Pteradactyl - Ken Bakeman's Albino Lizard
Written on May 07 2013

Why does it contact me

On May 4 2013 I got curious to read about other people's reptilian encounters. Ever since my own contacts begun in August 2011, I had decided to isolate myself from other contactees and to not read other people's accounts, so that my own experiences could be more genuine and independent with less of a risk of having been tainted or influenced by other people, if the contacts were imaginary that is. But my alien contacts have since long ago proven themselves to be authentic and I felt ripe to peek at what other people are saying. That is when I visited Ken Bakeman's excellent website where he gives detailed and well-written accounts of his alien encounters. Ken Bakeman's Reptilian Encounters.

Ken Bakeman called it "Albino Lizard Pope"
I called him "the white one"
Hamish calls it the pteradactyl
Image from

I was skimming through his page A Summons To Appear and came across the picture of the "Albino Lizard Pope" close to the end of the page. I remarked at how similar it was to my own Gargoyle, the North Port Devil of Florida, and wrote an email to Ken giving the similarities and how I also had noticed my Gargoyle spreading its winged arms at certain points of emotional expression.

This was all it took. Ken Bakeman's Albino Lizard sensed me. He thought that my eggs were good. And he came for a visit that very same night, and the following night also.

This is not the first time that Aliens have sensed me just from me reading about them and consequently thinking of them. When I wrote to well-known alien contact person David Eckhart, Snake the Reptilian came over from Eckhart's team and has been with me every once in a while ever since even though my resident Hamish the Dragon tries to chase him away. And when a reader of the website had suggested that I read about the North Port Devil of Florida, just reading a page about him and deeply contemplating on the story of the Devil made the one and only Gargoyle (as I've dubbed him) sense me and contact me, and he too became a frequent inclusion into my Alien experiences.

The Aliens say that they sense me thinking of them. Other Aliens have said that "everybody hears what I'm thinking". I am connected to a wide network of an Alien conference call that spans across the universe, and when I think of a certain ET then it connects me to them like dialing a phone number. In fact Gargoyle calls the telepathic communication "a head phone".

Drawing of the Albino Lizard - Look! It's my white one!
Made by and courtesy of Ken Bakeman
Larger image

May 4/5 2013 - The First Night

That same night after I had written to Ken Bakeman comparing his Albino Lizard with my Gargoyle, I woke up after a dream encounter with two Royal Reptilians who continued to speak to me even when I was awake in bed at 1:35 AM. Read that story here. After a nightly ordeal with the black Royal Reptilians, where the Queen eats the heart of a sacrificed baby hybrid boy of mine and the King has sex with me to get me pregnant and tastes some of my blood, a creature appears in my doorway.

We don't want to make you pregnant with reptilians, yet. But we have tried to put one there. - white one said

He appeared as a clear manifestation, not in physical form but clearer than any ET I have had visiting me before. He wasn't a Reptilian, nor was he a Zeta or a Thuban. A white slender and tall creature, with narrow pointy white ears that stick up above the level of the head. Red eyes, and white hawk feet with little white claws. The arms have leathery white one-piece bat wings. It had no scales on its body, and in one hand it was carrying a white scepter with a white ball on one end, the ball wrapped with white thin wire.

I was startled and surprised to see him and had to talk my way out of crawling back to hide under my covers. I decided to sit up in bed and we stared at each other. Anybody would have been afraid. He was in my room, but I did not want to fear my alien visitor. Toward the end of the night I would finally become comfortable with his presence, and make good friends with him like I have with all my other ETs to the point where I welcome him now and we do great together.

The white one, as I would come to call him in my notes, told me to get down on all fours on the floor, I told him I was tired and did not comply. He said that if I do then I could have the scepter. He was also offering me the Draconian emblem of the red cross with wider four bases and a white background:

We want to give it to you, now. - white one about the emblem
Thank you. Then I want to have it in my dimension. - me
You have earned it. - white one about the Draconian red cross

The white one was going to put the emblem on my chest over the heart. I had earned it somehow. White one started an inspection tour of my apartment. He walked around the place inspecting all the furniture and cabinets and my family members who sleep in their beds. He pointed the white scepter at things and could somehow sense some information about things.

