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July 8 2012 - July 29 2012

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Malik knows his Kendo

July 29 2012 - Malik told me a while ago that the Japanese men have taught him Kendo. Kendo is a Japanese martial art involving a sword. Well isn't Malik cool? Yes he is, I think that makes Malik the Black Draconian most awesomely cool that he knows Kendo and that he appreciates such an art. Malik told me that the Japanese had told him that he was a good student. And how cool that the Japanese human men taught him that? Most righteous.

Meanwhile all the Japanese men taught Hamish the Red Reptile, is this, heh heh. Meanwhile the Japanese are teaching me Haiku poems, and this. I want to learn Origami and Kendo, no fair.

Whoa, check it out, Kendo is seriously scary-looking! I would love to see Malik my King doing Kendo. Malik has shown me himself in a uniform though he doesn't have a face mask and he has a real and sharp long sword. No I don't want to learn this, it is seriously scary-looking, let me stick to my Japanese needlepoint and green tea ceremony.

Eat your vegetables - satellites or not!

July 29 2012 - Mr. Biltjev was back for a brief visit this afternoon and he told me that his first name is Slava! Oh my goodness how adorable! Like a real person! I still try to rationalize in my mind that somehow, all these MKULTRA and alien contacts might be all in my head, so when they say things like names it helps me to think that this might be real.

I then did an internet search on the name, thinking that I bet you this isn't a Russian male first name and that thereby I will have some evidence against all of this being real. But! Turns out Slava most definitely is a Russian male name. Ok Mr. Slava Biltjev, I guess that makes you real. Adorableness. For what could be cuter than Russian people?

Turns out the latest MKULTRA gossip is that the US team, who have been training me, were going to get paid money in diamonds from the Russian team so that I would work for them. Heh heh Slava said to me that he was going to "voice control" me, at which I said that no it's not going to work, that they would have to put me under hypnosis or trauma or something. Since when just because you tell a woman what to do would she take orders from a man?

So the gossip is that I was first going to be handed over to Olav (Olli) Vetti who is Corporal with the Russian military and a missiles expert. But me and Olli got to a rough start, I didn't like him simply because the night before I had been raped by two US MKULTRA men and one Russian MKULTRA man Ivan Sokolov. So I was having some serious trust issues against Olav and then because of that, rather than show me sympathy, Olav didn't like me either because he took it personally. Hello?! I was just raped? Meh?

But Olav also had some attitude in general and for various reasons General Patton I think it was, or anyhow the US team, became reluctant to hand me over to Olli. The US MKULTRA team had requested of the Russian team for someone nicer to be my handler. And that is when Mr. Slava Biltjev was found.

Olav was going to have me watch some Russian missiles for him through remote viewing but there was also mention about Russian satellites (and Russian submarines). So Mr. Biltjev is here about the Russian satellites and during his visit this afternoon he asked me to look at those. So I told him it's pretty cold up there and that there is snow and ice on the satellite in space, and that the circuitry is pretty outdated because the electrical signals have to travel far longer path than what is necessary. Yep I remote viewed that dang thing.

I then did medical dowsing (which is automatic when I see a person) on Slava and told him that he needs to eat carrots and rutabagas and other various root vegetables except not potatoes (not useful for this purpose) because he is malnourished. I said to him that if they invite me to Russia I will make him a stew with carrots and rutabagas with a beef stock and beef in it. I said that I'm sure a man will eat his vegetables if I hide it in meat. No seriously, he needs his vitamin A I presume. I always give my MKULTRA men regular check-ups, Arcturian style.

I've been threatening for years to remote view where my US MKULTRA men work and to show up at their office with a basket of assortment of fruit and berries that their various men need. Captain Jacob Greene aka. Captain Jacob Daniels for instance desperately needs to consume yellow grapefruit every day. And several of the men including Captain Stephens (blah, he's mean to me) and General Warwick need to eat cherries, cherries are good for the heart in men but don't have the same effect in women. I would love to cook for these men, everybody would get meals that are specifically suited for their unique nutritional needs. I take care of my MKULTRA men, and now Slava and the other Russians are under my care too.

Stephens and General Warwick both hunt wild boar sometimes, though not necessarily together. And Stephens often talks about "Salisbury steak". Heheh, I just did an internet search on Salisbury steak for the first time ever, it doesn't look very appetizing does it? Stephens how can Salisbury steak be your favorite dish in the whole world? He also talks and thinks a lot about lamb meats "with mint". Stephens would be awesome if he hadn't been so mean to me all these years. The stress he caused me is the reason I stopped menstruating, still, more than ten years later.

Sewing Needles!

July 29 2012 - By the way, this happened a few days ago, that Hamish would be standing by my bookshelf here in the bedroom and he would notice the shoebox I have there which is filled with my sewing kit. It has various needles and thread and accessories for my sewing machine. For many days in a row it seemed, Hamish would be standing there in the evening and he would show me images of him being poked with the needles on his arm or into the eye.

In the very beginning when Hamish was occupied with thoughts of the needles I had to wonder whether he was somehow deriving some sadistic pleasure from the imaginings of someone being poked with needles. But one night Hamish was more eloquent about his thoughts on this and it was clear that Hamish was bothered by the presence of the needles. He was so troubled in fact that I thought of it almost as an "urgent emergency" to remove those needles, so I took the box and tucked it away far back in my walk-in closet.

