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October 17 2014 - November 27 2014

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Hamish Update

November 27 2014, 5:27 PM - Yesterday Hamish told me that he had talked to the eggs while I had been asleep that night. So he stands there and talks Dragon language to the ovum in my body while I am asleep. Whoa!

Today Hamish was in a mood. He had changed assignments and would not be working with me anymore. He would be guarding something else. (But seems now he is back.) I started to cook, and warned him of the onions (subsequently I would end up getting fresh squeezed garlic juice right into my eye and evacuate to the bathroom to rinse it out, don't worry, I'm ok!). Hamish then showed me mental postcard images of him in his whereabouts.

Hamish was standing on top of a Thuban white whale dolphin thingy creature.

We were not lesbian. - Thuban objects now, in my other language
What were you doing then? What was that all about? Do I even want to know? - me
He was trying to eat me! - Thuban with goggle eyes wide open and mouth open exposing yellow baleen sheets, "eat" in my native language

Hamish spent many long minutes on top of Thuban and wanting to bite the Thuban creature. What is a Thuban, you ask me? And Thuban had said, that I should not worry, that since the Thuban has no blood to bleed out then it should be fine and Hamish would not end up eating it. But Hamish was being very hostile. I have seen him do this to a Thuban on earlier occasions too.

Then Hamish claimed a large red toy car as his, which a little white toddler hybrid boy was playing with. I thought that was just cruel. Hamish put his red flat duck foot right down on that toy car. Maybe because it was red. Or maybe just because he was cranky. Sometimes Hamish acts like an animal this way, completely without regard to other people. But I was laughing and cooing and admiring him all the way, cause of his cute red flat duck feet and cute self and behavior. I love that Dragon I could squeeze him. Oh well, just another episode of our lives together, me and Dragon Turtle. He is cute.

There is a rolled up second woven rug in the bathroom this one on top of Hamish's ruggy rugs and every time I stand on it when I'm by the bathroom mirror doing things like makeup or hair or just checking myself out, Hamish will feel quite offended that I'm standing on his rug, that rolled up one that just lays there. Today he told me that I was standing on his rug, so I stepped off and apologised to Dragon. He is cute though, I can't deny that.

Monsters go away!

November 25 2014, 11:07 PM - I am watching the tv series The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 about halfway into the episode there are some zombies with mangled bodies on the ground, they look like just entrails and their arms are reaching toward the living. I am totally absorbed in the video, then I hear Hamish says "Yes-No" about those zombies. He disapproves. He must have thought they were horrible, maybe even he was scared.

I wanted to say to them, Yes-No! - Hamish, with faint Yes and big emphasis on the No, and mental image of those very zombies
Hamish? It is just a theatre, I have told you. They are actors. They don't have bodies like that. - me
It was not real, she said. - Hamish with eyes smiling closing
It was not with a theatre. - Hamish objects, because the movie takes place outdoors in a city with a water tower and he can see it is not a theatre stage
Hamish? Humans make what are called movies, films. They hire actors who put on costumes. These guys here had some zombie costumes to look dead. They are not really dead. - me
Hi, they said hi. - Hamish, yes it sounds like that when the zombies are exhaling and reaching toward the people
Yes, but Hamish they are actors. - me
Was there blood there? - Hamish in my native language about the scene
Did you want to go there? - black reptile asks Hamish
Yes-No! - Hamish answers to the black reptile who had asked
Hamish? - me
They were getting water bottles. - Hamish happily, yes that happened earlier with Glenn and the others getting some water bottles
But Hamish? They are actors. When they make the film then afterwards those people have a shower and put on some real clothes and go home and eat dinner. It is for entertainment, it is a theatrical presentation happening outdoors in a city. It is not real. He is an actor. He put on a costume so that he would look like intestines and organs and blood. It is not real? Do you understand? - me
So, he was laying there, underneath that. Saying, aaaghh. - Hamish remembers the sound the zombie made
Yes Hamish. Then they film it and make a movie that other people like me - and you - get to watch for entertainment, because they make an exciting theatrical performance for us for entertainment. It was not real. - me
Hey, Lasarus? Could you explain to Hamish that I am watching a film and that the zombies in the movie aren't really injured monsters? Can you explain to him? Because he thinks it is real somehow. Also tell him, that the people on the video they cannot hear us or see us through the screen, it is only we who are watching we can hear them and see them. Can you tell him nicely? - me
They were watching films, so, Stop it. - Lasarus to Hamish, well, that's it? That's all? Couldn't he do better? Lasarus is the Zeta scientist, I always go to him for clarity and sense.
Hamish? It was a movie. They are actors. It is not really happening. - me
My onions, would take him away. - Hamish, "my" in my native language, otherwise in English, Hamish thinks that onions would make that zombie monster with entrails go away, oh gee, he still doesn't get it! He still thinks it is a monster!

Hamish and Reptiles find onions very pugnant and repulsive and it makes them "go away". So Hamish thinks that onions would be a good weapon to make that movie zombie go away. Geez, I can't go to sleep until I resolve this. I don't want Hamish going and thinking that this was real.

It was a theatrical stage, she said, that? - Hamish about the city with water tower in the episode, and he closes his eyes and seems to think that I am wrong and that he is right he knows the town is not a theatrical stage
Hamish? Humans make movies out in cities and forests and towns also. - me
We can explain it to him. - a big chubby white Illuminati hybrid wearing a black suit comes in to save the day
Thank you! Explain it to him that it wasn't real! That the monster was just some guy in a suit making a movie scene. That he doesn't have to be afraid. Tell him! - me
I would give him my onions, if I was afraid. - Hamish, about the monster
We watch them like through windows, he thinks. - IM says to me, aha, so Hamish thinks that the tv or computer video screen is like a window, ahh how do I resolve this for Dragon
Tell him it is a movie, and tell him what it means. I don't want him to be scared or afraid. - me
It wasn't a real monster. - IM to Hamish
It was, a cutie! - Hamish suggests as an alternative description
They were trying to shoot it! - Hamish about the people in the video and the zombie monster
Can you tell him, that it is just a movie for entertainment, that all of it is actors and it is fake? So that he doesn't think it is a real monster in the video? Can you tell him, please explain to him? - me
He thinks it's real, yep. - IM
I wouldn't have peed my pants, no. - IM answers to Hamish or other alien about something he was asked there
It was not coming after my eggs. - Hamish, "eggs" in my native language (NL), about the zombie
He thinks it's real, yeah. - IM
I don't want to argue with you, hey! - Hamish comes on to the IM hybrid man and the IM fends with his arms to push Hamish off of him, IM said to Hamish while doing that
Hamish? Don't be mean? - me to Hamish
Hamish? Now listen to me. - me
Hey, now. Here comes Derek. - someone
What seems to be the problem here? - Derek
Well. I am watching an episode of The Walking Dead with Hamish. Hamish seems to think that one of the zombies is a real monster. I am trying to tell him that it is just a paid actor in a film that it isn't real. Could you tell him please? - me
I wasn't with anger trying to get him. I was only trying to show him my mouth. - Hamish explains to me and to all of us why he was earlier approaching the IM hybrid man with his mouth open
Turtle Sock Feet Dragon. Do you believe me that the monster in the video is just an actor in a costume playing a theatrical scene for us? And also this is not a window, it is a movie that was made long time ago, and can be played back and paused. - me, Hamish is really listening, he is thinking and contemplating, that makes his head tilt left, right, left, and you can see how his brain is processing information to learn something new that is difficult

Good Lord I love this Dragon but sometimes I can't defend him from the dangers and troubles of this world. I need him to know and to fully believe me that the zombies aren't real. I can't go to bed unless he knows and is safe.

Does Hamish know now? What I said? - me
Why do you care about him, he eats your eggs? - IM sighs to me and thinks of my white hybrid children
I don't care. I care about Hamish, always. - me
She has got my DNA strand in her. - Hamish says to IM about me
Do I? - me
Hey, this is Derek, didn't you know that? - Derek
What? I have got Hamish's DNA in me? Whoopee! I'm the happiest I've ever been! I'm a Dragon Turtle! Yay. - me
My eggs. - Hamish (NL)
My Hamish! - me pleased and happy
My throats. - Hamish (NL), he is showing off to the group of us

I will keep trying to make sure that he understands. It is important that he understands. Earlier I saw a video trailer for the new and upcoming Jurassic Park movie. Hamish was sniffing after the dinosaurs that he saw in the video, he fully expected to encounter a smell from them, then he said that they don't have any scrotums. (It is known that dinosaurs and some reptilians don't have fertility, that is what he meant I think.) I would die for this Turtle. But this is one difficult assignment. I don't know how to be sure that he understands about the zombie not being real.

It is my fibers, she said, and eats. - Hamish (NL) as he watches me put another chocolate candy into my mouth. Hamish always comments on how the foods I eat contain fibers and how his foods contain no fibers and that being why his poo are soft mud puddles, because he doesn't eat any fibers.

My mouth!! - Hamish shows off power, said in my other language, with mouth open, I hope he is ok

One minute later:
If we show him that, he gets really upset. - a Zeta or even Lasarus about the mental image of a cactus with pointy spines

Yes, the other day one of the white aliens told me that Hamish had gotten really upset and angry because of some species of small owl or bird that builds nests by hollowing into a cactus that has spines. So cacti makes Hamish angry, because of the spines. Hamish's race grows some black thorns on the back hump along a line, maybe that is why, maybe the cactus is showing power. The Zetas seem to think this is funny how he gets angry at a cactus.

Don't tease him. - me to Zetas

Turtle Love Rug

November 25 2014, 4:23 PM - Hamish lets me see him scurrying around someplace. Clear mental images of a fantastic red dragon creature, fire engine red with orange, some places like his neck and belly in smooth gridlike pattern of flat scales, other areas with round raised bumps. He looks at me, a large hunched body with an arched back. He is asking about the paperbasket, and about the used bloody tampons contained there. "Why do you have them there?", asks Dragon about the used tampons. "... They are trash.", I say to Hamish. "I am taking them", says Hamish. It is always the same thing, when I'm menstruating, that Hamish just can't stay away from the paperbasket. I have to take out the trash, this is indecent of course I don't want Space Turtle snooping around my trash.

This morning Hamish was in the bathroom and telling me all about his business. He had pood on the floor again, again the soft muddy pile of rusty brown colored poo he has managed to get it underneath the bathroom scale, luckily in the other dimension. He always puts it there, it is his place to poo at. He could go to the riverbank and do toilet there, but I guess he is comfortable here at home, and why bother to leave the house? There IS a toilet with the lid open right there next to him, but to my knowledge Dragon doesn't use people's toilets. He just poos there on the floor. Or maybe he can't contain himself, like people can wait for the right time and place. I wasn't angry at him, I am never angry at Dragon, not even when he poos on our floor, always in the same place, by or under the bathroom scale. And he shows me when it has happened, it's not like he pretends it isn't there.

My eggs. - says Hamish in my native language
They were mine, I said. - Hamish says in English this time, not sure if he meant the eggs, but he was thinking to the used tampons in the paperbasket
You can't have those. - I say to Dragon about tampons
They are trash. Garbage. They are not good for you. I am taking them away. - me

Good grief, I am having this conversation with an Alpha Draconis lizard person. *chuckle and laugh*

They are my langoustines. - Hamish

I once had video game characters eat langoustines, which is a kind of larger shrimp. Hamish didn't like that. (Because he thinks his ancestors were a type of crustacean.) So he means that he can have the tampons, since some people eat langoustines. Makes sense. Eh.

Hamish and his poo and shedded scales are in another dimension, so I cannot touch or feel or see them usually. Once, just once, there happened a glitch over my eyes and my actual eyes were seeing his dimension, that is when I saw with my own eyes large round single pieces of his scales in our toilet, some had sunken to the bottom and others were floating on the water. I'm not kidding. Also, these individual round bits of scales were large, larger than the US quarter coin, which means this Dragon must be huge! If you're bothered by the fact that I talk about the bathroom and his poo, well that is where Hamish has chosen his residence and camp site and that is where he is up to Dragon's business.

I suppose I could try to furnish the closet room for him. Let's ask him:

Hamish? If - me interrupted
No, because it does not have my bed. - Hamish about the white bathroom ruggie in the bathroom

Ok, I was about to ask him if whether I emptied the closet room and furnished it for him he might consider moving camps to the closet room instead of a bathroom, but, no, he has chosen to stay in the bathroom. He finds it snug in there. There is a rather thin but somewhat soft woven white with blue bathroom rug, actually it's just a woven rug but on the bathroom floor, and he likes it. He lays his shedded scales on it and sometimes lays on the rug. It is always a sad moment when we take that rug to the washing machine, he hates that ever so much because it washes away his shedded bits and also his smell, but we have to keep the bathroom clean, so it has to get washed from time to time, hygiene and cleanliness.

It bothers me that Dragon is in the bathroom. I mean, it will never be the cleanest room in the house, regardless of upkeep. I wish I could furnish for him a Dragon's den, with rugs and all that he could ask for, and I would not have to wash those rugs. I love him so much, so much I love him I can't stand it sometimes. Sometimes I weep because I love him so. Hamish is like having a big dog around, but one that can talk, and is thousand times more cute in so many ways than a dog is.

We were mapping, tagging, your DNA. That is why he is here. - a black reptilian figure about why Hamish is here
My cheese! - Hamish in my native language
What cheese? - me
What I smell like. - Hamish

Ah yes, that time when I truthfully said that Hamish smells like vomit and old cheese. Since then he won't come close or wrestle me, because he thinks that he smells and he gets self-conscious. I wish Hamish would come close. I can handle the smell of vomit and rotten cheese fine. It is that vile visceral smell, unlike any other. If you ever had an anatomy lab at college you might know what pancreatic enzymes smell like. Yeah, guck. If you're curious about the full experience of Hamish, see if you can visit a laboratory and get to sniff some pancreas enzyme. Imagine that wrestling you around, with scales and tail, back hump, flat duck feet and strange orange buttons on the back of the head. But then you fall in love with it and watch it dry its shedded white sheets of bubblewrap scales on the bathroom rug, or best when he steps his feet slowly up and down, up and down on a ruggy snug. I love him so much I both die and am reborn every moment we are together.

Yes-No, ruggy snugs. They are not my liversnacks, with. - Hamish

Says a fire engine red Dragon Turtle with big round bulging eyes yellow like headlights of a car with a thin vertical slit for pupils eyes wide open, a cute little head like a sock puppet, with pairs of blunt orange buttons running down the back of the neck starting from right above the pair of eyes, the most fantastic fire engine red with orange color on his skin.

My eyes are watering out of my infatuation with this being. Sometimes it hurts so much because I can't run up to him and hug him and cry all over him. I love something that won't let me hug and love him. When we love a cat or a dog or a human person for that matter, we can always hug and hold and kiss and cuddle, and then it takes some of that pressure and burden away and soothes us. He won't let me touch him. He once leant against the side of my face and chest "to dry himself" after he had poked his head too close to see when I was in the shower and he had gotten his scales all wet. I cherish that moment. I have to somehow staple all of my yearning to hug him, on those few moments that we have been close. I don't know, I'm just a human, humans get this way, especially us women do.

He showed me and talked to me about his scales business this morning when I woke up and I was in bed in my room and he was in the bathroom up to Dragon's business. First he showed me a mental image and told me about his poo underneath that bathroom scale. Then his sheets of shedded scales that he has hung to dry on the bathroom radiator. Then he thinks that he wants to soak those sheets after they have dried, and he would like some water in the bath tub. I told him he can always ask me to provide him with what he needs. I guess I can take a bath today, so that Hamish can dip his sheets into my bath water, and sometimes he sprinkles those individual loose bits of scales into the bath water.

He will either soak in the bath water or pee on sheets of scales to keep them from drying, because if they dry too much then they will crack and break into pieces. He also likes them perfectly moist because then he will step on them, squish squish, step step, and he also loves to rub shedded sheets of scales between his ankles. I watch him doing this behavior all the time. It took the longest time for me to actually figure out what the heck Dragon was doing on those rugs, stepping and rubbing his feet, and with his shedded scales. And when he has peed on the scales, he wants to rinse them in the bath water. Then he lays the sheets flat on the rug "to dry them", or dries them by hanging them like washed wet socks or small towels on the radiator to dry. And he will keep doing this, washing, wetting, and drying his sheets, and those sheets are then carefully laid out on his bathroom ruggie, where he lays on them sometimes like a bird on a nest, or he will step on them, as if to feel them out, or perhaps the stepping is conditioning them and making them softer. He says he likes the way they feel, when he steps on them.

