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I attempted to remote view the Nazca lines and found that they were originally created by ancient humans who had traveled to western South America on little boats from Australia or from islands near Australia (see older Australians). At the same time 300,000 years ago I find in southern Europe in what is today Greece, the extraterrestrial species Lyrans and a kind of chimpanzee which has been Starseeded by the Lyrans (see Lyrans).

This page is about the black chimpanzee which was Starseeded by the Lyrans in Greece 300,000 years ago.

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The ancient black chimpanzee

The chimpanzee we have today, on the photo, has got a light colored face. The chimpanzee I saw in Greece 300,000 years ago was different, it had a dark almost black face and was slightly larger.

The black chimpanzee lived on the large open plains in what is today Greece. They drink from a river by leaning down to the water's edge, they drink with their mouth and do not use their hands to pick up water. They are almost exactly like modern day chimpanzees, only they are slightly larger and their faces are not beige like on chimpanzees, but dark although not black faces. They wear no clothes, and their bodies are covered in smooth black hair, and they walk on fours using also their knuckles. Significantly when they stand up, their knees remain bent, and their legs also have a bent shape. They are not bonobo monkeys, they are not as tall and do not have arms as long, they are much more like chimpanzees than bonobos. I would call it a prehistoric chimpanzee that does not exist anymore. This ape is maybe a bit like the prehistoric ape that paleontologists called Lucy.

The ancient humans which I named "older Australians" were living at this time 300,000 years ago in Australia or the islands near Australia and had traveled to western South America. The older Australians and the black chimpanzee lived at the same time on Earth, but they are not the same population. The older Australians look like humans and do not have bent knees and do not walk on their knuckles and are not covered in hair. The black chimpanzee is shorter than the older Australian and looks like a chimpanzee.

The ancient people had monkey legs (the ancient human in Peru did not have monkey legs but straight legs like ours), this ancient Greece person has chimpanzee legs. If you see a chimpanzee standing up their knees are bent and their legs are curved, these monkey people with the religion of the ox they are standing up and they have monkey legs. The black chimpanzee walks on its knuckles. It is a bit bigger and taller than the chimpanzees that we have today.

Religious worship of the ox

Apis, a god in ancient Egypt
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In Greece 300,000 years ago there was the religious cult or worship of the ox with the sun. One of the most familiar symbols that we know from Ancient Egypt is the one of the ox with the two horns that almost meet up above and with the red sun in the middle, but I found this symbol to be used in Greece 300,000 years ago by the populations who were not Egyptian, in a culture dating much longer back in time, and I learned that at least this symbol that would later be used in ancient Egypt would have roots that were far older than ancient Egypt was.

On the European side of the Mediterranean sea in what is today Greece, there were vast open plains with thousands of roaming cattle. This cattle is an animal that we perhaps no longer have in the world. It was large and had a special body and shape that looks like a block. It has a tuft of hair like a beard on its throat. It was a peculiar looking ox, and of a rusty red brown color. The face was long like a gnu, and it had another tuft of hair like a goatee beard hanging from its chin. And it had these horns on its head. The religious cult and symbol was connected to this large horde of the gnu oxen.

The symbol consists of the head of a bull with the horns that point inwards so that the tips almost meet making almost like a circle above the head, and then there is the red sun in between the horns. This symbol was alive and well 300,000 years ago in Europe. This red sun is our sun the way that it looked 300,000 years ago. The sun at this time was red and big and hot like it was painted. Today we see a sun that is pale, small, yellow and weak in our sky. So this Ancient Egyptian image dates back 300,000 years or more. Extremely interesting that there is a religion at this place, iconography, a cult, extremely unexpected! We would not have expected religion and iconography for this type of ape in paleontology!

There was a monument consisting of an ox statue which was maybe made out of a dead ox and was perhaps just the head set up high on a column of some sort. One tall stick had been placed to the left of the ox head and another such tall stick to the right of the ox head, and the tops of both sticks were lit and burning with a fire. The apes did not create this monument and they would also not have been tall enough to deal with these long sticks.

Hathor of ancient Egypt
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I ask the Lyran about the cult of the ox and fire because that seemed a bit too Satanic. "Oh we only made them so that they would be afraid of them. Because we didn't want them to go further down East, over where the big boys have come." So the monument with the dead ox and fire torches lit on both sides was built by the Lyrans as a sign and warning for the ape people because to the East, it was Middle East somewhere, were other aliens there something evil and dangerous. So it was a monument to show them to not go there. The apes at this time feared fire, Lyrans built the monument to show them dont go to the East. So the monument is a warning a sign rather than a religion. I was thinking the Dark Lords in the East because these love the goat and antelope horns so maybe had some horned gods there but that is just me thinking but anyway.

