and the back hump, his body proportions, the orange goosebump zits on his arms and back. Something about the skin of the Crocodilian, is very enchanting, intoxicating, appealing, gorgeous. The colors are not bright, but something happens in my brain which is similar to the feeling of falling in love, a feeling of being hypnotized, of being immensely enchanted.

I want to imagine, that Reptilians respond to each other similarly too, that just by looking at a Reptilian, the other Reptilians feel enchanted, and in love with the Reptile. This would enable them to actually appreciate other individuals, to feel calm around them, but above all, the reaction if they respond similarly as I have, it definitely makes one feel very calm and appreciative and it would absolutely for certain reduce attacks and violence among them. Humans mostly look other humans in the eyes to feel that it is another fellow living human being that should not be attacked. And for Reptilians, something similar is going on, but it is not based on eye contact, there is something else, and it might not be only visual. Just by looking at the Yellow Crocodilian, there is a strong effect on me, which makes me fall in love almost, similar to falling in love but different, makes me instantly feel a huge appreciation for the creature, I find him attractive, I feel calm and I feel that I could of course never get angry with him or want to hurt him. This, is how a Reptilian personality and individuality is somehow conveyed. It is a profound effect, a profound experience.

With an Orion lizard

He came accompanied with the Orion lizard who visited yesterday. The Orion lizard wears a dark purple tight fitting uniform. The face of the Orion lizard is particular, there is somewhat of an extended snout, which has a V-shape, in that the snout narrows toward the end. The face itself also looks narrow, as if someone would have pushed inward under the cheekbones. It has several small sharp teeth in both upper and lower jaws. It is entirely black on the skin. Yesterday this Orion lizard said that they do not have the right air for me if I would want to visit, they say they breathe a different air and when I asked what type of air they breathe, he said hydrogen, so I am assuming H2 gas?

They said that they "smell", I said that is normal for Reptilians and that I don't mind. The Yellow Crocodilian would thus have a smell about him. The Crocodilian's skin looks shining and moist, it is clear that he perspires a moisture through the skin of his body, and this moisture, as well as the rather smooth texture of his skin, makes him look amphibian in nature, more so than some scaly Reptilian.

I would like you to apologize for what you said. We are Reptilian. - Yellow Crocodilian says
I apologise. - me
I know that you like our feet. We would like to pound you with one of them. - the black Orion lizard says, first he showed me a mental image of my feet with socks as they are here, this they say because I adore Hamish's "kissy feet"

Note: that this Orion lizard is not the Orion black lizard of my own team, as far as I know. This guy is a new visitor it seems. The Crocodilian earlier said, what implied that his species is of a rather subordinate rank among the Reptilian hierarchies. His kind had once evolved in nature and was afterwards genetically modified, and his kind is from Alpha Draconis, and his kind used to be eaten by others on Alpha Draconis. The Orion lizard expressed, that they want my eggs. I said that my eggs already belong to Hamish, and that I am not willing to change from Hamish to other Reptilians.

Hamish in the garden

But best of all, a Japanese human or most probably it looked to be a Japanese-alien hybrid, which I saw in a mental image, it told me that Hamish was in the garden. And so I looked out the kitchen window. There is a garden there which belongs to neighbors, it is beautiful and blooming and just lovely, and even a neighbor was there at the moment planting and fixing in the garden. Hamish was there (in the other dimension!!!) and looking at the ground and finding things and checking things out. And I was so happy that Hamish has found some nice things to do. What worries me is if Hamish doesn't get to live his life because of his job of guarding my eggs, so every time when I see that he does indeed travel, and visit places, and do things that are fun to him, it takes a heavy weight of concrete block off of my chest. This is his life, and I want him to enjoy it. So seeing him poking around in the garden it means the whole world to me.

Hamish actually enjoys nature. What

You smell good. - me to Crocodilian
I have covered it up with perfume. We do not like to take you women, but we have/need to take your eggs! - Crocodilian, I forgot which word he said but heard it clearly
My eggs were with Hamish, they were Hamish's eggs! - me
Do you mean that guy? - Crocodilian or the Orion liz shows me mental image of Hamish standing in the garden, Hamish is looking down on the grass and ground in the garden
Why is Hamish not here, guarding the eggs? - me
They wanted to look at you!! - the Orion liz, or Hamish about Orion liz
Are they allowed? - me
Yes. - Hamish
Hamish, why do you let these visitors to look at your eggs? - me
Mine, courageous, not! - Hamish, aha so Hamish fears them
Why, Hamish? - me worried and concerned
... I was not the father's eggs. - Hamish, or "fathers' "
Ok. As long as everything is ok. - me
Yes, grr... - Hamish, "Yes" in my other language
I am looking at the blooms here. - says Hamish and steps with his flat red duck foot forward on the garden grass, there is some red flower blossoming in a shrub there, and he closes his eyes in some smile