I think his behavior is a type of nesting behavior. But part of it is also a type of psychological factor, it's like when some kids lose their milk teeth and it's a bit scary to see this happening to their body and they want to keep their teeth in a small box. I suspect that Hamish is a little bit frightened about his shedding, I know that full-body shedding, when he turns all white and sheds all over, is a tremendously traumatic and frightening stressful moment in his life, something that makes him feel perhaps confused and frightened about his own body and out of control. I think he hangs on to his scales because he is afraid and worried, and he doesn't want to part with these parts of himself, so it is some type of psychological stress or grief factor involved, which in itself has got nothing to do with actual necessitated behavior or with any actual purpose or gain, to keep those scales. So part of it is that, I think, a form of stress and psychological reaction to a mild trauma.

But then, on the other hand, I seem to think there is actual behavior which is not just stress or trauma based but serves a purpose. Namely, I do think that Dragon seems to build a nest out of these scales, and it makes sense. The scales provide a soft and comfortable site which also smells good to the Dragons. If they were to hatch their eggs and keep their young on a bed of shedded and softened scales, then that would make sense. The babies could stay in that nest because they can smell where the scales are. And, in fact, the smell of these "treated" scales (washed, dried, stepped on, carefully laid out, and repeat process) is similar to the smell of their eggs. Their eggs are very fragrant, and their smell triggers certain associations and behaviors in this species, at the very least their smell notifies the Dragons that there are eggs, and where their eggs are. To them, it is a very pleasant baby smell, coming from those eggs.

But, another interesting thing. It seems that Hamish displays, or experiences, some mating behavior related to these scales. When Hamish has sex with a female, he will step up on her back and step with his flat duck feet slowly up and down, up and down, on her back like a massage. We see many birds here on earth do the same. Then of course the mating itself, which I always thought seems cumbersome or impossible when birds or in this case dragons do it, like this from the back and even with a tail in the way. I have seen Hamish mate with females on a few occasions. (Once he offered to do it to me, I declined. But that was once, in all of our three years together.)

Yes-No!, mated, mat! - Hamish, mat means his bathroom rug
Yes-No. - me to Hamish

Yes-No means No, pure and simple, but it took me forever to figure out what it means. It is like him emphasizing on the No, or actually, that his mind's definition of a "No" means that it is comparable to something else which is Yes, so he usually actually shows me first something that is Yes and acceptable, then something that is No and disapproved, therefore hence the Yes-No, that is how he thinks. He is cute.

But I suspect that when he steps his feet on those shedded sheets of scales that he is masturbating, because the stepping is the same as when he is mating with a female. Also, I know that he enjoys the stepping on scales, and rubbing sheets of scales between his ankles. It gives him a good feeling, so obviously the act of mating in the Dragon Turtle males at least is a behavior that is somehow enforced by pleasant sensations, which we know in tons of species on earth guides creatures to do what they must in order to survive. I also love the way their females feel and talk about their nests of eggs, it is difficult to describe, a type of pride and acknowledgement, and how they feel pleased about having their eggs. Every now and then Hamish mates with Dragon Turtle females and has a nest of eggs, and he will visit those nests often to look to see when their "Hatch-Its", as he calls them, will hatch. But then a blasted Crocodile Man will steal the babies away.

Some readers will wonder whether I have any sexual feelings toward Hamish, and the answer is no I don't. Because I might give the wrong impression somehow. I love him like a best friend and a dog. He is my pet Dragon and the most important person in my life. I am glad to share him with you all, even if you haven't smelled him, or touched his scales, or heard his grunt purrs and palate clicks. I would die for Dragon, and every day I do, and then I wake up and am alive again. It is that deep.

Gossip about Aliens

November 21 2014, 7:13 PM - Last night when I was dreaming I heard Hamish say while I was asleep and in a dream that "two frogs" were coming to take a fecal sample from me. I got all excited, ... about frogs, not the sampling, and I was just waiting to finally see some "frogs", the Dinosaurs. Hate me if you will, but I rolled over on my belly and asked if that's how they wanted me. I guess they're going to do their metabolic studies regardless. I just wanted to see some Frogs. I didn't get to see them though, and went back to being in some dreams that had nothing to do with aliens. But it was a nice interlude.

Today I talked to my ET team about Alpha Remulans. I got to speak to an Alpha Remulan, and there are few things better than talking to my Scorpions. He is so cute. They are these big scorpions but with a face that has two eyes and a mouth. They are brown, they don't have a stinger like a scorpion, but I call them scorpions anyway. They are so delightful to talk to, in the telepathic communication that is established, you can feel how cheerful they are, you feel them light up like a happy person, and it cheers me up too. That, and also the cute and charming things they say, makes me love them endlessly. I love my scorpions.

We don't want to treat them like a king. My rug. - Hamish about Alpha Remulans, then he thinks about the new red ruggy (our anniversary ruggy), here on the bedroom floor

I learned a few more things about the Alpha Remulans. A Zeta Reticuli talked to me who said that he studies the Alpha Remulans, so he was able to tell me a few things about them. The Remulan told me that sometimes the other aliens "tease" him, turns out he feels teased and bothered if somebody touches him. I told the aliens they shouldn't touch my Remulan. I also learned that they haven't taken all the Remulans from their native forest, just a few individuals like this guy here. I also found out from the Remulan that he wouldn't want to go back to live in the forest and climb trees, he likes it here with the aliens, because of all the great things he gets to see and to discover. Maybe he likes space travels and exploration. Even though they treat him rather poorly, he likes it there and wouldn't want to go back.

Somehow Remulans choose to not give their eggs to the aliens. The Remulan said they don't want to give their eggs because they don't want to be farmed into food. I thought that was a good idea, I wouldn't want Remulans to be eaten.

The Remulan was hungry. They are always hungry. So I asked the aliens if they could bring him something to eat. Again he was brought a bucket which contains chopped bits and pieces of body parts from what look to be hybrid white-skinned aliens. The Remulan found a piece of white alien skin in the bucket and complained that he didn't want to eat did he say skin or leather. The aliens said that Remulans are always hungry, but that they are not fed all the time because that keeps their pooing under some control so they won't poo all the time.

As soon as a Remulan eats it begins to expel a runny poo. The Zeta Reticuli who studies this species told me that the Remulan body does not use H2O water whatsoever and so any water contained in the food comes straight out. I am still puzzled as to their bodies not using any water. We are used to thinking of all creatures on Earth containing mostly water.

As soon as the Remulan saw the bucket of food his stomach began churning. I could feel it churning. The Remulan told me that his stomach was "screaming", even though it makes no sound. The stomach has some kind of moving flaps several of them that churn like rotor blades. It might be a mechanical digestive process, rather than a chemical one. The Remulan loves to eat, it makes him feel happier than any human happiness.

You should leave them alone. - a human or human-type alien says to me about Remulans
Never. I look after them. I love those creatures. - me
They would eat your fingers if you let them. Don't you know that? - the blonde man says
I believe you. But I love them still. Hamish would protect me. - me
You would be scared of them and run away. - the man shyly smiles
I guess I would. Even though I love Hamish so much I always scream and run away. - me
That is because she is a little girl. - Hamish explains

The Remulan then said to me, "Hamish said No", and turns out Hamish had said "No" to the Remulan because of how the Remulan leaves behind him a trail of poo wherever he goes, like a snail leaving a trail. Hamish has a habit of objecting whenever a hybrid toddler has a dirty diaper (yes they wear diapers) or something else is dirty like that, Hamish always has a problem with that. Hamish said that the Remulan leaves behind "pathways of old chewing gum", he meant that the poo was its old chewing gum that it had chewed on the food and the pathways are the trails. The aliens are always so upset with the Remulans for their runny poo trails, I just think it's funny. It's really comedic talking to the Remulans. I just love 'em cause they're so cheerful and happy and they say cute funny things that are so charming.

The aliens locked the Remulan into a small room like a closet in the laboratory and maybe there was a sewer drain on the floor there. I have seen sewer drains on alien floors many times so that would not be impossible. The Zeta who studies Remulans told me that Remulans are never aggressive.

And today Hamish stood right behind me and instead of letting me see his face he was showing me the back of his head and neck which sports those pairs of orange buttons, it is the most perplexing and alien sight I have ever seen, seeing his orange buttons. It has a strong impact on me that makes me feel very dazzled and confused, it is hypnotic and weird. I'm pretty darn sure that those orange buttons mimic pairs of eyes, in fact if you look at the pairs of buttons, Hamish's own two eyes are like the last pair sort of. It confuses someone who looks at him, somehow even my human brain interprets it as eyes that are confusing, and then my brain tries to figure out maybe which of those pairs are the eyes but there are so many and then I am left just confused and hypnotized. I sure wish everybody (who wants to) could have the chance to see Hamish's neck buttons. It is the most fantastic experience of a biological creature, it beats swimming with dolphins I am sure, or going to a safari. It's just fantastic and weird.

Did you know that I love Hamish today too? This morning Hamish was in the living room looking at the space on the floor where he knows we will put up a Christmas tree, even though it is early still. Hamish is looking forward to Christmas, he wants the tree and the presents under the tree and red Christmas tree ball ornaments.

Hey you, look at me for a while here. - a blonde CIA man who is either a human man or an alien with blonde hair or shapeshifter
Yes? Hello? What do you want? - me
We wanted you to talk to Derek for a little bit. - the CIA man says, the CIA man himself is not Derek
Hey, where is Derek? - me
So you wanna go to them? - Derek from a small office with a window facing the hallway, that window has blinds, the office has a desk and chair
Yes? I do? - me
I am not your father, but heck! - Derek or the CIA man
Well? They are my friends. Hamish is my best friend. He would never eat me. - me
You know they watch men scream here? And they go right up to their face? - Derek, about Hamish it seems
Well, he's a Dragon. - me :(
Sure. You can't pet him or anything. - Derek
Yeah, I know. But sometimes Hamish lifts me up. And those are like hugs.. - me :(
Well. Can I visit them? - me
We don't wanna look at you there! - Derek
Can I visit Hamish? Can I? - me
My crackers, were there. - Hamish in my native language, he means that the man Derek was talking about was his crackers, Hamish has clearly eaten from this man
Hamish. You don't eat crackers. - me
Yes-No. - Hamish, the No was the man on the table that he had eaten from
Where do these men come from? Where are they taken from, that you eat? - me
They are Russians' provided. The Russians provide them to us. - Hamish says and smiles with his lower eyelids diagonally up
Why do Russians provide human food for Reptiles? - me
Because we help them with guns. So they feed us. - Hamish
What. Do the Russians realize that this is unethical? Don't they care about human lives? Are Russians insane? Should the Russians be napalmed? Should we drop some nuclear bombs on Russia to stop their madness, to stop them from giving humans to Reptiles for food? Should we? - me
Yes-No. Yes-No, the Russians feed us. - Hamish
Hamish? What kind of men are these that are murdered by Reptilians? Where are these men taken from, who are these individuals? Are they Russian citizens taken from the streets? Or where are they from? - me
They are made here, for food. And we give them their droppings. They droppings here. We watch them. - Hamish, for some reason he talks about droppings from these people, who knows why Hamish says the things that he says
So these men are grown in someplace and provided by the Russians to Reptiles in exchange for weapons. I don't like that, I am sorry. Humans should not be eaten, they suffer too much. Did you Reptiles ever try eating some animals instead? Like rats? Did you ever eat rats, Turtle Sock? - me
My weapons were needed there, they said. The Russian, bureaucrats. - Hamish says and sways his body left to right left to right like he sometimes does (this is the FIRST time I've written about Hamish's body swaying by the way)

Ok. So Hamish and me were talking about Christmas, or Hamish was. He is really looking forward to

Hey, we are the British ones. - some British man in a black suit with glasses and black hair and blue eyes
Hello who are you. - me
We know about what they are doing. You see, the Russians have built with them a great underground base. - British man, that the Russians and Reptiles have build huge underground bases underneath Russia I was shown in a mental image from him
Well. That's just fantastic. - me, though not sure if it is
Why do they have to eat humans? Why not cattle? Why humans are eaten? Are we that "tasty"? I thought humans tasted salty. I don't get it. - me
And then they empty their latrine buckets. - Hamish about those droppings again
Don't they have a sewer and toilets? - me
They would be mad if we told them that. - Hamish
What Hamish? Who are you talking about? - me

By the way, and here's the weird thing. I mean, I guess... sorry I should have talked more about things not just about Hamish and me and rugs and Christmas, but every now and then, please god lord forgive me, Hamish has shown me several times how there is a naked human man laying on a table in a room and Hamish is murdering him by suffocating him with a plastic bag or sheet put over the man's face and mouth so that he can't breathe. Hamish likes watching that.

This is Derek. Don't say that. Or that he will do it again. - Derek quickly interrupts
I'm sorry, ... - me

Anyhow, so I've seen these men, Hamish has shown me in mental images several times. Then he gets to eat their livers. Hamish prefers liver snacks, as you know.

We like to beat them too. - Hamish or other Reptile
We like snacks. - Hamish says in the cutest way I love when he talks his voice

But these men appear to be entirely human, they are Caucasian and adult men and these men always look almost exactly the same or precisely the same, like clones of the same kind. And they have red hair, maybe red beard too.

They are making our sons here. - a Reptile says, maybe Hamish, about these red-haired men
Why do they have red hair? - me
My Tom-Tom was with me. He was not with red? - Hamish says to me
My snacks, I have said to her. - Hamish says to another alien about what he had said to me earlier

Yes, that is right, his Tom-Tom (a Japanese doctor whose name is Tomo) has black hair of course, and is therefore "not with red" hair. Anyhow, anyhow. I mean, Hamish and me and Christmas. He is looking forward to Christmas.

My snacks! - Hamish

I feel terrible about this, all startled and unsettled. Why don't they eat something else, perhaps?

We have tried to nuke them out. It doesn't work for us. - British man about Reptile underground alien bases they have tried to nuke
Why do they eat humans? Why not something else? Well, why? - me
Do you really wanna know? Why they eat us? - Derek
Yes. Why do they eat humans. Why not some animals. - me
Because we contain part of their DNA. - Derek
So, they are cannibals? - me
It helps them survive the best way. - Derek
The ones they eat, are with their DNA yes. - Hamish or Derek
I don't understand. - me
You will one day Doll. When you are prepared. - General Patton
Hey General Patton! How are you doing! Are you a human? - me
Well, prepared to guess? - General Patton
I don't know anything. - me

Anyway. It's just me and Hamish and he is looking forward to Christmas. And I am going to have for him a nice Christmas tree with red ball ornaments that he likes and lots of presents for Hamish underneath the tree. Then I hope that he can claw his way into them. The bad thing is that he would know what is in them because he sees me wrapping them.

I would get you some naughty, sexy underwear. - the blonde CIA man thinks and actually maybe didn't inted to say, I saw his thought images of that too, gorgeous things he was thinking of
Oh those were beautiful. I would love that, thank you. You are more than welcome to send me those. - me

I don't know anyhow. Hamish said again this morning that he would sniff at the presents to figure out what is in them. Oh, also today. Hamish said that he has had to fight to keep me and the eggs. He says that sometimes. I know he has to defend his ownership of my eggs, which means his ownership to the food he eats. I asked him who had he had to fight, he didn't say but it seemed that it might have been some Zetas. And instead of telling me about the fights he showed me, he adopted the fighting position that I've seen several times. In it, he hunches down his body just a little bit, in that camel posture of his, and his body turns a darker red color I think, I think his back hump turns a bit darker too at least, and he spreads his fingers on his hands really wide and begins to step up and down, up and down slowly with his feet. I also saw that he then excreted some yellow thick liquid from his rear which has a strong smell, it must be part of fighting. Body smells are a big part of this Dragon Turtle species, don't forget the orange goosebumps that burst and ooze a smelly liquid if someone attacks them.

Hamish has never - not once - displayed his fighting posture towards me, I mean, he has shown me what it looks like, but not once has he directed it toward me. Another thing I had to talk about, his wobbling or swaying. Sometimes, and this is the first time I'm writing this shame on me, but sometimes when I see him and he knows I am looking at him, he will sway his body slowly left to right, left to right, and I think it is him engaging in me visually to get my attention. "It means, don't leave us.", Hamish says now. "Does it mean that?", I ask him. "Yes, the swaying does.", Hamish says. "Thank you for telling me.", I say to Hamish.

