I decided to remote view to find the lost continent of Lemuria if it had existed. I found the continent many millions of years in Earth's past. And a Vega told me the story of the Lemurians.

I never saw what the Lemurians would have looked like, but I do now know that they existed. They were a Starseeded race created by the Vega. The Lemurians lived on the Lemurian continent which was on Earth many millions of years ago. Lemurians had advanced technology given to them by the Vega. It seems that Lemurians drank water and ate fruits, at least the Vega wanted the Lemurians to have access to good quality clear water, and I saw large fruits that do not exist anymore.

Vegas wanted more powerful tools and better drinking water and food for Lemurians but Lemurians used weapons. Vegas destroyed the Lemurian island and took their weapons away, and the Vega said that the Pleiadians had nothing to do with this.

The Vega had given the Lemurians access to Vega technology, which the Vega intended to be used for making clearer water and for transportation. Vega did not want the Lemurians to use the technology for weapons. The weapons that were available to Lemurians had been designed by Vega. Lemurians were powerful, because of how they and their technology had been created by the Vega. It seems that the Lemurians were men and women, and that they had children. Lemurians used the Vega weapons against their own Lemurian population, against the women and children of Lemurians, and that is the reason why the Vega decided to destroy the Lemurians and the continent and to take the weapons away. Vegas say it was the powerhungry greed that destroyed the Lemurians.

I have not seen what the Lemurians looked like. At this time I assume that we can regard the Lemurians as an extraterrestrial alien species. I do not know at this time if they should more accurately be listed under human populations, and that might change and be updated later as I learn more. I have also listed the Lemurians at this time as one of the "benevolent non-Agenda extraterrestrial species", as I assume that they were not part of the Agenda. Their status might change later as I learn more, as perhaps they were not a benevolent species since they used weapons against each other, however I do not expect to update them to having been members of the Agenda so that might stay the same.

According to a Vega, Reptilians who were Starseeded by another race the Anunnaki, these Reptilians did not like Lemurians and did not treat the Lemurians well.

The remote viewing was done on August 24 2017. The source of this information on Lemurians is entirely based on my remote viewing and on the channeled information spoken to me by a Vega person. All of this material is contained in the original remote viewing which is provided in this video below.

You can also learn about Lemuria in The Orion Project History: Lemuria. Related reading is also the story of the Vegas and to learn what other species the Vegas have created other than just the Lemurians.