Now is the time when there are lots of flowers everywhere, and Hamish loves flowers. When we lived at my mother's place, mom had a tomato plant out on the balcony, and Hamish used to love to lie down on the carpet on the balcony and watch and keep an eye on the yellow tomato flowers, which then slowly turned into green tomatoes, which then turned red, and he said to me that "the tomatoes turn red because they have seen him". He still remembers those times and he smiles with his eyes when he tells me. I LOVE THIS DRAGON. I love Reptilians, as long as they don't eat my liver snacks. Last night while I was watching another movie (I decided not to watch Jurassic World just yet), Hamish for one reason or another just suddenly came up really close and said "Livers!", and I would have been scared the way he said it but you know I love this Dragon so it was cute instead.

We, and our kind, used to be soup. Well, our grandfathers were that. - Yellow Crocodilian
So they struck a deal with us. That we do not get to eat them anymore. And in exchange they help us with our genetics. - Orion liz
And so, a great communion was formed. And now we get to help them, A LOT. - Yellow Crocodilian
So, tell me, do you really hear me? - Orion liz or Crocodilian
Yes, I hear you well. Loud and clear. - me
It is not the best of our species, that is here. - Hamish, or Orion liz or Croc. about Hamish
Hamish is the best. He is my favorite. - me
Look at him there. - Orion or Croc, shows me Hamish staring into the garden ground, Hamish is busy in the act of wondering if there are worms there in the ground!
Are you not proud of Hamish? I am proud of Hamish. He is the finest of the race... I like him very much. - me
Look what I have found! It was there, with it, with them. - Hamish shows me that he has found a worm in the garden!
Hamish! I am proud of you! You have found something there! - me
It was with them. - Hamish with eyes closing in a smile, he means that the worm was with the purple-red flowers of the shrub where he was also earlier as I described

All is well with the world, when Hamish is out looking around in the garden. The other day he was biting into my arm a lot, I wasn't sure why, but it is a soft toothless bite so it makes me really happy! He does it of course to break up my thoughts or to discipline me, but it just makes me cheer inside of my heart!

1. It is highly unusual of Hamish to ever abandon me and the eggs like this, especially in the morning when I wake up. The way that he gazes deep into the garden, as if someone would have told

Yes, I am not the dominant race. And yes, they have told me yes. That I was not for you! And therefore. I am here. Out. Outside. And, looking around? For some hay to see. - Hamish speaks to me
I love you, Tortoise. I love you Hamish. I will not leave you for other Dragons. - me
Hay. - Hamish says about the grass in the garden, his eyes close into a smile
Are you afraid of the visitors? - me
Yes-No!, my crackers! - Hamish in my other language, he says to the visitors angry
Hamish. I have told them, that it was Hamish's eggs. That it was Hamish's eggs. I wanted to stay with Hamish. Hamish was mine. - me
My liver snacks. - Hamish, or Orion lizard, because I saw Orion lizard

And Hamish looks down at the ground in the garden again, happily, as if without a care in the world!, and he is finding some, or looking for some, yellow flowers there.

So 1. It is highly unusual behavior of Hamish to seem to completely ignore me like this and have his full attention down on the ground looking around in the garden. If I could, if I owned the garden, I would right now go out to it and sit down just to be together with my Dragon. You see, even if he leaves to go someplace, even when he goes to his river or to Japan or his friends, he seems to keep an eye on me. Now his eyes are fully to the ground. As if someone told him to "get lost", you know what I mean? 2. There are visiting Reptilians here, who are interested in the eggs, and Hamish is not getting angry or chasing them away. This must mean that they have already come to an understanding, in which Hamish lost.

I heard the Reptilians talking in the morning when I woke up, that they have had what they describe as something like a Colosseum battle for dominance. At first I panic when I hear this, in fact I have heard many times over the years that Hamish would have been to those, but it seems that all they do is to look at each other, and to visually judge each other's genetically inherited visual markers, that there would be no actual physical violence involved? Because Hamish had been seen, his magnificent back hump which is hard for any other Reptilian to compete with or to beat, and his many pairs of blunt buttons. But from that, it had this morning sounded like Hamish had won. The Orion lizard showed me that he, the Orion liz, has pairs of black blunt buttons along his back, but then he said to me that these are better on Hamish.

