The Wars
written November 20 2014

The Black Reptilian finally told me what it is all about.

Space Drama

We all know about alien abductions, UFOs in the sky, Zeta Greys who make human-alien hybrids, and Reptilians. Most people know that the US military is somehow involved. Some know that mind control, MKULTRA, Illuminati, the Free Masons, Satanism, and the creepy Eye god are central concepts.

It isn't a pretty cozy story where aliens and humans meet in some utopia and loving friendship. It is because the alien entities who are behind these things are deeply and highly malevolent, sinister, and dark. It is a nasty scary story. Most people don't have a clue. And especially the abductees who talk about loving friendly Zetas and how much fun it is to meet their wonderful hybrid children have no idea that their children are used as reptile food and sold in a massive pedophile sect. And I bet you there are people who know too much and have either been silenced or have chosen to not speak in order to pretend that this isn't happening and to let everyone else pretend that too. Then there are those like me who are naive and think they have to share everything. So here goes.

In my childhood and teens I knew I was a Zeta abductee, I also knew about the Reptilians who I then thought were scary. I also feared praying mantises and adored dolphins and frogs. They have a variety of large insect ETs who look like praying mantises. They call their Thuban white whales dolphins, and the frogs are of course Dinosaurs, they call them frogs, other people also call them Saurians, they are cuties and love to bathe. But I didn't know much more than that. They kept a secrecy.

When I was older, in my mid 20's, Hamish, a Dinosaur, and Orion man made their appearance and they told me tons, about how they collect bacteria, take eggs to make hybrid children, and how the Reptilians want to dominate and rule and be Kings. But I still didn't know much.

Last night the Black Reptilian talked heaps. Well, it started when I was exercising yesterday. I had on a video and it went into commercial break about a telephone and in the ad video was a sequence of outer space with space stations and astronauts. The video ended, I went back to doing my sweaty exercise. I had already asked Hamish for permission to let me exercise, he doesn't always like it. Sometimes he stands behind me and watches closely and then at some moves that I make, specifically those that seem to bend or contort the belly area, he growls, he is worried that "the eggs might fall out", which I'm sure that they don't. So I had to ask permission.

The Reptilians are still confused about the exercise I do, they don't understand. And when I was in the shower after the workout, Hamish's talking revealed that he thought the man in the video was seeing and hearing us, just like we were seeing and hearing him, and of course he had to wonder if the man was any risk to my eggs. I had to tell my Dragon that it was a video made long ago, that he could neither see us or hear us, even if we could see and hear him. And I told Hamish that some other videos, that are made with a camera (a webcam) let two people see and hear each other. I couldn't hold it against Hamish for assuming that the exercise video was a live video chat with someone. Hamish had wondered why this man was doing this workout with me, poor Dragon. It is always better to explain too much, than too little.

It was good for your heart, I know that. We were watching it. It was good footsteps. - Hamish

Oh god, that just nearly breaks me into a puddle of Dragon-love. Hamish came up to me and placed his hand on my heart. At first I thought that he was

Yes-No, don't melt with me. I don't want to see it. - Hamish says and closes his eyes fully to not see

Big smile. So at first I had thought that he was thinking of eating my heart, by placing his hand on my heart. Every now and then Hamish thinks about the delicious tidbits of liver snacks and heart in my body. But then he spoke and snacks was not what he meant. With footsteps, he meant that he had watched my feet move for the workout. But hey I am derailing here bigtime aren't I? I was about to reveal the great big scheme of the aliens?

So, the reason I brought up exercise, is because after the video, Black Reptile asked me about the space video he had seen. He said he wanted to see it again and to ask about it. In fact, he was asking me about it while I was on the floor doing leg pushups and all sweaty, I could barely talk telepathically even it was such a harsh workout. I told him I would tell him later. I told him it had only been a commercial video to sell a phone, they were only trying to impress people so that I would buy their product.

Black Reptilian opened up to me last night and talked endlessly about their fate and purpose. My apologies that I didn't get up from bed to write it down. It must have been the most important conversation in The Orion Project since start, quite a bit more interesting than stories of Hamish's ruggy snuggy or shedding scales (although those are always important too).