I told Hamish that he was safe and that I would never hurt him. He calmed down after the box of needles and things was gone and he has not come here with the same concerns again.

Hamish the Red Dragon has a similar concern when it comes to candles and matches. If I am burning a candle in the evening for some ambience Hamish will ask me to put it out. He tells me that fire can burn them and he expresses genuine concern. Once Hamish asked me to show him what was in one of my dresser drawers, and so I sat down on the floor and opened it and said let's see and started taking one thing out at a time and giving him a thorough explanation as to what that item was and how it was used by us humans, as if Hamish had no clue. But turns out Hamish had already looked, and he was wanting to direct attention to the bag of tealight candles and matches and he was concerned.

Hamish is the best. The very best.

Yes Centipede, No Trash

July 29 2012 - So I had a busy morning. One of the things I did was stomp a scary centipede with a shoe and then put it in a trashbag and set the tied up bag in the living room so that next time I go out I can take it out. I then retired to have a little nap. Hamish appears.

Yes-No, he says, but with no mental images attached. "Hamish, I do not know which you mean?" I explain. I have got no idea what Yes-No means, or how to interpret it, and this time not even an image to help me get started. What do you mean, Hamish? After a few more seconds, which is an unusually long response time for Hamish in matters such as these, Hamish shows me a mental image of the dead centipede that was on my floor and he says Yes, and then very quickly in what seems like less than a second he switches to another picture, this one of the trash bag, and says No.

So my guess becomes that maybe Hamish liked the insect, and obviously Hamish doesn't like a trash bag. Or, maybe Hamish was pleased and said Yes about me killing the insect, and No about putting it in a trashbag. A little white later Hamish says that the insect had been my hunting prey. I say that yes it had. Hamish seems a little bit intrigued that I had reverted to killing something, though I'm not sure whether he would have preferred me killing it or not killing it, but he certainly saw me do it and it certainly made him think about it. I'm still not sure what exactly about the centipede or about it dying was a Yes, but there was a Yes of approval involved.

And trashbags, well, you all know by now that Hamish doesn't like trashbags. In fact when Hamish appeared I announced to him that I will be moving to another apartment in the next few days. Hamish asked me whether there will be as much trash there as I have had here, and he gave me mental images of my paperbasket by the desk and the trashcan in the bathroom. Yes, Hamish, I sighed and declared, there will probably be even more trash than here.

By the way the other day when Hamish snuck under my bed because he likes to be the monster under the bed, while I was in the shower for the evening Hamish talked to me mentally from under the bed where he was getting snug and he asked me to turn the night light off because he likes darkness, and he then showed me a mental image of the paperbasket in the bedroom and was obviously displeased because it had trash in it.

Hamish has a HUGE thing about trash! He doesn't understand why I deliberately collect it, it seems that he thinks of it as a display or as having a purpose. He would have me running to the dumpster with every single item, one at a time. I really make the effort to take out the trash every evening before Hamish appears. Malik is the same thing, but Malik takes it one further step by showing me a mental image of my shoes, and then telling me to put on my shoes and take out the trash. Sometimes I do.

Hamish brings me so much joy. I love when he says Yes-No, I love trying to figure it out.

Correction: No, No, and No

July 28 2012 - Briefly after writing the previous item below about among other things the Alligator man, Hamish shows up and says No to me, and he shows me the Alligator man's throat, which is completely beige, and then shows me the Alligator man's belly, which is in fact what has the checkered pattern of the odd placement of a few black scales among the otherwise creamy beige. But Hamish has the most fun way of saying this, and this now ranks as one of my top five moments with Hamish the Red Draconian.

You see, Hamish takes great pride in using the words Yes, and No. Because these are presumably the only words that Hamish can pronounce by himself. Without the use of an interpretor. So he makes use of these two words as much as he can. Hamish was using nothing but the word No, to make a correction for me. Usually when Hamish shows me a mental image of something and he then says No, it means that what he is showing me is forbidden. Such as when moments later he shows me a mental image of Coca Cola and says No. (At which I sent back the image to him and also said No, as a confirmation to my Hamish Reptile.)

Hamish was using the word No to indicate to me that when I had assumed previously (and as I wrote below) that the Alligator had a checkered throat, it was in fact a checkered belly. So Hamish shows me the throat, says No, he then switches to showing me the belly, which is checkered, he says No, then switches back to throat and says No. There were many alternations and many No's, it sounded very peculiar the way that he did it, almost a bit distressed, but Hamish did a very good job at letting me know that it was the belly that was checkered, not the throat. Thank you Hamish! It was a precious moment between me and my Hamish.

I then said to Hamish that I would like to learn to speak his Draconian language. Hamish taught me Yes. Yes is a soft and comfortable elongated exhale in a certain way. He taught me No, which is a short and sharper vocalization. I am quite familiar with Hamish's Draconian Yes and No from having known him for a year now. I can do Yes and No in Hamish's language but "my Honored" I still struggle with, because you really have to put power into it and it has two nuances. Of course I make Hamish's language, and all communication to him actually, entirely telepathically and in my mind.

I love this creature. There is nothing I love more than Hamish. By the way, the first of the two Draconians who are mentioned in the previous note below, the Snake-type Draconian, when he saw my Hamish, he noticed that Hamish was large and red and what Hamish looked like, and went into an instant submission and reverence of Hamish the Elder. Snake-type Draconians have an instant and either instinctive or learned cultural respect for Hamish. Then it must be true when Hamish shows up here sometimes and tells me that "he owns all status". Yes Hamish, you do. God he is beautiful.