My precious Sock Turtle! He is poking around in the garden! Oh! I would die for that Dragon! I would do anything! Can't I please just stay together with my Dragon Turtle?

Pleiadian woman protects Hamish

We know that you have toast. And we eat them too. We came here to look around. Can you see us? - Crocodilian to me, With "toast" he showed me a mental image of the toaster in our kitchen
I can see you, yes. I was, Hamish's eggs. I was with Hamish I said. - me
We don't want to battle it out with him. - Croc about Hamish who is still in the garden
Why do you say such nice things to us? - Croc or Orion liz
If it was none of our business to be here. - Orion liz adds
Hamish is mine Dragon. And I am never changing him for another Dragon. - me
We are not the Dragons, we are lizards! - Croc kindly
We know that Hamish won't be injured while we are here. - a woman, this
We are the Pleiadians. And we are guarding your Turtle Sock. - the Pleiadian woman, quite affectionately
We know that you love him very much. - Pleiadian woman to me so kindly, about my Hamish

Yes-No. We were not allowed to make you anymore pregnant. - Hamish to me in my other language

I often forget that that is the only reason why Hamish is here with me, for the eggs, for pregnancies, for those liver snacks. The Pleiadian woman has long white hair, she is a bit short, and she wears a bright dark red tight fitting one-piece spacesuit uniform, and she was in or at the door hatch of a Pleiadian spaceship, which looks like a typical metal saucer shaped one.

Thank you for guarding my Hamish. He means the world to me. - me to Pleiadian woman
Yes, yes. - Pleiadian woman comforting Hamish
(And Hamish hisses growls in response to the Pleiadian woman, she seemed to be stroking Hamish as if she held Hamish's head in her arms to comfort him, but that just made Hamish hiss!)
We are here too. - someone a man who looks like the pink Vega and a bit like the Airship Admiral's species. I see the Pleiadian woman has taken Hamish's head into her arms lovingly, Hamish seems to have adjusted to that and he is calmer now.
I love you Hamish. - me interrupted
I would bite them, I said! - Hamish opens his mouth to snap toward the Pleiadians, I was going to say "I would never let anything happen to you"
Hamish. They are going to keep you safe. Because I love you. I would do anything to protect you. - me, Hamish responds by turning his back around, so that I am looking at his big back hump and his limp tail and I cannot see his face, this is indeed a gesture of rejecting me or what I said. He is so cute.
I am a better race than you. And I want my babies here. - Hamish talks to the Pleiadians
You are, not at all, a better race. We have been looking at you, for a long time, and we have made that judgement on you! You are not at all better, than me. And we are sure of that. - the man
We are Kings. - Hamish to the man
Can you see, here, what we are dealing with? - the man exhausted, says to me, about the Reptilians
But I love Hamish. - me to the man
That one, that Hamish, he would kill and eat you if he could! - the man with despair says to me
But I love him. - me
And they were my eggs. - Hamish about my eggs
I am the Administrator Ambassador. - the man says to me, I think that is what he said, at least the Administrator was correct
Yes, hello and welcome. - me
We have come to prevent a great attack, done on your not-kind one. - the man, not-kind or non-kind, I forgot
Yes, please, protect my Hamish from all harm. He means the entire world to me. - me
She says to me, my Sock Foot kiss. - Hamish lifts one of his red flat duck feet up a bit and tells the others, about me of course

We are the Lyran race

The man is of course the man who is probably a Vega. His skin is pink, he has tiny puckered ears, the head is long and large and with a very small narrow chin

We are sorry that we didn't come to you sooner. - the man
Please, do not pick me up! - Hamish to the Pleiadian woman, because she was putting her hands around Hamish's shoulders or neck and was lifting my Hamish up with her hands taking him into her arms!
Hamish, they won't hurt me. - me [Added same day: perhaps a typo, I think it meant "hurt you"]
Otherwise I will bite them I said. - Hamish
I would bite them too. I will guard you, my Turtle Love. I love you so much. - me
My pregnancies, here, they said! - Hamish to me
It was, with mine snacks. It was mine. - Hamish, he puts his arms backwards horisontally so that his clawed hands rest against the bottom edges of the back hump, he was doing this to me also last night, it is a gesture which I think means "please do not bother me"
They are trying to, fertilize you, with their own genome. And of that we are very concerned. - the man to me, sadly
My poos, to you. - Hamish in my native language says to the man, basically an insult

The man has a very small pointy chin. He has no hair. The eyes are large and have whites in the eyes and the irises are very pale but blue green and the pupils are not black but instead are pale blue green. He wears a long pale turquoise or blue green robe or tunic for clothes, it nearly brushes against the floor. His world is on a planet which I can see around him, they build buildings out of a pale blue or green material similar to glass, rather thin flat panels are used as walls.