Black Reptile Tells Me

Black Reptilian is a mysterious figure. He always seemed to be a leader figure for the Agenda Aliens. The Agenda is an organization comprised of a large number of different alien races who are working together. Most of the alien races were forcefully enslaved, others may have joined willfully for personal gain. They all collaborate toward personal goals of individual alien races and the common goal of the Agenda. The Agenda is its whole system, they have whole ecosystems of food production, where some races eat others. The Agenda is highly hierarchial, every race is either better or worse than others.

The Agenda is not based on peace and love for all. It is not based on preservation of planets and life in the universe. It is not based on tolerance or compassion. It is based on selfishness, power, rule, greed. The Agenda results in destruction, suffering, extinction, and misery. It doesn't make the universe a better place to live in.

Black Reptile told me the story of how his people had been attacked by another alien race. The other race is presumably the Dark Lords, also called Archons on the internet (I don't read on the internet, to ensure that my stories are purely my own and never rehash), but their true names that they call themselves is Alpha Thetans or Alpha Thetons. First this other race stole gold and titanium from the Black Reptilians. Then they wanted more. The Black Reptilians tried to defend themselves but failed at that. Their home was destroyed and turned into rubble, cities destroyed, and they

I like to look at you when you bathe. That is what I do here. The Archons. Alpha Thetons. I don't do anything else here. Except, Helter Skelter, heh. - a Dark Lord

The Black Reptilians were wiped out in large numbers and driven nearly to extinction. And it seems that all of their women were lost. They had to escape.

The Black Reptilian is a humanoid figure, meaning that he has a torso and stands up on two legs and has two arms attached at the shoulders and a head on a neck, a face on the front of the head that has two eyes, nostrils, a mouth. He has no hair or ears or external nose. And I'm pretty sure that these Reptiles have no tail.

We haven't made out with them. They are not that pretty. - Hamish

Ha ha. Hamish means the Black Reptilians. Ha ha. Hamish... Good lord that Turtle (Hamish) is cute. The Black Reptilians are not the same as the "typical Reptilians". Namely, I have to wonder if the Black Reptilians are from Orion. I am almost sure that they are from Orion.

We are with the Betelgeuse. Did you know that? - Dark Lord

Now this is interesting, or actually this is annoyingly confusing as heck, but the first Dark Lord I ever had, he went by many names: first his name was Betelgeuse, which is a star of Orion, the Alpha Orion star which is where "our" Orion ETs come from. Then he changed his name to Malik, which is Arabic for King. He has also had names Justus and a few other ones that he has contemplated on but never used for long. Sometimes he looks like the Black Reptilian, and sometimes it is the Dark Lord. Sometimes - or actually many times - I have thought that Black Reptilians and Dark Lords are the same, that these shapeshift from one to the other. They are at least very intertwined.

Are the Black Reptilians the original people of Alpha Orion

Rigel is also good, best for us. - says Dark Lord and thinks of a large yellow planet
It was taken by us. It was ours now! We have taken it. It was made, with mine? Beta Rigel is the best one. That is where we are. We wanted you to come there with us, to see it. - Dark Lord
Yes please! I would love to visit outer space! Would I be safe? - me
Only as far as your heart could tell. - Dark Lord, meaning I would not be safe, they want to take out the life force of my heart, Dark Lords always want to do that, Basmet/Baphomet was the worst
The Rigel star was nice. It was not the Alpha Orion. - Dark Lord

So there were originally Black Reptilians living in Orion, and then came the Alpha Thetons

We were made to be their Lords. - Dark Lord

Yes, the Dark Lords came and took over. These cannot be the same people. Black Reptilians are smallish blueish-purple-black reptilians. Their skin looks to be very soft and exceedingly sensitive, their head looks as if gentle applied pressure like placing a hand might buckle it. Lately when I have seen Black Reptile I have

I am the King. I thought you should know that. - Dark Lord
You are an ancient race. You have lived for a long time. What can you tell me, about the meaning of life? Why do you live? - me
To take little girls' hearts out. - Dark Lord
So food is your main priority, and prerogative? - me

... when I've seen him I've told him of how fragile his head looks.