Are you Draconian? - me
No, but I am pale as a corpse. So this was quite fitting! - white one

The white one was investigating whether to include me into their "lineage". He ended up squatting down next to the woven bathroom rug in the bathroom. Where Hamish stomps his feet and collects his shedded white scales on the rug.

That was very nice. - white one said squatting by the rug he patted the rug gently

Turns out it was Hamish's sheets of white shedded scales on the rug that he was admiring. I told him that yes it is honored scales there. He continued admiring the sheets of shedded scales on the rug and said that it was beautiful. Hamish the Red Dragon got agitated and retreated to his secret spot in the forest by a log of a fallen tree, and I was left alone in the apartment with this creepy white one carrying the scepter and admiring Hamish's shedded scales.

The secret society has not indigted, indoctrinated you yet! - white one said as he continued his walk around the house inspecting things
The Rosicrucians didn't want you. Either. - white one said to me
The spaceship is here! It has been prepared! - white one said with relief, he had stood on the balcony for a minute and expressed without words that he would soon leave from here
You are a sheep. Baa. - white one said to me

Look! Look! Rosicrucians! - white one said

And he possessed me suddenly as I lay in bed and started tumbling my body around a bit but gently. My head got rubbed against the pillow and the bed as my body was moved around by it, its white head and self somehow overlapped with mine. The conquest didn't have that sexual or strong character to it like the conquests done with Reptilians do, but more sweet and gentle. It messed up my hair real bad with my head being rubbed against the mattress and pillow!

It made me know that it had come from Ken Bakeman's encountered creatures that he wrote about and I had read about and commented to Ken about in email that day.

We have got a list here, of those that we want to have. - white one said
What list? - me, I don't wanna ask
About the Rosicrucians! - white one
Is that a Draconian... organization? - I asked

I wrote in my notes: "And I am starting to like this creature. It doesn't take that long for me to like someone. I feel that close emotional bond to him now. At first when I first saw him appear in my room I was afraid and a bit uncomfortable with this creature. But he is now one in my heart."

I am the Pope. I am with them! - white one said about Ken Bakeman's article where Ken had called him the "Albino Lizard Pope"
Yes. Thank you for telling me. - me

And I wrote in my notes: "I am now close to this thing as close as I have been to my other Aliens. I love this guy. Or maybe that he just suddenly felt that way about me, and he is now conveying that to me. But what we are, we are together."

The white one continued being fascinated with Hamish's shedded scales on the woven bathroom rug. He asked Hamish why he doesn't take the scales into my bed. Hamish, who was still in the forest, said that he had shedded them there on the rug because he wanted to lay with them himself! White one picks up a rubbery sheet of Hamish's shedded white scales and holds it in its hands. It seems to be a novelty for him, to see shedded Dragon scales.

Why are you looking at them? - I ask the white one
We rarely see white ones. - white one says

White one wondered if any of the sheets of scales had come from Hamish's throat, and continued to squat there beside the rug and looking at the scales. He asks Hamish if he may take one, and Hamish says that no he may not take any. White one then stood up and thought like "oh well no then". Hamish yells at the white one that he will strangle him if he has taken his sheddings.

He has wanted to take my shedded, but I have said no and wanted to give strangleholds! - said Hamish

I wondered why he wants shedded scales and the white one said that it is because they "give power". White one says that he doesn't have any scales like that and that he wanted to have them. He starts to pick up one sheet at a time in his hand off the rug, comparing them and feeling them out in his hand "like somebody looking for a stone to collect from the beach, the one that instantly feels right in the hand", I had written. White one picked out a sheet of Hamish's shedded scales and commented on how it felt "important, almost like gold". White one left and sat himself on a throne somewhere and held the sheet of Hamish's shedded scales against its throat. That's why he wanted throat scales.

Yes. I won't be intimidated by him anymore. It is a pteradactyl! - said Hamish about the white one

Derek with the United States military team regretted to me that he hadn't kept the visitor away from me, that his job should have been to protect me from this, and the white one then said to Derek, of himself, "It is the night owl that comes in the dark. I am often called the night owl.", he said to Derek. I asked to please be allowed to sleep, and white one remarked that he had been "rejected" and that he had "never been rejected before".