Aliens and aliens

July 28 2012 - After I woke up from a nap there was a Snake-type Draconian visiting. I talked to him and then showed up a large Alligator Draconian with checkered throat scales. Some scales were black and some scales were white, in an irregular but beautiful pattern. And as all previous encounters I have had with the Alligator Draconians, this one too was a guardian of Draconian baby eggs. By the way Hamish explained to me why its throat had that checkered pattern. It was because the other ones, without checkered patterns, had all succumbed in fights, and the checkered ones had somehow survived or been spared because of its appearance.

They showed me in mental imagery how the Alligator Draconian brought in a soft Draconian baby egg! I have always wanted to see baby Draconians! They opened the egg and out came a tiny little Velociraptor! It had proportionally long arms that were buckled up at the elbows. Both Draconians kept telling me to look, the baby is trying to fly, and that it thinks it can fly. The baby was surprisingly mature and alert. It was unlike any animal or human baby which is born kind of dumb to be honest. This baby was keen and perceptive and I could have sworn I made telepathic connection with it and we could understand each other.

One of the two adults threw the baby into the wall and they asked me if I was upset. I said that I was not upset because I was not involved. I've heard from other Draconians that they are given a tough upbringing which fosters their vicious nature. They then brought in a second egg and opened it too. I asked them are the eggs ready to be hatched, and the Alligator told me not to worry because they have expert genetic technicians. The second baby Draconian was chubbier than the first. How precious they were.

They told me that these little babies would be given to the hybrid children (Zeta-human hybrids) to play with like a pet or a cat. Then they showed me another creature, this one fully grown. It was white and had a flat face. I told him he was beautiful. I tell all the creatures I meet that they are beautiful, not just because they are, but because a lot of the other genetic races are told by the Draconian race that they are inferior or ugly and they feel bad about themselves and about their bodies. He had no arms other than two stumps, and he told me that he was born with no arms. I told him that some human beings are also born without any arms, and that it should be ok so long as he gets some help with doing practical things.

Then I got to talk to someone who said that he/she was of the Alpha Centauri race. The first time I met the Alpha Centaurians was underground when Snake the Draconian took me there. This Alpha Centaurian woed about how their race has been genetically ruined by the Draconians and how they are living in "hell" in the underground tunnels. I asked him/her whether he/she would come back to tell me their race's history so that I could write it down and share with my human race. He/she said that it was fine, so long as I did not reveal to the human race that the Alpha Centaurians are doing vile and terrible acts against my human race there in the underground tunnels. There, I just said that. Because I'm sure it's by Draconian design. The Alpha Centauri seem sweet and intelligent and they look very much like Asian humans.

You should have seen when Hamish saw the newly hatched baby Draconians! I love the way Hamish looks at things. He seemed so keen and gentle when he saw them. Hamish is the best, I declare. I wish I could have a Draconian egg that would hatch and there would be a baby Hamish. Oh he would be a handful!

Then the Black One was present also and told me that they are having some troubles over at Komi Saki in Japan, which is where they have the hangar by the coast where the Japanese have been bringing large containers full of fish guts for the Draconians to eat in the undersea Draconian bases. The Japanese were not so willing to assist anymore. Funny, cause just last night Hamish told me that the Japanese men in Komi Saki were no longer cooperating with him. So the Black One, who in this visit had the distinct appearance very similar to the evil black Gremlins in the movie just without the ears, was asking me to offer him advice and assistance to resolve the Komi Saki situation. I said that I would do what I can to help, but said that as a mere humble woman I have no rule over my human race, which is a relief cause I find these constant power disputes kind of boring and exhausting.

Draconians keep on having racial wars and then their numbers decline and then they cry about how they are about to be extinct. So I told the Black One that if they stop doing war they would not have this issue. Gee.

Hamish is the Monster under the bed

July 27 2012 - Hamish showed up in my room at 1 AM while I was still awake, and he asks me if he could slip under my bed again. Of course he can. This is part of Hamish's behavior of liking comfy things. He loves to feel his feet on the soft bathroom rug. He loves to sit on the living room sofa, and he is asking for an armchair. I think he finds under my bed comfy. He also feels safe there, like hiding from the Black One.

I once saw the Black One here in my room, last time when Hamish was hiding under the bed, and the Black One didn't bother reaching down or crawling to get to Hamish, so it is a safe place I bet. I think maybe Hamish also likes it because then he doesn't have to keep track of whether I might run into him. But after going there, and my feet were hanging off the edge of the bed, I then find Hamish reaching toward my left foot from underneath the bed and he is in the act of putting my left heel into his mouth!

Hamish has a thing about munching on my heels. I don't know why. I guess it's cute. Maybe I should crawl down there under the bed with him. Bring us a bowl of little kidneys and livers to munch on. Have a slumber party, and stay up all night laughing and telling stories. Me and my Hamish. Brings a whole new meaning to "Monster under the bed".

Hamish wants to borrow my calculator

July 26 2012 - Not long ago Hamish asked me if he could look at my calculator. And now a few moments ago Hamish asked if he could use it with me. So I took out the calculator and told him how it works and how to press the buttons. I then gave Hamish a mental image of himself and said Yes. Hamish told me that I forgot to Honor him, so I did it again and said Yes my Honored. He sure is a cutie!