We like to eat your eggs. I hope you do not mind? We take them out, with our tongs. - Dark Lord
I don't really care about eggs. I couldn't care less I guess. - me

And I tell him I would not touch his head because it looks that it has no skeleton and that gentle pressure would buckle in the head. They look like mushrooms, that kind of a soft skin and head. The skin is black but it is also purple blue. The head is small without a noticeable back of the head bulging out. Their eyes are black and they have both upper and lower eyelids. They are cute. Their mouth has small sharp teeth. He often closes his eyes fully when he - I think - wants to show pacifism and friendliness, that is what I think it means. He always wears a dark purple rubber uniform that is like a dive suit. I have also seen them naked once or twice.

He told me a very sad story about how his people were killed, how gold and titanium were stolen. The attackers (presumably Dark Lords) used that gold and titanium to make even more spaceships and explosive weapons. He told me about how titanium can be used to make explosives when mixed with something else.

We don't want you to look at our goosebumps. - Hamish says to me or to Dark Lord
I love you Hamish. I can look at your goosebumps. I have seen them before. - me
I wanted to show power. - Hamish says in my other language, so seems he was saying that to Dark Lord to show power to him and assert territory
Thank you Hamish. - me, meh, I guess
They wanted to take our eggs, and gold! - Hamish
No, I don't want to look at your goosebumps. - Dark Lord to Hamish
He lets me look at them. - me to Dark Lord, naanaah

Then there is something I should not say. I wish I could ask the military for permission before I say this. But there is no hotline to call where to ask "Should I reveal some top secret alien truths about wars here on earth and about coverups?" The military would just deny any knowledge of alien presence on earth. I wish I didn't have to say the following, but here goes.

The war in "Baghdad" was caused by the Black Reptilians, who I'm sure are the Orions. First, let me add one more thing. Black Reptilians, as I call them, are the Orions. And then there are other Reptilians. These are not the same. Other Reptilians, or typical Reptilians, come from Alpha Draconis and they have tails, and they come in a variety of forms. At least that's how I understand this matter. (A Dark Lord is looking closely at me now, but he is being peaceful and mellow.)

But I have seen two different types of Orion lizards. The Orion doctor was black with spiny growths throughout his head and body. This Black Reptilian is smooth on his skin and blueish black. I guess they have different kinds.

The Black Reptilians caused the war in Baghdad so that they could do military training here on earth using humans as practice material. They want to use mind control on humans, they also practice mind control on people such as me to see how far they can go. They are practicing military tactics in order to gain leverage against a future attack against the Dark Lords. The war in Iraq (Baghdad is in Iraq) has been mentioned before by the Black Reptilians, that they were the cause of it.

Yes, don't say this. We don't want you to have any repercussions. So, please delete that part. So say the friendly Pleiadians. We wanted the most good for you. So, do not say that please. - Pleiadian says to me now
We have white hair like you, we know that you like it. - Pleiadian shows me its long yellow-blonde hair

Aww, that's just fantastic! Pleiadians! Last night I had asked Black Reptilian why his people hadn't asked for help from the Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleidians, and many other benevolent ET races who work together toward peace and who I know have strong military and defense power. Black Reptile said to the effect that his people and the group of benevolent ones are not in the same camp. I had to wonder if Black Reptilians might have done something to exclude themselves from this "intergalactic space NATO", even though the Black Reptile seemed to want to make it seem as if it were just a matter of "different genetic groups".

I have been told before in the Agenda that the war in Iraq was caused by the USA in order to cover up the presence of low-flying Agenda Alien spaceships. The explosions and smoke would conceal the presence of spaceships that had defied the rule not to show themselves.

My Bunnies are there! - says a Dark Lord very happily just as I thought of an Iraqi leader man, he said about that man

I was about to say, that leaders in Iraq military and perhaps also in politics are under Dark Lord rule and mind control. That is why they are able to do so much evil. I hope I have not said too much. I mean, you can argue against the presence of mind control and evil aliens, but you could not claim that people who do war and murder humans are anything less than evil. And if you want to say that they are under the influence of the Devil or Satan or evil Santa Claus or evil Space Aliens then I should have the civil right to say such a thing. Normal human beings have compassion, did you know that? Dark Lords mind control people to make them do evil. The prisons are filled with people who did acts of murder when under the influence of Dark Lords.