I then had the encounter with the Vatican Reptiles (read about it in the thoughts page linked to above). And later in the morning hours Hamish lets me know that the white one has returned the sheet of scales back to Hamish.

May 5/6 2013 - Second Night

The following night I wake up at 3:20 AM and the white one is back in my room.

The white one had returned for my eggs. He has a room in an underground facility which is a cool room with several carts containing stacks of trays, and on those trays are fluid-filled cups with an embryo in each. The US military try to restrict alien activities and from the team of US military who protect me, Jeff was in the underground tunnel with the white one.

The white one has an interesting body language expression in which he spreads out his winged arms to the sides and straightens his posture. The North Port Dragon Gargoyle does the same behavior and also has leathery bat wings that he likes to spread out in an expression. I have witnessed both of these individuals do this behavior so many times that I have a good sense of when they do it and what it means, still it is difficult to explain in human terms. Easiest to say is that they do it when they feel proud. Or pleased. It is like, "hey, check out me!" Humans don't have the same body language expression in our repertoire. It is not a smile, or like anything that we humans display out of our emotions.

I can also say that in the close connection that telepathy establishes between me and alien I was able to notice that the wing-spreading behavior is a reflex. In other words it is not a conscious chosen expression that one would decide to do. Similar to how a human smiles or frowns without choosing to. It begins in the white one as a tingle sensation in its upper back on the soft tissue on its back below the neck. This then via nerves causes an automatic spreading of the wings. It is not something the animal chooses to do, but it understands itself in these terms and would not try to inhibit the expression, and both white one and Gargoyle much enjoy the poise expression of spreading the wings. When I thought to ask the white one what it means, he said it is "ceremonial magic".

"Ceremonial magic" is a term used in anthropology and theatre in which humans put up a show and act pompous to give a display to other humans. Ceremonial magic is used by humans in costume and performance in religion, weddings, music concerts, and theatre. In both Gargoyle and white one, the emotion it feels when doing the expression is calm, happy, curious, poise. It is not associated with aggression, it is not a threatening behavior. It is poise and ceremonial magic, pure and simple. Pride and happiness, and both individuals think that it is fun to do, they do it when they are having fun.

Hamish the red Dragon claims ownership of my eggs. He spends every day and night with me watching me closely, often even staring right at my crotch keeping his eye on where the eggs are. My eggs have special twelve strand DNA, they say, and every Alien who is part of this genetics project wants to have my eggs for their team. Hamish chases away many other teams who want to get to my eggs, but sometimes he is unable to either because he loses the fight, or in this case he seemed to have quietly allowed Ken Bakeman's white one to have my eggs.

Jeff with the military was in the underground tunnel with the white one. Jeff was petrified of him and pulled out his gun at the white one. White one put its hands on top of the gun and gently pushed the gun down from Jeff's hands. White one somehow persuaded Jeff to let him check out his genitalia, and later Jeff (and General Patton) were providing the white one with semen samples. Jeff's semen would be used to fertilize my eggs. The white one had first offered Jeff to have me as a "pimp" (they mean prostitute) but Jeff being married and all did not want to have sex with me. Jeff was reluctant to give his babies to anyone but ended up doing it anyway. Later that night I would be artificially inseminated by the white one who would inject Jeff's semen into me with a syringe.

Later that night the white one had lost its scepter. Turns out Hamish had hidden it away from the white one. Hamish had thought, or perhaps that this is implied among Dragons, that the white one was posing as a King by having the scepter, and Hamish had gotten jealous that it was not he who was the King. So Hamish had taken the white one's scepter and first tried to flush it down the bathroom drain, but it is of course too big so Hamish had chucked it in the laundry basket in the bathroom closet. From that exchange:

I am looking for it. I have put it somewhere. - white one about his scepter
My scales, will not be trampled on. - Hamish, white one had accidentally stepped on Hamish's scales on the pink rug
I was not the one who was King. So I took it. - Hamish
I wasn't bad. So I thought that was unnecessary. - white one
Where is it Hamish? - I say, and Hamish thinks about it being placed in the laundry basket in the bathroom
No. It was first in the sink. Because I wanted to wash it down. - Hamish with image of the scepter having been placed in the bathroom sink. Hamish then had a quick thought without words about wanting to find out if it was magic like Harry Potter's wand. Hamish thinks Harry Potter is real, I have yet to break his heart by telling him how it is.
Here it is! I have found it! - white one returns with the scepter in hand
Yay! You found the scepter! - me