The same Vega strain

July 25 2012 - Just now the Black One Malik showed me a mental image of Prince William and said "The same Vega strain!", indicating that me and him would have the same Vega strain. The Draconians have told me plenty about how some humans here on Earth were "seeded by" an ET race from Vega. The Jewish are especially genetically close to the Vega ancestors. Thing is, Draconians do not like the Vega strain. The Vegas and seems also their human seedlings are benevolent. I did not know that I was part of the Vega strain. I just know they say I have "twelve DNA strands".

Recently Hamish showed me a mental image of a greenhouse with little plant seedlings in containers on the table and he meant that us humans are their botanical project. The Draconians often describe their genetics project to me in terms of botany and plants.

Dinosaur Midwife

July 24 2012 - I told my Dinosaur that I would want him to be my obstretician when the time comes that I have my own baby. He seemed pleased about it and started telling me in images and feelings about what he knows and how it would go about. He is very knowledgeable about the woman's body and about everything that is part of childbirth and infant care. He told me about how it is a very stressful experience for a woman, and that it was important for the woman to try to stay calm. Nobody makes me as calm and happy as the Dinosaur does.

I know he is not a human and he doesn't look like us, but I've known this Dinosaur, an obstretician, for a year now and I would be sad to not have him with me on that day. I would feel much safer with him being my midwife than if a human does it. My emotional connection and trust has become stronger toward my aliens than it has ever been with humans. There's something special about my aliens.

I would feel so safe and calm with my Dinosaur as the midwife. Plus nobody makes me laugh as much as my Dinosaur does. He is always cheering me up. And I would be so happy for him to be the first one to hold my baby. I know that he delivers babies over there, and I've always considered a natural birth at home, but wondered how do I keep a medical doctor stand-by in the other room just in case? Well if by the time I am having a baby perhaps I can have it with my Dinosaur. Plus aha! I've been planning on a birth in warm water, and just so happens the Dinosaurs love nothing more than baths. No I'm being very serious. I want him as my midwife.

"And then there will be a lot of soup for you." - Dinosaur says to me
"Yeah I would love soup!" - me
"Because you would lose a lot of blood." - Dinosaur, so after childbirth due to the massive loss of blood, seems that the Dinosaur would give me a nutritious soup that helps my body to replace all the blood lost. Now human hospitals don't do this do they? Ah the Dinosaur is an expert. I like that.

A while later the Dinosaur shows me that he would hold the newborn baby by its feet with its head facing the floor and slap it a few times. He said that this is necessary to get its blood circulation going, and that otherwise without it the baby would start to feel freezing very quickly. I did not know that, though I think I've seen doctors do that to babies! The Dinosaur seems to know everything about everything. Very professional, even though he looks like a frog-person.

I like the fact that the ETs don't circumcise the boys. I'm personally against it too and think it's a stupid tradition and mutilation. If it were "medically necessary" the ETs would be doing it. But they're not.

Hamish needs an armchair

July 24 2012 - Hamish my red Draconian. So cute. Earlier today there was something where Hamish first said Yes. Then after a two-second delay, he said No. So it was a Yes-No but with a slight delay in between. I still don't know what Yes-No means, but it sure is cute and cheers me up every time!

I told Hamish that I want to visit him in his home to see how he lives. Hamish told me that he doesn't have any sofas or seating there for me. I said that I would be happy to sit or lie down on the floor. He and I then got into talking about the fact that Hamish would like to have an armchair here at my place. Hamish likes armchairs because they feel good on his back, but, he emphasized again that it must not be a revolving armchair. One day when I have money I am going to a furniture store and I'll have Hamish try all the armchairs and pick one for himself and pick the color. I would then have his armchair at my home and no one else would be allowed to sit in it. It would be my Dragon's armchair.

I told Hamish that he should try lying in my bed, it would be comfy for his back. I told him that my bed is much more comfy than the living room sofa that he loves.

Hamish has a habit of showing me a mental image of something, and then he says either Yes, or No, depending on if he approves of what is being shown. That is how he teaches me what foods to eat and not eat. I think Hamish likes to say Yes and No because he knows how to pronounce those two words himself and at other times he uses an interpretor, so he loves the use of little words that he can do by himself. So what I did was I showed him a mental image of himself, and I said Yes. I approve of Hamish.

Japan, Japan, and Hamish hides under the bed

July 23 2012 - Yesterday night Malik the black Draconian showed up dressed in a Japanese Samurai outfit and told me all about the fun swordfights he gets to do in Japan and showed me how he knows Japanese traffic signs but isn't allowed to drive a car out in public in Japan. I've never seen Malik let his guard down with me and act so casual and chatty. It was great. He didn't even call me a witch.

I've recently found Hamish spending time under my bed. Hamish went under my bed again this evening and this time he said that he was hiding from the black ones.

Hamish works a lot in Japan with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men and Hamish likes to show me scenes taking place out there in Japan and he shows me the men that he has dealings with. Hamish has now introduced me to a new Japanese man, one who is a Captain of the Japanese Army. I don't know his name yet. Hamish puts my mind and his into connection and it can be quite intimate. I pick up on all of the man's thoughts and thought images. And so in only a very short time I've gotten to know the man quite well.