What is your people called? - me
We are the Lyran race. I am sure, that once you have heard about us, you will all feel well. - Lyran man, the italic he bows graciously and says this to the Reptilian kind
I want to thank you for your kind visit. And to you Pleiadians as well. - me
Oh, we were only here for your Sock Turtle. - Pleiadian woman kindly says
Thank you. - me
We don't want him to have to contest with anyone. - Pleiadian woman to me about Hamish
I love him so much. My Hamish. He is like a baby to me. - me, Hamish now looks at me closely, he begins to rock his body to one side then back center, to that same side then back center, repeatedly, slowly, and I feel his body and his mind so closely to mine, such a close connection, my very precious Sock Turtle
We did not want to contest with him. - one Reptile about other Reptiles
My potato field, was you. - Hamish says to me, still in the garden
It was with, mine. - Hamish adds
Mine, potatoes. Mine! - Hamish, or that the last "Mine!" was said by the Orion liz because when it was said, I saw the Orion liz, but of course Hamish said the first part about potatoes
Do not panic, but Hamish has been biting them. - Lyran man sadly to me about Hamish having bitten the other Reps
As long as Hamish is safe. If anybody hurts Hamish, I would die! - me
My socks, are honored. - Hamish says to me, he lifts one flat duck foot a bit off the floor, this was in other languages, maybe he meant that he will be safe, that he has status
I honor your socks, Hamish. - me, Hamish now sways his head side to side out of contentment because of what I said
We don't want them to be dead either. - Hamish about the Orion liz, and it seems sincere
Don't fight each other. I get to decide. And it is Hamish's eggs. - me

We are not, willing to leave, just yet. - the Lyran man says

There is no way to please everyone here. The Lyran and Pleaidians would want me to reject all the Reptilians. The visiting Orion liz. and Croc. would want to have my eggs. Hamish wants my eggs. And I want Hamish. So the only way to at least please two people, is to please Hamish and me. Just let us be together. About eggs, I don't care. I just want Hamish to be safe. I do all for Hamish. I see Hamish putting his arms horisontally backwards at the end of the back hump. I reach toward him in my thoughts, "Hamish!" I call out telepathically out of affection and concern.

I am not willing to leave. And I am also not afraid. - Lyran man to Hamish
My back humps, were closed. And they cannot take it therefore. - Hamish, the last sentence is approximate since I didn't write it fast enough, but he means that when he puts his arms backwards, he is protecting his back hump, so in a way, perhaps it means that he is feeling unsafe, when he does that gesture, he is in a sense hugging himself, or protecting his back hump from others. He means that they, the Lyran man, cannot take his back hump now that he holds his hands against the back of it.
We are very sorry for you. - the Lyran man says to me kindly, his skin is light pink
I am fine. As long as I have got Hamish. - me
So she doesn't want me anymore. - the Crocodilian declares about me
Let me look at you. - Lyran to Hamish kindly softly
No, I am not going to give you a show! - Hamish approximately because I have to type faster to keep up sometimes, Hamish is feeling uneasy about the Lyran man near, Hamish feels agitated whenever someone is near him, he wants his space, and he never wants to worry that someone is going to touch or grab him, he holds his hands at the back of his back hump, protecting himself that way.

They don't want you to have sex. With military men. But that was almost about to happen. - Lyran man kindly says to me
What military men? - me
The ones that they have brought you to. But, you cannot remember. - Lyran
How can I get to remember it? I want to remember. - me, and meanwhile, my heart is crushing
We want you to know, about the nose tubing. - Hamish, "nose tubing" in my native language, the one that the aliens take things out and put things into my stomach through the nose
I want to meet with you, Hamish! - me
Yes-No, pears! - Hamish upset, "pears" in my other language, the aliens often now and then at random remind me not to eat pears, coincidentally as a child I was allergic to pears but not now anymore as far as I am aware, but they might know something that I do not
It was not with my girls, it was not with mine. - Hamish talks to the other ones
Hamish was with mine. - me

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