Read the entire exchange from this night:

Click here > Read those conversations and notes here

I had remained in my bedroom during the night's encounter with the white one and had seen the happenings from the tunnel with Jeff and the white one remotely and mentally. The white one had visited Jeff in the tunnel and also visited me in my home. When I fell back asleep I had one of the worst nightmares of my life. I was being chased by a monster.

It wasn't until I woke up again close to noon that I realized the monster in my dream was none other than the white one, trying to catch me. Aliens were talking to me as soon as I woke up and what they said confirmed to me that the white one had, in fact, been trying to catch me.

I must say that when I read Ken Bakeman's page about meeting with the Albino Lizard and he writes about how terribly scared he was, I had shrugged and wondered why on earth he is so afraid of the white one? When I had first seen white one appear in my bedroom the night before, well first I had been scared but I had managed to talk my way out of those feelings and make friends with him. So I had questioned Ken for being such a wimp. However. The close encounter I had with Ken Bakeman's Albino Lizard, my white one, when he was chasing me and we were actually in the same place, well that was immensely terrifying, so Ken's instincts were quite right.

It is not their looks that scare a person. There is something distinctly terrifying about the way that these aliens feel, or how you feel when in their presence. You all know how much I love and adore my Hamish Dragon, yet in the few close encounters I have had with him where I am in his other dimension I have been so terrified and run away from him. While Hamish stays in the other dimension and I only see and interact with him through the separation of different dimensions, he is my Kissy Dragon, my Sock Puppet Turtle, as that separation filters out the nightmareish feeling that these creatures all carry. But when brought into their dimension, during an abduction - like what Ken experienced - the sensation is different. It is terribly terrifying, immensely scary.

There is something terribly hellish that surrounds these creatures and which you as human abducted feel when in their presence in the same dimension. The Thuban praying mantis have this, and the Dragons do, pteradactyl Albino Lizard white one, and Hamish the Dragon Sock (sorry couldn't help it). Perhaps because these creatures are predatory in nature. Because they all seem to revel in exposing victims to sadism and torture. They love the sight of blood and eat organs. They are cruel, vicious, and evil in nature. And those are the things that a human abducted will feel from them. Even I who pledge to be scientific, tolerant, objective and neutral, welcoming, loving, friendly and open to my extraterrestrial visitors, I too find myself the victim of those same human instincts and fears that other abductees such as Ken Bakeman also has experienced. So I ran.

When I woke up from that chase with the white one, and back in my bed, there was an Ummite man with me. He had heard my wrenching cries for help and was here to assist. While still in the encounter I was screaming for the Arcturians to come save me. I had then been shown the star "Aldebaran" instead of Arcturus. So now I wonder whether the pteradactyl or the Ummite perhaps originate from Aldebaran?

The third night passed without any conscious encounter with the white one. Perhaps he had taken his eggs from me and has now moved on. I would gladly have welcomed him as a frequent inclusion in my alien contacts. With the scare factor filtered away by him and me being in different dimensions, he is quite a charming fellow. His looks, his love of Hamish's scales and the scepter, his lovely spreading of wings behavior which reminds me of my beloved Gargoyle Dragon, and our good conversations and interaction, made me quickly adopt him as one of my loved ones.

In closing, I want to marvel over the ease with which aliens sense my presence just from me reading and thinking about them. And I want to thank Ken Bakeman for, unknowingly, sharing his magnificent Albino Lizard with me, who wants Ken to know that he in fact is not a pope. My beloved darling white one will always be welcome with me, and there are plenty more eggs to share. Just be nice to my Hamish, and don't forget to honor his scales, and please don't step on his scales on the rug again. He doesn't even let me step on his rugs.

You are beautiful White One and it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and thank you for interacting with me so kindly and so openly, and for sharing with me your world. You could have taken my eggs without letting me know of you, but instead you chose to wake me up both nights. I cherished our friendship and I would love to see you again.