July 22 2012 - Ok I'm excited. You know those pesky creatures I used to call Zeta hybrids? They are in fact a genetically modified alien species, and I don't even know if their modifying genes were lifted from human beings. Anyhow. I got to meet them during an abduction last night. And their heads are really big. If you thought that Zeta Greys had big heads with slender bodies? These guys have even bigger heads and are even more slender.

So the fun thing is that I now finally have some means of outlet for my frustrations about them. Because they are so rude to me, they constantly refer to me as "dog race" and act condescending. So, just for my own amusement, I can now talk to them about their big heads. And it's funny also because we have a saying here in English that to be "big-headed" is to be arrogant and impudent, which they are. So I am having a great time, though I'm not so sure that they understand my jokes.

I told them that I would like to have another conscious encounter with "the creatures with those big heads". And then I went on to saying that "Your heads are really really big! Your heads are so big!" And then I said to them, "I would like to come and visit those beings again who have those really really big heads, so that I could take measurements of their head!" Which is extra funny to me because the Orion doctor started our contact a year ago by saying that they would measure my head. I will not stop commenting on the fact that their heads are big. Nope. Not ever. Because they call me "dog race". Boy are their heads big, ha ha, those rude bastards. They look ridiculous. And then they mock my human race. At least our heads aren't bigger than the rest of our bodies combined.


July 21 2012 - Hamish is spending time with me and he is being so cute!!! Every time he speaks and every time I see him I just shriek and giggle and shower him with praise and adoration! Trust me, he is literally so adorable. And then he shows me a mental image of the nearby junk food stop where I sometimes go. Hamish then says Yes-No! I just love this beast! What on earth does Yes-No mean! Does it mean Yes or No or Maybe or that I get to choose! What does Hamish mean! I love him so!

And I just love the way he interacts with me. He is very gentle with me, and I have even learned to sense his communication in the way that he breathes. Draconians communicate with one another in a vocal language that is very closely related to their breathing, meaning that it is not words used but different forms of exhales, that can be sculpted into sounds similar to roaring, grunts and purs. So even subtle use of his breathing is a form of communication that he uses with me, and I am so connected with Hamish that I am sensing communication from him just by being connected to his breathing and body language. Hamish uses contractions and gentle motions of his chest and abdomen to also signal communication, again, it too is part of their vocal language and breathing.

When he exhales gently it means that he is pleased or that he is asking me a question completely without words. It brings me so much joy to be connected with this big red space reptile. He is a beautiful soul and person, and he is ever so gentle with me, and there is something very special about our connection. I love you Hamish. You know I do. My Hamish the Great also known as Hamish the Elder.

Our one-year Anniversary

July 20 2012 - Well I know what to get Hamish for our one-year Anniversary which is coming up in August. Last night Hamish was in my room and he declared that he would like to have an armchair to sit in. Since I don't have any comfortable seating in my bedroom Hamish went to sit on the living room sofa like he usually does. I only have a desk chair in my bedroom and he has never been interested in it. Hamish likes comfy seating, also Hamish is probably too big for just a chair. Also Malik and the Draconians asked me whether it would be ok if they are in my walk-in closet. I've seen them there before. I said that it was ok and that I should probably make more floor space for them there and bring in a sofa or something comfortable for them to rest on.

Oh my gosh! Just now Elmer the Draconian showed me an image of himself lying on the living room sofa! He is stretched out and he looks just like a big slender lizard! He has no clothes on, his tail is long and slender, and he looked so comfy! I declare that was the cutest thing I ever saw.

Hamish has asked for an armchair before. The interesting thing is that he showed me an image of the armchair I had at my ex-boyfriend's house. Hamish said that he used to sit in it, which means that around the time when Malik (then Betelgeuze) was appearing as a "black demonic entity" at my ex-boyfriend's house, Hamish must have been there too but I never saw Hamish then. So these guys have been with me for longer than they had me know.

I really want to get Hamish a comfy armchair, and I even remember him saying that it can't be a revolving one. It would be Hamish's chair and nobody else would be allowed to sit in it. I would be that crazy lady who when you visit my home I say "No! Don't sit there! That chair belongs to my red resident Dragon Hamish the Elder also known as Hamish the Great!"

So last night I made space on my bed and invited Hamish to sit on the edge of my bed. I asked him if he had ever sat on my bed before, he says Yes and showed me a mental image of him on my bed. I made plenty of space and told him that he could lie down on the bed if he wants to. I think that he did crawl up next to me, although Hamish is invisible in this physical realm, because then I could see (in my mind's eye) and sense him being all snug on my super-soft white plush bed cover. Hamish really likes comforts, especially on his feet. I love that about Hamish.

Oh by the way. Hamish grows black thorns on the turtleshell hump on his back and he tends to pull those out. I've started asking him if he could let me have one of those. I would probably make a necklace out of it and wear it all the time. And a while ago I told Elmer that I love him. He then told me not to love him "too much". I asked him what he meant. He meant sexually. I said oh, not like that. Elmer then showed up right next to me and started stroking me on my left arm near the elbow in the sweetest way. I was just giggling the whole time. Elmer then turned to my Dinosaur and asked him whether I'm always this happy to see them. Elmer is delightful. I hope he is a regular inclusion into my Draconian and ET gang. I love these guys.