Anyhow, the USA had to step in. Turns out, USA is on the good side, sort of. I mean, they do questionable things, I have found out from Black Reptile, but overall the US military is trying to do the right thing for humanity. Turns out the US military went into the Iraq war to defend humanity. They are in fact fighting against the evil aliens, and the aliens were mind controlling Iraq people to practice their mind control military tactics in order to improve their own military provess so that they can have hopes of winning back what they have lost to the Archons/Dark Lords/Alpha Thetons. The USA stepped into that war because they were against

The NASA doesn't want to know that. They don't want to know about us? They have said, "No thank you, to you". - Dark Lord
The Archons were battle plan masters. We were the best at it, we hope you don't mind. - Dark Lord
But Sir, I don't care about military and war! I'm just a girl. I like to do, girly things. - me
Like, write about Orion mind projects? - Dark Lord, reference to the actual URL of my website which is orionmindproject

Just to reiterate: my website and project is a documentary, it started with contact with the Orions and the goal was to document what the contact was like and to figure out if the contact was real or imaginary, later I found out it was real contact, and the documentation continues, that's what my project is.

We don't want the other aliens to be alive, than us. - Dark Lord (DL)
That is a very cynical thing to say. I hate you for saying that. Let other beings live, it makes the world interesting. - me, phew he left before I could finish my last sentence, he just pulled himself into that portal hole and was sucked out of my universe and the whole atmosphere of my home changed from that sinister heavy dark and to something more normal and cheerful bright.
My Bunnies. - says Dark Lord almost sadly

So, the USA stepped into the Iraq war, simply because the Iraq war was originally an attack by aliens on humanity. So the evil seeping into Iraq military comes from outer space. Don't kill me for saying this, I am only relaying what an alien being, the Black Reptile, has said to me. I am NOT the author of this story. NOT. I just wrote down what someone else said to me.

But it gets worse, so much worse. This is about to kill a lot of people's hearts and cause mayhem. 911 was an inside job. I can't believe I just said that. Before I tell you more about this, let me say that I am not your typical conspiracy writer. First of all, I hate conspiracy stories. I just sigh when people say that chemtrails are the government either creating clouds to cover up UFOs in the sky or to spray chemicals on unsuspecting people. And I've hated the conspiracy theories that 911 was an inside job. Not that I haven't listened to both camps. I guess I've been undecided on whether 911 was terrorists or an inside job, because both sides have made some compelling case. But I am not a conspiracy theorist or writer thereof.

If I could choose, I would just be a girl doing girly things. All of this military and men in black and Illuminati and all that nasty dark stuff just doesn't appeal to me. (A white lizard who has morphed into a white Illuminati fat man wearing a black suit is looking at me.)

Hello? Yes? - me
You didn't have to tell our Archons to leave. - the IM man
I'm sorry. I guess I made him sad. - me, and right then the Dark Lord steps with his feet through the portal that is under our bathroom sink and comes back, he was just waiting for that moment to return
Oh well. Here he is. He is kinda cute I guess. Hello Dark Lord! You guys are cute! - me, sigh meh
My Bunnies? - DL
I don't know. Not me. Not Bunnies. - me
No?!??? Did you say, No for me? - DL
I am writing something. Let me write, Sir. Go do Dark Lordy things elsewhere, I'm writing here. Then I have to do some exercise, and I haven't really talked to Hamish yet today, I have to see what he is up to. - me
I was showing him my goosebumps! That is what I was "up" to. - Hamish with his big yellow eyes like headlights of a car
I am the un-awe-inspiring. Was I not? - DL says first part to me, then directs the question to Hamish
Goosebumps. - Hamish answers DL

I don't know if Hamish is feeling nervous about the Dark Lord. Sometimes he just references to his back hump in order to feel safe, now it might be his goosebumps. I just hope he is safe, my big dragon pooch.

So I am not a conspiracy writer. At all. I don't even care, I let other people deal with it. I am not even an American. Sure it is sad that many people died. I also like to think about how naive Americans are to be so extremely sad about the World Trade Center while they couldn't care less about other tragedies that kill far more people and more brutally in the world. The rest of the world cares about 911, but Americans don't seem to care about tragedies elsewhere in the world in other countries. Anyway, that's entirely irrelevant. I'm just saying I care about the tragedy, meaning I have compassion and sympathies, and that I hate writing about conspiracy theories. But I heard this one from someone who should know. That 911 was an inside job.