Rugs and Rivers

November 19 2014, 5:37 PM - Hamish is sending me a mental postcard. That is when he is somewhere else, and he makes mental contact and sends me a mental visual image of himself in his whereabouts, usually to tell me what he is up to. Now he is in a forest somewhere. He showed me how the forest floor is covered in fallen autumn leaves, and he said, "I like those. Because I can hide my scales under there.", said Hamish, and he rustled the leaves on the ground with his hands and let me hear the sound of rustling leaves. He hides his scales under piles of leaves. He likes that. And I was thrilled to see this red space dragon doing awesome dragon things.

I was away for two weeks and Hamish did not like that. He has gotten accustomed to the bathroom and bathroom rug at my usual place. He was so happy when I sat on the plane on my way home. One of my flights was through London and for hours before I even approached London, England-based Illuminati aliens were chatting with me and telling me about their underground base in Sussex. One or two of the English aliens were hundreds-year-old white Illuminati hybrid men. There seems to be a huge base central to Illuminati power in England, and these guys were worried about my approach, but I assured them I was friendly and so everything was fine. I even asked if I could visit, but that was not allowed.

When I landed, Hamish purred out of joy and delight because he knew I was going home and the eggs would be safe and easier to guard. Last night was my first night back in my own bed. Hamish spent more time with me that night than perhaps ever before, save for those first few nights when we were first getting acquainted and he was checking me out. Hamish woke me up at night, I saw him clearly, that beautiful sock puppet head with a small face on a long tubular neck and fascinating features on his body, like orange "goosebumps" and not to mention that back hump.

And my scales, tell them. My scales were hidden here before. I have hidden them! My Nasturtiums. I have said. I have said it. - Hamish from the forest floor of a bed of leaves
Hamish? Why do you hide your scales? - me
I can see them better there. Than anywhere else before. I have hidden them therefore. My Nasturtiums! I can smell them. - Hamish, means he can smell the Nasturtiums

If there is any confusion, Nasturtiums is a flower and Nasturtiums is me. I have the eggs. Hamish pushed and pulled me around in bed last night. He put his eyes right up against my body close. Hamish is a near-sighted Dragon, if he really wants to look at somebody then he puts his face just an inch or two from the person, it is great fun being sighted by a Red Dragon Turtle like that! I loved that time together with Hamish last night. He was so pleased I was home, so that he could be home too.

My Nasturtiums were the best. You said that I am. No. Nasturtiums is it. - Hamish
Hamish is the best. Because he has a back turtle. I don't have one. - me
My ovum, was made. - Hamish with mental image of eating tiny white foetus hybrids in his mouth

Last night I thought about trashing The Orion Project, closing this website and deleting all my files and book projects and to not pay any attention to the aliens anymore. But that would have worked had this been imaginary. But Hamish is a real Dragon, and when he snuggles up close, that big red Dragon Turtle from outer space, and he tosses and turns me around in bed, or shows me his back hump, or steps his feet real fast up and down when he thinks of the red plush rug I got for him, there is no way I could ever give away my best friend.

Remember the luxurious red bathroom ruggie I got for him on our anniversary? Because Hamish had adopted the bathroom rug as his own, he loved that rug and would stand on that small yellow (then pink, discolored in the wash) square and even physically push me off of it if I happened to stand in his zone. He would wipe his feet real fast backwards on the rug like someone skiing, I later found out he does that if he gets gunk or runny poo on the soles of his feet, he is wiping his feet clean. Hamish is actually very keen on having floors clean. He will tell me when I need to wash "his" floors. Usually he gets some runny poo on his hind legs or feet after he goes potty.

He will also stand on the rug, and then step with his feet slowly up, down, up, down, as if feeling out the softness of the rug. Hamish has very sensitive soles of the feet. He is very careful with where he stands, and selects riverbanks with smooth medium-sized rocks for his flat red duck feet. His feet are like our human hands, sensitive, and he uses them as hands too, less dexterious than ours of course.

He will hide his shedded scaly bits into the fibers of a rug, the little individual small bits that is. Larger sheets of shedded

It was my rug. - Hamish in both my other two languages
Your rug is here. I have brought you a new rug. And that is because I love you so much. I love you Turtles. My Hamish. - me
My rugs, were brought here! It was mine, she said. Mine! Tok Tok. - Hamish, "Tok Tok" means "I am here" or "I am here with you/with it"
It doesn't smell nice. So, therefore I would not like to have it. It doesn't smell like me! It doesn't smell like the eggs, either. I will not put my latrine there. I have cornucopias elsewhere now. I was with, enslaved. My boys, worked for me! - Hamish about some white aliens that he calls "boys"

So he saves his larger sheets of shedded scales, lays them out flat on a bathroom rug and lets them "dry", he will say he is "drying" them. He will also pee on those sheets or dunk them in the toilet water or bath water, all to keep them from drying up because if they dry up then they crack into smaller pieces. When the large sheets are moist, he loves to step on them, step step, step step, with his feet up and down on those sheets. Sometimes on a special occasion he takes a large sheet of his scales and lays it down flat on my body. That is a gesture that means he approves of me, it is a dignified gesture, think of getting a medal of honor of sorts. He will then always tell me from what part of his body the sheet was, sometimes from his throat, or his head, for instance.

All of this behavior of his might sound strange or funny, but remember he is an alien creature. He doesn't act - or look - like a "person". He is more like an animal. How do I know he is real? For one, he can lift my body up in ways I cannot do on my own.

So that fine red rug I got for him on our anniversary of knowing each other, he rejected it then in favor of the smaller and not nearly as soft older rug that he had adopted, saying that the new rug "did not smell right". Now I have the rug back here, and again he says "it does not smell right". To be honest, when I sniff the rug it does smell like industrial rubber from the underside. I have washed this rug several times now, with fragrances, and the rubber smell remains. I'm thinking of sleeping naked - ok don't laugh - on the rug for a few nights to maybe put my scent on it. That might be better than the bad scent of rubber, and maybe then Hamish would adopt the rug. As soon as it gets his own scent on it then it should be good to go. I just want him to have a nice rug. I can't believe he would reject this rug! It is much bigger, really soft and plush the softest thing I ever felt, and also a nice deep red color similar to his own color. But Hamish goes by scent, sigh.

My goosebumps. Were not afraid of it. Hamish! - Hamish says and shows me the orange zits on his forearms, saying that his goosebumps are not afraid of the red rug

Hamish has orange pus-filled zits on his body, he calls them goosebumps.

I was not violent with it. With, mine. And eggs. Sniff, to you too. I can smell them. My lavish! - Hamish talking

He says he inherited the goosebumps from his father, "who also had those". His father was the mustard yellow Dragon Turtle

He had the back turtle too. It was great and magnificent. - Hamish about his dad's back hump
Did your mother have a back turtle? - me

... and his mother was a red Dragon Turtle. There are red ones, and there are mustard yellow ones. The goosebumps can rupture and ooze a sticky fluid. This fluid is very particular. It sticks to his body and also to things and surfaces in his whereabouts. The fluid puts a signature "feel" and "atmosphere" to the place, you can just "sense" that it is a Dragon Turtle's lair, it will just look and feel "Hamish" about it, because of the fluid. I suspect that it is the fluid that has Hamish's scent, but am not sure. It also makes him glow neon orange in the dark. The orange is a nice color contrast against the fire engine red. Hamish's entire body displays so many fascinating and perplexing visual signs.

The back hump itself, the pairs of orange buttons on the back of his neck and head, the orange goosebumps, black thorns growing from his back hump. He looks magnificent, seeing him really makes, and leaves, an impression that you won't ever forget. He is the strangest, and most handsome, creature I ever saw. I would die for him would it ever come to it. I love you Hamish. He makes me cry I love him so much. Last night he showed me a new riverbed he was on, whose water flows directly to a water treatment plant for purification after only just a few hundred meters, so he was happy there were no fish and that the water gets cleaned, because he poos in the water and washes up there. He is very concerned about where he leaves his latrine, he always wants to know there are no fish in the rivers he uses. And he stood with his feet in the shallow water just by the shore on medium-size round rocks, he seems to favor round rocks that are the size of a baseball, and he told me there were many places in the water for him to put his feet on. I just died when he said that, his feet are so cute.

Hamish said they want to do an invasive and potentially harmful surgery to my uterus. I said no they can't. They tried to bribe me by saying that there would be Alpha Remulans there. They know I love the Alpha Remulans. They didn't spell it out as a bribe, but I knew for sure what it was.

Military Abduction, Fun
Colin Powell

October 29 2014, 11:56 AM - Last night I dreamt I was at some kind of trial or meeting with people. There was one black man in particular I remember him, an Asian woman, and other white people. They all seemed to know me. The black man pointed a red laser on my face, he said something like, "Too bad these lasers were made illegal because I sure liked pointing them into the eyes of...", and what he said meant safari animals. He was trying to point the red laser into my eye, I covered my face with my hands since I know some lasers can put an eye out.

What's with the red laser? This is the first time I ask readers to contact me about information, but does anyone know if the MKULTRA or Illuminati or what not use a red laser pointed into the eye of subjects and what the purpose of that would be? Because, there was that other time when I was suddenly aware of Hamish pointing a red laser beam into my eye seemingly to wake me up to consciousness during an abduction.

These people I was with were all dressed nice in suits and they all seemed to know me. This building was huge. The wall with the main entrance and facing to the street was very high up to the ceiling and entirely made out of slightly darkened panes of glass, also those panes of glass on part of the top ceiling closest to that wall. The main hall itself had many raised pathways all with a view to the front entrance wall. It felt like it was in New York.

Suddenly, a blonde man in a black suit grabs me by my shoulders and pushes me in through a door in that hallway and into the room there. I was fully awake, but was it a dream? It sure was one of those MILABS things that I revel in, they are such adventures. The room was sectioned into two parts, this part that we entered into, and the other half that was behind a wall of partly darkened glass. The room had wall to wall carpeting and a round wooden table with some chairs. There were I think two other men in black suits already here in this room.

You weren't supposed to remember that. I, I made a promise to them that you wouldn't. I guess I have failed them again. Ah yes... - Dark Lord who was carefully following my thoughts and writing
Can you tell me what is going on? Who were those people? Are they humans? - me
They are with the intelligence team. And I wasn't supposed to tell you that! They will claw me out. For not understanding them, peacefully? So, anyway, your Sock Turtle is here. Is he the one you wanted to talk to, about it? - Dark Lord
No, .. Hamish doesn't speak many words. I don't think he is good at answering my questions. But let's try him. Hamish? Was I taken to meet with some humans when I was asleep? Or was that just a dream? - me
They were out with them golfing! I was sure about that! Them! That was nice for them, they said. They were golfing, not with I. "I wasn't with them, Hamish", said they. They were out golfing. While I was eating some snacks. I ate them! - Hamish
But Hamish, Dear? - me
Yes, you were with the MKULTRA, who asks? - man with black hair black suit

There was a thing where a man had some wires attached at his head and I was asked to check something and then I said that yes, I knew what he thought because I sensed the brain activity on that left side of his head because there was a large electrical voltage or did I say current generated there, and I was right. I had felt his brain activity because of on what side there was electrical signal generated in that wire, and it had a red color, the left side had blue or green I don't remember, and I said "red" instead of "right", unless I said both red, and right side. But I was right. So it was a way that I had known what his answer was, or something like that. I didn't have to touch him or anything, I just stood behind him.

They had two young recruits, human men, on the other side of that room. I was asked to do something mentally to them, either it was for me to scan them for information or something I don't remember anymore. When I first woke up a few hours ago I still remembered everything I did there. Now here's the thing. I asked these men if I could see if those men on the other side had signed a paper that they agree to doing this. I was adamant about it. I asked, do they even know what they are a part of? I was told that these men had specifically wanted to work with this, what did they call it, I forget what this branch of the military was called. But I refused to do anything more unless I was sure that those guys on the other side would know that they are part of some psychic testing.

When I woke up the men continued to talk to me. Gillespie was one of them and he kept coming with insults about me being fat. A military high ranking officer I don't know what his name is he did some of that superposition with me which feels very intimate. At one point he felt sorry about it and thought about how he could have been my father. They do this thing, that the Reptilians probably have taught them, where they superimpose their mind and their bodily sense of awareness over my mind and body, so that it feels like we are completely overlapped. And when they do that they can actually steer my body at will just as easily as when I do it to myself. This particular high rank officer couldn't resist but put my hand on my left breast and feel it out. Sometimes these men do that in these things that I have called a "conquest", I should perhaps call it "superposition" instead, from now on.

They said that this, meaning superposition, is easier to do on women than on men, because men get scared when it happens to them. I have to say, that a superposition feels very sexual. I don't know why that is. And so my theory is that it is easier for women to have a man so closely and intimately there is because women might be accustomed to having a man close, whereas for a man it might feel more strange and invasive. That is what I suspect. But I don't get scared when it happens, even if it is unsettling.

They were asking me to remote view some buildings in New York, they had a test where I should remote view under a particular bridge (which had a door, and an underground room, but I picked up on those things from their thoughts and not by remote viewing itself). The officer put something into a white envelope and asked me to tell him what it is, but I knew from his thoughts that it was a one dollar bill and I told him these have to be double-blind tests where the person asking doesn't know the right answer.

Did it really happen? Or was I only imagining? If I were imagining, something which I would accept, let's stick to truth here, then why would my mind choose top secret psychic training military operations as its theme? Couldn't I choose something else? I don't know what to say. The men also said that the Zetas could perform all of these monitoring and other intelligence military operations for them, but they specifically want to train me, or people like me, because I look like a human and that is the value in having me do the work for them. Even if the Zetas are already natural at these things. They said that France has a lot of psychic military in their defense, I said I already know I had already known about one. I think they asked me to check them out, I said it was rude because the US were using me as a decoy so I would get in trouble and the French would - might - never know that it was them and not me, I said I don't even get paid for this.

The US people wanted me to tell them where the Russians have submarines in the world. I started to work on that puzzle and I sensed into some submarines, but it had these metal pipes running on the inside that carried scolding hot water which I felt so intensely that it felt like I was scolding my hand with hot steam so I didn't feel like looking in closer. Those hot water pipes work as a barrier for keeping psychic people out, not that that is it's intended purpose. I asked the US guys why the submarines have hot water pipes, they said it's to keep their computers from becoming too cool. But then the Russians said a telepathic hello to me too, and I remembered Russian Korpral Olav Vetti and I wondered why both are trying to have me work for them with military remote viewing?

The US guys acted like they have done some scary things to me with MKULTRA, and they were saying things that they don't have to do those things anymore since I seem to be ok and willing to do these things. I told them I would work with these things but that I need practice if I am going to be looking into buildings and objects. I'm more used to looking into bodies when I RV (remote view). I even saw that Gillespie had a lot of black hair on his legs and I commented on that it was so funny that I would see that, through his clothes I mean and from a huge distance away.

I can't believe I am one of those persons who writes about those things. I mean, I'm not into conspiracy stories and things. But then again, these things were massive in my teens. The guys told me they had taken a break from me but that they were back again. And that made sense against the fact that they had seemed to be away for many years in my 20's. I'm glad if they are back. Those MILABS visits are great adventures. I mean, imagine waking up fully awake with some men in black suits and this whole big mystery of what is going on.

We don't have to drug you anymore, he said. - one of the men, that the Dark Lord would have said to them
No. It won't be necessary. Because, she can even handle seeing me. She calls me cute. Like buttons. And I like that fact, kind of. I think it is great too. - Dark Lord says to the men, but letting me hear
So, she never turned into a cat, huh? - says the blonde man in black suit (same as who also said about drugs here above)
Why "cat"? - me
Meow! - Dark Lord
What. - me

I don't get it. Half of this stuff I don't get. The Dark Lords are these alien entities who are involved. By the way the dark aliens, black reptiles, crocodile men, whoever they are, told me their entire history last night, about how they used to be kings, where they have come from, and how they need humanity to restore them back to being kings, and I listened carefully and it was great to get to know them, almost like a chat over coffee and cakes to get acquainted, just minus the coffee and cakes.