Ode to Hamish

July 19 2012 - Yesterday I told Hamish that I would like to see him and he showed me a mental image of his arm. The arm was all gross and covered in orange bumps the kind that he has on his back on the hump. His scales are red but the bumps are orange, so his arms were so covered in bumps that he was more orange than red. He didn't used to have all these bumps on his arms, he used to have red arms without all those bumps. But, he's still my Hamish and I love him so.

I was in the shower and I invited Hamish to come in and shower with me if he wants to. He declined, he said that he doesn't want to stand on my bathroom floor. So I told him that he can just stand on "his" bathroom rug. He really loves that rug.

The other day Hamish showed me himself standing here on Earth in nature with his feet in a creek. The creek has a slow running stream with a bed of soft round rocks. Hamish was enjoying the sensations of the water and the stones against his bare feet. I've learned that Hamish has very sensual feet and that Hamish loves to have sensations of comfort against his feet and body. He also loves the living room sofa. It's not what you'd imagine from a scary Draconian beast.

I love Hamish and I bother him regularly by chatting with him. I'm planning on our one year anniversary which will be some time in August, for the first day that he appeared and talked to me. I have to think of a present for Hamish. What would he like to receive from me? I've offered him a footrub or a back massage. I'll also buy some fresh cow or pig liver and kidneys for him to eat if he wants. Or perhaps it's time to get that big soft bathroom rug for my bedroom floor that I've promised him for ages. But by darn my Ham-mish is getting a gift! It's our one year anniversary coming up! Love you Hamish! You are the best.

I Love Elmer

July 19 2012 - I just got to say I love Elmer the Draconian. He is so precious! In fact I love anyone who chooses the name Elmer for himself. For the same reasons I've loved the red guy who chose the name Hamish for himself. Love these guys!

Black monster speaks

July 18 2012 - So I'm sitting by the desk and computer doing some work. The black one appears. He lets out a short Draconian roar. "No, you are too grumpy", I tell him. Because the energy and message in his vocalization comes across as intended to put me in a negative emotional state. So I'm asking him to try again, but in a more happy way. The black one lets out a second roar, slightly different, as if to say that he does not know how else he is to speak. I am still not satisfied. So he tries again, with still a slightly different brief Draconian roar.

It was so adorable. It is just like when you have a dog that comes to talk to you and puts its head on your lap, and it tries three different versions just to see what would make you understand. The black one though is not some cute puppy, he is a very dark demonic entity, but I decided not to let his grumpy negative vibes influence me. Instead I wanted him to take some of my happiness and joy. So instead of him putting me into a bad mood, which is normally the case, I got delighted by his cute behavior, because it was just like when a dog tries to talk to a human. I wish I could record their Draconian vocalizations, it is the best.

Elmer wants clothes, Hamish wants fertilization

July 18 2012 - So I'm just about done with this months menstruation and that means that any day now my body has a new egg and I'm at my peak of fertility. So, of course, Hamish is dancing around me checking my fertility very frequently. "Non-fertilizable", I will hear him say every once in a while and out of nowhere. "Do you know which that means?" Hamish then says. "Well Hamish, it means that we will just have to wait another day.", I tell my red big space lizard.

A new Draconian is visiting this morning. He is of what I call the Snake-type Draconians. They are humanoid and very slender with tight scaly skin and a narrow head. My Hamish and Malik are not Snake-Draconians, but Snake (who chose that name for himself) of course is. This new Draconian has yellow-beige mustard colored scales, and he said that he would like to try out the name Elmer for himself. Adorable.

Elmer the Snake-type Draconian is here to commission me to sew him a suit. He wants me to make him a pair of pants. I know, this is unbelievable. But it is happening. He desires a particular type of belt at the waist and he has shown me a couple times a mental image of what he was thinking. He also wants a jacket with long tight-fitting sleeves. He was also glancing at my sewing machine, and he asked my Hamish whether I had made all of the clothes that are hanging in my walk-in closet.

I feel kinda embarrassed, almost enough to make me blush. You see I do have a sewing machine but it's not like I can make clothes. Elmer somehow assumed that I can make custom clothes from scratch for people and that I would be able to do this for him. I just have a sewing machine, with which I make minor repairs and adjustments to my clothes or other things. The art of actually making something from scratch is extremely difficult and it's impossible to make something wearable unless you are an expert who has trained for many years. It's a serious over-estimate based on just the fact that I have a sewing machine.

Also that Elmer somehow thought that I had made all of the clothes that are hanging in the walk-in closet, which is where I also keep my sewing machine. I haven't taken out my sewing machine probably in all of the year that I've known Hamish and Malik and my other ETs, so it's not like they've seen me using it.

I know that Hamish has on several (several) occasions lately mentioned to me the many sewing needles I have in a box in the bookshelf. He has told me several times that he would like to see me use the needles. I feel really embarrassed that they thought this of me. And Draconians have been asking me lately to use the sewing machine because they have wanted to see me use it, but I haven't.

On the good side this is further evidence to me that these Draconians are real. I would never put myself through this awkward situation and discomfort, not even if I were imagining this. Because if it were only my imagination I could have easily relieved myself from the discomfort just by switching to some other concept. So this is real. And Elmer wants me to make him a suit.

However I would be happy to assist him, it's just that the quality of my work would not be as good as if I had a professional make it. However if only Elmer would let me take his measurements I am fully confident that I could find sponsors to help me pay for the very best material and work.