He said that the USA caused the World Trade Center tragedy in order for the American people to allow the US military to attack Baghdad, that they had to have a reason. The USA also hires and stages Middle Eastern terrorists and terrorism against the USA so that the USA will have the support of the American people to let the US military attack the alien wars that are happening in the Middle East. That is what the Black Reptile said. The president George Bush already knew that the World Trade Center thing would happen and that is why he was not surprised when he was reading books with children, said the Black Reptile to me yesterday.

I don't really care. I don't want any part of this. It really is nasty topics. I just try to be nice to everyone, that is why I make friends even with Dark Lords.

I was not friends with them, I said? - Hamish says to me about Dark Lords
You are with my concubines. - DL says to Hamish about me
Yes-No!!! - Hamish so upset that he lifts up off the floor, he says to the DL

I was so worried for the safety of Hamish last night, I told the Black Reptile they need to keep Hamish safe. I said I would guard him always. Black Reptile said that Hamish is like a paid worker, Hamish is like someone going to work to earn pay. Hamish works there so that he earns food to eat, so Hamish would not be in danger from the Dark Lords because Hamish is working with Black Reptile. So that made me feel better. I love Hamish so much. I am so close to this Dragon.

My goosebumps were a shield. - Hamish about his orange zits
Why are they a shield? Why, or how, Hamish? How are they a shield? - me
Nobody wants to eat on them. - Hamish
Why not? Does it taste bad? - me
It was given back to me. - Hamish
The goosebumps, were not zits. They do not grow the same way. - Dark Lord explains to me, I'm impressed that he would know the difference of such an anatomical thing, and care to tell me
Do you remember that? - DL

[Added on the same day: that is a theory I have had for all this time, that Hamish has those pus-filled goosebumps as he calls them, as a defense mechanism. These zits easily rupture and ooze a smelly sticky fluid that is neon orange. My theory had always been that the reason is that if somebody attacks him, then they get that sticky gunk on them, that it dissuades attackers, it probably tastes bad too. What a fantastic body feature, isn't Hamish the best ever in the whole world? I was right, then. I'm proud of my guesswork in terms of Hamish's anatomy.]

When he asked me if I remember, he showed me the murder scene by our lake from a few years ago. I had seen visual mental images of a dead body in a ditch by the lake, and a few days later it was in the newspaper. The Dark Lords seem to think that they mind controlled humans to cause that. The paper said it was a suicide, but I know it was a murder.

My billy-goats! - DL, hopefully not about the murdered two women by the lake, he said in my native language

Black Reptile told me last night that the reason he was opening up and talking to me all of this military thing and about their history, was because I had shown care and compassion toward him, which is true, mainly in how I used to tell him I would never touch his head because I saw how vulnerable and fragile soft it was. Black Reptile deeply and sincerely was asking me to join him. It seemed he was wanting to put me to work in their mines. They are mining for minerals that they can use for explosive weapons among other things. Actually, before he spoke last night, he started with showing me how an important component of their spaceship is designed.

They use "Radon" which decomposes to extract nuclear energy. The energy is in a large amount and they use what looks like a fuse with a staircase of several steps, on each step some of the energy is taken out, and this makes the whole process very manageable an safe, he said. There was a component to the process that he would not tell me, or was it a component of how titanium is mixed with something to make into explosives, that he did not want to tell me because he said humans would use to make explosive nuclear weapons that are 1000 times more powerful or something like that. I agreed with him that humans should not know, and I'm sure I thanked him for not telling me either.

He wanted me to join to work for him. I do admit I have asked to get to visit their mines and to see more and meet them. I was tempted. Doesn't it sound romantic to just disappear and go work at some alien mines? He said they have a lot of humans working there already, I got to see a room with human men. One of the men asked the Black Reptile if I was there so that they could have sex with me, I was appalled and angry at the man and insulted him and he apologised and said that he had only asked because sometimes they bring women in to them. These men are not treated well and they don't like the reptiles.

Yesss, they are not treated well. - a black reptile, different from the one yesterday
Why are they not treated well? - me
Because they fertilize our eggs. - the black reptile
Meh. - me
My eggs. My home. - Hamish in my native language
My Hamish. My Turtle Dragon. - me

When this black reptile spoke I could sense a bitter strong scent from him that was very similar to urine or ammonia to be more exact.