So. What goes from here. I do hope I get to have more conscious MILABS abductions cause I really love meeting with those men it is so exciting like the best adventure you won't believe. Imagine suddenly waking up somewhere else and with these people. I also have a lot of history going back with these people, so I'm filling in the gaps. It's so exciting I can't tell you, I've always loved waking up there with those people who are humans.

Today I was dusting the bookshelf and Hamish claimed the books. "My books", he said. He has also been saying "My eggs" today.

Well, isn't she a little twit, a little bitch. - Gillespie
She said that you don't like her. - Dark Lord to Gillespie
Sounds like Gillespie, doesn't it? Him and his hairy legs.

Also from this morning after I woke up from the MILABS:
Have you ever been kissed by a man you don't like? - said the high ranking military man in these words or not exactly like this but that's what he said
Yeah, it happens every time I'm on bad dates. - me, badum-tish, I said that

Oh and about that building we were in, the men said it was the "Congress Building". They also said that these things - presumably MKULTRA - were banned since "Nürnberg" and they said they had promised not to do these things since "Nürnberg". If I do an internet search I don't find a "Congress Building" in New York, but I only spent like two seconds on that search because I don't bother. And the "Nürnberg" might have been the Nuremberg trials, it deals with Nazi Germany. MKULTRA started with the Nazis, and was then later brought to the CIA in the USA. I don't know. I just write down what I see and what is said. I don't quite understand half of what is going on, but it sure is fun to start having those MILABS abductions awake again, they are such adventures I can't tell you!

We like our goats, to suck on them, tell them. We like to do worst things too. We like to eat them. And with goats, we mean human brains. We like to suck on them too. - Dark Lord

I don't know. I do know that Dark Lords are real entities. One tore down those books from the book shelf, they can throw things around. They are definitely real entities. But what about the rest? A clue is that Captain Robert Stephens who was a military person in the MILABS, turned out to just be my Hamish all along. You see, even back in the day long before Hamish and the Reptiles, Captain Stephens used to have a fixation with my period blood, with tampons, and used to say that he is the King. I am going to publish my journal entries from my teens, they are filled with MILABS stories and telepathy with the military and men in black, like tons of it. There's also a lot of MILABS conversations in the UNCENSORED version of the first book, "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?", that book is currently only available on www.lulu.com find it here.

A note about readability: some of you people come to read my stories because you are interested in aliens. I have aliens, especially Hamish. The Dark Lords are also some sort of alien intelligence, even if they are predatory, uncanny and sinister. Some people read because of MILABS, I have those too. But I have both. They come together. It isn't a pretty story, and I sometimes wish that it was. There is a lot of stuff I wish I could have unsaid, and unseen, but it is what it is. I don't edit anything. Some things are so graphic I save them for the books. There is even a kiddie version of "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?" because the original one was so graphic I'm appalled to show it to everybody. Not everyone can handle the uncensored version of this story. I don't know if I can handle it. But writing about it gives some distance, maybe that is why I write. I also would have wished there to be more MILABS books and stories back when I was a teen. There was only one book, there was this one by Helmut Lammer and I was scared to bits of that book and have only read a few lines in all these years and I always wanted to throw it away. It was scary reading. Luckily most of the MILABS stuff has for sure not happened to me, I think. So I write books. I know that a lot of people will benefit from my sharing. Thanks. Now back to my real life, with Hamish.

My cheese. - says Hamish when I'm making a sandwich and there's cheese on the table, like I said, back to life

1:40 PM. I am reading and writing on perfectly other unrelated things. First a blonde CIA or something man makes telepathic RV contact. I decide to ignore and dismiss him and get back to my reading my magazine. Then I sense a house and a familiar golden energy. Yes, Colin Powell, the very one. I see him in a mental image and he makes contact to me. He speaks telepathically, while I see and feel him clearly:

[ADDED LATER: He is a FOUR star general. Not FIVE. He has among other things served as National Security Advisor. There IS such a thing as five star generals. But Colin Powell was four. Do I think that this was really him? Hm, it's unlikely isn't it. Would the aliens pretend to be him? Maybe, they have pretended in the past. I don't really care. I don't like lies or being lied to. Anyway, I'll let you get back to reading this story.]

I am Colin. I am a five star general, I hope you do not mind. What seems to be this 'nuts' thing? - Colin Powell unless they are faking that it would be him

I just giggle. I actually really like that man. This isn't the first time he's made contact. He has the most special energy, if you see him psychically he just glows of gold and there is something about him which is like Ancient Egyptian royalty I always come to think of that. When you see him psychically he also happens to be one of the most handsome and appealing men I ever saw, I mean, I've seen millions of men at a glance I'm sure in my lifetime, there is just something very special about this golden Colin Powell. But is it really him? I giggle. Let's talk to him, I want to think it's him but is it?

Is this really you? - me
What seems to be the fuss? We were told about this fuss. That you are writing about us, on our team. - Colin Powell
*giggle* I have no idea! None whatsoever! - me
Look, if you are on my team, then it's best to be respectful. I said you were on my team! - CP
Are you Colin Powell? Or some alien faking it, well? The answer please? - me
We have been watching you, since you were a little child. And the reason is, because you are working with our enemy. The enemy being the aliens. - CP
Is this top secret by the way? - me
Why do you think they employed me onto this? Of course it is. - CP, and then he speaks to some others there with him
So, we are speaking with the President about them. About, them. - CP, at the 2nd "them" he thinks of a UFO
Wow. Well, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out, ok? - me
Sure, there is, one thing. - CP
Tell me? Anything, at all? What could I do? How could I be of assistance? - me
Well, they like to drink our blood. And, all of our natives, I mean, look, you, [my full name], should know this better than anyone other. What they do to us. And what this means. So, *clears throat*, what we could do. Are you with us? Or against? - CP
I can't pay her, no. - CP answers to someone else who asked him if they could pay me a salary, for some reason
Well, if this is really really you then I would of course care enough to listen. But if it is the aliens faking that it is you then I would not want to help them if they are faking that it is you. Do you understand? Is it really you, is it? - me
Why are you writing this down. Does it mean anything to you then? Huh? - CP
Helter Skelter. - Dark Lord
Yes, her name is [my first name]. - Dark Lord says to CP
And she knows everything! Even about, those things. She knows the works. - Dark Lord
We would like to say to you this, please be pleasant. Don't give us any worry. - CP says either to me or to the Dark Lord
We have been worried about you you see. - CP, so he was talking to me previously too, as I gathered
Why are you worried? What for? - me
We are going to do this until you are an old woman. - Dark Lord says to me
Do "what"?!! - me
The Battle at Syracuse. - Dark Lord
What does that mean. - me
Ok. Don't say Helter Skelter to her. - CP to Dark Lord, as I had put my hands across my face and puffing and thinking what is going on

I guess. If we are under invasion by these aliens, Dark Lords included, then the military would be concerned. But. Colin Powell? Sure he would be informed, of course he would be. I mean, these aliens want to take over the world. The aliens say they have rigged this planet with explosives. The aliens eat humans in underground basements. Of course Colin Powell would be informed. But. Would he talk telepathically to individual abductees?

I'm sorry that one of our men called you a skank. It wasn't meant to be done that way. - Dark Lord says to me
I wasn't aware of being called a skank. Gillespie called me a twit and a bitch earlier, but not a skank. I keep track of these things you know. - me

Now Colin Powell says something about the alien spaceships to the aliens. I just picked up his thought image of the spaceship. This could be him. I mean, that special golden energy I just don't see how the aliens could, or why they would, fake that. And why did I know about Bill Clinton's heart condition long before it was announced? Why did I see Saddam Hussein miserable in a gray jail cell long before it was announced in the media? Why, what? I don't want to get in any trouble. I guess, since I'm an abductee and egg donor and what not, then I'm a part of this. It was decided even before I was born. I just get nervous if Colin Powell is looking at me. Even if he is a really nice guy. He's actually one of the best people you could ever meet, he's really something. He's more down to earth and well-rounded than perhaps anyone I've ever met.


Would you like to know about the snacks? - Hamish asks CP
No...!!! - CP angry answers to Hamish

Hamish is just trying to subdue the general by showing him upsetting things, Hamish is trying to weaken the man and set him off his balance. These military and surveillance staff have seen all the gruesome things the Reptilians have done to humans. But this general isn't going to let himself be set off balance, he handled that amazingly well. I've seen other high ranking military men start to cry over there, but this man wasn't going to let things phase him off. He's really something. He has a very special aura, all golden, you just never ever see that anywhere. Would the aliens fake it to make me think that it is him? What would they benefit from doing that?

No, we are not going to give you any navy ships. - the high rank officer from earlier who asked me about the unwanted kisses says to Hamish or other alien who had wanted to take their navy ships, probably Hamish, who even says "My cheese". Maybe Hamish said to the man "My navy ships".
You are not nuts, you know that don't you? - CP says after watching me closely for a few seconds
I don't know. Are you really him? Why would you talk to me, at this hour, early in the morning your time? - me

I am going to have to conclude that it is a fake. It can't be him. He wouldn't take a second of his time to talk to me. Even if the aliens who are involved in my life are threatening to take over the world. What has that got to do with me, anyway? I'm just an egg donor. Maybe I can help them, somehow.

We know you have skills. That is what we want. So, the eggs are not for us. They are not for our team. - CP or GP (Colin Powell or General Patton)

By the way, let's make this clear once and for all. The guy who is called General Patton is not even pretending to be the real historic General Patton war military officer. He doesn't even remotely look like the real General Patton. Our General Patton, or perhaps "my" General Patton, if you guys reading don't want him, don't want to share, but you can have him too cause he's quite nice, he is a somewhat largely built with wide shoulders man he is in his 60's if not older but he has black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a black suit and has the biggest office you ever saw, he usually sits by the desk there. General Patton is the top man on my team with these MKULTRA things. I used to hear him mentioned by my MILABS guys and they got all excited, like "General Patton is on his way over!", or "General Patton is on the phone!", but I never ever used to get to see him or talk to him. Until now, years later, when he showed up to do the maneuvers superposition thing.

I'm just really scared. I'm really scared. - I automatically find myself saying to CP and I shiver and let out a big sigh, I realize I am afraid of all of these men because I have been raped over there. Not saying by CP or that he would, but by the other men so I'm naturally afraid to see these people and it brings back memories and pain. So great, now I'm scared of CP too, not that I was before this suddenly flared up. That man probably never did anything to hurt me nor would he. He seems like a really nice guy, he really does.

Anyway. General Patton says that they started with the MKULTRA in the 50's or what was it, 60's? I have it somewhere in my notes from when he said it. And he has been doing this for a very long time, he's a veteran expert on this. Anyway. Colin Powell. Was it really him?

We just wanted to tell you that you are not nuts. If that helps. - Colin Powell
.. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Now tell me what I have to do? What do you want me to do with this, with the aliens? - me
No. I don't want to change career tracks. - CP to Hamish after Hamish asked him something about changing his jobs

Wow. A five star general. I've only met four star generals in the past. We've had one or a few four star generals with my team of people, and they always like to tell me that they are a "four star general". I don't know.

Can I ask you? - me
Yes, you may. What is it now, Dear? - CP, wow how nice he is
I once met, umm, a green lizard man and he said that he is John Kerry. - me, whoa!!! I could feel now how extremely urgent and mad CP got from hearing this!
And this green lizard man - me interrupted
Look, we don't want them to do this to our women. We really don't. - CP, he seems like the nicest guy in the whole world, he's really something you won't believe
This green lizard once shapeshifted into John Kerry and said that he was going to have babies with me. What does that mean? Why do the Reptiles do that? - me
I don't want to say more about it. - me
But it probably means, blood! Help! - Hamish fills in
Is John Kerry really a lizard man? Or were the Reptilians pretending? - me
You don't know half of this stuff, Ma'am. And we are really trying to protect you out of this. - CP
The military base camp doesn't want her here. - CP to aliens about me in response to something that was said to him
Blib Blib! Anger. - Hamish, the blib blib seems to be something about blood and bleeding, Hamish wonders about CP being angry. I see that Hamish is really trying to push CP's buttons, but it isn't working cause that man's an expert in staying cool.
Look at them run! - CP happy, he thinks of an image of little Zetas running in panic
Why, what did you do? - me
We told them they couldn't have you. It is on my discretion. Mine alone, you see. - CP
And, ... - me
Look, you and me don't have a single child together. And we would like to keep it that way. Because, I don't want to be part of it. No thanks! - CP
And was there a time when you decided that the aliens could have me? Why did you do such a thing to me? Why? Why couldn't the aliens have their own humans who live there with them, and then us abductees wouldn't have to deal with having this AND a human life! I don't get it. - me
Look, we are only trying to protect the maximum number of civilians. And you had to be one taken out. And I am sorry about that. I am really deeply sorry. - CP
Well, I can handle it. I'm ok now. It's been so long. I'm happy if I can help out, I trust you and your judgement, so. It's ok then. - me
I am happy too. That it hasn't been so long that you don't know everything. - CP
They were trying to insert wires into your head, skull, and we put a stop to it. - CP
Would you like to know why? "Eva" dear? What we do to you, with MKULTRA? - Dark Lord

Am I any wiser from this? Now the blonde CIA man again, who thinks about a beautiful Christmas tree over there. I don't want to be part of this, it's not my cup of tea. I don't think this is interesting.

They were trying to insert wires into you, god damnit! - Dark Lord yells, maybe CP said but Dark Lord said it this time
I don't know what's happening. - me
Well, we just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays. And no more trouble for you. - the blonde CIA man in a black suit who was thinking about Christmas coming up
... Thank you. And the same to you. Let me know if I can do anything to help! Anything at all, even though this is scary. - me
We didn't want to mind control you. But it happens to the worst, and the best. And you were one of the worst. - Dark Lord and/or CIA man, at least Dark Lord at the end
I am going to say this. That man was not the five star general Colin Powell. Because it can't have been. I think that Aliens are disguising themselves, just like they did with John Kerry. And just like they do with Prince Charles and Queen Elisabeth. They are just trying to have power and dignity so they fake themselves being important people on earth, so that I would listen, so that they can feel powerful. But I won't fall for it. But if indeed in fact that was him, Colin Powell I mean, then... I don't know. I would listen to him of course. But anyway. - me

As I left the computer and typing, Colin Powell said once again that he just wanted to let me know that I was not nuts. I talked to him a bit, and I thanked him for coming here to help me. And it healed something painful I've had inside since my teens. My military guys never used to talk to me. Captain Marsden had a good chat with me once, and even that wasn't much information or understanding. So Colin Powell, five star general, has been great. I needed this. Sort of. I still don't know what is going on. But something feels better. It's good when they talk to me. (It probably wasn't him. Maybe Dark Lord was faking it? But why would Hamish be having a conversation with this CP? And Dark Lord? I don't get it. I just don't get it. At least, whoever this was, is saying I wasn't nuts. So that's a big relief!)

ADDED LATER: I'm so mad at the aliens and Dark Lords. If they made up this story just to fool me then I'm cutting off all ties to them. I'm tired of lies and tricks. I don't believe this was Colin Powell, and neither should you. I hate the Aliens. I should make a list of why I hate the Dark Lords and Zetas and this should make it on top of that list. I hate lies. He wouldn't have said that he's a five star general, because he had four stars. So there. It wasn't him. Why do the aliens lie about being important people? Are they having self-esteem issues? Whatever. Back to my real life, with Hamish, and with reading that magazine.

Flirty? Eh? And Reptile.

October 28 2014, 11:25 PM - All of a sudden:

I like Asian women. - General Patton
... That's fine, I like older men. - me
It doesn't mean that I wouldn't do it with you. - General Patton
... What kind of a pick-up line is that! - me

By the way there was a Reptilian around today, typically while I was in the bath. I spotted him in a mental image and he was surprised that I could see him. My Hamish told him that I can see the Reptiles, Hamish knows I see him too. I chatted with the fellow a bit. I asked him about his life and dreams, he liked it when I asked because his lower eyelids closed up really high and I told him I knew that he was smiling. He was interested in flesh, he said, in food. He told me that the Reptilian women had all succumbed since there was a time when their women were left behind on the planet while some Reptile men were up nearby in a spaceship, and kaboom basically. Planets seem to explode in these alien stories. So, they have no women, and are having to try to use human genome to make a new fertile Reptilian species, or something like that. It's different than why the Zetas are infertile.