Starseeded by Lyrans

Starseeding is when an extraterrestrial species creates a new genetic species, usually, or always, this implies that they are placing their own genetic material into another species. The Lyrans were themselves created by Starseeding by the Vega. Lyrans have been active also on Earth, Starseeding new populations. The Lyrans were Starseeding the black chimpanzee in what is today Greece, 300,000 years ago.

I was shown that the apes were confused because their women were bleeding with menstruation and the meaning of this blood was very peculiar to them and it was something that they were trying to understand. I was shown a woman giving birth, but it is a tall creature that is an alien, with white skin and large eyes, the eyes were not all black like Zeta Reticulan eyes, the eyes were very light and white with some blue, I had never seen this kind of alien before, and they were having babies with each other. This was a Starseeding moment. The woman gave birth to a white baby and they were handing this baby to the ape chimpanzee.

The ape I look at looks exactly like a chimpanzee except its face is dark instead of beige like today. The alien is tall with a large head, and wears a long pale green blue long robe and has no hair. Someone gave birth and there was the blood, the white baby is handed to the chimp, the chimp is confused and looking at all of this. The chimp is probably a Lucy or something. The monkey people all they want is to know where to find water, it is all they care about. They don't want to throw rocks at people anymore, to fight with their brothers, they just wanted to live in peace and find the good water. This monkey species already used the tradition of using rocks to throw at each other to fight or to communicate. They use no tools.

The Lyran said: "We were the ancient masters, the Starseeders. So we have come onto this place to find good drinking water for these our little friends. And we didn't want to find for them any trees to climb. And now look we have taken over all of these plains and fields. But we didn't want them to bring us any more jewels. We didn't want them to start to fight with us with their weapons, and so we have only just come and then we left, because this was not a good place for us to stay on. And so even our women have started to bleed for them and give birth to them, but these these guys were not even happy or grateful about it. So what purpose does it serve, what purpose is there to stay, and so we have Starseeded them and then we move on to the next. And so these little guys did not have to be so little anymore. But look look at first they were scared of the fire, and then we taught them how to drink properly.", drink properly meant the water from the river.

I ask the Lyrans about the Nazca lines but they talk instead about their Starseeding. "Yes and we were not originally Starseeding with their women. But we took them out and the Pleiadians did as well, and we made a good source out of their work", says Lyran about the ape people that they were Starseeding and this means that the Lyrans and Pleiadians were working together on that.

The Lyran was concerned that my voice did not cling as melodic as the voice of the Lyrans, and he said that humans used to have such fine, well-sounding melodic voices with fairer rhythms, and he asks what has happened to the human species to lose this voice that the Lyrans had given to our species. The Lyran asks me why my voice does not cling melodic like the Lyran voice he asks what has gone wrong with my race. So to at least some of the genetic batches of Starseeded populations, the Lyrans had given melodic well-sounding voices, which humanity or I at least seem to have subsequently lost.

Further Starseeded by Azkeths
so the Lyrans made them drink blood

The Lyran shows me that there were jars or jugs filled with thick blood, these were left in front of the ox monument. The black chimpanzees knuckled along to these jugs and drank this blood that the Lyrans left there for them. I ask the Lyran about this. "We are beginning to breed with them. So we gotta do this first, or otherwise they cannot adjust to our gene. Do you know anything whatsoever about the genome, do you know how this stuff works, do you know that it is not as easy as planting a seed in the ground and then it becoming fertilized, we gotta do these advanced kinds of stuff.", said the Lyran. "So we had originally come from the stars, and we have Starseeded here. And these guys, these guys are our crops." and the Lyran then uses a word in my other language which says about the monkeys that they are Lyran "descendants" or "offspring" translated. They are making descendants and offspring.

The chimps are drinking the blood voluntarily. Chimps do eat meat so maybe is not too hard for them to do. Maybe blood drinking wasn't Satanic, because it had to do with the chimp bodies adjusting, dealing with genetics, the merging of two species and blood is involved in that.

"Do you know what we left here in these jugs for them to eat?", he says about the jugs with blood for the apes. "Oh yes, let them fill their bellies with it. And do you know why we have done that? Not because of the Azteks.", he said either Azteks or Azakeths, he said Azakeths. I ask him what is Azakeths. "Oh they are the ones living further down to the East. You mean my non-space brothers and sisters. They were formerly populating this place with their own starseeded nations. And the rest, well you know how the rest goes and went." I ask about lines.