I wanted to have those. - Hamish thinks about a big red ball Christmas tree ornament
Yes Hamish. I will give you those this Christmas. - me
And then we will have presents under the Christmas tree. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Would you like some presents from me? - me
Tik Tok. - Hamish replies to that and closes his eyes happy, it must mean yes!

We don't actually do Christmas presents in our family, but I really need to get Hamish some Christmas presents. I think he would like that. He talks about it often now that he somehow knows that Christmas is coming up. (How does he know? We don't have a single Christmas ornament in our home yet? And it is only November.)

I don't like fragrances. I don't like that. It is like an onion. - Hamish shows me the perfume bottle in my luggage case, I have yet to unpack after returning from my travels, and he said onion in my native language
I know you don't like smells Hamish. Yes-No, strong fragrances. *Only the smell of Hamish here.* - me
My eggs, I was watching them. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. I feel safe with you. - me
That was my rug. - Hamish partly in my other language, he shows me the reg rug, he has been asking for it it is still in the luggage case, see relevant stories in news31.html from the recent past to read about this red rug.

I told the Black Reptile I could not join him to go work for him because I would not know the implications. This is a war we have, that the aliens have I mean. I could not join the Black Reptilian's camp because that might anger the opposing Dark Lords who then might assume that I represent humanity and then they might think that humanity has turned against them. So I told them that I must choose to remain neutral. I can be neither for or against them, and not for or against their enemies either. This is a headache that the military of earth will have to deal with, I can't do it, nor do I want to.

All I am interested in, is living day to day life with my Hamish. I can't care about wars, or conspiracy theories. I'm sorry that they happen, I'm very sorry, but I'm just a girl, and I want to just live my life with Hamish, thinking about decorating with red Christmas tree ball ornaments, getting that Dragon a wrapped Christmas present (or several) under the tree

I would smell at them first. - Hamish says and sniffs with his cute little nostrils, meaning if there were Christmas tree presents under the tree
Human children like to shake them when they try to figure out what is inside. I guess Dragons sniff them. What would you like for Christmas? What kind of presents for Hamish? - me
Could I have a toy mouse? - black reptile or Dark Lord, it is the black reptile who spoke earlier on this page, he means the kind of gray toy mouse that runs on the floor for cats
... Do you really want one? - me
We have nuclear power accidents too. - probably a Zeta who said, that is their "theme", the nuclear power accident that rendered them infertile which is how they justify taking our eggs and sperm and making pedophile hybrid children with

Anyway, Christmas is coming up and I now have a new snuggy rugs for my Dragon Hamish. Life couldn't be more good.

It smells, like rats in there, he said. - Hamish thinks about how the black reptile said he wants a toy mouse under the tree in a present (we don't have the tree yet)
Did he say that? Yes I guess he did. - me


Black Reptile also talked about Free Masons but now I forget which side they were on. The Free Mason symbol has two pyramids, he said, one down and one up. I can always ask him to tell me the story again. And, after I fell asleep I had dreams featuring the Eye because a Dark Lord was over me when I was asleep. It was creepy dreams. The Eye just doesn't feel right. For those of you who don't know, The Eye is the center of a vortex in space that is sucking in all of space. The Dark Lords who are also known as Alpha Thetons are an ancient alien race whose home world sits right at the edge being next in line to be sucked in to The Eye. The Alpha Thetons treat The Eye as their God. And yes, this is the same Eye - very same one - as you see on for instance the American one dollar bill, so if you like the search of ETs or SETI or aliens, post the back of a one dollar bill on your wall.

The Eye is a cult or religion of the Dark Lords, Dark Lords have given their religion to humanity throughout the ages. Ancient Egyptian religion was constructed by the Dark Lords, which is why you see The Eye there too. Dark Lords are incubi, they can live by sucking out the energy from other living beings, that is why sacrificial murder is central to these alien organizations. The Eye is a hideous thing. If you travel through it you find yourself in a room filled with the energy from sacrificed souls, I've been there to see it. The Dark Lords believe, religiously, that if they take out souls from victims and give the souls to The Eye then it appeases The Eye from pulling in space, and so the Dark Lords believe that this act of feeding The Eye is not only saving their own home planet which sits on the border next in line, but that they are the defenders of all of the universe by appeasing the hunger of The Eye.