Hey. - General Patton, and it's as if he grabs my wrists gently
Where are you? What are you doing here? Go find some Asian women. - me
No, not yet, yup! - GP says and leans back on his office chair in his office
I wasn't going to find them, now that I have you here. - GP says. Earlier today I caught him thinking back to when he was a young man and first arrived at a military training camp like back in the 50's or 60's when he stepped off the bus, and he was thinking back to his youth. He would later become either a Navy SEAL or Marines, I forget which it was, and he worked on a US Navy ship when he was asked if he would do "this stuff", whatever this stuff means, I hardly know myself
Yeah, I am looking at [my full real name]. - GP says to someone else there
What for? Why do you look at me? I can see you too by the way. You have black hair. - me
Yeep, she sees me. - GP leans back far on his chair and declares to himself
So? What for? Why are you here? Why won't you tell me? - me

General Patton thinks to a vivid mental image of having seen me wiping my down parts after I was at the bathroom just earlier, then he nearly sobs and says "Please forgive me!". It was interesting seeing myself from a distance like as if I were a different person, I'm just used to seeing myself from inside my own body, so that was interesting, whoa what a life-changer.

You don't have to worry about that! All women do that every day! I'm not embarrassed! There's nothing to worry about! Why would I care? So, why do you watch me? What is it for? - me
Well, it is because you are listed as a Code Blue. - GP
What does "Code Blue" mean? Would you tell me that? What is Code Blue? - me
Have you ever, ... - GP begins
Does she know why she is listed? - Hamish seems to be the one who asks GP
No, of course she doesn't know that. - GP answers to the one who asked him
What is Code Blue. What does it mean. - me
I wasn't allowed to eat your hearts, it means that. - Hamish says to me, looking cute like a Sock Puppet
Hamish!! I love you! You're a cute turtle! You cannot eat my hearts, Yes-No. - me
Don't talk to him, it might aggravate him more. He has been very upset with me you see. - GP says to me
Hamish and me are friends. I never aggravate Hamish. I know he wants to eat my livers snacks. But he won't because I have eggs... So I get to pretend that Hamish is my friend. - me
No, I am not an adulterer, he has said. - Hamish says about GP

The visiting Reptile from earlier worried that he might smell like Reptile feces, he said that humans used to have barrels of feces (like in the Medieval times or whatever, based on what he said), and that now the Reptiles have such barrels. It seems that these barrels are then taken away from the base like that. So he said that he smells. I told him he is fantastic because he is a Reptile and that I don't mind if he has a smell. We talked about Hamish a little bit, the Reptile and me. I made sure that he knows that me and the eggs are with Hamish. He told me that Hamish is a very old ancient race. We talked about Hamish's back hump, I asked him had he seen it. The visiting Reptile seemed to appear outside our home in the nearby forest at the big rock hills though in the other dimension and I heard him ask himself, "What am I even doing here". I had the impression that my kindness and affection toward this Reptile had made him feel surprised and happy and that it had drawn him to come visit. I don't think these guys are used to someone being friendly to them or genuinely caring about their life and feelings.

As for General Patton, what on earth are we going to do about General Patton?

Yes, Miss, you seem to need me here. As a cat, a kitten. - GP
The Beta Cat thing again? MKULTRA stuffs? Why that? Go away, I am not interested. It doesn't make any sense I declare... Answer me this: why would you be here visiting in the first place? Watching me wipe myself at the bathroom? Why this surveillance from you? And why the Beta Cat MKULTRA fuss thing? Why all that, I don't get it. - me
We wanted to be the dominant race. - black Reptilian

Never mind, it isn't worth my time to pry into that, let's just leave it. Bye.

By the way when I first saw this Reptile man when I was in the bath, I declared happily, "Lizard Man! A Lizard! How cute!". He corrected me and said he is a "Serpent". Hamish is looking forward to Christmas by the way. He is ready and prepared to growl at the red Santas and want to step on them with his foot, and looking forward to seeing the pretty and dazzling captivating red balls on the Christmas tree. It wouldn't be Christmas without Hamish.

Forbidden Abductee's Memoirs

October 26 2014, 12:05 noon - The military told me not to speak a word about this especially here on my website. They said they know I write as "Eva Draconis". So they are reading this now too. It concerns the security of humanity. But I will carefully say a few things that involve things I have already said before on this website so it shouldn't matter. I already knew there is another dimension. I was taken there last night. Someone had dressed me in clothes I didn't recognize (but hey, at least I wasn't in my nightgown there like I was in bed... by the way I learned long ago in my teens during my MILABS years not to go to sleep naked or indecent, meaning to always have enough of clothes on just in case I run into some men in black suits or military officers).

I was in a house. I opened a door leading to outdoors. From behind some hills approached me a big group of people. Human abductees and alien hybrid children, men and women and teens or adolescents, no young kids or youngsters. The thing is, all of these people knew me well. I could feel it. They knew precisely who I was, since years and years back.

But before that: I dreamt or was shown a terrarium that had a beautiful blue and black lizard. A Reptilian, I knew it was a Reptilian even though I didn't see him, lifted the lizard and put it into my open hand. I will always remember how heavy the lizard felt on my hand, and how distinctly cold its skin felt against my hand. They gave me this lizard, in a way to show that I was allowed contact with Reptilians. The lizard slithered down my arm and to the floor after half a minute, and another lizard was shown to me, this one yellow with green. Then the house scene.

I watched as these people, who I knew were abductees and hybrid kids from my group

We wanted you to feel safe with that. Yes-No no more purses!! - Hamish
What purses Hamish? What purses, Dragon? - me
My purses were made for me. - Hamish smiling with his eyes, thinking of a flat black leather purse
I know you like your purses. - me, smiling because I know
It was not flat. And I wasn't thinking of having eggs in them. They go in my mouth. - Hamish

But I kept looking over the hills, cause you couldn't see the back of the hill from where I was standing at the house, I was looking past all the people and hoping to see a Reptilian or two coming in to see me. They didn't. Hamish? Would Hamish come to greet me? He didn't. I walked over to where the hills were and no Reptilians, no Hamish was there. Just that vast open field of wet grass mixed with mud, a typical and realistic-looking autumn scene. No Hamish. I slumped down to the ground and started sobbing, crying. I stood up after a little while, looked around, no Hamish, no Reptilians, I slumped down again there on the ground and I cried a lot.

A black vehicle that sure as hell doesn't look like something from Earth arrived there and out came a military personnel who was a blonde human man wearing camouflage clothes with a matching cap. He is actually one of the very few rare or next to non-existent cases where the military people were not dressed and titled as high rank officers. They had brought in this car to transport me somewhere. But I just slumped down to cry because I didn't have Hamish, or Reptilians.

What you have to know, I was awake and conscious. It was a real encounter with these people, I think. It's been too much emotional pain, of too many years that I wasn't allowed to know, too much done to me and too many gaps that hurt like pain, that I don't want to connect to these people. Hamish has been the one who was here with me all along. Hamish has never hurt me. And we are so close. I don't feel like opening my heart to these people, my abduction group, even though they felt more familiar than anything. I am not ready to heal. I just want my Dragon Scales to meet me.

Well, I wasn't allowed to write what I just wrote. When I woke up they told me many many times, these military people, that I am not allowed to write it here. I just don't see the harm. I've already written more details than this before. And later a nightmareish scene where I'm in the underground bases that were like tunnels and hallways, damp and dark, where I peek into this small room and there are two of the most scary creatures there. They start chasing me, I rush through doors, up an elevator, they chase me. It was scary. When I woke up from that one, Hamish was talking to me mentally from a place precisely the same as that one. Maybe I was taken to see Hamish, when I was acting like that and sobbing, and then seeing him had scared me like it always does?

Turns out Hamish was in a sewer place, and it was because if they poo there on the ground it is easy either for them to poo directly into the sewer water that runs like a river in the middle of the tunnels, with two pathways, one on either side, and both sides have small rooms that have doors on them all along the walls; or that mess on the floor can be easily hosed down into the sewer that flows right next to it. Hamish namely has a tendency to poo on the floors. Hamish said that some people, I'm sure he meant humans, vomit if they go there so Hamish was instructing me that I should go over to where the sewer runs so that I would vomit into it, he carefully instructed me with such care. He said that it smells so bad there that humans vomit, and said that he is not bothered by the smells. I told him I was worried that Hamish would be allowed to be in such a filthy place, I worried about bacteria and things. I so wanted him back into my home with his feet on our clean bathroom ruggies!

Hamish made a comment that his room there didn't have any rugs. I told him I would bring him rugs there. The black Reptilians who look soft and have blueish-black skin and wear dark rubbery jumpsuits told him I could not bring rugs because presents in the past that were given to Reptilians had contained hidden bombs. I assured them I would not have bombs on my rugs to Hamish, but I thanked profusely the black Reptilian for caring for Hamish like that. I want Hamish to be safe. My Turtle Sock!

I wasn't naked with her, she said. I wasn't naked with them. - says Hamish and thinks about me my body naked, so turns out I might have been naked there but I don't quite remember
We don't like any lights here, so it is always dark. - Hamish
I know, Hamish. So I will have to hold your hand or tail so that you can guide me in the darkness, because I can't see. You would help me, so I don't get lost. - me
I would help you, with many medical assignments. Because we had given them to you there. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. You are my Turtle Dragon. - me

There was also a visit to the Japanese underground city and people and something sexual done for the purpose of getting some people pregnant and things.

Anyway, the gist of the story is that I was taken to the other dimension which is another version of planet Earth and is populated by select people and where the whole population of Earth is basically designed by aliens not by humans. It seems to be a better place, in some parts it is, and in some underground parts it's terrible. The Reptilians eat humans and I am not supposed to tell that because it is a serious threat to security for all of humanity. The military is trying to deal with it but they can't. Reptilians are very difficult to deal with and they can decide to murder people on a whim. The military told me not to talk to the aliens at all. I was telling the man that Hamish the Reptilian is my best friend, and that he won't hurt me because he is guarding my eggs, so I feel perfectly safe with him.

The threat to human security is severe. I am seriously not allowed to write this here. But I did. Maybe out of spite because I hate the hybrid kids they made me have. I hate that they have to test their sexuality on me because I want no part of it. I hate their arrogance. I don't want to be part of some abduction group, I want to hate the other human abductees and hybrids because of all my lost years. All that time I would have wanted to just be in their arms and know what is going on, with the military and men in black people, Zetas, Dinosaurs, Reptilians, Locusts, and now even Alpha Remulans. They do things to me and they create a whole other life where I am part that I don't get to remember. Things happen and are done to me that have a huge impact on my emotions and identity and life that I don't get to know, don't get to experience, don't get to take a part of, don't get to have or process. It robs me of my very existence.

In my teens I just dreamt and hoped to get to meet the guys properly, instead of those few "accidents" and "mistakes" where "the anesthesiologist failed" when I was awake and had glimpses, I mean the military and government people, who did remote viewing surveillance and talked to me telepathically 24/7 since I was 14 until I was 19 or so when I no longer was as aware of it. I mean, they take a huge chunk out of my life and fill it with experiences and things, and then they don't let me have it. I would rather know and deal with everything. Why can't I make that choice?

I mean, me and Hamish live a wonderful day to day life together. Even though I wasn't supposed to know about the Aliens at all. Just last night Hamish told me that he knows that Christmas is coming up, because of how the weather has changed to the colder. He thought about how we will have all those Santa figurines in the house, and how he would like to step on them with his foot because they are using his color red and showing dominance. I showed him my mental image of my bare human foot on those Santas too, just to concur with Hamish, because this is serious to him. I asked him what he thinks of the red Christmas tree ball ornaments. He didn't mind, he thought of how they will hang in the Christmas tree, and wrapped Christmas presents under the tree. He doesn't quite understand, but he knows. He is familiar with Christmas, even if it is an odd thing to have done. I showed him a mental image of a wrapped present where I would write the name "Hamish" on, that he could open. I asked him what he would like to have in that. I forgot what he said, but anyway. He is my Dragon.

This morning we were talking and he hoisted me up in bed and pushed me softly against the wall while making me very aware of him and of what he looks like. I told him how much I loved this close contact with him. I love him. He wants soft rugs there in that basement room for his feet. Who takes care of him, if I don't? Does anyone else love him? Would anyone else do anything at all for him or die for him? Sure enough, when I really see him and have close contact, I am scared out of my mind, I scream like I didn't know I had it in me, and I run away from him. He will look at me like a predator and I will know that he is hungering for my liver. He has the aura of a scary predator, I can't say he doesn't. I am probably just a piece of meat to him. He would eat me if it weren't for the eggs, and if he could. I am the "eggs". When I call for him, it is his "eggs" are calling for him.

Do you remember the restaurant, eh? We were trying to make it nice for you. I wanted to befriend you first. - General Patton says, of course I remember the restaurant, the one down there on the ground floor of the hospital in Syracuse (see that page in the MILABS section of this website)
Well, we didn't want you to know what you ate! - General Patton, he is uncomfortable cause he is fixing with his inner black suit jacket pocket in both sentences
... I don't need to know what I ate, do I? Was it vegetarian? I am a vegetarian, almost. Please tell me I am a vegetarian! General Patton? Are you a human? - me

So yes, General Patton was back this morning. He said he was the "intendent" I think he called it, that he was that earlier and then he wasn't. I told him I was glad to have him back. He phrased something like that the aliens have "made" or "prepared" me for him, and he did those maneuvers again, and they feel very sexual for some reason maybe that's just a consequence because he is a man and I am a woman and we are suddenly very close, closer than a hug, we can feel each other's bodies like if we were in them, so maybe that's why. It feels very invasive. I wish it could feel cozy. But there's something unnerving about the whole thing.

Anyway. I was really sad that it wasn't Hamish who came to greet me from behind that hill. Or even some Reptilians. The group of abductees and hybrids and the Zetas who manage that group told me that they were a friendly welcome for me, and that the Reptilians were underground and I should not meet those because they are not safe to be with. But I still wanted rather to be with my Reptiles.

I know I should explain. There are a lot of unresolved emotions between me and my fellow abductees and the hybrids. Especially all the joy and feelings of family that should be there, become conflicting emotions because of all the pain, the greatest pain being that they have taken me and don't let me remember. It robs me of my life. It is painful, so I reject them. It hurts me to realize all the years that were stolen. Instead, the Reptilians have never harmed me so much. Maybe because Reptilians have not been emotionally involved with me. The Reptilians don't try to reach out to me, and there isn't a sense of family. I look for comfort somewhere, so I've turned to the Reptilians. I feel comforted from their presence, especially from Hamish.

To the military/government people who forbade me from writing any of this: I always begged to stay conscious during abductions with military in my teens. You didn't let me have them. You people continued to talk to me every day, and I could see you in your offices when you watched me with remote viewing. Now, perhaps as you say that surveillance was to make sure the aliens didn't do anything forbidden to me. I remember I was raped by military and men in black people in my teens. You know I cried my pillow wet from that. And I know you only did that because the aliens need someone to do that to me to get me pregnant and you think it's better if it's you and some of you like Aulis Greenshaw thinks that I won't even remember. But I do remember and I have a way of knowing. You guys could at least have let me stay there awake and see everybody and tell me what is going on. I could have handled it better that way. You could have held me and comforted me...

... I made friends with, or I felt safe with, many of you back in the day. With Captain Daniels or Jacob Greene whatever his name was, Tyler MacIntyre, Assistant Carlisle, Captain Marsden, those were the ones I always felt safe with. I could have just spent time with them and everything would have been healed. Now it's ongoing. I am taken places and I don't get to remember. Sure enough, I have psychic skills and all that and everything. The aliens will not ever no matter what let me marry the man of my choice. They would ruin my relationships if I chose someone who is not from my own abduction team. I want to stay awake during abductions. I know they take fecal samples and take my eggs and bring in people to have sex with me to get me pregnant and put a tube down my nose to take stomach contents. I don't care, do you honestly think that those things in magnitude are anything compared to the pain of not knowing or remembering? I want to stay awake and remember. I already know what happens. I am not one of those idiot abductees who get scared or who hit or try to hurt the precious aliens...