Lyran said to me: "Would you not bother us when we are doing our blood and genetics work? We are feeding them to the Azteks.", but sounds like Azkeths when he says. So it seems that the Lyrans are feeding blood from the jugs to these chimps in this place in Greece, and that then these chimps would be fed to the Azkeths in the East the bad people.

The Lyran said: "Do you know that we came here in very advanced spaceships? And that these the monkeys desolated them? They started to draw on them with their hand.", meaning that these apes drew on the spaceships with their hands. The Lyran then continued: "So we gave them a chance to feed. Do you know what they are feeding on? The rest and the remnants of their other ones. That is who we gave them to. Do you know why? Because we have got none other left. But you can talk to our Pleiadian brothers and sisters about that. Because we, we are the ancient Lyran ones. And we don't come here very often, but now that we did we're not so glad that we were here, and we have left." So the Lyrans were feeding the blood from other apes to living apes, like of their own people. I ask why they feed blood to the monkeys, the Lyran says: "So that their faces cannot stay the same, because we cannot stand to look at their faces and what they have done with our own. Do you know that these other people they started kidnapping our own and Starseeding them with the rest?" So Lyrans had Starseeded the apes, then the Azkeths from the East, the Middle East, had at the same time started to Starseed these further.

At first there were these black chimpanzees and these were Starseeded by the Lyrans, and the product of that was Starseeded on further by the Azkeths from the East. The Azkeths are also some kind of extraterrestrial, and they further modified what the Lyrans had created. The Lyrans were so upset over this that they fed the blood from either killed original black chimpanzees or of the Lyran Starseeded apes or the Lyran Azketh Starseeded apes and fed it to other apes.

So we have these three populations:
1. The original black chimpanzee ape.
2. The ape that had been Starseeded by the Lyran.
3. The ape that was Starseeded by the Lyran and additionally had also been Starseeded by the Eastern Azkeths.

The Lyrans were upset that their Starseeded apes had been ruined by the Azkeths, and so the Lyrans took blood presumably of group 3 which they did not like because it had ruined their work, and the Lyrans fed this blood to either 1, 2, or 3. It was probably the blood of 3 fed to other individuals of 3. The Lyrans did not like that their work with Starseeding the apes had been further Starseeded by the Lyran enemies of the East. I was under the impression that the Lyrans had individuals of 3 drink the blood of other individuals of 3 and that the Lyrans were then going to send those that had drunk the blood over to the Azkeths.

Someone ruined their starseeded monkeys and they fed the blood of those spoiled monkeys and fed the blood to living monkeys and to send those to the east to be eaten by the monsters. I dont feel any love in its eyes. I dont feel that they starseeded bc they love someone or that they care about life.

Lyrans killed some of the spoiled monkeys and feed the blood to the living spoiled monkeys. Not like they loved their Lyran starseeded apes. The Lyran-Eastern apes still looked like monkeys, the modification was extremely minor or not visible at this time.

The Lyran told me that the Lyrans had built the Atlantean culture which had been located in the west Aegean sea. Coincidentally Greece is located at the Aegean sea. So the Lyrans were active in this region. This does not however imply whether these Starseeded populations that were derived from the black chimpanzee would have had anything to do with the Atlantean population or not, only that we see that both were located in the same region.

I took a look at the Azkeths in the East and I found burning corpses. One of the people from the East said, "We burned them and we took out the rest." Some population of apes were being Starseeded but they had been killed and on the ground were dead bodies burned into ashes here in the East. "We drowned their cities.", said someone in the east. It smelled like burning flesh. "We took them. We kidnapped them, and we hijacked them." I asked why: "For our friends were not benign with us." I asked which friends: "The ones who brought the ones with the spears and guns at us." The pictures I saw were of a tall apeman, it looked like a modern human except the face was very much like a chimpanzee round snout, pale skin and not hairy all over. Looked like what I imagine a Lyran chimpanzee mixture would look like. It was tall and wore some type of clothing. Looked like monkey people but looked like humans, almost the only difference is that the snout comes out like a chimp, other than that it looks like a man a human. This apeman was probably the Lyran Starseeded chimp, the Lyrans had armed them with spears and guns to go after the Eastern people as soldiers. This looked exactly like the Apeman I was shown by a Vega "yesterday" and wrote about on the website. Lyrans, Pleiadians, and aliens of the East, were on Earth at the same time, they all wanted to Starseed the chimpanzees, these two populations fought each other, trying to ruin or take each other's work away.

Source: the remote viewing of the Nazca lines Nazca lines, Lyrans, Ape people | Remote View | The Orion Project