I would need to know his measurements. Length of arm, circumference of wrist, etc. I've already decided it should be a synthetic material, but that raises many questions. Do Draconians have allergies to any materials? Does their skin breathe and evaporate moisture? The problem with tight-fitting sleeves made from a synthetic material is - in humans - moisture, and we don't want that. I also need to know what their hygiene needs are. Ideally the material would be easy to wash or even one that repels liquid stains. Such materials are available. But then I have other concerns. What if some of our materials or chemicals and dyes in them are toxic to Draconians? There are so many questions that need to be explored.

It would be an elastic material. I would also need to supply them with instructions and means of cleaning the material. Otherwise if it's just Elmer he could actually return the clothes to me every now and so often and I would be happy to wash them for him. Oh my god it's a lizard man!

What colors would he like? What kind of ornamentation or color scheme? Any symbols that he would like to have on the clothing? And if he likes them I would make a set of two or three so that he has a change of clothes available at all times. But gee Elmer is our very valued alien visitor, and he comes to me for clothing? I feel so cheap and useless, I'm no expert. But I could definitely go to experts and have it made by someone who knows what they're doing. This is so cool. I hope he lets me take his measurements.

And how about his temperature needs? If I were making clothes for Strawberry (I named this feller) who is always freezing, I would use fleece or something else that is very warm. What about Elmer? Does he need clothes that are cool or warming or a material that adjusts to temperature? Us women for example have nylons which are amazing in that they are warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot.

I feel so privileged and of course I am going to help Elmer get some new clothes. I would not supply him with anything but the best that Earth can offer. I would want him to be able to touch and consider various samples of materials and colors. Elmer is so adorable, I don't know what to do with myself. This is great.

No - Soda, No

July 15 2012 - I put some food in the oven and have the thought of almost reaching for the refrigerator to get some cold water to drink, but then I change my mind and am not thirsty. But in the process of considering a cold drink from the fridge, I hear Hamish's familiar voice in Draconian accent telepathically in my head, "No", says Hamish, while he shows me the mental image of a Coca Cola soda bottle which I don't even have in my fridge. "No", says Hamish with the image. He then shows me a mental image of a package of Fanta orange soda cans just like I used to have in the fridge a year ago, and Hamish says "No", with the image.

"No, Hamish", I say to my beloved red reptilian from outer space. "No, Hamish, no soda. I drink water now, with lime.", which is true. The Orion doctor is present, this black scaly man with thin narrow pointy bat ears that stick straight up, dressed in the Draconian-issue white uniform with sleeveless shirt featuring the upside-down yellow Draconian pyramid, indicating that he is not part of the Draconian power system (because the Alpha Orions have not willingly submitted to the Draconian rule, they are only working there because of threats of mass murder to their race, which has already taken place). The Orion doctor was always so concerned, a year ago, that I not drink any soda drinks, which they called "sweet drinks".

I love my aliens.

MKULTRA team wants to recruit me

July 14 2012 - The US MKULTRA/MILABS team announced to me telepathically today that they want to recruit me and have me work for them with some "secret services". I said sure, if they pay me salary for it. I said that I could work for one year, if they pay me, and so long as I don't have to kill people or cause harm to anyone, then I would do it. I know they were expecting me to work for free, I think they are supposed to give me voice commands and make me do things for them, ultimately leading to me being some sort of undercover agent under remote control. I'll be sure to let the readers of my website know what happens, I won't keep secrets from ya!

At the Grocery Store with Hamish

July 14 2012 - Went to the grocery store today. The Dinosaur finds it absolutely fascinating to see what food selections I'd make and he was watching closely, the adorable thing. It is always fun going grocery shopping with the Dinosaur.

Then I go to the ice-cream section. "No", clearly in my head in Draconian grunt-pur accent. Hamish doesn't want me to buy ice-cream. I stop for a while, then reach over to the ice-cream again. "No", says Hamish. So I go over to get the yoghurt instead. Hamish has been telling me to get yoghurt for weeks now, and I haven't until now cause I don't normally eat it. I then head back to ice-cream and get some.

The reason they don't want me to eat ice-cream is because the hybrids don't get to eat any sugar either and it makes them jealous and makes the younger ones cry when they see me eating ice-cream and other sweet yummies. Even the grown-up Illuminati hybrids are tempted when they see me eat sweets and it stirs up a lot of commotion over at their quarters. The hybrids only get to eat the same old white gruel every day and sweets are given in highly restricted moderation and are also used to bargain with and make the hybrids do what they don't want to do. (The ETs also use toys to get the little hybrid children to obey, the kids are given toys as a reward for doing what they don't want to do.) So when I am eating sweets unrestricted, it ruins the delicate balance that they have with their hybrids.

I like to think that I am also considered as "one of theirs", that somehow Hamish thinks of me as one of theirs and treats me accordingly, so that I can be part of their big (dysfunctional) family of various assortment of ETs. But, they have also said something about "sugar" ruining my DNA and egg cells, and now that I was eating some ice-cream Hamish said something about not being able to use my egg cells for some time because of the sugar. I have no idea... But it was fun hearing Hamish's Draconian voice saying "No" as I leaned over to ice-cream at the store. I hadn't even been aware that Hamish was watching. LOVE YOU HAMISH!!!