... I do not want to have any contact with my hybrid "children". I was prepared to at first, but then they are arrogant and they rape their own abductee human parents, so no thanks. Make sure I don't ever have to hold them or talk to them or see or touch them, especially sexually. I am not their mother, keep them away from me. And I am sick and tired of you military people coming in to tell me that hey, by the way, you and me have a hybrid child together and here he or she is. I don't give a fuck. You never let me remember when we had sex and you robbed me of my memories and life, and it kills me more than any rape would. You think I should be happy to know that I have some sort of child with someone I never met before? Now, what five years later? It kills me and ruins my life and I want to die if you do that, so stay away from me...

... The bottom line is, let me stay awake from now on. I don't care what happens, I will deal with it. I am a strong woman and I already remember. I want to remember. And, as for Hamish. He is a red Reptilian with a soft back hump, he is of the "old Draconian race", he has three pairs of orange blunt bumps on his head toward the back of the neck which mean royalty. His name is Hamish. I have a strong friendship to him. I know his race eats humans and livers and that he is scary. But he guards my eggs and he would never let anything hurt me, that would be like killing the cow that gives you milk. He takes very good care of me and protects me. I want to have chances of meeting him, and you all have to understand that I love him more than I have ever known love for anything else before. I would die for him without hesitation. So stop telling me not to talk to him, I love him.

Hamish Cancels His Resignation

October 24 2014, 10:53 AM - Well there was some scare that Hamish might have resigned his duty as my "prison guard" and found his replacer Green Reptile, but last night Hamish came in to tell me that he would be staying in for the night. Oh I was so pleased, to know that my Hamish would be around all through the night as I slept. And when I woke up in the morning, Hamish was still here.

My smell, I said. It wasn't very pleasant, to you. It wasn't my candy. It didn't smell sickly-sweet. It was my boys' fault. They told me not to be here! So I said, "Yes-No" to them. And they let me stay here. They said, "Fine be with it". "My gold", you have said to me? - Hamish, "candy" and "it was my boys' fault" was in my native language, the rest was in English as written.

Sure, Hamish has a smell to him. But I have only smelled him in the far beginning, in August 2011 when Hamish wrestled me and was on top of me with his breath doing monster dragon exhales at my neck. The smell of vomit and cheese, something very visceral. I might have mentioned once or twice that he has a smell. And since then he has avoided coming close, and I regret that. I want him close, all the time if he could. I love him, and his smell doesn't chase me away or even offend me.

I don't mind your Dragon smell. I want you close to me, you are my Dragon friend, and back turtle. - me
... Yes-No Onions! - Hamish so upset that he jumps and his feet nearly lift up off the floor, "onions" in my native language

Hamish told me this morning, that he had considered it and decided to stay in spite of that I fish for lobsters in the video game The Sims 3. He explained to me, that the lobsters have little eyes to see with, and that they are a primitive early form of his own race. Hamish's race was once like lobsters, and they have evolved into their current beings. So, for me to fish for lobsters even if in a game, is an offense toward his race. I could kind of understand, when he explained it. Even if the lobster fishing isn't real, only virtual, game, I am spending time mocking and injuring the lobsters. Kind of like how some people would be offended by gorey or violent murder games where humans get killed and would think of it as an offense toward humanity, even if it is only fictional. Kind of like talking about being racist against some humans, or talking about rape or violence, is actually almost like the crime itself, like approving of it, like wanting to watch it. So I understand. (But I still want to play my video game.)

As for his comment, "it was my boys' fault", he meant the Black Reptilian who showed up a while ago making sure that I see that he was carrying firearms in his arms. And yes. Yesterday I kept calling Hamish "my gold", "my treasure", I said that to him this morning too, perhaps it makes him understand what he means to me.

Hamish hasn't been all that happy or comfortable here. In his list of reasons for resigning, on top of the list was that I fish for lobsters and fish - especially the goldfish it offends him - in the video game and he has to watch, and the fact that we cook with onions in this household, which upsets his nose, but also that I would eat shrimp, which are like his little babies.

But he had decided to stay. And this morning Hamish was in my bedroom when I woke up, and I was so pleased to have my best friend, this very peculiar big Dragon boy with me. He showed me his back hump (as always), calling it "an old backpack". Hamish showed me his back hump a few more times this morning, he will point to it and make sure I see it. He is so proud of that back hump.

Here's a fact: Did you know that Dragon Turtles come in two colors? There are the fire engine red ones, like Hamish and his mother was, and there are a type of mustard yellow ones, like Yellow Turtle who was a friendly male who once visited, and Yellow Dragon Turtle Lady who made eggs with Hamish and when I learned that "Tik Tok" means "I want to be with you", and is a phrase mostly or only used for wanting to mate with someone so I don't get to say it to Hamish just for wanting to be with him. Hamish's father was yellow. Yellow and Red ones obviously mate with each other, but red also mate with red. A Yellow male can mate with Red female (Hamish's parents), or Red male with Yellow female (Hamish and Yellow Lady). Red can mate with Red (Hamish and Red female), and presumably Yellow with Yellow though I don't have an example but don't see why not.

Hamish at least treats Red color as the powerful best color, so possibly throughout the Dragon Turtle species, Red are given a higher rank than their Yellow.

We don't like to smell eggs, but they smell like that. - Hamish, about Dragon Turtle eggs

Yes, Dragon Turtle eggs have an interesting scent. Dragon Turtles have a keen sense of smell. They have strong body odors which may serve some signal of presence or other signals, and their eggs have a strong smell which is more sweet and mild, which at the very least might help them locate their eggs, to always be aware of their eggs, and to know that there are "eggs" there when in their presence so that a visual awareness won't always be necessary to trigger whatever instincts their eggs have in their mind and behavior.

Fun Dragon Turtle Fact: Dragon Turtle humps are soft fleshy and not made out of a separate hard shell like on the Earth tortoise. They are very proud of their hump back cushions. And the back cushions grow a row of widely spaced black thorns along a line starting from back of the neck on the cushion and backwards toward the tail to the end of the cushion. So it is clearly a feature for display.

It is for arrogance, they are arrogant with it. - Black Reptile explains

Hamish has his black back thorns plucked out, he isn't supposed to "show too much power" by having them. When Yellow Turtle visited, he had a full set of black back thorns, quite stylish and imposing. They grow out steadily, slowly like fingernails would.

I love Dragon Turtles! I don't ever want to know life without Hamish. I don't ever want to try to live without him. I would take a bullet for him

Yes-No Hatchet!! - Hamish, who is watching and listening to me, gets alarmed from my thought of weapons where I would offer my place to defend him

I wish I could give him a better life with me. I would like to have a house with a garden that has koi and goldfish ponds for him and at least one or several tortoises roaming around free in the garden. He just watches and listens to me all day long.

I watch my back too. It was what made me great once. - Hamish about his back hump

Well, they're not nice

October 22 2014, 9:28 PM - I was bored out of my mind and laying in bed trying to have a nap so I decided to turn to the Aliens. I told them how I want to meet them and see them. I managed to nag myself to their attention. I was brought into mental connection to a Reptilian who let out this horrific unsettling roar at me. I thought it was really uncalled for. Turns out it was my Hamish. He is angry because a) I played the video game The Sims 3 and my Sims fished for goldfish, various fish and lobster again, and he is mad at me, and b) I ate a shrimp salad sandwich yesterday and today with shrimp on it, and Hamish is mad. Hamish is really pissed at me, but he has been a good boy at keeping all of his feelings bottled up inside of him, but now that I was insisting on close contact, he was telling me.

I should've written down what the aliens said, but I was in bed and didn't feel like jumping out of bed just to write things down, it would break my focus on them also and ruin part of the experience. But then I regret not writing it down, cause a) I can't share the experience of alien contact with you readers, and b) I can't read their words in the future to reconnect with the experience I had.

Reptilians were acting very rude and offensive toward me. One even said, "Bow Wow" or how it was, insinuating I am a dog, an inferior race. But most of all they talked about the eggs they need from me. I was asking them, just to strike conversation, "what kind of a stick do you use to get the eggs out, I don't understand, how do you take the eggs out?" I asked them, a Zeta told me to ask the Dinosaurs, they are the ones who do it.

Crocodile Man came to check me out, he said he is checking me before a potential visit. It seems Crocodile Man is the one who has that job. Crocodile Men act as security guards, if there is any possibility that I am going to be closer in reach to any of the Aliens, then Crocodile Men guard the Aliens from the potential threat of me (which is no threat). Crocodile Men also work in the nurseries where embryos and fetuses grow in dishes, they are guards but seemingly also gentle nurse caretakers. Crocodile Man looked at me, his black round eyes glowing with some distant reflection of light making the eyes look ever so real. He showed me his penis, which is large (but not like abnormally large I guess). He proceeded to have sex with me. I would like to give a detailed description of the sexual encounter I had with the Crocodile Man but this I guess is a censored website, children might be reading. Yet there isn't all that much to say that would make me pull up a writing document for my archives (which turn into books), so the details are just going to go lost on this one. But it felt real, it felt sensual and nice, but very mild and subtle too.

I asked them why they had sex with me, the Reptilians said it was so that I would not be afraid of them. They somehow justify "the rape" with that it should make it ok for me that they have access to my sexual organs and eggs. Somehow they think that makes sense. Somehow they must think that "sex" is what makes it ok to have dealings with fertility and eggs and my privates. They don't know that I don't need the sex, and that I would rather just treat this thing some strange alien medical genetics experiment, without the intrusion into sexlife. I am not an animal. And it surprises me that they have worked out some kind of "formula" on what they deem is how the human works. Because the sex is not necessary, really it is just awkward and makes me feel that they have completely misunderstood me as a being and a person. It makes me feel disregarded and not listened to.

It didn't last long, as usual with Crocodile sex. Maybe 30 seconds or up to a minute, but long enough. The thing is, I could feel the creature have an orgasm, because our minds were connected. It was very interesting. It was the first time I have had any idea of what a male orgasm might feel like, and that coming from an alien Crocodile Man.

Hamish was very rude. He showed me himself from behind with his back hump and those orange bumps on the top of his head and back of the neck, and he shows me himself from behind it is like when humans do "talk to the hand", it is rude when he turns his back on me. He showed me his orange blunt buttons and said "Six eggs", turns out there are six of those orange buttons, only three pairs! He said that he gets to take "six" of my eggs each day, because there are six of those orange buttons. (They are a power symbol of racial prestige. He has said that those "signify royalty".)

Hamish has been calling me a "flower" all day, and saying "My eggs" maybe at least fifty times today. He has also been claiming things all day. Everything he sees here that I have around me or that I do or that I use, are "his". I want to meet him though.

The Zetas were acting rude, like always. When I confronted them on it, I said they should be friendly because we should be friends with each other, they think that I would not "obey" them if they were not rude and oppressive. They think their rude demeanor is somehow taming me and keeping me in control. Again, some kind of human formula they have worked out, which isn't right with me. I am the sweetest person and I really wanted to enjoy being an alien abductee. I wanted it to be fun, and interesting, and I wanted to make lifelong meaningful friends with these beings. But they are always acting so rude. So rude, so rude, the aliens are.

At one point a Zeta said, "Alpha, Beta, Zeta!", and "Zeta Reticulans". I think that's the first time ever that they have specifically called themselves "Zeta Reticulans" with me, which is their official name if you Google it. I nearly started to cry because Hamish is angry at me for eating a shrimp sandwich and for fishing fish and lobster in a stupid video game; I wanted to cry because it is absurd, and because he is angry at me, but then Hamish just scoffed at me for being whiny.

Why so rude? Why can't they just let me visit and everybody gets to be happy and have fun. They are part of my life and I wanted to enjoy our friendship. They are so rude, the aliens just get mad at me and call me dog and cat and say Hinch and snap at me. I was just reaching out to them, again, to make friends, because I wanted to meet them. They are just so angry all the time and rude. None of the aliens show any kind of friendship toward me, well, sometimes. I mean, when Dinosaurs talk about the baths they like to take, or when they are happy and point their index finger up when I said something that is accurate. And when Hamish talks about fun things he has been up to, or I get to see him stomping his feet up and down squish squish on a bathroom rug, and the millions of other delightful things that he does. But overall they are just so rude. I wanted to meet them, and instead Hamish is very angry at me and roars at me rudely because of the shrimp and fishing in the game, and Zetas act rude and they call me a dog and they send Crocodile Man who rapes me. I just wanted to get to go up into their spaceship and meet my friends.

My Cracker. - Hamish about the many chocolate covered oat cookies I ate today
It was Hamish's cracker. - me
Hamish looks at my hand very focused, indicating that my hand is not to touch his cookies.

BackPack and MacIntyre

October 21 2014, 11:11 PM - I built a deck that goes over water for a house in The Sims 3 video game. The deck was supported by many pillars and had water underneath it. Hamish was delighted and wanted to peek under there, he said the Frogs (Dinosaurs) would hide there. He has been watching me all day, and reminding me not to hurt the goldfish. When he saw me build a house over the river water, he was concerned many times that there might be a sewer outlet pipe into the goldfish habitat, I told him no there weren't any. He wants clean water for the goldfish. Why? You wonder? Goldfish are like tiny creatures covered in alluring shiny golden dragon scales. Hamish is mesmerized by their beauty and wants to protect them. (Sometimes he thinks about having one in his closed mouth with the goldfish fin sticking out, probably snacks.)

I was leaning over the bathroom sink and washing my hands at the bathroom. Hamish snuck up real close to me standing behind me in the other dimension, but I can see him. He was so close he could have been leaning on me, standing tall behind my back. He pointed to his back hump, and said, "My backpack" (in my native language). I love him, but you knew that.

Well guess what. Tyler MacIntyre paid a visit via telepathic link and mental images. It was great seeing him. He's aged, but so have I. He's one of my government surveillance people men-in-black guys, my alltime favorite. He was cheerful and happy as I remember him always being. This man made this MILABS thing so much easier for me back in my teens more than ten years ago. But it sure was him. I said, "Yay, MacIntyre!", and I knew he would recognize that, I used to always say that to him. When I publish my actual diary notes from my teens you are all going to get to know MacIntyre and all the others.

Tell him/them I think it's funny. - Hamish with mental image from a dolphin video game I used to play years ago, he thinks it's funny because dolphins swim in the water that they poo in, I'm not kidding Hamish thinks that's funny
Why is that funny? Or does that bother you? - me

Green Reptilian pays a visit

October 20 2014, 9:49 PM - I shrieked at Hamish out of infatuation for him in such a way that it unsettled him and he called for help and a green Reptilian showed up, the green one said that it has a "comb" indicating to the comb-plate structure running from the forehead down across the top of the head toward the back of the head. Now he is sneaking about again.

The green Reptilian is slender and naked with no clothes. He has long arms and legs and a long slithering tail. He is like a human on speed, his movements are very swift and agile. He is incredibly attentive to visual and other stimuli around him. I was watching a video and he informed me that he did not like the music in it (it was very soft and quiet background music against human speech) and he asked me to switch it off. (I didn't switch it off this time, I told him it would end in a few minutes, which it did, five more minutes or so.)

He stood behind me sneaking and lurking, constantly moving about like an agile person on speed, filled with his visual and hearing senses, an incredibly aware creature, so swift and agile. He held one hand probably on the chair on my left side, as he stood right behind me to my right, moving about, listening, watching. He told me that the eggs are his. I said to him that they are Hamish's eggs. So we have a competitor. Let's talk to the two fellows:

Hello green Reptile. - me
We smell like that. If you don't mind that, we can come here and pay you a visit. - Green Rep, he gave me an instantaneous smell experience that I think smells like urine or stables, but not in an offensive way at all, just a sharp smell, I've not smelled a Reptilian like that before, each seem to have a slightly unique strong scent. Not offensive at all.
Your smell is fine. It does not bother me. - me

His eyes are big and open wide, he is completely flooded with visual information. It is as if a slight jolt might make him jump or run. Or that he is very eager to attack and wrestle. His mind must be running 1,000 times faster than my human mind. In fact he spoke his mental words in the fastest stream of information I've ever known from Aliens. He is like a creature on speed, constantly swaying his body this way and that, listening, watching with his big eyes, as if he feels the need to jump, to attack, to wrestle, to run, to do anything. He doesn't stand still.

