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Ithaca - the non-bat of Guatemala

North Port Florida White Dragon

There is a legendary mythical creature that many made physical eye-witness sightings of in forests of Florida near settlements. The creature was white, it could fly, and had glowing red eyes. It was reported to smash trees and to even break a truck. When a reader suggested that I read up on this creature, reading about it connected my telepathy to the being and we were in telepathic contact, able to see each other in remote viewing and to communicate by sending our thoughts to one another.

The Gargoyle, the resemblance is striking
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I got to know this Florida White Dragon quite well. He would be curious about me and I would catch him watching me from afar with his remote viewing skills, sometimes I could see him watching me, but there were times he could watch me unnoticed. He watched my every move, and I learned that he is very curious about human contact.

I have a resident Dragon named Hamish, and it is his job to guard my eggs from being stolen by other Reptilians. This makes Hamish very territorial, and even though the White Dragon of Florida showed no interest in obtaining my eggs, Hamish was upset at his presence and communication and fought hard to drive him away. (And today 14 May 2016 while writing this page, Hamish sees the drawings of the Gargoyle here on this page and he sharply tells me "No!", and he even tells me that this creature is "worse than Onions".)

The Florida Gargoyle

I named the White Dragon "Gargoyle", because he looks identical to the stone Gargoyles that still today ornament up on roof tops and gravesites. Gargoyle and me chatted for many hours and we got to know one another. Turns out he used to live in a human military base in Florida, from which he escaped. Men from those bases still come in cars and venture into his forests to try to talk this Gargoyle into coming back. Gargoyle didn't like it in the military base, especially since one time somebody accidentally stepped on his toes with their shoes.

In the military base, Gargoyle was fed with kittens or cats. He still hunts for various animals in the forest, and shows an interest in goats. It seems that he would only drink the blood of the animals. He also wants to drink cow's milk.

You will find many verbatim conversations between myself and the Gargoyle of Florida in the telepathy books of The Orion Project. I was planning on an excursion to go and see him in person, but I cancelled my plans when I found out that it was all a trap and that he was luring me in to eat my blood, so I never ventured out into the forests of Florida to go see my Gargoyle.

The Guatemalan "Non-Bat" White Dragon

Apart from the Florida Gargoyle, I have also made acquaintance with yet a second member of this species, confirming that the White Dragon is most probably a species. This one lives in the forests of Guatemala and we had remote viewing contact from afar and telepathic communication. I would also love to go visit the Guatemalan White Dragon, but I am somewhat afraid of the jungle.

The Florida White Dragon Gargoyle

The Body

White Dragons have pale gray or almost white skin. The skin has no reptilian scales. The skin is covered in tiny little dots giving it an amphibian appearance, it is also true that Gargoyle swims and dives in water. The White Dragon has white ears like an elephant, the ears are folded or creased and have some visible pink veins on them. There is faint pink on the skin in various areas, such as on the ears.

White Dragons have two legs, two arms. Arms and legs are somewhat chubby. There are perhaps five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. Fingers and toes are chubby. The "big toe" of the foot is situated on the side of the foot facing center, rather than facing forward with the other toes or like on the human foot, so being similar to the foot of a chimpanzee. Each toe has a small sharp claw that is white and semi-transparent.

His fingers and toes are immensely sensitive and sensual, he likes to put his toes into his beak, coincidentally you also see parrots do that a lot, to put their toes into their beak.

The White Dragon has a sharp beak like an eagle but white in color and seeming to be covered in the same skin as the rest of the body. The point of the beak is very sharp, suggesting use in eating like a predator. I do not recall seeing any teeth. White Dragons have a very long very thin tongue like a string.

Perhaps the most striking feature are the red eyes. The eyes are a penetrating red like a drop of fresh blood and shine red in the dark. The eyes are not described as large, and are round. November 1, 2017, a White Dragon informed me that their eyes are glowing red because it enables them to see in the dark, source.

The White Dragons have soft leathery wings like a bat, but they don't like to be called bats. In fact the Guatemalan White Dragon suggested that its name be the "Non-Bat" for that reason. The wings are made up of the same gray skin. The Florida Gargoyle is good at flying and is very fast.

The back ridge has a few blunt black scutes or bumps. The White Dragon has a tail, rather short, and notably thicker at its base and narrows down quickly to a narrower point at the end of the tail. There are a few blunt white bumps along the top ridge of the tail as well.

Another thing that is conveyed is its scent. The White Dragon is delightfully fragrant and it smells of baby powder, lavender, and puppy dogs or a "baby smell".

The Stance - "Ceremonial Magic"

The Florida White Dragon Gargoyle

White Dragons have an expression of body language which one described as "territorial behavior" and another as "ceremonial magic". The Dragon will stand up tall and spread its winged arms to the sides and often also raise its chin up. It does so for a few seconds and then returns to its hunched posture squatting on the ground with wings wrapped around its sides and chin down.

"Ceremonial magic" posture starts as a tingly sensation in the upper back of the Dragon and the itch is alleviated by spreading the wings and standing tall. The behavior is a reflex and not consciously chosen, similar to how humans frown and smile without choosing to and in response to certain emotions.

It is difficult to summarize the types of emotions that provoke the behavior. Mention of food can make them happy and eager and makes them do it. Anything with pride also does it. When something fascinates them, they do it.

They are charming and funny

White Dragons have distinctly delightful personalities. They are sweet, fun, and say silly things with a great sense of humor.

White Dragons can establish telepathic mental contact with a person which conveys not only thoughts and words but also the bodily sensations that the Dragon has. This conveys that the skin has a very soft leathery feel like a baby.

The skin of the White Dragon is very sensitive to touch and is very sensual. It makes him enjoy cuddling others, but I do suspect that this sensuality about cuddling is part of enhancing his hunting instincts, to cuddle someone means that he has captured them and will have them as prey.

White Dragons prefer to adopt a hunched posture, and they like to walk with their knees bent and backs arched similar to the walk of a chimpanzee. They spend most of their time sitting softly with bent knees and curved back.

White Dragons were genetically created by other alien races. The North Port Florida White Dragon says that he was held captive by Zetas and the human military. The Guatemalan one says that he was made by his grandfathers the Ithaca.

White Dragons eat blood. They have been given goats and cats or kittens to eat. They also show some interest in consuming blood from humans and myself.