July 9 2012 - I just realized, and then I started laughing. I was conscious during an alien abduction in the medical lab and they had that test tube rack with clear vials each filled with a see-through icy blue liquid. (By the way one of my readers told me it reminds him of gene therapy here on Earth, which also uses a clear blue liquid.) And I thought the white lizard was going to poison me with those, well, because he was torturing me in various ways, so I poured them all on the floor! And then in the morning Hamish tells me that there is a big mess in the genetics laboratory and that someone is going to have to go there to clean up the mess! Oops!
More about it here

Another oops is that during the Syracuse hospital military abduction I peed on the floor in a large room that was empty and had like a shower room floor. (I've been shown a similar room before and told it was the child labor room.) I had to pee, obviously. And I was left alone during an abduction. For some reason I always have to pee when I'm abducted. Once the ETs had to pause the medical procedures and this young hybrid girl grabbed my hand and ran fast with me like life was depending on it to take me to the bathrooms. Luckily the Japanese are better prepared. During my most recent Japanese MILABS abduction, a Japanese lady took me to a bathroom and closed the door and left me there. I guess the Japanese can't afford any accidents. Oops!
Syracuse hospital abduction

Oh, so now it's Commander Wilkes?

July 9 2012 - Sargent Wilkes finally stepped up to his obligations and is watching me since this morning. Yay. Because that poor man has been too nervous to do the MKULTRA thing with me. It has been General Patton who has been doing the MKULTRA thing while Sargent Wilkes who was supposed to be doing it was only in the room with General Patton. So now Sargent Wilkes is here and no General Patton.

Sargent Wilkes feels rather unhappy about this worrying whether this might harm me. So I am reassuring him that it's ok, I've been watched by the surveillance men since age 14 and I think it's better now that they pay more attention to me and maybe Sargent Wilkes will talk to me and explain things for me. He's a very cautious and gentle man. But I am to call him "Commander" Wilkes now. Oh so he's a Commander now? Nah. I'm not going to. He can be happy if I call him Sargent.

Japanese Red Kimono for Draconian Prostitutes

July 8 2012 - How to provide with a censored version of events since it's all quite graphic. Draconians bring women like me to the various human men all across the world who work with the Draconians, but this morning after such a visit I learned from Malik the black Draconian that it is not only as a form of salary to these men (I am told by the men that half of their payment is in the form of women) but the Draconians also drink the juice then. So that makes more sense, as why would the Draconians ever award anyone any form of pay unless there was something in it for them as well. The juice is a human energy that arises during times of sex, fear, or pain.

You will have to read my book for all the "juicy" details of the encounter. It is far too graphic to post online, sorry. I've started asking the Draconians to let me stay awake during abduction encounters, and it seems that every night when I ask to be conscious, I have a conscious encounter then. The other night I was taken to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty. Yep! The Japanese men gave me a beautiful red Kimono. They've talked to me about giving me a red Kimono a long time before they did. Also months before this encounter with the Dragon Dynasty man (whose name I have been given, not publishing it here, I don't want anyone going after anyone because that's beside the point) the Japanese men taught me how to behave with the man during a romantic encounter. Well I must have broken all the rules because afterwards they say that I was talking with the man the whole time, and I was not allowed. Aww gee, the old Japanese customs. I'm really trying to be all lady-like but it's not easy in Japan when you come from the Western world.

Hamish says Yes-No

July 8 2012 - Hamish has started saying "Yes-No". It's really fun, but confusing. Hamish uses an interpreter when he speaks to me in a European language. So I have the feeling that there is some other alien, perhaps a Dinosaur, who listens to what me and Hamish say each in our own languages, and then translates very quickly between us. And so that way I hear Hamish as if he speaks to me in a European language. However that works, but Hamish says he uses an interpretor.

But having known one another for almost a year now, Hamish and me, Hamish has actually learned several of my common phrases, especially his favorite phrases. Because lately when I say to him "Hamish my Honored", he tells me that he does not need an interpreter for that. He knows what it means when I say it. Hamish has also learned Yes and No in my language, so he does not need an interpretor for those either. Hamish can say Yes and No himself without having an interpretor speak those on his behalf! Hamish seems pleased and proud when he learns a few phrases here and there. He seems to prefer to speak to me directly in my language rather than having to rely on an interpretor, I mean, who wouldn't? The fun of catching on to a new language.

So, rather than using an interpretor all the time, Hamish sometimes prefers to use his small vocabulary with me by itself. So he speaks with a lot of Yes and No and not much else when he does. But he enjoys it, and so do I. So what Hamish then does is he likes to show me a mental image of something. And he then says Yes, if it depicts something which I may do. In particular he shows me foods that I may eat, such as red meat, poultry, eggs, yoghurt, and some cheese but not too much cheese. (Funny, I'm trying to be a vegetarian. So I know this isn't coming from my head.)

He will also show me things and say No, if they are depicting something that Hamish does not approve of. He once showed me beer, and said No. I had sampled a sip of beer not long ago and obviously Hamish had been watching. But it is delightful, absolutely delightful, I love it when this big red Dragon shows me things and says either Yes or No in his lovely voice. But lately he has done something very peculiar. A few times by now he has shown me something, a mental image depicting a scene or an item. And then he says Yes-No. How am I to interpret that? I ask him what it means, whether it means Yes, or No. Does it mean Maybe? I don't know. It's such a puzzle. It's very bizarre and I have no ways of interpreting it. I mean, if someone showed you an image and says to you Yes-No, how would you interpret it? Hamish is the best.