Hello. What is your name? - me
I am with Lasarus's team. - Green Rep
Do you have a name, Darling? Are you a Reptilian from Alpha Draconis? I can see you. You have big eyes. Where is Hamish? It is Hamish's eggs. Hamish's eggs!! Hamish's! HAMISH!! - me
My name was with Lasarus's team. I was with them too. She said, "a jolt". - Green Rep says to me, then to Thuban the last part
A jolt, she said?? - Thuban to Green Rep
.. Are you going to wrestle me? Reptilians like to do that. AND I LOVE IT! - me
No, you smell like that, bad. - Green Rep about me smelling like underarm sweat, he conveyed to me the scent, though I'm sure I would only have a minor trace of that scent, I'm showered, but Reptilian sense of smell is far more acute than ours is
You also smell like that. An "acute", smell. - Green Rep refers to smells from my lower parts, probably a combination of urine and feminine scents that he can pick up, even though my hygiene is up to par by human standards, again, that acute Reptilian sense of smell
I'm sorry if I have smells. - me
My eggs, I can take them. - Green Rep a bit viciously or yearningly
No. They are Hamish's eggs. I have decided. I HAVE DECIDED! I AM WITH HAMISH'S TEAM! - me
The Alpha Reticulans don't think so. - some other alien, about me being with Hamish's team
I AM HAMISH'S!!! I AM HAMISH'S EGGS AND SNACKS! I will fight. I will defend my right to stay with Hamish. - me
Did you hear that? She wants you to have her eggs? - Green Rep confoundedly to Hamish
Hamish is my best friend. I can't have you replace him, although I think you're cute too. - me

Hahaha! Haha! The Green Reptilian responded to when I said he is cute, by his eyes closing and he went all bubbly because of that! Haha what a cute and fun reaction! He reacted to it!

Can I stay with Hamish please? He is my Dragon Turtle. Hamish has my eggs. I will not change Reptilians. - me
Green Reptilian comes close to me sniffing toward my groin at the thought of eggs, yes.
My counter-claim is this. Why are you always so afraid here? Afraid of us? Hm? Lasarus wants to know. - Green Rep
I am never afraid of you. You are lying, perhaps? Or just mistaken? - me
We wanted to see you naked here. "She calls us Reps." - Green Rep, that last part to other aliens
Why do Reptilians have a scent? I think that's fantastic. Reptilians are awesome. When can I meet you, Hon? - me
The first thing I said to you, was you are our bread pieces. - Green Rep, true, he started our contact this time around by calling me a piece of bread (the first time we had contact earlier, he did not say this, but this time when I was watching a video maybe an hour or so later)
Are you going to wrestle me? - me
He responds by his eyes closing all cloudy and his mouth opens a bit and a slithery tongue licks across his mouth. He seemed delighted at the thought.
Where is my Turtle? I am not leaving Hamish. Not. Hamish is mine. He is my good Dragon. I don't need anyone else! HAMISH! Where is my Hamish! - me
We wanted to abduct you, and collect you. And take your eggs. - Green Rep, last part he licks his lips again
It depends on me, she said. - Hamish!
Hamish! You have to ask Hamish for permission. It is he who decides. I have given my eggs to Hamish, I decided so. Do not fight Hamish for it, just ask him with a question, and respect his answer to it. Hamish is my Dragon Turtle, he gets to have my eggs. Nobody else gets to have them, only Hamish, his lunches and snacks. My Hamish. - me
I didn't want to watch that anymore, so I thought he would come here. - Hamish, he shows me his mental image of the Sims fishing for goldfish in the video game. That has always upset him, but now, all this as well as the delighted shriek I made to him earlier, can you believe it, Hamish has finally gotten fed up with me!
Hamish, please don't leave me? I will never fish them again. - me
Did you hear that, Frogs? - Hamish to the Dinosaurs, delighted
I want you to stay, if you want to. My Honored Dragon Turtle. Honored back hump and scales. My Honored Hamish. I would miss you so much. - me
Does this one smoke? - a white alien asks the other aliens about me
No, she does not smoke. - Green Rep answers the white alien
Smoking cigarettes disrupts the DNA and makes an abductee worthless for the genetic experiments and for making hybrids.
Can you see my feet? I will mate with you with them. - Green Rep shows me its green Reptile feet
Will Hamish still get food to eat? Will Hamish get snacks? Hamish needs snacks. Why would you mate with feet? That doesn't make sense. - me
It is only that, you don't smell good. - Green Rep
Well, I can have a bath. I can take a bath, a hot bath and scrub me down. What smells do Reptilians like? I could rub myself with bacon and leather if that helps. Yumm. - me
I only wanted to take the eggs. For my Dragon Queen! - Green Rep about the White Lizard Queen blech
My eggs belong to Hamish already. I have given them to him. Nobody else gets to take them. - me
Not even the Lizard Queen? - Hamish or Green Rep
Especially not the Lizard Queen! She eats children, and is a pedophile. Especially not that. So I forbid it. My eggs are with Hamish. I decided that myself. - me
We have a long needle, see? - Green Rep shows me
Please, call it a syringe. - white alien probably a Zeta says to the Green Rep
Can I, meet you then? - me, and then I smile at the prospects of meeting the Green Reptilian
I would like to see you. - me
I don't think you smell right for me. - Green Rep bothered and concerned
Well. I could roll around with Reptiles and then I would smell like you! - me, he closes his eyes in delight all cozy cause of what I said
Also, that bacon sounds nice. We could do that too. - Green Rep
Only, if you don't drown in it. - Hamish or Green Rep means the bacon bath tub
Hey hey, hello what are these boys saying? - Military man
We showed her the syringe. - Green Rep says to military man
My, Locusts, are here, to help him. - Hamish I think or other alien, says to military man, "him" is the Green Rep
No, she didn't shiver. - Hamish answers Green Rep's question that I wasn't afraid, or perhaps that I didn't shiver when I saw Hamish's back hump cause Hamish was showing off his back hump from behind when he said this, that big fleshy lump on his back

Well. If I get abducted to this Green Reptilian - me interrupted
Like I said, you don't smell nice. - Green Rep
Well, I can roll around in bacon and leather and in reptiles. If that smells better. You could give me a hug and then I would smell like you? Do you, .. Can I ask you a question? Do you think that Hamish smells right? - me
Oh yes, he does. - Hamish answers this question himself
And Hamish, what do you think that I smell like? - me
Like the eggs, that we have here. That we like to eat them! - Hamish
My Locusts, were with your team. And they are going to take your eggs for you. - Hamish says to Green Rep, these are my eggs they are talking about
Why my eggs? - me
Green Reptile's eyes close he is in a buzz and a delight.
They have got the right iron. How can you see if my eyes are closing? I thought that we were cloaked. - Green Rep
She has also seen the Santas, and the red gnomes. She has seen them with me. - says Hamish and touches the soles of his flat feet that are sensitive
To have "the right iron" we learned in the far beginning of this contact, it means blood victims.
.. I have seen you all along. You are a green Reptilian. Very cute in fact. Long and slender, and you move about a lot. It feels like you want to attack me, like you want to jump on me and wrestle me. Reptilians always do that. Every Reptile I ever met, spent about two days watching me and then he wrestled me. So now I look forward to that with you. - me
We think that he failed his mission. He wasn't supposed to be seen, only to collect the eggs. - my Black Reptilian and/or Crocodile Man
But, I see you guys too? A black Reptilian and - me interrupted
Hinch! - black Reptilian
Maybe I am psychic? And I've seen Hamish lots. He's handsome. He's my Turtle Turtle. - me
*I thought it smelled like eggs.* - Hamish thinks without words, but I know what he is thinking, and he is pleased
Down to my throat! - Hamish pleased about eating eggs
Say, those eggs are starting to sound good. I think like fried eggs on bread for breakfast.
What is this? You were only supposed to talk to her. - the military man says to Green Reptile
This military man reminds me of General Patton and it could be him, ie. the General Patton of my MILABS experiences, not the legendary *real* General, as this is a fictive name for him. He could also be Gillespie, but doesn't talk like Gillespie does. Black hair anyway but not John.
I wanted to take you up with me! - Green Rep about taking me up to a spaceship
That is, unless you are afraid? You would come to meet with me. - Green Rep
I would do anything to meet you there. So long as none of it harms Hamish. We take care of Hamish first. - me
My Santas, she said!!! - Hamish
Hamish has told me that he acts as Santa for the little hybrid children from time to time. That is why the little ones still sometimes call him "Santa!" when they see Hamish. So that is why he says that. By the way. He won't dress up as Santa or anything, but he just shows up and they say he is Santa, most probably so that the kids won't be so afraid of him when he appears.
If I come to the spaceship, can I meet Hamish too? Can I please go there? - me
.. Yes, with the Locusts. - Hamish or other alien

The Green Reptilian is acting like a cat on catnip plus stoned on speed. It is as if he wants to cuddle or attack something and slash it to pieces with his claws and teeth, and his mind is racing. He is acting very hyperactive, but some of this is also normal to many Reptilians, it is we humans who are slow and dumb like sloths in comparison to them.

Well, I would be happy to come up to the spaceship to see you, dear Green Reptilian. And I am sorry that I smell so vile. On one condition. I get to stay conscious and aware during the whole trip to your spacecraft, I get to stay awake and aware during the entire visit and trip there, AND I get to keep my memories of the event, all memories of the event there. Then I can visit, and you can use that long needle and take *some* eggs if you want. And only if Hamish doesn't mind. - me
She said, Hamish has the eggs. - Green Rep
Yup. - Hamish thinks of eggs at his lips and meals
.. Do you want me to take a hot bath? Does it wash the smells away? - me
*he sniffs at me* I would like to see that yes. - Green Rep
And, would you like me to rub myself with a certain leather photo album and bacon? Does that smell good? - me
Better, yes. - Green Rep, and then he closes his eyes fully in that mellow kind pacifist way
... And, will I get taken aboard a Reptilian spaceship...? - me interrupted, "tonight"
Mother! - a little hybrid girl yells out at me telepathically in my native language
I am hungry! - Hamish to the girl in my native language, oh dear...
It was concerning me. - Hamish in my native language
Are we humans any better when we have chicken farms and raise pigs and cows? It's just that the aliens more or less live among their cattle. Think about that next time you set your teeth into a hamburger. You did it too. Hamish is not the only one who eats meat. I don't know what to say...!
It has made pee on me. - Hamish in my native language, like always the little toddler hybrids pee when Hamish gets them scared
Hamish, .. can't you eat some fish instead. It doesn't call for "mommy". Hamish? Can you eat some fish? - me
It is not my bread. Or cheese! - Hamish in my native language

I would die for Hamish. He is like my big red dog. My big dragon lizard person. I would let him eat me, if there was nothing else for him to eat. I love him.

We have some good men here for you to mate with. - Green Rep shows me some blonde man in his upper 20's with a strange alienesque haircut you won't see anywhere here on Earth
Who is that? Where is he living? I don't want to, no. - me
But the eggs, need to be fertilized first? And, have you heard of the discos? - Green Rep with eyes partially closing in emotion
I don't want to take part in this. Please, no. I don't want to. No more eggs! This is madness! Go away. Just me and Hamish here. I don't want anyone else, thank you. - me
Green Rep says, but without words, that the Reptilians threaten those young human men with a metal pipe or tube of sorts held in Reptilian hands, that they have to have sex with human women abductees.
I will not take part in raping those men. - me
Oh, don't worry about it, we don't mind. - the human man speaks!
Who are you! What on earth are you doing with Reptilians? - me
They fed us here, bred us I mean. - man
Are you, ... - me interrupted
Have you heard of the Illuminati? They kept them. - Green Rep about these human men
And I don't think it is disgusting. - human man
Just the eating part, does make me a bit upset. - human man sad about the hybrid children being eaten by Reptilians
They beat them down with a bat! And sometimes they make us watch! - the blonde human man is crying
What is your name? Do you have a name? - me
Look, she wants to mate you. - Green Rep still holding that metal bar resting against its both wrists
No, I don't. And I won't. I just wanted to know about his life there. Can I ask for a favor? - me
Yes, ask! - Green Rep nearly hisses
"What a convoluted mess" she will say next. About this, our "ordeal". - Hamish tells the others, and yes I recognize that I have written those exact words describing this situation in the past. Gosh Hamish has a good memory, he never forgets a thing!
One favor. If I am taken there, PLEASE let me stay awake and let me remember. - me
We smell bad. Some people vomit when they smell us. Would that happen to you, you wonder? Well? - Green Rep, holding the metal pipe
No. I have smelled Reptilians before. And I can hold my nose, you see if I pinch my nose with two of my fingers then I cannot smell a thing. Does it really smell that bad? - me
Yes, we have bodily secretions. - Green Rep
That's fine. It is part of your anatomy. Humans smell too, like you said. - me
Back to the question about mating. Will you do it with us? - Green Rep
What does Hamish say, about this inquiry? What would Hamish say? - me
Hamish says, Gulp Gulp. - Hamish about motions of eating, swallowing
Gulp Gulp? - me
Yes, with my angry fingers down first. - Hamish with image of baby hybrid hand
He means that I am always angry when the Aliens show me my babies' hands. That is why he says 'angry fingers'.
Would you come down with us? - Green Rep about down to alien underground base
Yes, but only to meet you? There we can discuss the rest. - me
So I won't beat you with the pipe yet! - Green Rep at that naked human man who is there
Can I ask about this man? - me
He helps us get our snacks, yelp! - Hamish
"Our" snacks, you said? - Green Rep holding that pipe
Our Remulans like to eat them too. - Hamish I think who said
Don't cry, she won't be afraid of you. - Green Rep to the human man who is crying

All of you who know Hamish, we know that Hamish isn't exactly the best to ask 'difficult' questions from. Now here we have a Reptile who can answer complicated questions. I'm too intrigued to learn more about Reptiles, and about that man they have there.

Dear Green Reptile? - me
Yees? We are coming into your house. - Green Rep still holding that metal bar down in the underground base
Did you see Hamish's back hump? - me
I won't attack him, because of that. It means he is an elder to us. - Green Rep
He is of the prominent kind! - Green Rep or Hamish himself
He is (of) the grandfather race. That is why it was said that. - Hamish, I forgot if he said "of" or not
About that man. "That mates with people". - me
He won't come in soon. He is not ready yet. - Green Rep
Yelp! - Hamish
What is he doing there? - me
We bred him, we raised him, in captivity. - Green Rep
How does he live his life there? Has he never seen daylight or the sun? Has he always been indoors in an alien base? Does he come to the surface of earth sometimes? - me
We have shown him around, yes. But, he makes for most of us, the fertilized eggs. - Green Rep
That is his job here! His mission! - Hamish, otherwise Green Rep
He doesn't have any underwear here. - Green Rep I think who said
Does he always walk naked? Does he get to wear clothes? - me
Hey! I would like to answer my own questions! - the naked human man
I am not angry at what you said. But look at this woman now. Or I will beat you. - Green Rep, he hisses out the last sentence, speaks to the man
...... He seems healthy. Well-nourished, fed, and clean too. - me
He doesn't wear any socks. Like me. - Hamish, bare feet
They usually ask us to masturbate. - the naked man says in my other language
... eh. - me
Look, we are military mind professionals. And we don't want you to be hurt by this. - the military man with black hair
I'm fine. *Shrug*. - me
... So. How old is he? - me
My cat!!! - black Reptilian hisses at me in my native language (NL)
We won't take in through your nose, we only do that to her. - Green Rep says to the naked man showing images of the white plastic tubing down a nostril that they do to me he means and won't do to the naked man
So. Since you have a human man living there with Reptilians. I could get to visit too, since that man isn't vomiting from the Reptilian scent. Then I can handle it too. If he can, then so can I. And I want to meet Hamish and Alpha Remulans. And you too, dear Green Reptile. - me
Green Reptile speaks in a discomforted way without words, that there are piles of latrine, possibly also of blood, all over the floors there. It is a messy dirty place, he means.
I could clean the floors for you. I can mop the floors, and make it fresh and minty. - me
I would be surprised if you do, when we chase you. - Green Rep, about if I were in the corridors
I would mop fast, while I run. I would finish a lot sooner. If I can visit, and mop the floors. Can I? - me
Black or Green Reptilian asks me if I see, the naked man is well squeezing his privates because they told him to.
I don't want to see that. I'm asexual, from now on at least. Can I visit the Reptiles though? - me
Wouldn't you like to run away from me? - Hamish or Green Rep, and I see this magnificent odd alien creature in a mental image, it is in darkness, its eyes appear black. A creature. I have been talking to a creature.
Would she run fast? - naked man asks Reptilians about me
No, she would not run fast. She would mop the floors fast, she said. And, she is an idiot! - Green Rep talking about me
So, she won't be my mother, with me? - naked man
No thanks. - me
.. Can I visit Reptiles? - me
Only if you don't mind what we do. - Green Rep
I don't mind, in exchange for Reptilian contact. That would be great. - me
Oh dear... - military man sighs because I said I would agree to things
So, we have a mop in there. - Green Rep seems to point to a small closet room
Really? .. Is Hamish there too? Can I come to see you? - me
Only if you take that man's sperm in your belly, your bottom. - Green Rep
And, ... - me

Here's the deal. I know they are going to do it to me anyways, regardless of my consent. If I say no, then it happens when I am unconscious and I don't get to remember. So it happens anyway.

The closet is not a secret. - Hamish or other Rep

What was I saying. I went completely blank. I mean, if I can visit Reptiles. Then that is a win. I want to see them. So, I guess I could agree to things, which are going to happen anyway, so? I would get to meet Reptiles, and hopefully my Sock Turtle again.

So. I am willing to come see you at the underground base. - me
Me, we, the military are warning you! - the black haired man raises his voice in an authoritative voice at the Reptilians, he warns them, he seems to be protecting me from them. He drops his head now and is saddened, he seems to be feeling helpless. Is he crying? Or just whimpering? He worries about that naked man they have there.
So. The Reptilians are going to take me anyway, and not let me remember. - me
We take the eggs to our Queens. They get to eat them first. And then, we do! - Green Rep
So, do you remember that now? - Hamish
Are you going to give her your sperm? - Green Rep hisses at the naked man
Is she going to be like my sluts? - naked man asks
He is pissing now. - Green Rep tells me to inform me that the naked man is well, peeing at the moment
He doesn't want to make the eggs fertilized with you now. - Green Rep concerned and "frowns", he is holding the metal bar in his arms still
So! You are going to take me regardless, since I have had plenty of babies there. Or you would take some other woman's eggs. So it might as well be me. - me interrupted
Yeess... - Hamish directs his attention to my belly tum tums and is pleased about the thought of the eggs
I would like to stay awake and conscious during everything. I want to meet with Reptilians, it is a dream I have. - me
He won't poo on you but look, he is peeing! He is getting ready soon to make a son. We will make him with him. We will then eat him too. - Green Rep
He is our lunches! - Green Rep or Hamish about the son
So! Is she coming, yet? - naked man
No, we haven't prepared her yet. - Green Rep to naked man
My lunches. - Hamish pleased

What you have to understand is ... interrupted

Or, that if it is a girl, we will eat her. - Green Rep
The girls are yummy too. - Hamish eyes closed
Yes, she calls us "Reps". - Green Rep to someone else maybe to the military man

Understand that I can't comprehend that I would have my own babies there. Not once for the three years we've been together me and the aliens, have I comprehended that I would have real babies there. I don't understand it. I hear it, but I don't understand it! I don't understand, it doesn't seem real, it is a blur it seems distant. I just know I want to meet the Aliens, so that I can understand. I need to meet Hamish, to understand, to know.

So. Can I come there tonight? And I can stay awake and remember everything? - me
You would clean our floors. And, yum yum! - Green Rep
I can clean your floors if you want. Tell me, why do Reptilians not use toilets? Why do they seem to poo on the floors? - me
We always lived that way. That is, before we came here. So that is why, we do it. - Hamish or other Reptile
Ok, I understand. - me
How would I prepare to be taken to visit you there for that, "fertilization"? - me, and it pains me to even say that word or to even think of that fact, mostly at this time for the sake of that poor young man there, I don't even think of a child at this point because one does not exist from this encounter, it is not relevant just yet
Where are you all now? - me
We are in the Mojave base. - Green Rep, he even pronounces it right, in a way like I could not
So you are far away from me. - me
My hunnun, my eggs. - Hamish, partly in NL
How would I travel there? - me
She says palate clicks, yes, heh heh! - the military man and/or Hamish
What, excuse me? - me
We have bombs here, for them. - Green Rep, yes they plant bombs to threaten the military
How would I travel to Mojave? By spaceship? How does the travel work? Why, how would I come there? - me
We don't use our feets. - Hamish shows me his flat red duck feet and lifts one of them slightly up off the floor when he says this
If I come there, then can I meet with some Reptilians? I would want to see them. - me
Yes, multiple palate clicks, heh heh. - the military man
Who the hell are you and what the hell do you want?! - me to the military man
Why are you laughing at me?! .. Is this a military operation?! - me to military man
Well, we have many men locked up there, and we can't find a way to get them out. If you wanted to know that. So, that is why we are watching. - military man says and then he scratches his neck uncomfortably, and looks sad
Can I have your consent to let me go visit the Reptilians in Mojave? ... You see, Hamish the Reptilian - me interrupted
The proud race. - Hamish
The proud race Hamish is my best friend. I would like to go see him. And there are some Alpha Remulan Scorpions I would also like to go see... Please? Let me? Is it safe? - me
This woman is nuts. - the military man shakes his head and is sad
She wants to go there. Why? - military man
I just told you. Hamish is my friend, proud race, back shield, turtle. My best friend? - me
She has eaten turnips, that had my name. My food!! They were with mine, eggs. - Hamish, I ate some fresh radishes today, several in fact, and they "have his name" since they are red
... So? Nothing more? Please, it makes me a bit sad that they would take me and not let me remember. That is what hurts me the most. - me interrupted from continuing
Do you know what we protect you from? - military man to me
You should speak to a priest. - Green Rep to the military man
I want to see Hamish. - me
They would take, our whole earth, if we didn't let them! - military man, meaning if they didn't let them do this cattle program thing
Well. You eat meat don't you? - me, the military man is sobbing so that his shoulders are going up and down
...... Hamish is still my best friend. - me
Yess, the eggs have said. - Hamish
I want to meet him. - me
Look at that! The broom! In the closet! - Green Rep about my promise of cleaning earlier
.. What do you wanna do? Go dusting there? - military man asks me concerned
Yes. If they need the help. - me
We take the eggs too. Yelp! - Hamish, the "yelp" seems to be a kind of "gulp" sound or gesture, of eating

Will I get to meet them consciously? Can I go meet Hamish? Will the man ... ok I don't even want to say that.

We make them watch porn, so that they know what to do. - Green Rep about that man and their others

It's just disturbing and horrific. I mean, this isn't even a documentary anymore. I just want to be with Dragon Scales (Hamish) and forget everything else. I feel safe with him. I just want to look at his red scales and back hump and hear him say his little things.

Yes-No, that. - Hamish shows me the image of a goldfish, he means he doesn't like me fishing them in the video game

I don't know. I just wish they would let me stay awake for things. I think it would make it easier, than having everything bottled up inside. Let me stay awake, humans eat meat, who cares.

My real name is Humphfrey. - the military man says
So, they are really in the Mojave desert. - military man
And, who are you? - me
Yes-No, my cookies!!!! - Hamish about the chocolate-covered oat cookies I had about a week ago

October 20 2014, 11:20 AM - Here is by the way a Hello to the lady who contacted me telepathically this morning, morning in my time in Europe, which if you were in the USA was late at night probably past midnight your time. You are 30-40 years I assume, soft brown hair, distinctly warm, soft and lovely as a person. You contacted me because you had read this very page the posts below this note except not today's yet. You said you too had hybrid children with the Zetas, and you had not known about the abuse they go through. I said to you that the Zetas don't always let abductees know. My Zetas were going to show you my hybrid children, but they only wanted to show you the "best" ones and said they have many deformed ones that they don't want to show. You asked about Chisandra and you talked about little girls. You asked me what I was like when I was a little girl, and I told you. I invited Hamish to speak with you, and I am not sure if you heard him he did. So, this is just to confirm with you that I did in fact hear you. Nice to hear from you, and you can contact me and my space creatures any time again. Thanks.

Hoisted Up, Tok Tok, and Various Dragon Stuff

October 20 2014, 10:59 AM - I woke up at night and out of boredom asked Hamish to lift me up, I told him it is fun. Sure enough, Dragon hoisted me straight up. I was on my back and he lifted me up to sitting in bed. (Now, I don't have the stomach muscles, or back condition, to hoist myself up that way. I really got a lift by a Dragon.) And he does it so quick and swiftly too, had I done it myself, I would have had to bend my knees and use thighs and also push myself up with arms. He is so good at it, straight up it goes and I feel no effort of muscles working anywhere. I giggled. I asked him to do it again, first I went back down and then asked. He did it again. And I made him lift me up a third time too, he did.

Hamish said "Tok Tok" to me today. I asked him what it means, he said it means "we are together now". I asked him, "then what does Tik Tok mean?". Tik Tok means "I want to be together with you", so now we know why the Yellow Lady Turtle was saying Tik Tok with Hamish when they were going to mate and make a nest of eggs, and also why Hamish wouldn't let me say Tik Tok to him because "I wasn't his wife". But I can say Tok Tok to him. And will do so a lot. Tik Tok and Tok Tok I believe are adaptations from his own Dragon vocalizations, which include noises like belches, pops, grunts, roars, purrs, the goose basooning horn sound, and not to mention palate clicks. He has just found a way of translating the sound into suitable words.

I told Hamish I have 1000 reasons why I love him. He said, "Did you hear that, Frog?", eagerly to the Dinosaurs whom he is ever trying to rule over and repress. Last night Thuban or Zeta told me that Hamish has tried to strangulate him and the hybrid children. And Hamish was acting violent and offensive toward my Thuban last night, wanting to bite him and stuff. I always tell him to stop, when he is acting brutal toward my other Aliens there. Remember in the beginning? When Hamish was really brutal like that with me too? You can read the exact accounts in the first book, "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?", try the Uncensored original version from lulu.com, in that book Hamish is listed as "Red", it was before I had his name. Hamish makes threats, tosses and wrestles me around, demands that I honor him, and acts like a total brute toward me in those early stages. Now somehow he has mellowed. I don't know why. Maybe because I treat him like a cutie pie. Let's ask him:

Hamish? Remember in the beginning you were brutal against me. Now you are friendly to me. - me
Tooot. - Hamish

It's not exactly written like that, the sound. This is the first time I tell you guys about his "Tooot". He says that when I have clearly crossed the line and he doesn't want to get agitated, it is telling me to shut up or that things might get out of hand, it is him telling that he is going to lose patience unless we just drop it. My analysis is that he didn't like that I said that he is friendly, that is like disempowering him right there, so he said Tooot.

Are you a friendly Dragon? - me
My eggs. They are here. And I dominate them! - Hamish
Tik Tok, No. No more lies to me about that. - Hamish, lies about Tik Tok, see? He doesn't let me say Tik Tok to him.
... I love you Turtle. Thank you for pulling me up in bed last night. It was fun! Did you like to do that too? To show power at me? I think it is fun, for entirely different reasons. - me
I was with that water barrel here. - Hamish is in some dark room with a barrel full of water, aha, water is dripping down from the ceiling, he likes watching it drip into the barrel
It was cool moisture. - Hamish
Where is Hamish now? Where is Hamish, with water barrel? Where is it? - me

Hamish claimed my breakfast eggs as his. And yesterday he kept saying "My eggs!", "My eggs!", about my ovum. My favorite is when he claimed the toilet paper. He has also claimed the bed, my underpants, yesterday he claimed the pots and pans in the kitchen. It's all his property here, and, I let him have it. I just agree with him, because I think it's funny. His territorial behavior, but in a fun way.

I declare

October 19 2014, 4:55 PM - I am playing The Sims 3 a video game on the computer. The Aliens seem to be watching. My Sim man happens to break the shower and there are water puddles all over the bathroom carpeting. Hamish watches as the man repairs the shower, and then mops up the puddles. As if nothing happened. Hamish says: "Have you talked to my feet? They would like that." Namely it's true, that Hamish likes standing with his flat red Duck Feet in shallow waters. He would have wanted to stand in the water puddles. But wait, there's more.

"They don't like to smoke, either. We were watching to see whether they would smoke.", says now the Zeta-type Alien man about my Sims couple who are getting ready to make a baby in the game. But before that, this Zeta-type of person said: "Hunch". Because the man had eaten spoiled food and went to the toilet to vomit. Hunch means like "Oh dear". And then he said, "Is he going to the shower to wash his penis? Because we would like to watch.", about the Sim man. I declare, that's a bit specific. And earlier Hamish - again, or still - thought that a Sim was picking up piles of poo when he is in fact picking up bits of metal from nature. (See in the previous Short Stories page a longer piece about when Hamish thought that the metal pieces were poo.) Hamish namely thinks it looks as if a person is picking up pieces of poo and eating them (cause they disappear once picked). Oh Hamish they are metals. Many laughs with these Aliens.

We are very curious about you. - the Zeta man
I am curious about you too. Can I come there and see you too? - me, and then I regretted saying that, these guys are sexual offenders and not in a funny way
Look, look at me. I am wearing this. In case you wondered. - Zeta man shows me he is wearing a somewhat loose-fitting white jumpsuit
I am with the Dragons here. - either Zeta said, or Hamish said wanting the Zeta to say
Hello, do you have a name? - me
.. We don't want you to panic. We are only watching you. The, Alpha Zeta! - Zeta
I am watching you too. - me
And, yes, they are washing their penis. - Zeta about the Sim in the shower
Just out of curiosity. The man washes everything on his body, yet you only mention the penis. Why? Why don't you talk about the hair? - me
... They were eating lunches. Hunch! And then he got sick! He was washing it. - Zeta, again he means penis
Well, maybe I should stop playing the game and let you watch me eat lunches. I don't have a penis to wash though. *Wish I did.* - me, hahah
Actually, I don't like to have showers when you watch. Only Hamish gets to watch. Hamish is my friend. - me
What do you want me to do, that you can watch? What do you want me to do? - me
Your feet, have been on the spacecraft. - Zeta, partially in my native language (NL)
I don't remember. - me NL
When can I come there again? When? I would like to see you there. - me
We like to spy on you! - the Zeta says pleased, and almost as if with a gasp and a whisper
I would like to spy on you too. When can I visit the spaceship? - me
I had those poos. - Hamish about poo, maybe the bits of metal in the game
Hamish? - me

Hamish is the kind of creature, or person, that he likes to tell me when and where he has made a poo. The other day he confided in me that he left a poo in the big dark mostly empty warehouse at the Japanese coastal hanger where they load the cargo containers onto big ships. His intended place is on the rocks at the shore by his favorite river where he drows the victims. Sometimes in the same corner in our bathroom, luckily in the other dimension, always under the bathroom scale. He is cute. I don't know about that other alien being, he talks too much about penises.

And lunches! We watched that too. - the Zeta man
What do you think about, penises? - me
We know they like to get a hug. - Zeta

Ok let's end that there, before I have to start censoring things. Back to the game, eh...

They were scraps of metal pieces.. - Hamish declares a bit philosophically
Yes. - me
They could be made into spacecraft. If we took with them. We would take them in our bag. We like mining for them. - Hamish and/or another Reptile
We thought they were shaped like, bits of poo. That's what I thought they were. - Hamish
I thought they were eating them, in the forest. - Hamish
Have you seen, nappy time with them? - Zeta as we are on the subject wants to show me hybrid toddlers who had pood runny poo in their diaper, eh
Well, yes. I have seen them and their diapers a few times. - me

I declare...

They take many vitamins in their tums. Then they poo them out too. - Zeta about toddler babies
Well... - me
We want to make them into healthy young adults... We have vitamins for them. - Zeta
We have white hair, like you! - toddler with a few teeth declares happily
Is that my baby? - me
Yes of course, we would not show you the other ones'. - Zeta


October 17 2014, 2:50 PM - I am writing a job application letter, listing my skills. I am a hard worker and perfectionist, intelligent. "Write that you are haughty", I'm pretty sure it was Hamish or otherwise one of the White Aliens who said that. Ok. Nope.

8:52 PM - I was daydreaming about the perfect man and hugging him and what it would feel like to be in his arms, just trying to picture it. (I've been single now for too long of a time.) "I am the King here. No scrotum.", says then Hamish the red dragon turtle in my other language. "I have a hunchback.", he says and makes himself visible in the mind's eye. I don't know. What is better, to have a scrotum, or a red dragon turtle Hamish? Cause I sure can't have both.